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It’s Me! I’m Back!

read why I haven't written for months

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

I have not written many articles for my baby-boomer women friends lately. I have been very bad, but I have a note from my doctor explaining why the dog ate my homework. Actually, I was on some crappy medication for about a year. The main photo (above) shows how woozy and dizzy I was. Fortunately, the photo doesn't show the confusing nonsense that came out of my mouth on a daily basis... worse than usual.

Now, I am off the bad meds and ready to write again. Lucky you.

fashion and lifestyle articles for baby boomer women

Lucky Me

Baby Boomer Lifestyle

Well, I guess taking all kinds of weird medications that make you fall down the stairs, coping with simple problems such as getting out of bed in a spinning room, and changing one's diet to include mass quantities of probiotic yogurt are things that become more common as the "baby boomer lifestyle" starts to include things that only happen to OLD people.

Fortunately, this type of crap comes and goes... so we wait for the good days... and spend the bad days hanging out in front of the game show Idiotest.

Ignore the photo at the top of the page. Here's a better picture of how I felt on days when the highlight of my day was Idiotest:

Here's why I haven't written many articles or pinned to Pinterest

Tina on a Bad Day

And, in all honesty, most of the time I wasn't that bad, but I was depressed and lazy because I never knew when the bad stuff would return. (People from the East Coast should ignore this blog post and pretend I was on vacation in Tahiti for the last year or so. For some reason, Easterners refuse to talk about being sick... as if talking about illness might make it contagious... or might jinx them.)

Someday I May Answer Your Comments

I feel as if I've explained why I haven't answered 318 of your recent comments, so don't take it personally if you never got a response to some question... and if that's a problem, piss off. I'm not feeling 100%. I may never feel wonderful enough to get around to answering zillions of comments. Also, it seems like things are in slow motion. I hope the zing comes back!

You can, however, keep asking questions... I'm more likely to answer comments that are recent.

Anyway, I suppose I'll have to think of things to write about. It's been so long, I hardly remember how to work the dashboard of my blog, but it will come back to me. Lucky you.

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Photo Credits:

  • Main Photo: Blurry pic taken by Mr. Boomerina 5 years ago.
  • Lucky Me: Wikipedia LOLcat
  • Tina on a Bad Day: Some friend took a pic and I Photoshopped it just for you.

What do you think of this bloggy post? Were you wondering if I moved to Tahiti with some young hunk? Did you even notice I wasn't around? (Don't be afraid to post a comment. I don't bite.)


Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. Phyllis Kennedy

    I have missed you! Hopefully you'll feel like yourself soon - or a reasonable facsimile. My wardrobe is now looking like who I am instead of a conglomeration of others. Thank you. And that is from my husband and daughter, too. Both have thought for years I was short-changing myself. My daughter no longer looks in my closet, shakes her head and intones " mom, this is tragic". A welcome relief for us both.

    Welcome back!!

    Phyllis Kennedy

  2. Suzanne

    I DID notice, Tina, and I'm glad you're back! You're a breath of fresh air. You're funny but factual; you understand and make sense. And when I'm struggling (again) to keep my head up and feel confident in a work environment where being 60+ is becoming more and more of an oddity, I go back to read and re-read your posts. I hope you feel increasingly better and better and that you keep writing! You make me smile.

  3. Mitzi Howard

    So Sorry to hear about your health challenges, but I totally get it. I'm 63 and at that age where friends and cohorts seem to keel over with little warning and my body has its own ideas of what a productive day will be. I had my knee replacements renovated (yes, another major surgery on them after the total joint replacements) in January and am still working towards 100%. After I retired from my job as an emergency/critical care veterinarian, I started to make art jewelry, so "retirement" is busy. I love your blog directed to us women of a certain age and shape. I hope that you will make a full recovery and get back giving us all such good advice.

    Best wishes for your continued recovery!!

  4. Lynn Pietila

    Yay!!! So happy that I checked back in to see how you are doing to find that you are posting again! 👏😘

  5. Brenda Oswalt

    Glad you are feeling better, gal.

