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7 Wearable Trends for Spring & Summer: Women Over 50, 60, 70 or Younger Chicks

Read about trends for summer you can wear whether you're a woman over 50 60 or a teenager or anything in between - fashion tips

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

Here are seven fashion trends you can actually wear this spring and summer. You may have to bend the rules a little if you’re a woman over 50 or 60, but there’s nothing here that will make you look like a silly muffin or a fashionless monster… as long as you use common sense and you have decent taste. Well, all you little teenyboppers can wear this stuff, too. Just don’t match grandma too much, or one of you is going to royally freak out while browsing Facebook.

Read my tips for spring n summer women's fashion for chicks over 40 50 60 70 whatever

Cold Shoulder Top Trend

Don’t even ask how I would know this… I’m not going to answer. The only hint I’ll give you is that I grew up in the days before people had taste. (Think hideous, matching Hawaiian prints worn intergenerationally... on the mainland.)

Anthropologists studying old Polaroids probably can't decide whether the concept of "elegance" even existed in the 50s. I can say for sure, most off-the-rack clothing was disgusting on me back in the day.

7 Summer Trends for Every Woman From 17 to 70

It really is possible to wear almost any trend, at any age, if you do it right. Maybe not miniskirts, but just about everything else can be worn in some way, no matter what your age. I'm as old as old dirt (64), and I end up trying out most trends eventually.

If I can do it, I'm sure you can. And, I guarantee it will look better on you. I have an unusual face (part English, part German, part Brazilian or Haitian -- my grandmother whispered it to me a long, long time ago before she died and it was one or the other). I have a SpongeBob SquarePants body with a bit of extra poundage in the middle. My figure type is an apple shape.

I'm not horribly ugly or anything like that, but I'm not a classical beauty if you use any sort of typical standard from any part of the known world. Hahahahaha.

Oh, who am I kidding. I'm not bad... especially for my age... but it takes a lot of work to get myself to the point where I can leave the house with my head held high. In reality, I spent the first third of my life barefoot, in blue jeans... wearing zero makeup. My hippie days spoiled me. Rotten.

7 Summer Fashion Trends

All of the trends on my list are extremely wearable, and that's why none of them are shockingly dramatic. Yes, most of these fashions are traditional spring and summer wear, but do you really want to wear cutting edge in Kansas?

On the other hand, the trends in this article are extremely current and hip... though slightly predictable. Hey, I want you to be a style setter not a fashion joke. And, I assume you want the same thing.

Read about spring summer trend for women over 50 and for younger women and teens - fashion clothing tips

Gingham Summer Trend

1. Gingham Trend for Spring & Summer

At first, I laughed at the gingham trend because it didn't sound like anything worth pursuing when one is over 60.

I was able to imagine gingham on a teenager or a little kid. But, then I started thinking about it for a few minutes, and there ARE ways for any woman of any age to wear gingham. Just don't go too sweet and ruffly if you're a boomer chick.

The first two pictures above show how a normal adult woman can wear gingham. The last two photos show how to wear modern checks if you're about 20 or younger. Well, actually... a woman in her 30s could wear that little gingham disco purse. It's adorable... for someone younger and smaller than I.

If you're an older chick like me, you might be able to find some kind of large handbag with a gingham pattern. I wouldn't go with pink and blue because that's way too prissy, or as the Brits might say, too "precious", for women around our age. (I seldom use the word mature. I'm not a fruit tree. Well, maybe I should meditate on fruit trees to see if we're related.)

Fashion tips from Tina Boomerina for women over 40 50 - spring summer tops dresses

Ruffles for Women Over 40 or 50

2. Ruffled Tops & Dresses for Women Over 40

Let's face it. Once you've had kids, your body just isn't going to look right in most ruffly outfits. However, I knew if I looked around I could find examples of ruffles (for moms and grandmas) that wouldn't make people fall down laughing when they saw you.

Once again, try not to go with cutesy pastels. Make sure the ruffles hit you in a place you want people to look... or I should say... make sure the edges of the ruffles hit you in a place that's flattering.

The ruffled top in the first picture (above) is way too prissy for me. However, I know women my age who would look good in it. The middle picture shows something I could wear, because the small ruffle draws the eye to the cleavage. "Cleavage distraction" is almost always a good look, unless you belong to an uptight church with people who want to control everybody's life. The third pick with the polka dots is something most older women could wear as long as the horizontal part of the neckline doesn't dig into any bulges of fat. (Get the right size and you should be fine.)

Read about trends women can wear even if they're over 40 50 - spring summer fashion tips

Ruffle Dress for Younger Women & Teens

The yellow dress above is a perfect example of something great for a teenage girl or woman under 30-35. Actually, it might be possible for a woman over 30 to wear this, but it's designed for a younger age group. Hey, if you have a tan or a dark complexion and this fits, I'd give it a try. (I can't tell if this is for high summer or if it's sold out. See bottom of the page for photo credits to get more info.)

