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3 Tips for Leopard Print Clothing 2018: Practical, Mixable, Eternal, Animal Prints Are an Investment for All Ages

Leopard dress maxi - timeless elegant print for women over 50 60 70

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

Leopard print clothing for women is just about everywhere this fall and winter 2018.

Midi Dress for All Ages New Trends

Elegant Leopard Print Dress Midi

And, I really love leopard, but when I say leopard, I’m actually talking about all kinds of animal prints like tiger, giraffe, cheetah, ocelot, zebra, and even snake. Ewww... Snake. And, I’ve worn quite a few leopard prints over my exceedingly long life.

How long? Don’t ask. However, I will tell you that, over the decades, I’ve found leopard prints to be practical, easy-to-mix, and timeless.

You can wear those cool, organic-looking prints whether you are a boomer, a 17-year-old, or somewhere in between. Just don’t wear the same clothing as your granddaughter. The seams will rip.

So, look for clothes that were made for your age. If you’re 20, you can wear anything. If you’re old, you have to wear old-lady clothes, but some of them are kind of cute. All you need is a credit card and an artistic eye.

OK. I lied. You CAN wear inexpensive clothes made for younger chicks if you’re lucky enough to fit in them and if they look decent on you. Better clothes are… umm… better, and they will make you look younger and hipper… but if you don’t have the dough… you can fake it.

Tip 1. Leopard Prints Are Practical:

I really do love leopard prints, and I’m talking from experience when I say leopard prints are practical.

I currently have two leopard-spot coats:

  • A reversible raincoat with a subtle leopard print.
  • A trench coat with a print that’s… umm… wild.

I like to call the trench my pimp coat, but it actually looks very good on me, so that's just a joke for those of us who remember movies from the 70s. My mother would probably disapprove of my fairly “loud” coat, but I feel extremely happy whenever I wear it. When I find the photo, I'll post it on Pinterest.

I’ve also had a multitude of leopard accessories over the years: gloves, shoes, hats, but I have lost them or someone borrowed them. I wish I still had my jersey leopard print midi skirt from the 90s. It was so comfortable I wore it all the time instead of jeans when I was raising my kids.

*To see bigger pics, go to my Pinterest page.

Read why I love the new trends animal prints for travel, moms raising kids

Leopard Print Clothes Are Practical for Travel

But, why do I say leopard prints are practical?

  • Leopard prints don’t show dirt.
  • Leopard prints don’t show wrinkles.
  • Leopard prints sometimes camouflage fat (somewhat) if the clothes are not tight.

Animal prints are perfect for travel. They are great for running errands with messy children. Leopard prints are what you’ll wear when you have nothing to wear.

read about leopard prints. why they are practical and why i love them

Leopard Prints to Mix with Dots, Plaids Florals

Tip 2. Leopard Prints Are Mixable:

Leopard and other animal prints are very organic and natural. That’s one of the reasons they mix and match so well with other prints and patterns.

Is Leopard a Neutral?

Five years ago, I wrote an article about using leopard and other prints as neutrals. Many women have taken my ideas over the years and they’ve twisted them all out of whack, but I have to stand by my words in this case.

Mix and Match your Prints. It's easy it's the new trends fall 2018

Mixed Leopard Print Outfit

Is The Telegraph Dissing Me?

At this point I’m not sure. I have to wonder if The Telegraph is dissing me personally or dissing my followers. Here’s what I saw in the other day in How to Tame This Season's Leopard Print:

  • “Don’t believe anyone who tells you that leopard is ‘practically a neutral’. This recategorisation of one of the shoutiest prints around has crept stealthily into fashion parlance in recent years.”

I’m Triggered!

As far as I know, I was the first blogger, five years ago, to say leopard can sometimes be used “like” a neutral. I gave more specifics about what constitutes a “virtual” neutral in 7 Prints and Patterns That Work as Neutrals for Mixing and Matching. My exact words were...

  • “Not all animal prints (like leopard or cheetah) read like neutrals... You have to look at each pattern on its own merits...”

...and, then I went on to list what to look for when playing with prints. Well, I have a ton of articles about prints, so I have said way more than that, and I’m old, so I can’t remember everything.

Leopard IS A NEUTRAL. Tina Boomerina is triggered & fights back against The Telegraph in the UK.

Leopard IS a Neutral: Easy Mix and Match Prints

Leopard is My Favorite Color:

I have another confession for Ms. Holt, the authoress of the UK article. Right after I wrote my article with the link above, I made a Pinterest pinboard called...

...and, that meme went semi-viral, so mea culpa. I'm not sure if Ms. Holt will feel compelled to snark back about my idea of calling leopard a color. Maybe I should stick to clichés or copy what other writers say. I'm not really a writer... but still...

