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12 Pantone Colors for Spring Summer 2018 Fashions Plus 8 Other Trendy Hues

See groovy new color trend. Get great Pantone accessories for spring n summer to cheer you up. #maturewomen CLICK PIC to Learn Tips.

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

I have loved color ever since I was a little kid. The reason I’m more obsessed with color than most women is due to the fact that I didn’t have glasses until I started driving, so colors and sounds were how I navigated the world. This article has examples of accessories (and clothes) in the 12 new Pantone colors that you can wear with the outfits you currently love.

Get a few accessories in the new color trend and update your current wardrobe for spring 2018. You don't need to spend a ton of money to be hip n current. #maturewomen ... CLICK PIC for more.

Pink Lavender Accessories for Spring

So, add an inexpensive scarf or a pair of groovy shoes in one of these “current” colors to update your casual jeans outfits and your boring work outfits… and make yourself look a tad more hip and trendy than a woman your age has any right to be.

In addition to the 12 examples (mentioned above) from the Pantone report for New York Fashion Week, I’ll also show you 4 examples of the Spring 2018 Classic Color Palette and 4 examples of the colors that are different for London Fashion Week.

Pantone seems to have added more hues to this year’s report. I’ve never noticed a different palette for New York and London before. Also, I’ve never seen additional colors for people who are more conservative with color.

Clothing Colors Convey Meaning

Most women realize colors have meaning… a hidden code. Older chicks who read Dress for Success (by John Malloy) back in the 80s often adopted the power-suit colors of lawyers, politicians, and CEOs. Malloy suggested black, charcoal gray, or dark blue for suits, but these days, any dark color (forest green, navy, aubergine, chocolate brown) is totally apropos.

You can use colors to manipulate people’s perception of you and, even, to manipulate your own feelings about yourself. Here are some of the words associated with various colors. (References below.)

  • Red: Powerful, gregarious, sexual, attractive, passionate, energetic, judgmental.
  • Black: Elegant, formal, authoritative.
  • Blue: Positive, independent, serene, reliable, a good color for fighting stress.
  • Purple: Regal, wealthy, intuitive, creative, spiritual.
  • Gray: Soft, sophisticated, lack of confidence. (Dark charcoal is closer in meaning to that of black.)
  • Pink (Peach, Rose): Feminine, unconditional love, good colors for making friends.
  • Orange: Friendly, gregarious, creative, warm, happy, ambitious.
  • Yellow: Optimistic, logical, creative, consistent.
  • Green: Calm, generous, deeply caring about others.
  • Brown: Solid, dependable.
  • White: Simplicity, goodness, balance, harmony.
Tina Boomerinas Tips for New Spring Color Trends. #maturefashion ... CLICK PIC for more.

Add Cherry Tomato Red to Spring Fashions

The personality associated with each color is not set in stone. All colors come in many different shades, tones, and hues; and dark colors feel different from pastels. For example, dark hunter green is bold and rich, while soft green is calming and almost mousy. Light baby pink is feminine and loving, while deep fuchsia is strong and sexy.

So, start using this spring’s colors to project the image you want people to see.

Women’s Clothing and Accessories in Trendy Spring Colors

I will try to find examples of items you can add to the outfits you already own. It’s fairly easy to throw on a new scarf, cardigan, handbag, hat, necklace, jacket, or even a colorful pair of shoes to jazz up your everyday look.

See the new trends for spring 2018 and examples of Pantone colors. #maturewomen Click pic to learn more.

Examples of Pantone Meadowlark Yellow for Spring

Meadowlark Yellow:

Meadowlark is a groovy, 60s-ish, slightly greenish yellow. It's a great hue for updating any tired old outfit that needs an injection of cool. Tina's color meaning for Meadowlark: Creative, visionary, gifted, joyful, fun, outgoing, optimistic, interesting, stimulating, perceptive.

