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27 Fashion Tips We Can Learn From Twiggy Now

what can women over 50 or 60 learn from twiggy

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

Happy Birthday Twiggy. We still love you!

What can we learn by studying recent fashion photos of London supermodel Twiggy? Yes, Twiggy is still gorgeous at age 65 (well, 66 today, September 19, 2015). Yes, boomer women are still infatuated with Twiggy. Yes, chicks like us still want to copy her style. Yes, older icons can still rock it. So, here are 27 tips (rules) culled from a recent shoot of Twiggy's fall-winter line.

read about Twiggy and fashion tips

Twiggy Then (1967)

A quick Twiggy bio for those of you who missed the 60s and British Mod Fashions:

Twiggy, with her androgynous haircut, her zany painted eyelashes, and her outlandish Carnaby Street outfits, was on every magazine cover in the world during the mid 60s. I mean... everywhere. Twiggy was probably as famous as the Beatles.

In the blink of an eye, a rail-thin waif from the wrong side of the tracks (I'm just paraphrasing what I've read), became a living legend to millions of teenage girls... who all wanted to look like Twiggy... and tried to imitate her Cockney accent.

Was it the name? Was it her rebellious look? Was it the hype? I don't know. I do know that Twiggy became a worldwide icon overnight... and she remains synonymous with the Swinging Sixties to this day.

Twiggy is now a designer of wearable fashion for women over ____ (fill in the blank) age. Well, I guess she's a designer of baby boomer clothing. And, I love that she's finally living her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Twiggy used to make most of her own clothing as a young teen. Who knew?

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Your Best Color is Always Your Best Color

Twiggy Now: 27 Fashion Rules for Older Women

I've come up with a few fashion revelations and I've confirmed a few fashion hypotheses (of my own) by looking at the new Twiggy photos. Most of the pics are from M&S, a London-based store, but you can also find Twiggy London styles at HSN in the states.

I call all my tips "rules", because I feel like it and this is my website, so I get to make my own rules. However, I want you to remember that, in reality, there are very few rules in the fashion world, and the few rules that do exist will probably be broken soon.

So, feel free to break these rules whenever you come up with something better... as long as you're fairly sure whatever you're doing looks good on you.

Anyway, here are my Twiggy-inspired fashion and beauty rules, guidelines, insights, or whatever you want to call them... for women over 50... in no particular order. All these ideas came to me while looking at these photos of Twiggy:

Rule 1: You're never too old for jeans.

Rule 2: Your best color is always your best color. Note: You may need to alter your makeup or tone down your clothes if your best color is extremely bright.

Rule 3: Your best color will make you smile. Most women look happier in their happy color. Yes, I looked at old photos from the 60s and Twiggy's best color was orange when she was young.

Rule 4: It's okay to have a few wrinkles. (Of course.)

Rule 5: You can wear leather when you're over 60. Just make sure most of your outfit is conservative.

Rule 6: You don't have to cut your hair.

Rule 7: You're never too old to wear a mini... as long as it's not too short. Note: Wear your mini with matching opaque tights for appropriate coverage, if you feel you need it.

Rule 8: Funky booties rock. Collect them.

Rule 9: You can't wear the same makeup you wore in high school. Think Twiggy paint-on lashes.

Rule 10: You can't wear the same clothing styles you wore in high school. Well, you can if you alter the look to fit your "mature" life and to balance your "new" body. One example would be lowering your mini to just above your knee. OMG, I hate the word mature.

read about twiggy fashion and tina's tips

You Can Wear a Mini or Jeans Even if You're Over 50 or 60

Fashion Tips for Women Over 40, 50, 60, 70 or OMG I Can't Count Any Higher

I'm almost 63, but I can't think past age 70. Even 70 is a stretch. And, sometimes I transpose the numbers in my head... like... as if I'm almost 36 instead of 63. I think this denial of one's real age is a survival mechanism.

Anyway, I love looking at photos of Twiggy. I'm still obsessed with her face, her makeup, and her whole look.

Rule 11: Your best asset is still your best asset. For Twiggy, it's her big blue eyes. For me, it's my smile. For you... your hair... your long neck... your perfect posture... your amazing personality... your sexy walk... your infectious laugh... your nonstop energy... your pixie nose... your freckles... your stunning cheekbones... you know what it is and it's still your best asset. Play it up.

