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6 Trends in Beverly Hills for Fall & Winter 2017/2018: Styling Tips From a Fashion Expert

See the trends women are wearing in LA. Get ahead of the curve... if you like these ideas. hugs, Tina

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

I recently interviewed a stylist friend named Jessica who works in Beverly Hills, California to find out what trends are hot in Los Angeles. Jessica is in her early 30s, so these fashion tips are perfect for younger women and teenagers. However, Jessica advises highly fashionable, older women; so she pays attention to clothing and accessories worn by chic women over 50.

Read about street style trends in LA... coming to your part of the country soon. Hugs, Tina

Head to Toe Red Trend in LA

Most of Jessica’s tips come from the street styles seen in trendy, fashion-obsessed areas of LA, such as Rodeo and Melrose.

Can Women Over 50 Wear These Trends?

Yes. Most trends can be incorporated into your style with a bit of tweaking to get the proportions right.

However, the only way to know for sure if a current fashion is appropriate for your age and your body is to try the outfit on and text a photo to a trusted, honest, and objective friend or a younger female from your family.

Sometimes, just seeing your selfie of the outfit on your phone will be enough to make you send the item back. So, keep all your packing slips and boxes just in case.

Every woman knows how hard it is to guess if a top or a pair of trousers will look good on you… when the only thing you have to “go on” is a picture of the item on a skinny, 12-year-old child.

But, if you don’t live in a big city, online shopping is the only way to find a decent inventory of cool clothes in your size.

Hot Outfits for Fall 2017 Through Spring 2018

Jessica, the Beverly Hills stylist, says the tips in this list include “pieces to buy now that will carry over from fall to spring.”

Whoop-dee-doo... I almost laughed when she said that, but I bit my tongue, because I know that women in Southern California are fixated on looking trendy.

Most females in America are not quite as obsessed with shopping as the women in SoCal. So, that means it takes at least a year for a new trend to hit Kansas or Seattle after it “blows up” in fashion cities like NY, LA, and London.

In other words, most of you will be able to wear these trends now and for several years to come without looking démodé.

Jessica’s List of Current Fall Trends:

The first thing Jessica told me was that fashions will, “continue the 70s vibe.” Note: Jessica’s tips are in quotes. I will use her exact wording whenever possible.

Want to see the trends that are hot in LA right now?

Anything White: Cream Coat, White Patent Boots

Trend 1. “Anything White”

Angelenos are wearing “white ankle boots, white leather, white leather jackets, white patent leather, and shiny white vinyl”.

“White ankle boots are new this fall and will be trendy in LA for another year for sure. White boots will cross over into spring with more of a feminine look… in my opinion. Women will wear them with flowy skirts. White boots are also worn with tailored suitings.”

Jessica called me back after a day to make sure we understood the importance of the trend.

“White shoes are EVERYWHERE! That means the only thing that matters for spring is white pumps… white leather pumps or white patent leather pumps.”

Read about trends to wear for fall, winter & spring. Hugs, Tina

Fall & Winter Trend: All-Red, All-Pink, All-Blue One Color Outfits

Trend 2. “Red Head to Toe”

One of the biggest trends this fall is wearing an “all-red outfit. All one color. All red. All blue. All any color worn from head to toe.”

Jessica likes red shoes. “Buy red shoes now… maybe red patent leather pumps. They are the it thing. Red shoes are great for Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but they are good all year with almost anything. Wear them with an all-black outfit.”

See trends recommended by a Beverly Hills Fashion Stylist. Hugs, Tina

Menswear Trend Fall Outfits

Trend 3. Menswear Tweeds & Plaids for Suits

“Wear menswear suits and blazers in plaid or tweed... very manly, like Blake Lively  or Melania Trump. You can do this trend with skirts or pants.”

Tina's POV: I would just like to mention that this mannish trend looks best on beautiful dolls like you. And, you don't have to go full-bore by wearing the whole suit-and-tie thing. Most of us will just add a plaid or pinstripe jacket to update an outfit we love. PS: The only way I would wear this trend would be by mixing different plaids of similar colors. If I wore a suit and tie like Blake and Melania, small dogs would run away and big dogs would bite me.

Read about trends in LA from the point of view of a BH fashion stylist.

Black Goth-ish Outfit Trend

Trend 4. “Dressing All in Black”

“Goth is pop… mainstream. See Louis Vuitton from last year. See Marc Jacobs. I call this Grunge Goth… with black shiny fabrics like black patent leather for shoes or pants. They also wear glossy patent or vinyl coats and jackets.”

If you are over 50, I recommend you skip the black lipstick unless you have a facelift every year or two and your friendly collagen man is on your speed dial. You should also keep your heavy-duty Goth items to a minimum. Although, an Alexander McQueen skull scarf is always in style.

See trendy outfits that would look right in Beverly Hills. Hey, what the heck. Hugs, Tina

Sequins for Daytime

Trend 5. “Sequins for Daytime”

Women are wearing sequins with everyday outfits. I asked Jessica to elaborate, because I wasn't sure if I heard her right, and she said, “like a sequin top worn with jeans.”

Yes, the white gogo boots may not be a retro 70s trend, but a paisley velvet jacket is a romantic remake from one of my favorite decades. This is gorgeous. I love it.

