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Winter Wedding Dress Tips for Second Time & Older Brides over 40, 50, 60, etc.

read about wedding dress tips for women over 40 50 60

by Tina Boomerinas (Christina Gregoire)

Here are some ideas and tips for winter wedding dresses and accoutrements (accessories) from a woman who has been married three times... but never once in winter. Some of the dresses and gowns in this article are for regular-sized or plus-sized women of that special age, which young chicks often label "mature".

I've written an article about winter wedding dresses, and I'm wondering if lacy sleeves will keep you warm. read more

Winter Wedding Dress With Sleeves

Well, I'm rather immature at 65-years-old, so I don't use that word. Other wedding dresses I show are for skinny little chickadees of any age, be they seedlings, green, mature, or rotting... that is not for me to decide.

For the most part, I'm showing you affordable items, because I know you and your sweetie are probably footing the bill.

Wedding Dresses With Lacy Sleeves:

Before writing this article, I did a lot of research about winter weddings, and I wrote out notes... but I decided to tell you my thoughts instead of rewriting other people's articles.

The only interesting thing I found in my research was the fact that most experts said you should wear a dress with sleeves for warmth...

... and then they went on to show dresses with gauzy mesh sleeves that you can see through even in dim lighting. I mean... those lacy sleeves wouldn't keep a goat warm.

Note: I suppose gauze or lace would help you stay a tiny little itsy bitsy bit warmer, but it's probably due to the placebo effect.

Well, in all honesty, some types of lace and mesh are very dense, so they would be warmer than sleeves made of thin netting with appliques.

Am I Wrong About Warmth?

I've always been married in May or June, so personally I know nothing about winter wedding dresses.

If you've gotten married in the off-season wearing lacy sleeves, let me know if you were warm enough.

Plus Size & Regular Size Wedding Dresses with Real Sleeves:

It can be hard to find a regular wedding dress from a wedding store that has real sleeves to keep you warm.

Some of the outfits with sleeves look appropriate for fall and winter, and some of them MIGHT keep you from freezing your tips off.

(I wanted to say the other word.)

read about winter weddings... what little I know... haha

Wedding Dress With Jacket Plus Size

Wedding Dress With Lace Jacket:

You can always find a wedding dress that comes with a removable jacket in a regular wedding store like David's Bridal. However, if you haven't visited a wedding store since 1979, you may not know there are tons of toppers and lace jackets that are sold separately.

So, if you love a sleeveless dress, you can add sleeves by wearing them under or over your dress.

What do you need for a winter wedding outfit in the snow?

Faux Fur Wedding Jackets and Feather Capelet

Faux Fur & Feather Wedding Jackets:

You can also keep warm with a faux fur jacket, stole, cape, capelet, shrug, or wrap. This is one of the traditional ways to keep warm for outside pictures in the snow. I like the feather capelet because it's a bit more edgy.

learn about indie wedding dress styles and regular bridal styles for women over 40

Indie Wedding Biker Jackets & Tulle Skirts

Leather Biker Wedding Jacket:

If you're an indie bride, one hip and trendy alternative to a princess-like wedding shrug or lacy jacket is to copy the street-style trend of leather motorcycle jackets worn over tulle skirts.

The runways are currently showing biker jackets with ballerina skirts of all lengths. In the above image, the center photos show models in tulle skirts with denim or motorcycle jackets. The two photos on the right show real wedding dresses with matching white motorcycle jackets.

Just so you know, I'm not making this up.

read how to be a hip indie bride for a winter wedding... lol... have fun in the snow

Tulle Wedding Dress & Leather Moto Jacket

Granted... moto jackets and prom dresses are probably a better trend for girls under 50, but if you're an edgy, rock-n-roll gal or you work in some creative field, you will like this indie look even if you're over 50. The main requirement is that your waistline is smaller than your hips... or you can make it look that way.

I know you think I'm kidding, but I'm not. This is a totally groovy fashion trend

Tulle Wedding Dress & White Lace Biker Jacket, Plus Size

Of course, if a black leather jacket is too James Dean for you, try a white or pastel or lace motorcycle jacket. Yes, you can find them in plus sizes.