No woman wants to spend a fortune on clothing unless she's the girlfriend of a Russian mobster, but all women want to look hip and up-to-date in the latest new trends. So, update your look with a few hip accessories in the latest fashion colors. #maturewomen ... CLICK PIC for MORE TIPS.

Add Pantone Cherry Tomato Red Accessories for Spring n Summer

Cherry Tomato Red:

Cherry Tomato is the color of a bright, shiny, red hot-rod at Arnold's Drive-In. If you're too young to remember Happy Days, maybe you're old enough to visualize the hot orangey-red lipstick worn by the models in Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible" video. Anyway... this red is hot, hot, hot. Tina's color meaning for Cherry Tomato: Adventurous, audacious, high-spirited, headstrong, flirtatious, persuasive, gregarious, magnetic, confident, passionate.

See examples of spring summer pantone colors. Use these accessories and such to update your tired old boring wardrobes. #maturewomen ... Click pic to see more tips.

Pantone Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue:

Little Boy Blue is similar to what we used to call cornflower. It's a strong, silent workhorse hue without being prissy, like baby blue, or common, like navy. Tina's color meaning for Little Boy Blue: Calming, hypnotic, delicate, tasteful, devoted, charming, sugary, amiable, bankable, enterprising.

Chili Oil is truly an autumn color, but Pantone has it part of their palette for spring and summer. WTF? The best thing I can say about this color is it looks good next to other colors like Blooming Dahlia. #maturewomen ... Click Pic to read.

Chili Oil Brown Color for Spring n Summer

Chili Oil:

Chili Oil is a reddish brown hue that looks like an autumn color to me. WTF? I mean... it looks like a little red fox snuck into the hen house. The best thing about Chili Oil is how it looks really good next to all the other spring colors. Another good thing about this color is you can wear it year round. Tina's color meaning for Chili Oil: Pragmatic, folksy, natural, unpretentious ... and you get my drift.

Read about cheap ways to update your wardrobe. New trends to give you hip and wonderful style. #maturewomen. CLICK PIC for INFO.

Pantone Color Accessories Pink Lavender

Pink Lavender:

Pink Lavender is a wonderfully beautiful color, especially when placed next to Chili Oil. Tina's color meaning for Pink Lavender: Feminine, loving, sentimental, compassionate, cognizant, gracious, sympathetic, peaceful, accessible, graceful.

See tips for updating your everyday daytime wardrobe. New trends in color for spring. #maturewomen... CLICK PIC to learn.

Blooming Dahlia Pink for Spring Accessories

Blooming Dahlia:

Blooming Dahlia is more sexy, earthy and less prissy than Pink Lavender, but this color still has a friendly, nurturing feel. Tina's color meaning for Blooming Dahlia: Accessible, wholesome, alluring, supportive, familiar, cooperative, dreamy, competent, delicious, healthy.

See cool colors to update your old, boring clothes. Pantone arcadia goes with just about every color. #maturewomen .. CLICK PIC for more tips.

Arcadia Green for Spring n Summer


Arcadia green is like a soft emerald in a tropical forest. It goes with just about any color of the rainbow. I love this! Tina's color meaning for Arcadia: Bright, capable, prominent, persuasive, robust, scrupulous, uninhibited, extroverted, wild, familiar.

See groovy accessories in cool pantone colors for spring summer fall winter 2018. Pantone color of the year Ultra Violet. #maturewomen .... CLICK PIC to LEARN TIPS. "I love this color," says Tina Boomerina.

Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet - Yay!

Ultra Violet:

Ultra Violet is a glorious shade of royal purple that leans a little pink. It reminds me of the Swinging Sixties, because I bought a poor-boy sweater and a pair of purple fishnet stockings in London during the year that The Beatles' Rubber Soul album came out. It was a big deal to have clothes and accessories from London back then, so I impressed my junior-high pals back in the states with my groovy threads and my faux Liverpool accent. As you can imagine, I will always love this hue and I'll be stocking up. Someone else loves this color, as it is Pantone's Color of the Year. Tina's color meaning for Ultra Violet: Originality, brilliance, utopian, enterprising, courageousness, toughness, savvy, catalyst, avante garde, nouveau riche. (The last two are somewhat condescending, but they can also represent "fresh" and "un-stuffy".)

