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7 Fall Boot Trends 2015: Hip Footwear to Wear and to Avoid

you can wear fringe boots even if you're not boho

Fringe Knee, OTK & Booties for Fall


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6. Fringe Boots and Booties for 70s Nostalgia:

Bohemian fringe boots, along with the Southwestern fashions of that era, fit right in with the current nostalgia for the innocent 70s. If you're young, you didn't live through it, but you can wear it. If you're older, you can relive your glory days... as long as you keep your 1970s fashion references to a minimum.

That being said, almost any woman can wear fringe boots.

Yes, the fringed knee boots and over-the-knee boots (in the photo above) are reserved for eccentric bohemians (like moi), but the fringed booties on the right can be worn (in certain circumstances) by hip women who like to wear traditional tailored outfits.

  • The flat bootie is a good match for a pair of jeans.
  • The metallic bootie is perfect for a night on the town.
  • The peep-toe bootie on the bottom would look perfect with a plaid pleated skirt.

I know most of you won't go for fringed boots... but if you see some on sale... you should keep an open mind and try them on.

boot trends

Boots With Metal and Studs

7. Punky Boots With Metal Straps and Studs:

Designers are embellishing boots with metal this season. Some of the catwalk styles are particularly over the top, but boots that you and I would wear are easy to find. They're everywhere.

Check out the photo above. The top boot is adorned with metal-link straps. The Chelsea boot (Beatle Boot) is decked out in punk, spikey studs. Other metal goodies to look for include gold-tone block heels, multiple buckles on multiple leather straps, and rebelliously oversized chains.

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Weird Quirky Heels for Fall

8. Extra Credit -- Quirky Heels for Fall Winter 2015-2016:

I thought I'd throw in the strange quirky-heel trend seen all over the runways. I'm not sure how wearable some of those high-fashion boots are, but I like the sleek, modern boots in the photo above. And, although this black boot looks almost uncomfortable, that space-age mod presence would bring a welcomed counterbalance to any boring, traditional pantsuit.

Somehow, that boot looks almost Victorian... with a jet-pack twist. I think I remember similar heels from the fashion extremes of the 70s.

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70s Style Boots

9. More Extra Credit -- 70s Style Retro Boots for Women:

I've alluded to the pervasiveness of classic 1970s-style clothing on the runway. So, I thought I'd show you a few boots that fit the 70s genre... in case you're too young to remember the decade.

Look at the photo of current boots that mimic early-seventies footwear. Notice how the shaft of the boot curves in above the heel so that the boot fits tightly over the calf. Back in the day, heels were chunky rather than narrow. (We considered stiletto heels to be the tawdry fashion of Las Vegas hookers and platinum blonde grannies in the cheap suburbs of Los Angeles.) If you look at the bootie, you will see the silhouette of a typical, early-70s platform.

1970s boot styles became looser in the shaft (calf area) as the decade progressed.

don't wear hooker boots in rainbow colors

Patent Leather & Bad Boots

3 Boot Trends to Avoid:

This season's runway was awash with crazy, attention-getting footwear created by jaded fashion designers who are always attempting to be more memorable than the last designer. Fashion weeks are all about theater. Unfortunately, many of those same shoes and boots are available to any woman with a lot of money and very little taste. I beg you not to mimic these styles unless you are very fashion forward and you have expertise in this area.

Also, ask your gay hairdresser for a second opinion before venturing out amongst your adoring public. There may be versions of these styles that are appropriate for normal women living in the real world... but these boots can also look extraordinarily bad:

Bad Trend #1: Crazy Fur Boots and Shoes:

If you click on the link, you can see one example of the Wookie Look in footwear. It's truly the worst trend of 2015.

Just. Say. No. Just... nonononononono.

This shoe is so bad it makes me want to cry. If you must become a fashion victim, you can rig up your boots to give some Pomeranians a ride. (This picture of Cousin It will give me nightmares for a week.)

Bad Trend #2: Shiny Plastic Hooker Boots:

The current crop of shiny PVC hooker boots are supposed to evoke Madonna in the 80s... or some rock-n-roll nightmare with big hair. I'm fine if you want to wear normal patent leather boots (even if they're fake). I love those.

I just don't want you to consider anything too crazy. You're supposed to embody a chic woman over 40 or 50. You're not supposed to be walking around in a daze looking like David Bowie ... unless you're on stage.

You can be quirky and creative... just not THAT quirky and creative.

If you're old enough to remember fashion from the 70s, you're old enough to wear it right... and to use caution when playing with any new trend.

Bad Trend #3: Long Narrow Pointed Toes:

If you are Italian or you have any Mediterranean background, you may have narrow feet that will allow you to wear narrow, pointed toes. And, it may be okay to wear pointed-toe boots when you're going out to dinner or for drinks, but I would advise against wearing them while walking long distances or standing for long periods of time.