    Get your strength back and remember that the 3rd largest
    cause of death is "medical mis-adventures" - i.e., usually
    prescribing or taking meds that aren't compatible
    with your system.

    Do agree with the probiotics, though. Personally, have
    taken a great digestive enzyme and a multi strain probiotic
    for years - forget the yogurt. Hey, the live stuff is usually
    dead by the time you rip off the foil top, anyway!

    Keep sweet, keep well -


  6. Sue

    I HAVE be missing you and I, too, have experienced bad health in the past few months. After a heart attack on Valentines Day (best way to celebrate "heart day"), I was put on meds that make me feel like crap most days. Bad cardiac plumbing combined with arthritis make most days unhappy. But I do enjoy the websites and blogs connected to women my age since I don't get out of the house much to meet "real" people. Hope you keep in touch.

  7. Kay Kerns

    Hi Tina. Hope you are ok is it finally hot in Bend? I'm still adjusting to life here. Miss you online 😃. Kay

  8. Tricia

    How can I find the blue/white striped 2 piece swimsuit in 2015 fashion trends? I've been searching and searching... I love that it covers the armpits but not the shoulders! Thank You!

  9. Nancy Dahl

    Welcome back my friend. I missed you and am sorry to hear of your awful year of uncertainty and
    Very unwelcome health symptoms.

    As of August 5, I will be officially an old woman. (70).

    I will bring my joy and zest, wherever I last left it, into this new and challenging decade. However, I will be wearing my long black skirt, mt long black knit tank dress, and collect jackets and cardigans for coverage, and glom on the bright silk scarves with necklaces. No one can out me of my accessories.

    After much searching, I bought a pair of knit fabric Vionics wedges. Very low, very cool, and goes with all dresses and skirts.

  10. Jeannine gomillion

    And welcome back! I know how difficult regaling our interest can be. Jeannine

  11. Sue

    miss your blog. will you ever be back?

  12. Madeline

    Hi Tina, Well, if you have been on meds for BP like me I can empathize: vertigo, lethargy, swelling of feet, allover itchiness, (and more). So who feels like doing anything in such a state? Meanwhile, I have enjoyed reading your earlier posts. I wish there could be a link to each of the clothing items, because I am lazy and would like you to be my personal shopper. I enjoy your tips, but sometimes it is impossible to find something the right shape, color and size, even if one knows what one is looking for. I do the "grazing" method of shopping: If I feel like it I spend an hour at TJMazz in the women's section to see if there is anything plausible. Also on line at many of the stores you mention. Also, for fun, I scold store managers for the usually miserable selection for plus women, and tell them they are missing out on market share with their dismal offerings. They don't know what to make of me. Anyway, glad you're back and feeling better.

  13. Liz

    Where are you? We need you :)

  14. Lyn

    Just found the site through Pinterest. I am interested in trying to keep up with fashion, without looking like "Who is she kidding?" I live in a small town in northern Alberta, Canada, so some of my outfit choices get a few second looks. As well, my weight goes up and down (mostly up) so it is a challenge on a fixed budget. I do a lot of thrifting. I think the blog will be fun to follow. BTW, I'm a young boomer, born in '55. When did we get so old? I dread thinking that I might LOOK old, I am way to cool for that!

  15. Julie Mc Carthy

    Dear Christine, although you wrote this message several months ago, I hope that your recovery is continuing. Your postings are so thoughtful and warm hearted. You have been very helpful in my searches for something to wear, apply or desire. regards-a fan!


    Hi! I just found this blog and I love it! I actually opened my own online boutique for curvy women because I could never find what I wanted. I'm also 50 years old. So, I wanted artsy, European, and unusual clothes that would be comfortable, high quality, and perfect for someone my age. I'm happy to have found you because I love your sense of humor and your ideas about fashion for those of us who aren't 20-something or skinny. :) Thanks so much! --Ellen D.