Read tina boomerina's tips for spring and summer fashions that any woman of any age can wear

Tropical Prints for Spring & Summer - All Ages

3. Tropical Print Trend for Women Over 40 - or Under 40

Tropical Hawaiian and Caribbean prints are no surprise for summer, but this year bright banana-boat clothing is also hot for spring. After googling around online, I've found that yellow tropical prints are the freshest style du jour, but some of us pale faces only look good in yellow when we have a tan. And, I don't know about you, but I gave up tanning in the 80s. Who needs more wrinkles?

And, facing the world without a tan is a total bummer for me because I look much better when my skin transforms itself into my famous golden-hued Tina Tan. Dang! I just look and feel so... so... so... healthy when I'm golden brown. I would try a fake tan, but most of them turn me into a Donald Trump Cheeto, so I'm probably better off looking for a turquoise print.

The photos above show tropical print outfits for all age groups. The floral top on the left is perfect for older chicks, like me. With the second photo, I can picture a dark-haired woman showcasing her curves doing a wickedly fun salsa in that olive dress. The short yellow frock looks divine, although I would wear it as a tunic over off-white pants because I'm too top heavy for minis. And, the last photo shows a cute way for a teen or younger woman to wear a Hawaiian print with lace. (It helps that the dress is a muted beige... and the beige is picked up in the print.) Well hell, you don't have to be a teenager to copy this idea.

Yes... let's jump on a cruise ship and turn up the Jimmy Buffet! I'm feelin' it.

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Boho Embroidered Top, Scarf, Jacket for Spring n Summer

4. Embroidered Tops, Dresses, Jackets, Jeans, Accessories for Spring & Summer

I'm showing bohemian (hippie) embroidered clothes in the photo above because boho is the style I wear. Well, I must confess, I wear it because it likes me. Dear God, don't let boho die. Loose and flowing and floaty styles are the only ones that allow me to breathe.

However, you can find hip n trendy embroidered clothing that's perfect for you, even if you only wear traditional, classic styles. Let me see if I can find a pic. Be right back...  ...  ...

Okay, I found an embroidered jacket that would be perfect for anyone, even the most conservative, classic, traditional woman on earth. See below.

Read my tips for spring and summer trends that are wearable... I mean you can wear these styles if you're a teenager or you're a woman in your 70s

Embroidered Jacket for Classic Traditional Women

Yes, I realize this is an unstructured jacket, and that may feel a bit odd to those of you who only wear alligator shirts with Sperry Top Siders... and those of you who feel naked without a navy blue blazer and crisp white shirt... and those of you who have to cover up your Mormon underwear... but you CAN let your hair down and wear a loose, unstructured jacket like this without offending God and country.

An embroidered jacket, similar to this one, is good for those of you who feel compelled to follow the rules, because colors like linen and black are totally neutral. And, this jungle-fern design has a very Japanese-scroll type of feel. Asian patterns are the very definition of class, so look for something like this if you want a summer update that won't take you out of your comfort zone... or shock the old biddies at the garden club.

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Hot Bright Colors for Spring n Summer - Women Over 40, 50, 60

5. Hot Bright Colors for Spring & Summer: Yellow, Orange, Red, Fuchsia

Bright summery colors are "in" for warm spring and summer days. Duh. Well, I love the examples in the photo above. The hot pink evening dress should be in my closet. Unfortunately, I can't wear cropped trousers and my body is allergic to blazers, but I know a few older women who would look smokin' hot in this red-orange pantsuit. And, the plus-size yellow jumpsuit is perfect for a cruise.

read my fabulous fashion tips about summer clothing you can wear even if you're old as dirt like me

Cold Shoulder Tops n Dresses for Older Women

6. Cold Shoulder Tops & Dresses for Spring & Summer

You've probably seen your trendy little friends (children, grandchildren, and their friends) wearing cold shoulder tops and dresses. Well, I see no reason you can't wear a modified version of this trend if you are over 40, 50, 60, or even (gasp) 70. (Well, the cut of the top should be fairly conservative if you're over 70. For some of you, a long slit from the shoulder is the best style, because your bare skin is almost imperceptible unless you move in a certain way.)

read tips about spring n summer fashion trends for all ages

Striped Dress Style Anyone Can Wear

At our age, the eyes droop, the jowls sag, the neck goes turkey, the arms get crepey, the knees fall off... and everything starts to fall apart. About ten years ago, I read, "The shoulders are the last to go," so I'm assuming most of you are okay with showing a little skin... as long as it's not saggy. Why not wear cold-shoulder and off-shoulder outfits? They're sexy but demure.

7. Stripe Trend for Spring & Summer

Yikes, stripes!

Yes, you were fairly happy with what I showed you so far, but you knew there would be something that was a bit of a challenge, and here it is. Stripes are trendy for spring and summer.

However, I said I would show you trends that are wearable and stripes are. Well, stripes can be. The trick is to find the right kind of stripes that hit your body in the right places. And, the only way you can figure that out is by actually trying the garment on, on your own unique body, in the privacy of your own bedroom or in the privacy of a locked fitting room.