Rule 12: A smile is your best facelift. Note: I can tell Twiggy has had a recent facelift by looking at her face in the photo of the maxi dress. Her eyebrows give her away. I'm not saying she looks bad... it's just a tell. And, her eyebrows will settle later. Anyway, most of us look younger when we smile.

Rule 13: There's nothing wrong with getting a facelift. Before doing anything, make sure you ask every doctor, nurse, HAIRDRESSER, and friend you know, "Who's the best plastic surgeon?" And, don't shop around for a bargain. No, I'm not implying that Twiggy used the wrong surgeon. I've seen other recent photos, where Twiggy looked like an average housewife, and she looks fantastic now.

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Twiggy Age 65 in Faux Leather

More Twiggy Style 2015

Rule 14: Your hair should be wild and messy rather than severe. A messy, windblown pony is better than a tightly pulled-back bun. Don't spray your tresses into helmet hair. Also, you might consider softening your face with bangs.

Rule 15: You have to try a lot of different poses to get a good photo.

Rule 16: No one stays skinny forever. (Okay, I know two exceptions to this rule, but it's still a rule. And, my older friends who are still skinny have paintings of Doriana Gray in their closets. They use witchcraft.) So, of course, I had to look it up and Twiggy is now a size 10... and she's 5'6". I have no idea what size Twiggy was as a teenager. I'm guessing she was a size one or a size zero. I used to be a size one as a teenager, so I know it existed.

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Tailored Conservative Clothing Needs Funky Accessories

Fashion Tips Over 50

I realize that Twiggy is trying to show her clothes rather than someone else's accessories, but keep reading. I have a few critiques... ummm... suggestions for you and for Twiggy (if I may presume to be so bold):

Rule 17: Looking matronly is worse than looking like a teenybopper. And, I'm not saying any of us should wear overly trendy teenybopper fashions. Well... maybe a teenybopper accessory worn as an accent... from time to time.

Rule 18: You need to add something funky to your conservative outfits to avoid looking matronly. If you look in the mirror and you feel too staid and matronly, try adding a pair of chunky boots (like Doc Martins), a pair of striped socks, a crazy stack of tribal bracelets, a pair of enormous earrings, or a hat that doesn't "go" with your outfit. Never be afraid to mix it up. This rule is even more important for older women than for younger chickadees.

read why Twiggy should not wear this

Twiggy Short Jacket & Leggings

Rule 19: Cover your ass. Crass but true. I only know one woman over 60 who can wear leggings as pants and she's a Pilates instructor who likes to run on her treadmill for fun.

Rule 20: A short jacket should never be worn with leggings. Once you hit the big 6-0, you should wear a short jacket with a mini or midi skirt rather than with tight pants. Another option would be to wear a long, hip length top under your jacket. Note: It's not that I don't love that short jacket, but I think women over 40 should wear it in a different way. And, if it's not Twiggy's best look, it's certainly not the average woman's best look.

Rule 21: Twiggy will always look better than I, no matter what she wears.

Rule 22: One color from head to toe is sleek and doesn't chop you up.

how to keep your outfit from being boring or matronly and other fashion tips

Bright Pop of Color

Rule 23: An unexpected pop of color will keep an outfit from looking severe or boring.

Rule 24: Anything is better than boring.

Rule 25: A little contrast near your face is good. I love the orange collar on the black coat.

Rule 26: You can wear almost any skirt length as long as you keep the proportions right. Play outside your comfort zone to discover your best lengths.

Rule 27: Some women look better in crazy, funky outfits than in conservative outfits. Avant-garde fashion can bring the right woman to life.

some women look better in crazy avante garde outfits and other fashion advice

Twiggy, I Love This!

(Additional) Rule 28: Some women will always be cuter than others. (Twiggy is one of them.)

I love that Twiggy is designing fashion. She says it's what she aspired to before she was "discovered". Well, I can't wear some of her things because I don't have a waistline and I can't tuck things in... and my bone structure is different than hers... but I really love that poncho cape thing with the tribal print. And, I would definitely wear Twiggy's short burgundy jacket with the faux fur collar... over a long, flowing skirt.