See examples of Pantone colored accessories for spring n summer. Yes, you can also wear Emperador brown throughout the rest of the year for autumn n winter. It's a strange color for summer but it makes all the other colors look amazing. #maturewomen ... CLICK PIC to learn tips.

Emperador Brown Pantone Spring Color


Emporador is a chewy chocolate brown. It's another one of those basics that flows with the rest of the colors but feels a bit more hip than Chili Oil. Tina's color meaning for Emporador: Solid, organized, analytical, stable, trustworthy, modest, almost plebeian... but with a bit of purple for adventure.

See accessories to jazz up your everyday look for spring n summer #maturewomen or #immaturewomen haha. This off-white, pale pinky hue is Almost Mauve. It looks amazing with Emporador brown (in the background). Be hip. Click Pic.

Pantone Almost Mauve Off-White for Spring

Almost Mauve:

Almost Mauve is an ethereal, off-white, light pastel pink-ish color. It looks amazing next to Emporador. Use it to perk up Emporador. Wear Almost Mauve go-go boots with an Almost Mauve suit and an Almost Mauve handbag to look rich as sh*t. Tina's color meaning for Almost Mauve: Chic, exquisite, polished, genteel, elite, snobbish (I had to say it), silky, chimerical, cultured, poetic.

Add Pantone Spring Crocus to your jeans outfits and your work outfits to update your look. Pantone new trends. CLICK PIC for tips n info.

Spring Crocus Pantone Color for Spring

Spring Crocus:

Spring Crocus is a bold lavender that will make your skin glow. Use it for everything from lipstick to shoes... or the colors of your bedroom walls. You can't go wrong with this hue. Tina's color meaning for Spring Crocus: Artistic, passionate, significant, protective, eloquent, expressive, observant, candid, capable, lavish.

See examples of things you can afford to buy to jazz up your wardrobe. New Spring Color Trends. Click Pic for More.

Lime Punch Pantone Yellow Green for Spring n Summer

Lime Punch:

Lime Punch is almost a neon chartreuse. If you're over 50, you should go easy on the ultra-bright colors. Either use them for pops of color or get a version that's a tiny bit muted. Tina's color meaning for Lime Punch: Pow, bam, assertive, confident, forceful, loquacious, dazzling, stunning, bewildering, imaginative.

If you don't like Ultra Violet or bright Lime Punch, check out these Pantone color trends for spring n summer. #maturewomen Click Pic.

Sailor Blue, Harbor Mist, Warm Sand, Coconut Milk

Spring 2018 Classic Color Palette:

If purple and chartreuse make you cringe, or if you're interested in spending a boat load of money on an outfit that will never look dated, you may want to consider the next four colors for your investment pieces.

  • Sailor Blue is a deep, sensitive navy.
  • Harbor Mist is a dove gray with a hint of blue.
  • Warm Sand is a neutral tan that is always stylish.
  • Coconut Milk is a thin, off-white hue.
Here are extra Pantone colors for London clothing n accessories

Palace Blue, Ash Rose, Nile Green, Spiced Apple, Pantone Spring (LFW)

Pantone Colors for London Fashion Week:

I kept seeing extra shades of blue and green on several sites, so I checked the Pantone reports and they have different colors for London. I've never noticed that before, but you may like these colors, and all of the colors go together with every other color for spring 2018.

  • Palace Blue is a strong, tomboy-ish, sexy blue.
  • Ash Rose is the color we used to call dusty pink or mauve in the 70s.
  • Nile Green is like a warm seafoam green.
  • Spiced Apple is in between Chili Oil and Emperador, so you may not even notice that it's a different color.

