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Pantone Colors for Spring Summer 2015: Fashion for Women

see examples of pantone colors spring summer 2015

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

Once again it is time to start looking around for cute women's clothing and accessories in the new Pantone 2015 summer colors. Okay, you don't HAVE to start looking around for stuff in this hot, trendy palette... but you might stumble across these colors if you're looking for a little something to perk up your wardrobe for spring.

Do I like these colors? Well, at first I wasn't sure. These colors took me back to some retro eras like the 60s and 70s. There are a lot of unusual earthtones in this palette... and I wasn't sure about the earthy part or the lemony yellow green... but then I started looking around at different combinations and my final verdict is:

  • I like these colors if they're put together in the right combinations.

I am paraphrasing someone's quote, but it goes something like, "There are no bad colors... only bad color combinations." And, that's how I feel about this spring's palette. I've found some interesting prints and patterns that use these colors the right way, and I'll show them to you in one of my next articles. This post is just a way for us to get familiar with the colors... because even if we don't buy anything at all this year... we may end up finding a groovy Italian handbag in one of these colors when it goes on sale.

And, I don't think that any of these colors should be avoided... especially if you or I were to find something really beautiful on sale. Okay... I confess. I may not wait that long. I may jump right in and try a few of these hues.

Examples of Pantone Colors for Spring & Summer 2015:

see examples of spring summer pantone colors

1. Pantone Aquamarine Jacket

1. Pantone Aquamarine Biker Jacket:

I have no idea why they called this color aquamarine. I guess it's blue and the word marine sounds blue... but to me aquamarine sounds like it should be a bit more aqua or turquoise. This is more like baby blue. It's a pretty color, but it washes me out. I know it will look good on most of you chickadees with brighter coloring or who have decided to go gray, but for me, I would have to wear this with a bright scarf or turtleneck in one of the more vibrant colors below, like Scuba Blue, Lucite Green, Tangerine... or even Marsala.

You do understand that each season's palette is designed so that all the colors can be worn with each other. These are not just some random hues that fell out of the sky. It takes forever and a day to get this just right so that it all works without clashing.

read about pantone colors for spring summer 2015

2. Pantone Scuba Blue

2. Pantone Scuba Blue Dress:

Now we're getting somewhere. Scuba is the kind of blue I can wear. It's really deep. It's not quite turquoise. It's more like the color of Sleeping Beauty turquoise. Blimey, I would love to find a hat in this great blue hue. Argggh... I'm talking like a pirate... how the hellokittyturd did that happen? I think it's the idea of scuba diving in the deep blue waters of the Caribbean. Funny how my mind free associates, but I think I would scuba-dive in a tank full of sharks to get a silk scarf in this color. Absolutely gorgeous.

see examples of pantone colors for 2015 and read what I think

3. Pantone Lucite Green Dress

3. Pantone Lucite Green Dress:

Keep on rockin' me baby, keep on rockin' me baby, keep on rockin' me baby... baby baby baby. I'm lovin' this color. I don't know why they call it Lucite Green. Maybe they were thinking Lucite in the Sky with Diamonds. Naw. Just kidding. It's like Bakelite green, you know that weird plastic retro jewelry from the 40s or 50s. Well, at least I THINK that's why they call this Lucite Green. If I were the Queen of Color Naming, I would have called this aquamarine. Well, whatever you call it, I likee.

see examples of pantone colors 2015

4. Pantone Classic Blue Jacket

4. Pantone Classic Blue Jacket:

Okay, here's where I start getting bored. Classic Blue... just the name puts me to sleep. zzzzzzz. zzzzzzzz. zzzzzzz. Yes, I know you have to include some darks and neutrals or your outfit is going to make you look like you ran away from a circus... but this is just so regimental, military blue to me. However, I'm loving the way the Lucite Green word "Boomerinas" pops against the Classic Blue background. I can live with it... but I'll never wear a whole outfit of Classic Blue and neutrals. Nya-uh. Not this chickadee. Too classic. Too much like Catholic School Blue.

