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Moroccan Tile Print Maxi Dresses & Tunics for Women Over 40, 50, 60

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by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

I'm fabulously in love with Moroccan tile-print maxi dresses, short tunic tops (and tunic dresses), long caftans, wide-legged pants, and wonderful tile-print things for the home. Tile prints have been a huge trend in London for the past few years and it's a trend that's coming to America for summer and beyond. Every time I look at a grouping of different mosaics, my heart skips a beat. I get excited and amazed at the beautiful craftsmanship it took to put those real mosaics together... it's like gazing at the innumerable stars in the heavens.

read about the latest trend for women's fashion - tile print dresses

Oversized Tile Print Dress From Paris

I can't believe I don't already have a closetful of wonderful tile prints... because they are absolutely fabulous for mixing and matching with:

  • Repeating geometric patterns
  • European-style florals
  • Ikat prints
  • Southwestern Santa Fe patterns
  • Other Moroccan tile prints

Tile Print Clothing for Women Over 40, 50, 60:

Yes, these prints are beautiful, but can you and I (and other women over 40) wear tile-print outfits without looking like teenyboppers?

Of course, we can.

If you're an older boho chick, you already know how to wear tile prints. You may even have some tile-print tops and dresses of your own.

However, you can also wear tile prints if you're a woman who's tailored and conservative in dress. There are trendy tile-print shirtdresses that are perfect for your garden club or your company's next board meeting. And, you can always wear a chic tile-print scarf... even if you work at a stodgy bank.

Tile Print Clothing Inspired by Ceramics of Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Pakistan, India & More:

Most tile-print clothes are inspired by ancient ceramics found in countries of the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and South Asia; such as Morocco, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Pakistan, and India. Some tile-print designs are even representations of patterns in the Taj Mahal. These glorious tiles are exotic treasures... mathematically intriguing relics of our ancient past. They represent romantic parts of the globe I probably will never see.

Exotic Islamic Tile Print Maxi Dresses:

I am not a Muslim, but I am totally enamored with these irresistably inscrutable designs from antiquity. I can't help it. I find these ceramic tiles and mosaic patterns brilliantly mesmerizing... and almost hypnotizing.

So, how can any woman with artistic sensibilities not fall in love these gorgeous maxi dresses printed with incredible reproductions (or fantastical juxtapositions) of ancient tile patterns from the Middle East? These designs are magical.

Hey, I'm sure if you're a historian with a degree in ceramic antiquities you would know more about these tile patterns than I do. However, due to my limited knowledge of ancient mosaics, I've tried to put a few examples of tile-print clothing into easy-to-remember groupings, like diamond designs, circular patterns, and floral motifs.

read about the new trend for women - tile print dresses

Diamond Tile Print Dresses Pants & Tops for Women Over 40

Diamond Tile Print Dresses & Pants for Older Women

When I think of tiles, my mind sometimes conjures up squares that are placed next to each other on a horizontal line, and you can find simple tile-print dresses with this traditional type of square pattern. However, when I think of Middle Eastern mosaics, my favorite designs include diamond-shaped tiles. I'm in love with the look of diamond (diagonal squares) tile prints, so I'm showing you a few outfits with different diamond patterns.

The first picture (above, on left) shows tiles from the Casa de Pilatos, a palace in Seville, Spain. All of the clothing in the photo above has diamond-tile prints.  And, all of it can easily be worn by women over 40. I, personally, would wear the kimono jacket with long pants or jeans, but you can wear it with whatever you like. The pajama pants are perfect for an older boho babe and the dresses are long enough to be appropriate for women of all ages. (And, all of these dresses are great for summer vacations.... by the way.)

read about different types of tile prints at boomerinas.com

Islamic Tile Print Clothes With Circle Motifs

Tile Print Clothes With Circle Motifs:

Some Moroccan tiles have a circular motif. This type of print goes especially well with floral prints of every kind. And, some circle prints are so simple they go with every kind of print in your closet (from tasteful geometric designs to wild bohemian abstracts).

Different types of Moroccan print tile dresses

Moroccan Tile Print Dresses: Floral & Arabesques

Moroccan Tile Print Dresses: Florals & Arabesques:

You know what a floral print is, but what is an Arabesque design?

According to Wikipedia, "The arabesque is a form of artistic decoration consisting of 'surface decorations based on rhythmic linear patterns of scrolling and interlacing foliage, tendrils' or plain lines, often combined with other elements. It usually consists of a single design which can be 'tiled' or seamlessly repeated as many times as desired."

Let me explain that in English: Arabesques are the swirling designs. See the photo above for examples of floral-tile prints, Arabesque-tile prints, and tile prints with flowers and Arabesques mixed together. Then, I want you to remember that these Arabesque patterns were conjured up long before the age of computers. How on earth did they do that?


So... are all of these cute, summer outfits making you think of swaying palm trees, soft breezes off the Mediterranean, and the hot, desert sand? Not yet? Have another sweet, chewy date... and put your imagination into high gear, babe!

read about patchwork tile print dresses

Patchwork Tile Print Dresses

Patchwork Tile Print Dresses & More:

If you can't decide what type of motif you like best, look for a patchwork tile-print dress or pants or handbag or scarf. This type of pattern blends with everything... because it includes a bit of everything.

