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9 Trends for Christmas Fashion: More Cute Party Outfits for the Holidays

read about party outfits and more holiday trend examples on boomerinas.com

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

I know what type of outfit I would like to wear for my next holiday party, but I never know if I can find something that will fit that doesn't exaggerate my curvy tummy.

read about what to wear for christmas and holiday outfits that won't make you look like a teenybopper or an old woman in a nursing home

Elegant Christmas Sweater Outfit

You may have a similar issue, but it is probably a different part of your bod, like your big thighs or something.

Well, I still like to know what is in style, just in case I run across an outfit that could work for me.

And, I'm sure most women over 60 are just about in the same boat as I am. You younger chicks shouldn't laugh, because, God willing, you will be old and wrinkly someday too.

Most older women are so very, very grateful to find any type of outfit, which won't make people fall down laughing, that they thank God and the internet for their good fortune.

I mean, I wouldn't have much of anything to wear, even for everyday errands, if I couldn't use online shopping.

Clothing for Women Over 50:

So, those of you reading my articles, who are clothing designers and buyers for clothing stores... I know you're out there... should offer more clothing options for older women. Most chicks over 50 are Baby Boomers, and Baby Boomers are used to finding hip clothing that doesn't look dowdy.

We want:

  • Clothing that fits.
  • Clothing that comes in larger sizes.
  • Clothing with a bit of stretch.
  • Clothing that is meant to be loose and oversized.
  • Clothing that would not look right on Queen Elizabeth.

All of my Boomerina friends who live in NYC or LA will never understand how hard it is to find something that fits the body of a 65-year-old and doesn't look like teenybopper clothing or elderwear for a nursing home. In most of the USA, we don't have all the department stores and boutiques that cluster around the big cities.

I really like to wear outfits that look somewhat hip and trendy and current... even if I find the main piece in the lingerie department of a local thrift store. Well, that seldom happens these days, now that the hipsters have cleaned out the goodies in consignment places. Bummer. Who told them our little secret?

Plus Size Clothing:

If you wear a plus size and you don't see anything here that comes in the right size, you might want to check out my recent article 5 Trendy Styles for Plus Size Outfits: Holiday & Christmas Party Fashion.

Note: Some of the websites show UK sizes. Check the sizing details if unsure.

Asian print party dress in silk. read about cool outfits I wish I could wear... and some I actually can wear for holiday parties. hugs, Tina

Silk Asian Print Dress or Tunic Top

1. Asian Prints:

The thing I love about Asian prints is they never go out of style. Asian floral prints have an elegant vibe and can be dressed up or down. Many Oriental designs are seasonless (fabulous for any season). I'm definitely going to see how large this dress goes, just in case I can wear it for a holiday party. In my case, I would wear it as a tunic top over black, wide leg pajama pants.

read about cool trends to look for that are great for christmas & holiday parties, but also good year round. hugs, tina

Stasia Star Velvet Jacket

2. Star Prints & Embellishments:

Just like roses, I'm seeing star prints and star embellishments all over the place... many of them in the trendy stores for younger women. I don't think star clothing will burn out anytime soon, because we've all been focused on our own star (the total eclipse of the sun) and other celestial bodies in the sky for the past year or so.

This article talks about some of the fun trends for this year, especially the ones that are good for holidays n christmas n new year's outfits

Star Embellished Boots, Top (Plus), Dress

Star prints can be worn year-round. Stars feel Christmasy, but they also feel generally festive. You can even wear stars on the Fourth of July. (Stars are the trend I forgot to put on the article about plus sizes -- with link above.) You should also use the search terms: celestial, galaxy, and cosmic.

you can wear these christmas rose dresses for parties year-round. I like things that can be worn more than once a year. hugs, Tina

Rose Print Party Dresses (plus on right)

3. Christmas Rose Party Dresses:

I see no reason to put these rose print dresses away after Christmas. You can wear either dress year-round for formal cruise dinners, evening weddings, birthday parties, dinner soirees, etc.

Learn more at Pic, dresses you can wear for holidays, christmas, new year's eve, year round. hugs, Tina

Allover Sequin Maxi Dress

4. Allover Sequins:

I love that you can wear this groovy sequin dress for New Year's Eve and any formal festive party at any time of year. Don't feel sad because this skinny 12-year-old is wearing a size zero. You can find similar dresses at many plus-size sites. If a sequin dress is too much bling for your bod or you're going to a less formal party, you can wear a sequin clutch, sequin shoes, sequin beret, or a sequin bomber jacket to get a similar disco-babe effect.

why not add some bling ankle boots to dress up your favorite party dress? Very hip n trendy for all women even those over 40 59, hugs, tina

Bling Ankle Boots

5. Bling Ankle Boots:

One of the easiest ways to make a simple dress or party outfit look new and trendy is to add a pair of blingy sequin ankle boots (probably best for younger women) or an ornate pair of brocade ankle booties. Just make sure that fabric boots or shoes fit you perfectly because man-made fabric doesn't stretch as much as suede or leather.

