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5 Trendy Styles for Plus Size Outfits: Holiday & Christmas Party Fashion

Read about Christmas outfit trends that plus size women can wear

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

There are a lot of great Christmas and holiday party styles that come back every year, like glittery Gatsby, Baroque prints, and red plaids, but here are five few festive outfit trends, like Christmas rose prints and brocade booties, that are fresh and new. And, dollfaces, it’s fairly easy to find these current fashions in plus sizes if you just look around.

Read about cool new things to wear to christmas & holiday parties if you're a plus size

Plus Size Party Dress Velvet

I'm hoping to find casual examples (for younger gals and normal suburbanites) and formal examples (for glitzy party chicks) of each of these trends. It will take a bit longer to do this, but you're worth it.

5 Christmas Fashion Trends for Plus Size Women:

Now that everyone puts their holiday photos on Facebook and Instagram for the whole world to see, it’s become somewhat more important to not wear the same outfit as last year.


I used to wear pretty much the same few outfits and make them look different with accessories.

It's not like we're all glamour queens or the Duchess of Cambridge, but we don't want to look like doddering old fools who can't figure out how to use the internet either. And, we don't want our sisters-in-law laughing and pointing out that we've worn the same party styles since we were in high school.

So, I'm going to show you four hip and happening trends that will make you feel hip and current and one uber-trendy style that some of you artsy types will adore... even though it's somewhat edgy and will make most of you laugh.

I've already written about some of the greatest Christmas clothing trends of all time. The ones I remember are:

  • Ethnic
  • Baroque
  • Gatsby
  • Faux fur
  • Tartan

I'll give some links to older articles near the bottom of the page.

Read about 5 new trends to wear for christmas and holiday parties. I have found examples in plus sizes and will show some for regular sizes in next article (or fairly soon).

Christmas Rose Party Tops Plus Size Casual

List of New Festive Party Outfits in Plus Size

1. Red Christmas Rose Tops & Dresses:

There are quite a few tops and dresses out there with winter floral prints, but tops with prints or embellishments of red roses feel particularly festive and Christmas-y to me. On the other hand, festive flower prints can be worn on other occasions (dinner at a nice restaurant, cruise formal night, Valentine's Day, a wedding, etc.) without looking out of place, like a Santa sweater would.

In the photo above with the caption "Christmas Rose Party Tops Plus Size Casual", I have shown tops that can be worn to fairly casual parties by pairing them with black jeans, black pants or black leggings. I realize the top in the middle is rather dressy, but you can give it a casual vibe for a neighborhood gathering by pairing it with jeans. Later, you can tart it up with palazzo pants or a skirt to dress it up for formal shindigs.

Read tips for updated plus size party dresses at boomerinas.com

Christmas Party Dresses for Plus Size Women

In the photo above with the caption "Christmas Party Dresses for Plus Size Women", I have found several dresses that would look fabulously festive at any party, especially an upscale Christmas function. I feel that the dress on the left would look best on someone older and the dress on the right would look best on someone younger, but there are certainly exceptions to this "rule".

These party frocks look like they were designed for dancing. The one on the left with the rose skirt is for cha-cha or rhumba. The middle one with the twirling skirt is for Dancing Queen disco babes. And the one with the fringe reminds me of my favorite dances from the early 60s, like the shimmy, the twist, and the locomotion.

Read about 4 cool trends and one crazy trend for christmas party outfits

Asian Print Clothing for Christmas & Holidays

2. Plus Size Asian Print Party Clothes:

If you are looking for something that's versatile, that can be worn for holiday parties and... well... can be worn for just about anything year round... get into the new Asian print trend for Christmas gatherings.

read what to wear and what to avoid for Christmas party outfits

No Christmas Sweaters with Embroidered Ornaments on Your Boobs

I like to recommend clothing you can wear more than once a year. You will NEVER see me telling you to buy a holiday sweater with embroidered Christmas bulbs twinkling across your boobs or jingle-bell earrings that make honking-brave kitties run and hide under the bed.

How can you wear that? You're too fat. Shut up, Mother, I'll wear what I want. It's a PARTY !

Sequin Plus Size Dresses Tunics

3. Allover Sequins Plus Size Outfits:

It is possible to wear lots of glammy sequins even if you're fat... er... curvy. Sometimes, you can doll up a plain black outfit with a sequined or metallic clutch, but it's a lot more fun to put the pedal to the metal and go full bore with shiny sequins all over your dress. Well, many of us women over 50 or 60 look a bit off in a mini dress, so I prefer to wear my mini dresses as tunic tops over pants or leggings. It is not a hard and fast rule. If you look good in minis wear them.

I prefer the large, plus size pailettes, like you see on the left and the middle dresses. They are not as huggy and form-fitting. Well, wearing sequins well is also related to how tightly or loosely the garment fits. Too tight is a no-no.

see plus size party outfits for holidays n christmas... yay!

Trendy Plus Size Sequin Top

As for the sequined palazzo pants, I would wear them with a fairly plain black top that covers my tummy. If I were a pear or an hourglass shape, I might wear a shorter top to show off my butt or tuck the top in like this 12-year-old in the photo above.

read trends for christmas outfits for women over 40 or 50 or under

Brocade Booties Plus Size

4. Brocade Ankle Boots Wide:

It can be hard to find trendy things in your size. Here are some very hard to score floral and brocade ankle booties that might fit. You know what to do with these. Just don't let your outfit compete too much with your shoes.

read about Christmas trends

Plus Size Pajamas Trend

5. Pajama Dressing in Plus Size:

This is the one trend that might freak you out. I'm a hippie from the 60s, so I have very little problem experimenting with clothing trends. If you don't know much about the Pajama Trend, you should check out my Pajama Dressing on Pinterest for ideas.

You can wear the top with jeans, the bottoms with a sweater, or the whole set as a suit. (Note: I may write an article to explain it. Just don't wear fleece, ok?) If you chicken out on wearing this European street trend, you can always wear your cute PJs as loungewear or sleepwear in your own home.

I know it can be infuriating trying to find truly trendy clothing when you're not a size 6. Some of these sites don't go up to the largest plus sizes, but some of them do. If they don't have these specific items in your size, they will probably have something similar or something else you like.

read all my crazy ideas about fashion for women over 40... or under 40

Main Photo: Plus Size Holiday Top

Photo Credits: Most of the photos are from Prshots.com.

  • Main Photo: Plus Size Holiday Top: MandCo.
  • Plus Size Party Dress Velvet: SimplyBe (to size 22).
  • Christmas Rose Party Tops Plus Size Casual: Marisota (to size 28), Navabi, Navabi.
  • Christmas Party Dresses for Plus Size Women: Navabi, MandCo (to 32, might be UK size), Navabi.
  • Asian Print Clothing for Christmas & Holidays: Johnny Was tunic at Navabi, Asos (to size 24), sequin kimono at SimplyBe.
  • No Christmas Sweaters with Embroidered Ornaments on Your Boobs (unless it's a family tradition to wear sweaters, that boggle my mind, emblazoned with dorky Santas , snow covered penguins, freaky little elves, etc: John Lewis.
  • Sequin Plus Size Dresses Tunics: Asos, SimplyBe, SimplyBe.
  • Trendy Plus Size Sequin Top: RiverIsland.
  • Brocade Booties Plus Size: SimplyBe, SimplyBe, Evans.
  • Plus Size Pajamas Trend: Soma (Soma really GETS the trend), Asos (to size 28), Debenhams.

Oh no! I forgot one of the cool trends for Christmas. I need to write another article pronto.

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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