I'm just guessing, but I think this type of patchwork pattern mimics the patchwork prints on piecework Persian-rug throw pillows.

read about moroccan tile prints at boomerinas.com

Marakesh Morocco Tiles

Patchwork tile prints are also a bit like the different tile patterns that meld together in the mosaics on Middle Eastern buildings. See Marakesh Morocco Tiles (above) for a quick peek at how these ancient artisans blended various patterns together (stars, diamonds, rectangles, etc.) to make a pleasing whole. (Maybe you're ready to try this with your own clothing in different patterns... to form an outfit that's uniquely YOU.)

read about desert colors tile dresses

Moroccan Tile Dresses: Desert Colors

Moroccan & Mediterranean Colors for Clothing:

If you're looking at a summer dress that has a repeating print and it's mostly blue, there's a good chance you're looking at a tile print. Even if it's not exactly like a "real" tile print you've seen before, it's probably a fantasy tile print... because that's one of the "in" things this year.

Whenever I try to think of tiles from Morocco or the Mediterranean, I almost always imagine blue and white tiles... like the blue and white colors of Santorini. But, there are other color combinations that are more inspiring, but still traditional... and historically accurate.

Well, if you're thinking that many of these tiles look similar to the Pantone Colors for Spring & Summer 2015, you would be right... and VERY observant. It took me quite some time to figure out why Pantone Marsala was the color of the year, but after looking at the colors used in Middle Eastern tiles, it all made sense. If you go to Wikimedia Commons (or Pinterest), you'll find tons of ancient ceramic designs that incorporate every Pantone color for summer 2015... and probably for fall 2015.

read about the tile print trend for clothing summer & fall

More Colorful Tile Print Dresses

Here are some interesting color combinations that I've seen in ancient ceramic tiles:

  • Blue and white (the most common color combination)
  • Blue, orange, and white
  • Yellow, dark red (Marsala), and white
  • Pink or purple (with various colors)
  • Blue, turquoise, and yellow-orange
  • Dark red (Marsala), blue, and orange
  • Blue and yellow
  • Black, yellow, and white

Of course, all kinds of earthtones, like sandy beige and dark tan, can be found in ceramics from the Mediterranean. You don't have to go wild and freaky and rock the casbah. You can be stately and innocent in certain Moroccan-tile prints.

Well, I have had a grand old time, if a bit dizzying at some points, playing with a hundred (or more) different photos of ceramic tiles, mosaic buildings, and tile prints on various types of clothing. I'm not an expert when it comes to ancient tiles, but I hope you liked this amateur selection of groovy clothing that is a MUST HAVE this summer.

I'll tell you once more: If it's big in London and Paris, it will be huge in the states... and tile print dresses (and pants and scarves and tops) are big in London and Paris. Watch for them.

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Photo Credits: Prshots.com (clothing), Wikimedia Commons (tiles and mosaics).

  • Main Photo: Monsoon.
  • Oversized Tile Print Dress From Paris: La Redoute.
  • Diamond Tile Print Dresses Pants & Tops for Women Over 40: Casa de Pilatos in Seville Spain, Asos jacket, George trousers (UK only), Asos House of Fraser? dress, Asos (New Look) dress, Monsoon maxi dress.
  • Tile Print Clothes With Circle Motifs: Blue Mosque Masari tiles, People Tree blue & white dress, M&Co dress, M&Co maxi dress, George kimono top (UK only), White Stuff blue dress pattern, Asos maxi dress.
  • Moroccan Tile Print Dresses: Floral & Arabesques: Wikimedia tiles (possibly Iznik Turkey), M&Co orange Arabesque dress, M&Co maxi dress, Wikimedia tiles, La Redoute tunic, White Stuff camisole, Wikimedia tiles.
  • Patchwork Tile Print Dresses: Asos patchwork pants, Wallis patchwork maxi dress, Asos patchwork dress, New Look patchwork accessories.
  • Marakesh Morocco Tile: Wikimedia.
  • Moroccan Tile Dresses: Desert Colors: Wikimedia Iznik (Turkey) tiles, Asos dress, Wikimedia yellow and red tiles, Wallis maxi dress, Wikimedia Morocco tile, Asos Yumi dress.
  • More Colorful Tile Print Dresses: Wikimedia (might be Iznik style Turkish tiles) and Apricot dress below, Wikimedia tile and Sainsburys top (UK only) below, Asos Club L dress, Wikimedia star tiles from Lahore, Asos Love Moschino dress.

What do you think of this article? It took me forever and a day to write it. I could have written a small book about these tile prints because I love them so much. Leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. Janet

    I love your site; however, I wish you would post links to the stores so I could purchase some of the items shown. I fell in love with a dress on pinterest and I want it , but can't find it.

    • Tina-Boomerina


      I tried links and had technical difficulties and various problems, so I took them off. If I can figure out a good way to do an e-commerce site, I might try links on a different site.

      If the dress you want is still available, I can help you find it. You have to let me know which one.