This is not a neutral print but it is easy to mix with patterns like Florals, Stripes, Dots, Anything

Leopard Print Dress Non-Neutral: Mix With Floral Dots Anything

I Throw Down My Gloves

My dear authoress, I am an artist and painter, so I actually know how and why some patterns appear as a neutral, while others are obviously a pattern. I am compelled to challenge you to a duel. I feel you have sullied my reputation and insinuated I am some kind of crack whore with a keyboard or blind old cow that should be set out to pasture. Were you implying I'm some kind of derelict with an inability to see that some patterns roar? (Yes, I know how you writers are. My father was a writer. I understand you're just looking for an excuse to use your brilliant, imaginary word “shoutiest”.)

Note: I know I am safe in my challenge because dueling pistols are most likely outlawed in the UK.

In all honesty, when I wrote the article claiming some leopards are like neutrals, I was trying to come up with a way to explain how mere mortals could mimic the cool mixed patterns and designs used bigly by Cavalli, Versace, and others.

Leopard print never goes out of style

Leopard Print Glamour: Eternal, Timeless

Hopefully, that duel thing is all settled. I win by default.

So, on to another idea in which I appropriate your word...

If your leopard print seems a bit shoutier than a virtual neutral (such as the pumpkin-colored midi dress above), you can learn to wear even the shoutiest of animal prints with other patterns, such as florals, geometrics, plaids, other animal prints, or whatever your little boho heart desires by reading the article in the following link. Here, I talk about mixing patterns (six years ago) in How to Mix and Match Prints Using Japanese Kimono Rules. I certainly hope no one is going to say the Japanese are wrong. They might challenge you to a Samurai sword fight.

Why I like leopard prints, one of the new trends for 2018 2019

Elegant Leopard Never Goes Out of Style

Tip 3. Leopard is Elegant, Timeless, Eternal:

I know that many of you are on limited incomes because you’re retired. I empathize. Others of you are on limited budgets because, as we all know, there's no inflation.

That’s why I try to steer you towards clothing that won’t make you look like a homeless woman in a few years, something you can wear until you get to fat or you get lucky on a SlimFast diet. We all know that young hipsters can wear something dated and still look chic in a retarded way, but other women may not have that ability. Well, don't get too smug my little friends. Everyone looks reasonably good in their 30s and 40s.

Leopard never seems to go out of style, so it’s a trendy print that is also a long-term investment. We can call it “trendy” if it’s something from Walmart or Target or Primark. If it's something from Neiman Marcus, we call it an "iconic investment piece exuding the value of luxury" or something. Sometimes, these fashion peddlers even say you'll be able to wear the piece well into "next year" and you know that makes me want to yell expletives. If I can't wear something for at least 10 years... well... finish the sentence.

Here's a cool leopard print skirt for women over 50 60 70 80. Find something like this.

Leopard Print for Women over 40 50 60

Those of you obsessed with Pinterest, can see starlets from the 20s and on wearing leopard for their Hollywood glamour shots. You can even get a glimpse of Jackie Kennedy in an actual leopard fur. However, I feel I must warn all you older women and chubby chicks to take care when choosing an animal print. I’ll talk about this further in another article, but it’s taken me weeks to get this one written (long, boring story), so you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Meanwhile, you can rest assured that almost any animal print will continue to make you look hip and young and old and something… not sure where that thought was heading…

Oh, I remember... Leopard will never go out of style and you can wear your leopard print clothing forever or until your friend borrows it.


***Oh S&%H$I#T*$@! I just changed my website to a new server. All of my Pinterest numbers are zero. I am so bummed. Some of them were in the high thousands and it made me look really popular. I feel like such a loser. LOL.  Oh no, some of my text is all smooshed together on the front page. I'm not going to cry. I'm not going to cry.

My pinterest buttons aren't working on some web browsers, use this if you can't find the buttons. Pinterest Link:

Tina Boomerina's Pinterest Page

Photo Credits: Prshots.com. All of these fashion photos are from Fall 2018. I was sick for a few weeks, so if you can't find what you're looking for, please email someone on the US website or the UK website.

  • Main Photo: JDWilliams Plus.
  • Elegant Leopard Print Dress Midi: Wallis.
  • Leopard Print Clothes Are Practical for Travel: JDWilliams Plus, Wallis, Evans Plus.
  • Leopard Prints to Mix with Dots, Plaids Florals: Hobbs, Oasis Stores, Oasis Stores.
  • Mixed Leopard Print Outfit: Debenhams.
  • Leopard IS a Neutral: Easy Mix and Match Prints: Oasis Stores.
  • Leopard Print Dress Non-Neutral: Mix With Floral Dots Anything: Wallis.
  • Leopard Print Glamour: Eternal, Timeless: Pinterest.
  • Elegant Leopard Never Goes Out of Style: Wallis, Marina Rinaldi Plus, Sosandar.
  • Leopard Print for Women over 40 50 60: Sosandar.

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Leave a comment below if you have a question or I've screwed anything up royally.

Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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