If you have fat, wide feet like I do, shoes with pointed toes will seldom fit. If they do, they'll probably look silly. Look for similar footwear styles with rounder toes.

NOTE: If you really want to wear pointed-toe boots, look for suede. I have pointy ankle boots in suede that don't bother me because the toe has stretched out a bit.

There are lots of great boots for fall. And, I'm so glad, because I need a pair of fashionable boots with heels and I need something flat (and warm) for winter, when the temperatures dip. As soon as I'm done with this, I'm off to look around every store on the internet... from the cheap discount websites to the high-end shoe section of Neiman Marcus. I'm not going to pay thousands of dollars for designer brands, but I'm also not going to wait until all the women's boots are sold out... like I usually do.

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Main Photo: Boots Fall 2015

Photo Credits: Prshots.com.

  • Main Photo: Flat bootie at top - La Redoute, brown OTK boot - Hobbs, patchwork shearling suede OTK - New Look, (top row) black lace-up Debenhams, blue ankle boot - Moda in Pelle, brown patchwork - Moda in Pelle, (middle row) black cut out boot - Office UK, brown/black boots - La Redoute, green boots - La Redoute, (bottom row) leopard/black - Moda in Pelle, black Victorians - Wallis.
  • Fashion Boots 70s Style: Penneys Ireland.
  • Perfect Boots for Women Over 50: Hobbs.
  • Ankle Boots With Cut Outs: Asos.
  • Can Women Over 40 50 Wear Over the Knee Boots? Asos, Asos, Miss Selfridge, Monsoon.
  • Lace Up Boots for Women: Asos.
  • Patchwork & Two Tone Boots: Asos, Dorothy Perkins.
  • Victorian Booties for Fall: Debenhams, La Redoute.
  • Fringe Knee, OTK & Booties for Fall: Mint Velvet, OTK - New Look, (top to bottom) Dune, New Look, New Look.
  • Boots With Metal and Studs: Dune, Asos.
  • Weird Quirky Heels for Fall: Dorothy Perkins.
  • 70s Style Boots: Dune, Office, New Look.
  • Patent Leather & Bad Boots: La Redoute (These are good.), New Look (These are not bad, but shiny purple knee boots can be very tricky when you're older... could be worn with the right outfit... but NOT this.)

What do you think of these boot styles? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page. It won't show up until I have time to approve it.

Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. Vicki

    Love the patchwork boots, I found a gorgeous pair at my local GW that are black and orange suede, perfect for the good witch Halloween look. No to the over the knee boots but yes to luscious leather booties with a nice chunky heel... Let's be real!

  2. Diana

    i'm 60 and boots are one of my favorite things.I'm with you on most of the trends I definitely think baby boomers should leave the over the knee boots to the younger generation, not that I don' t love them but you don' t want to look lIke you're trying to hard be young.

    Finally, living in Chicago I think the cut out boots are absolutely ridiculous. You have maybe a month or so in which you can wear them. When winter hits everyone looks crazy trying to sport fashion in knee deep snow. You might get away with them during September and October, not worth the cost to me.

    The short boots with the chunky heels are my fave, and I have several tall flat boots that I love with jeans and long and short skirts.

    • Tina-Boomerina


      I think it would be hard to pull off over-the-knee boots, but I've seen a photo of Iris Apfel in them (with a long tunic) and she looked great.

      For me, I spend my money on things I can wear for the next 10 years. I'm not really sure about over-the-knee boots. If I were to buy them (and I'm not planning to), I would get something cheap. I feel the same about boots with cut-outs. I love the way they look but I would only get them if I lived in L.A. Oh heck, I just lied. I might get cut-out boots if I wanted something to wear out (for a party or a nice resto or a club).

      Yeah, like I go clubbing every day... haha.

      I think most cut-out boots are meant to be worn as an evening sandal, although your comment makes it sound like women wear them during the day.

      So........ I guess both types of boots are worn as a statement about one's income (or level of credit card debt)... as well as a fashion statement.

      If you look in my closet, I only have flat boots (not many), chunky-heeled boots, and similar styles that can be walked in. In MY shoe department, I only see chunky-heeled shoes, flat shoes (not many), and flatform sandals (flat platform sandals)... oh... and some beach slippahs. Why would I spend $800 on stilettos just to spend thousands on doctor and hospital bills? Sure, those crazy booties are cute and sexy, but bunions and casts... not so much. And, in Chicago... some of those boots put you at risk for frostbite.

      Fashion can be fun, but it can also be strange.

      Thanks for your comment, Diana.