I see no reason why women over 50 can't wear pajamas as partywear. The Chinese have been wearing their Chairman Mao Pajamas for decades. Party Wear article by Tina Boomerina

Pajamas as Clothing & Pajama Style Top With Piping

6. Pajamas as Partywear:

When I first saw these floral pajamas in a Ted Baker print, I knew they were too good to wear for sleeping and lounging at home. The top on the right is also a Ted Baker design, but it's a regular shirt with "pajama" styling and piping. Hey, the Chinese wore Chairman Mao pajamas (Mao Suits) for decades, why can't we wear comfy pajamas to parties or to anywhere we want. Note: No fleece, please.

This holiday pearl trend is good for every month of the year. I really love the sneakers. Hugs, Tina

Pearl Embellished Jacket & Sneakers

7. Pearl Embellished Partywear:

Another simple, kicked-back way to add some bling to a party outfit or your everyday clothing is to add an item that's embellished with pearls. Look for faux pearls on jackets, dresses, sweaters, jeans, skirts, pumps, and even high-top sneakers. If you can't find the right "pearlized" item in your size, learn to use a glue gun.

be hip and cool. wear a tulle midi skirt with anything to give your outfit a holiday vibe. beats jeans. More comfortable too. Hugs, Tina

Tulle Mesh Party Skirt Outfit

8. Tulle midi skirt:

I really love the idea of using a tulle party skirt like a pair of jeans. You can find plus-size tulle skirts in other styles and colors on Asos and on several plus sites. I don't think women with apple shapes can wear big poufy skirts, but women with any other type of body definitely can. I suppose the cutoff age for a tulle skirt may be around 70 years old... unless you're going promenading at your local square-dance community center.

This bow top is so cute. It would look silly on me, but I know women my age who could wear this. Actually, it would be awesome on either of my two daughters. Hugs, Tina

Red Oversized Bow Bandeau Top

9. Bow Party Clothing & Accessories:

I've only seen this top in skinny sizes. I guess it's a look best left for nubile young things with flatter chests than we have.

read about trends for holiday parties... things you can wear well after christmas and new year's celebrations have come and gone. hugs, Tina

Bow Trim Shoulder Bag & Dressy Heels

So..... I guess the rest of us will have to make do with cute bow accessories. Oh well... I guess we'll manage somehow... LOL.

Leave a comment if you're bored. Hugs, Tina Boomerina

learn more at pic - tina boomerina

Main Photo - Holiday Clothing

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. Rubysue

    Would love it if there were more over 50 models used, it's hard to imagine fashion on myself when the photo is of a much younger person. Thanks!

    • Tina-Boomerina


      I use photos of older models whenever I can find them... but it's almost impossible to find them. And, I'm not going to volunteer to be the model. Would you like to volunteer? Most Boomerinas say, "No."

      So, until I can find a woman over 40 or 50 or 60 with a lot of great clothes and a good camera and all the fancy-dancy lighting (lights and silver umbrella thingies), I guess all my Boomerinas will just have to put their thumbs over the faces of the 12-year-old models, because I don't like to post the fashion shots with the models' heads cut off. (It's a little too Bastille for my sensibilities.)

      I hate the photos of the skinny teenagers as much as you do. I mean, I just turned 65, so I'm officially OLD AS FREAK, and sometimes it's hard for me to imagine the outfits on myself.

      Anyway... it's just "Little Old Me" doing almost all the work on this website. Unfortunately, I have been too shaky (for the last year or so) to do much writing; but I think that problem is about to change. Meanwhile, I'm posting as many articles as I can to revive my poor little neglected website... to bring it back to life in the fickle eyes of the Google Gods. (GoogleBots dislike blogs that languish unattended for months at a time.)

      So, Rubysue, I really want to thank you for leaving a comment. All new comments help resuscitate Boomerinas.com! And, even though I can't get the free photo sites to use models who are AT LEAST 30 YEARS OLD... and I've tried... I'm happy to know that I still have readers... even when they complain Yay!

      Also, whenever I've found pictures of older models wearing recent fashions, the stylists have the "mature" models wearing butt-ugly "old biddy in a Bingo parlor" clothing. And, "old lady" clothes make old ladies look even older.

      Rubysue, I am grateful to you for leaving a comment. Please come back and leave another comment with a complaint (or whatever) again sometime.

      Somewhere on Boomerinas.com I have an article explaining why my photos have teenyboppers instead of normal women, but I'll have to look for it.

      Please come back and leave a complaint again sometime... and tell your friends to leave complaints, too. Your complaints really make my day. No joke.

      Anyway, I'm glad you found my site, and I hope your thumb is big enough to block the faces of the models. Sometimes, I use my thumb to keep myself from being distracted by the ages of the children that "they" use as models.

      Tina Boomerina