Stripes look gawd-awful on me... just like blazers... but most of you will look good in the right kind of stripes. (I do, actually, wear stripes at sea, but most of the time I need feminine clothing so I don't look like an English-German-Brazilian drag queen with broad football shoulders.) The striped maxi dress in the photo is an example of stripes THAT EVEN I might possibly be able to wear... if I wore five-inch heels, the dress fit properly, and all that.

Well, it feels like it might snow tonight in the mountains of Central Oregon, so we all know what that means: time to think about summer... time to see if any spring or summer outfits still fit... and time to throw out the Cherry Garcia. Seriously, summers on its way. Are you ready?

fashion over 50 60 70

Main: 7 Trends Summer

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Let me know what you think of this article. Leave a message at the bottom of the page.

Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. Rose Wilson

    Dear Tina, I am so happy to have found you. I thought I was the only one with an apple shape ( I'd only heard of a pear shape) and honestly wasn't sure which fruit I was. 🙂All I know is that I have skinny legs, no behind ( too much reading ? ) no hips and a big stomach. I have so few pants that fit and with all the spandex, I end up with pants sliding down after One wear .Am I the only one holding up my pants ? I will look into your recommendations and read your blog. ( I promise to exercise after ). Thank you for your research and humor.

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Rose, I am so happy you found me. I am sorry I didn't see your comment until today. I was sick for a while (what's new?) and a few of the comments from this time period got lost in the shuffle.

      I am an apple when I gain weight. I am a stick figure when I'm thinner... and we'll have to come up with some fruit that's straight up and down. I guess I could be a banana when I'm skinny. (Straight up and down, but a little off center mentally... lol.)

      I have skinny legs, no butt (whether I read or not), no hips and a big tum (when I'm not skinny). Your body sounds freaking NORMAL to me. I have to pull up my pants... even when I wear leggings or jeggings I have to hide behind the candy aisle and pull up my pants. Acck.

      AND, you are not the only one holding up your pants.

      It's ridiculous. No matter how small I go with my leggings they still fall down. Forget regular pants. I've given up on regular pants, although I've been thinking about trying maternity pants with the big elastic stomach because I like to be able to breathe. I've been thinking about trying those maternity slacks for several years, but most maternity pants are ugly and they remind me of morning sickness... so...

      Dear Rose, never exercise. It's way too much work and you'll still be an apple... lol. Not that there's anything wrong with being an apple. I can't complain about the body God gave me because he must have known what he was doing. I CAN complain about the people who design clothing. They think all women are the same shape. I wish more apple-shaped women would become clothing designers.
      ps Go to search box near top of page. Type in apple.)

    • Tina-Boomerina

      I sent you an email, Rose. I just tried a search on Boomerinas.com for apple.

      Here is another article that talks about one of my favorite brands for apple shapes.


      (I don't get paid to promote anyone or anything. That way I can be totally honest about what I like and what I don't like.)


  2. Nancy Dahl

    Oh gingham, so always right for summer. I had a yellow gingham two piece swimsuit at age 16. Today I have a purple and white gingham short sleeved camp shirt I combine with a louden and cream stripe sweater vest for clubbing. Just right.

    More, more, give us more... love yer ideas...I am that seventy year old that forgets and thinks I am still forty.

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Nancy, I can totally imagine you in a cute, but sexy, yellow gingham swimsuit as a teenager. Heck, I can see you in a yellow gingham swimsuit today, as an adult woman. Wow, I just read the rest of your comment. I want to see your tripped-out clubbing outfit. Wow, you are seventy? You look more like forty. Are you really seventy or did your brain play a trick on you?

      Thanks for your comment. I got burnt out with writing for a while, but you just gave me a boost and now I feel like writing another article.

  3. Gayle McLeod

    Been awhile since I have been here, but want to say....you are so refreshing. I am an old hippy (67 in July) and find myself to be rounder than I use to be. Working on a new wardrobe for the summer, as I have restrained myself a bit over my working years. Love color and Boho prints, and then again I am kind of DameJudy Dench, so needed some great ideas from someone who is not worried about fitting into the "church lady" mode. Thanks for your ideas. You are wonderful. PS let my hair go gray last fall and am loving it, as it opens me up to so many more colors than my light auburn did. This is just too fun!)

    • Tina-Boomerina

      I'm sorry I didn't answer your comment. It was buried under other comments and for some reason it didn't show up. It's only six months or so late... I guess I need to get off Hawaiian time. LOL.

      I just turned 65 and I am a former hippie, too. Well, I never really let my hippie ideas go. I just hid my tendencies from the yuppies that surrounded me. I'm still not very materialistic and I always wear clothing that's a bit nonconformist.

      Hey, Gayle, I am very spiritual and I believe God or some universal Spirit is behind everything that happens, so I am happy to hear that you don't try to fit into the Church Lady mode. Dear God, the world needs more creativity and less conformity... even more so now than when we were young.

      If you feel like sending me a pic of your gray hair I would love to see the difference. This will come via my personal email so you can send it without everyone checking you out... unless you give me permission.

      I'm so happy I finally found your comment. I almost deleted it.

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Gayle, I just saw your gray hair. My hair is mostly brown with little flecks of gray. I wish it would go totally gray like yours. It's lovely. Tina