Paisley Print Silk Velvet Jacket

Trend 6. Velvet Clothing & Accessories

“Another trend is velvet. Velvet shoes, velvet dresses, velvet blazers. Navy blue velvet is basic, and navy looks more expensive than black.”

There are a lot of trends here that can be worn by women of any age. For example, women over 50 can add something shiny black and Goth-ish to an outfit without looking like they went off the reservation. (Skip the black lipstick.) All the other outfits are mainstream enough for you and me, while younger women and teens can pump up these trends to match their vibrant, creative personalities. Oh heck, older women can do this, too.

Jessica has been texting with clothing and accessories we should buy now that will be trendy in spring. So, watch for a second article about LA style.

fall outfits for women

Main Photo: Fall Outfits

Photo Credits: PRshots.com.

Note: Many of these items are for sale on the following sites, but I am unable to verify them as I normally do. I have had a difficult week health-wise... but people say I shouldn't mention that, so don't tell anyone... however, the main thing I want to show you with these photos is how these cool fall outfits are put together by the trendies... especially the outfits with the neo Go-Go boots. White ankle boots are a total surprise to me.

  • Main Photo: Fall Outfits: Miss Selfridge, Wallis, River Island Plus Size. (Can you be plus size in BH?)
  • Head to Toe Red Trend in LA: River Island.
  • Anything White: Cream Coat, White Patent Boots: River Island.
  • Fall & Winter Trend: All-Red, All-Pink, All-Blue One Color Outfits: Debenhams, River Island, River Island.
  • Menswear Trend Fall Outfits: River Island, River Island Plus, Hobbs.
  • Black Goth-ish Outfit Trend: New Look.
  • Sequins for Daytime: Cotton Edits.
  • Paisley Print Silk Velvet Jacket: East Clothing.

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Comments? Please leave a comment and let me know if you like any of these trends. I know that clothing designers, overseas manufacturers, and fashion buyers drop by from time to time to see what Boomer Women like and dislike. None of these people pay me to write this blog, so I am free to use my first-amendment rights as I see fit. So, tell 'em what you think.

Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. ellie

    I prefer semi fitted tops without loose sleeves which flap in the breeze. Problematic also are threadbare garments so popular now, which may not stand up to several launderings. If I can see through the fabric, I will not purchase, no matter the price. Loose necklines do not hold up through laundering either. Over 70 year old feet should not be tied into skyscraper sandals with straps - too many foot issues. Shapeless coats are annoying when in a tight area.

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Ellie, I will pass on your thoughts to my stylist friend.

      My trendy friend (a stylist in her 30s who dresses swank older women) gives examples of cute white ankle boots that are flat or almost flat, with kitten heels and such. See this article: http://www.boomerinas.com/2017/12/02/winter-white-boots-shoes-for-women-over-70-fall-winter-trends-to-wear-all-through-2018-and-beyond/

      I'm 65, so I don't wear skyscraper heels, but I love high, chunky heels if they have a platform sole. However, I can wear Cole Haan Grand0/S shoes even if they have no platform. (Look for sales. Who can spend $300-400 for stupid shoes with interest rates at zero.)

      Once I'm over 70, I may have to give up heels. I'm certainly wearing flats more often.

      (Please don't have a cow when you see the YOUNG MODELS in the Winter White article.) I HAVE to use pics of young models because it's the best way to show you the trends.

      Personally, I love loose sleeves, as long as I can roll the sleeves up for cooking shish-kabob (haha I don't cook) and eating shish-kabob. And, I love semi-sheer tops, which I layer over camisoles.

      I seldom wash my delicate fabrics or favorite Tee shirts in the machine. I almost always hand wash or use the cleaners (not very often, due to the expense). Fortunately, I don't glow (sweat) much... so I can get away with spritzing a touch of original scent Fabreze in between cleanings.

      (Tacky... I know. But, it seems to work as long as I only wear the item for a few hours.)

      *** Ellie, I need a little help with something you said. I'm not sure what you mean by "loose necklines". Do you mean lower necklines, like V-neck tops on Tee shirts? Do you mean cowl necklines? Do you mean asymmetrical necklines? Do you mean all of these styles?

      You sound like you are more traditional and tailored than I am. (I love tailored clothes, but I have stupid health problems that make my tummy balloon out and tailored clothing seldom fits anymore.)

      You are right about shapeless coats. I never thought about it before, but they are problematic in tight situations.

      Ellie, please let me know what necklines you like, and explain why you don't like other kinds. I would LOVE to know.

      *** DESIGNERS AND OTHER BUSINESS PEOPLE who sell clothing and accessories to women our age pop by this site from time to time. I can tell by the questions they ask.

      So, please let us know what you like and you don't like when choosing outfits. You've already given designers some hints about the practicalities of REAL CLOTHING worn by REAL WOMEN. If you have time, please tell them more.

      And, to other readers, I would love to have enough comments and critiques of clothing to make a whole page... and then I would send it to a few major companies. Everyone looks good in different things.

      You don't have to use your real name. And, there are no WRONG ANSWERS, because we all have different needs.

      Tell me what you hate when shopping for clothes and accessories... and... just tell me anything. You don't have to be over 70, but you get extra Brownie Points if you are.

      Tina Boomerina