This spring's Pantone collection continues to feel very earthy. It's almost a retro 70s palette. Lime Punch, Arcadia, Ultra Violet, and Cherry Tomato add a lot of zip and take the colors almost into the psychedelic 60s. It's a very unusual group of colors, but after playing with this palette for a few days, I've decided I love it. And, I want to get a whole lot of the retro, Led-Zeppelin feeling with armloads of Ultra Violet clothes and accessories. I will need enough to last me through the next decade.

I guess that means I'm still a hippie chick deep in my fashion heart.

* Note: Finding photos of clothes and accessories in just the right colors is actually a pain in the butt, however doing an article like this sears the hues into my mind, making it easier to shop for things I want. Bookmarking this page or pinning this to Pinterest (below) will help you find the right, updated colors -- or colors that will blend with these hues -- when you are shopping for sale items from last season.


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Tips n tricks for updating spring wardrobe.

Main Photo: Spring Colors

Photo Credits: Prshots.com, LouiseGreen.com. I don't get paid to show you this stuff. I do it for the love of fashion... and to keep my husband from complaining that I spend too much money on hats.

  • Main Photo: Pink shrug, MandCo.com. Red hat, RiverIsland.com. Yellow scarf, WhiteStuff.com.
  • Pink Lavender Accessories for Spring: Pink handbag, MarksAndSpencer.com.
  • Add Cherry Tomato Red to Spring Fashions: Jigsaw-London.com.
  • Examples of Pantone Meadowlark Yellow for Spring: Handbag, Asos. Earrings, M&S. Scarf, White Stuff.
  • Add Pantone Cherry Tomato Red Accessories for Spring n Summer: Handbag, us.DorothyPerkins.com. Cardigan, M and Co. NextDirect.com.
  • Pantone Little Boy Blue: Blazer, MissSelfridge.com. Flats, Asos.com. Earrings, RiverIsland.com.
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  • Pantone Color Accessories Pink Lavender: Hat, M and Co. Bag, M&S. Shoes, DuneLondon.com.
  • Blooming Dahlia Pink for Spring Accessories: Sandals, Office.co.uk. Scarf, White Stuff. Clutch, Asos.
  • Arcadia Green for Spring n Summer: Earrings, M&S. Jacket, River Island (plus). Slides, River Island.
  • Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet - Yay! Top hat, LouiseGreen.com. Earrings, NewLook.com. Kitten Heels, us.TopShop.com.
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  • Pantone Almost Mauve Off-White for Spring: Necklace, MandCo.com. Handbag, House of Fraser. Ankle boots, M&S.
  • Spring Crocus Pantone Color for Spring: Cardigan Asos Curve (plus). Bag, NextDirect.com. Shoes, SimplyBe.com.
  • Lime Punch Pantone Yellow Green for Spring n Summer: Tunic, ColmersHill.com. Jacket, Hobbs.com. Scarf, White Stuff.
  • Sailor Blue, Harbor Mist, Warm Sand, Coconut Milk: Navy bag, DuneLondon.com. Gray shoes, M & Co. Tan shoes, DuneLondon.com. White slides, DuneLondon.com.
  • Palace Blue, Ash Rose, Nile Green, Spiced Apple, Pantone Spring (LFW): Blue bag, LauraAshley.com or LauraAshleyUSA.com. Pink bag, Debenhams.com. Green sweater (jumper), Debenhams.com. Brown handbag, Debenhams.com.

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. Kay Kerns

    Hi Tina! Great article. I love all these colors together in stripes or zigzags, like Missoni style. I'm going to look for some pieces to update my look. Hope spring is on its way to Bend soon. Hugs

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Kay, good to hear from you again! How is Arizona?

      Yes, I'm a color freak. I really love the color mixes used by Missoni and Pucci. Hope you find some affordable goodies on your hunt.

      Hope things are going well for you and your people.