If you like fun, unexpected fashion, and you've already done the prissy, Barbie Doll wedding, you might adore this trend. So, why not try some version of a biker jacket?

learn about winter wedding outfit

Mature woman over 50 or 60 wearing tulle skirt & James Dean Jacket

I hear you saying, "But I'm too OLD to wear THAT," so I put this picture of of a "mature" woman in a red tulle skirt and jean jacket, just for YOU. I think a cropped moto jacket would be cute for taking wedding photos outdoors... and maybe even indoors.

Note: Most women who wear biker jackets over ballerina skirts leave their jackets open. Others just let the jacket hang over their shoulders. If you want to zip up your motorcycle jacket, try a short or cropped jacket so we can see your waist.

do you really think these jackets are going to keep you warm

Sheer Rhinestone Embellished Wraps

Wedding Dresses With Sleeves to Hide Upper Arms:

It seems to me that many brides just want to hide their fat upper arms or, if they are over 60 or 70, they just want to camouflage their saggy, wrinkly upper arms. And, that makes sense if you look at how many "winter wedding dresses" have lacy, see-through sleeves. I'm fairly sure that most of you are not terribly concerned with keeping warm.

Another reason for wearing sleeves is that brides want to give the impression they're wearing something appropriate for autumn or winter. However, we should never ignore the great side benefit of sleeves for covering our jiggly, wrinkly arms. Right?

If you don't believe most women just want to camouflage their arms, look at the photo above with the lacy jacket and the dressy wrap. I love those sheer cover-ups, but I'm not sure they actually keep anyone warm.

Sleeve Tips From a Beverly Hills Fashion Expert:

read about winter wedding fashions n outfits

Winter White Women's Wedding Dress Suit

If you have read my article about fashion for women over 70, you already know my daughter has worked in high-end fashion on Rodeo Drive, and she has dressed many hoity-toity women who can afford anything they want. So, I asked her about sleeves for older brides.

Sleeves for Fat Upper Arms:

I texted my elegant fashionista daughter for a short "interview". She has excellent taste and will probably be horrified by some of the things I have written about boho indie fashion over the years. Her style is more Audrey Hepburn:

  • Tina: What is the most flattering sleeve length for older women or women with fat upper arms.
  • Expert: The best sleeve length for fat upper arms is a shorter or 3/4 length. Then the only part that shows is the slimmer part of your arms and your slim wrists.


  • Tina: If an older woman has fat or saggy upper arms, should the lace sleeve be tight or loose?
  • Expert: Depends. Not so tight it looks stuffed or bulges out, but not too loose either… Also, Spanx makes arm stuff now. But I haven’t tried it.
  • Tina: Oh frak! Arm Spanx!
  • Expert: Yeah.


  • Tina: I think poet sleeves with sheer, loose mesh (or lace) and tight cuffs might be better than tight sleeves for some plus sizes: What do you think?
  • Expert: Yes. I agree. The new larger sleeves are worth trying. Almost all lace sleeves are flattering. White lace is always flattering.


  • Tina: What do you think about colored wedding dresses?
  • Expert: I like light pink.
  • Tina: Any more tips to add?
  • Expert:  Accent color shoes will draw the eye down. Maybe red shoes. Older women may want to wear a suiting... or a coat and fastener like Bianca Jagger, with cute tights.

Well, whether you keep warm with a long hooded cape, like something out of Doctor Zhivago, or a white lace motorcycle jacket, like something out of Grease, we are glad you are getting remarried. There is something so romantic about a winter wedding, so we hope you find a way to express your inner spirit and make your ceremony something so beautiful it goes viral.

Whether you are under 20 or over 60, you will probably find the right wedding dress with sleeves by looking online (with help from your tasteful daughter or niece).

You can leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Hugs, Tina

read about things no one ever tells you at boomerinas.com

Main Photo: Winter Wedding Dress With Sleeves

Photo Credits: David's Bridal (where I got my gown), Prshots.com.

  • Main Photo: Dorothy Perkins.
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  • Sheer Rhinestone Embellished Wraps: Chesca, Debenhams.
  • Winter White Women's Dress Wedding Suit: Simply Be (plus size).

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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