(Another) Rule 29: Get something new to wear every now and then to make yourself smile. I just received a package I ordered with a poncho, cape, wrap thing from somewhere and I'm going into the other room to try it on as soon as I'm done typing. (Smile.)

I'm seriously considering the long poncho in the photo above.

twiggy fashions

I'm Not Tall Enough for This

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Photo Credits: Prshots.com.

  • All new Twiggy outfits: Marks and Spencer.
  • Twiggy Then photo: Wikipedia.

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. kay kerns

    Wow go Twiggy! She is still beautiful and some of her designs are great! I'm happy for her that she is getting to realize her dream.

    • Tina-Boomerina


      Yes. It's cool. However, I think it would be hard to be an older celebrity and have everyone comparing your new photos to your old photos.

      But, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. And... it would be hella fun to design clothes. I have a feeling you would be good at that, Kayarina.


  2. Jane on Whidbey

    Even at my skinniest, I couldn't compete with Twiggy. I have a large skeleton, and when I was 5'8" and 127 pounds, I was a size 11 and looked like I had a terminal wasting disease. (Yes, Virginia, sizes were different then.) Sewing patterns only went up to size 14, or possibly 16, and, as I look at my patterns from those years, measurements were soooo much smaller then. If you were 'blessed' with a rack that was 38", you had to sew "Women's" sizes, which looked like tents. I gave up sewing when my bust enlarged after college. Corsets that cinched us in were out of style. I gave up wearing a bra in 1970. My ta-tas are still higher than most women in their 30s at my weight have. I own a few bras for 'special occasion' clothes that don't look right without one, and I used to own a few that I wore for when I knew someone else would be removing it. (Oh, yeah!). Undergarments have a lot to do with how we dress, sizing, and our individual freedom. I grew up in an age that said you had to wear a girdle, a garter belt, nylons, and a sanitary napkin on a belt that was nearly like a thong with sharp metal to cut you where it hurt. Ah, yes, Twiggy seemed to rise above all that, but it was because she was built like a boy. Maybe that was her appeal for women built like me? lol

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Jane on Whidbey,

      OMG, we are both outliers. I, however, was almost too small and skinny to wear Twiggy clothes. I was flat as a pancake until I delivered Baby-Baby-Boomerinas. So, I could wear British Mod as a teen... if I could find a size 1. And, I had a gym bag FAIL in Home Ec, so I didn't sew much. You were lucky. You could sew.

      I can't imagine what it was like to be that tall. I can't imagine what it was like to have knockers. (I'll have to change that one word in your comment because it could trigger alarm bells with the Google Gods... sorry. You can say whatever you want as far as I'm concerned.)

      OMG, "Women's" sizes were meant for old spinsters from hellokitty back then. You would have looked like Mama Cass in a tent dress. I'll bet you could rock a steampunk corset now, though.

      Yes, I'm lucky in the breast department. I could get away with going braless, but I get the evil eye from other women... so I don't go braless unless I'm wearing a tone of layers.

      *You have a better memory than I do and you're doing a good job of jogging mine out of the daily fog of life. If you ever want to write an article (or just ramble) on any subject -- rock concerts, sanitary napkins, growing up as a boomer, being a 'grownup' boomer, the meaning of life, whatever -- let me know. You are a born Boomerina.

      I'm not sure if that's good or bad... haha. But, it's true.

      Back to lingerie... are you Jane the Knitter? Are you a different Jane? Do I know you?


  3. Jane on Whidbey

    NO one is tall enough for that jacket.

  4. Jane on Whidbey

    Oh, yeah, we would have partied, but it took me a long time to get this loose. I'm so glad I made it to this side. lol Change anything you need to. I have self-filters, but they don't always work.

    No, you don't know me yet. lol You may have regrets. I'm an acquired taste for lots of types of people, but I think you can take it. lol You feel like a sistah.

    Thanks for the invite. I may take you up on it. Sanitary napkins, really? Weren't those garter belts vile? !gmo I'm just starting to write again, after a long sabbatical. I'm working on a few things in my noggin, and will start committing to pixels soon. I'll see if there's something too pressing not to rave on about. Right now, I'm mad about Medicare. Whole 'nother story.


  5. Keri Caye

    I saw Twiggy in person and she was young and gorgeous and not changed since I saw her all these years on TV....we're the same age.