Why, oh, why, can't I have a job as the official "Color Namer" for the planet. That's it. I'm going to rename all the rest of the colors on this list. This will be fun. There's one color I can't rename the way I would like to rename it... if it were just you and I drinking a glass of Chardonnay in the living room... inventing new nicknames for colors. However, I'll do my best to come up with another good name for the color I hate.

see examples of pantone colors for 2015

5. Pantone Toasted Almond Handbag

5. Pantone Toasted Almond Handbag:

I could come up with some really awful names for this sandy brown color, but I like this shade of beige too much to make fun of it. Toasted Almond is not bad for a neutral... I find most neutrals boring... and I like this handbag, so I'll save the bad name for another day. Let's change the name of this color to Arizona Duststorm.

see examples of pantone colors for spring

6. Pantone Strawberry Ice Bag

6. Pantone Strawberry Ice Handbag:

I have three funny names for this color but I like the color too much to say the names aloud. I mean, I really do like this color. It's like a vibrant neutral that will look so good next to navy blue or gray, so I think we'll just call it Strawberry Ice... and leave it at that. No way, Jose. I've changed my mind. I want to call it Potbelly Pig because it reminds me of a color sometimes used for a Looney Tunes cartoon animal from my childhood.

read about pantone colors

7. Pantone Tangerine Dress

7. Pantone Tangerine Dress:

This is another fun color, so I won't come up with a horrid name for this tart orange. It will totally rock next to any of the blues or greens in this group. So, let's change the name of this color to Satsuma Thurman.

examples of pantone colors 2015

8. Pantone Custard Jacket

8. Pantone Custard Jacket:

Uh oh. This is the color that I could rename in so many bad ways. However, I refuse to do it because I'm sure it's someone's favorite color. And, life can be so difficult without going out of one's way to annoy others. Let's just rename this something surprisingly pleasant like Unripened Pear Puree.

read my opinions about the pantone colors for 2015

9. Pantone Marsala Pumps

9. Pantone Marsala Shoes:

And, this is where the Pantone people really lose me. I went through earthtones once before in the early 70s and I'm not sure I can do it again. How could they make Marsala the color of the year? Hey, this woody wine is a nice color for a pair of boots or a handbag, but it's not the most flattering color in the world. And, I can handle small doses of earthtones, but too many of them together and I feel like I need to get a suntan or I'll start to fade away. We can rename this Mexican Mud Bath or Bad Henna Dye Job. (I'm being kind.) Okay, it's not quite THAT terrible and you can make this color fabulous by pairing it with Strawberry Ice. But, wear it next to Custard with caution... you might cause someone to have a bad acid flashback to 1969.

read about new pantone colors

10. Glacier Gray Sandals

10. Glacier Gray Sandals:

This is a good color for shoes and handbags. I'm going to rename it Moby Graype because Glacier Gray makes it sound like dirty ice mixed with scree. Actually, this shoe is really cute. I'm not as impressed with some of the other ways Glacier Gray is used. Maybe the name sounds better if you use a British accent, "Glah-see-er Grey". Yeah that helped. I might wear Glah-see-er Grey denim.

As always, I'm curious to know what you think of these colors. Are you more into neutrals or colors? Well, whatever you like, it's out there somewhere. These Pantone colors for spring and summer 2015 are a step up from the past season... and I can fit a lot of these colors into my current (eccentric) color palette... so I'm happy with them. And, there are good ways to put these colors together. I'll show you in one of my next fashion articles.

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read about new summer colors

Main Photo - Summer Fashion

Photo Credits: Prshots.com

  • Main Photo: Debenham*s Pantsuit.
  • 1. Pantone Aquamarine Jacket: Debenham's.
  • 2. Pantone Scuba Blue Dress: Debenham.
  • 3. Pantone Lucite Green Dress: Debenham.
  • 4. Pantone Classic Blue Jacket: Marks andĀ  Spencer.
  • 5. Pantone Toasted Almond Handbag: Dune.
  • 6. Pantone Strawberry Ice: Debenham.
  • 7. Pantone Tangerine Dress: Debenham.
  • 8. Pantone Custard Jacket: Monsoon.
  • 9. Pantone Marsala Shoes: MarksĀ  and Spencer.
  • 10. Pantone Glacier Gray Sandals: New Look.

What do you think of this article? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page if you want to ask any questions... or if you have other suggestions for color names... or if you just feel like talking... or if you want to sign up for my newsletter (in which I will have links to many of the clothes on my site).

Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. Phyllis

    What a fabulous post! This is the very first time I've ever seen all the Pantone seasonal colors shown in one spot with instructions regarding putting them together. Wonderful.

    I know my vote won't put you over the top for "Queen of Color Naming", but you definitely have it! Your name choices are much better. I live in the Phoenix, AZ area, so "Arizona Dust Storm" was perfect. Been in one, have you?

    Although Marsala isn't a really horrid color, I can't figure out what's it's doing in the spring/summer collection either. I'm with you in the whole earth tone thing and been there, done that. And frankly, being of the "winter" complexion tones, I find the earth colors make my skin look quite sallow. Not a look I normally cultivate.

    Armed with your information and how-to's, however, my daughter and I found a few things to perk up my spring wardrobe. My closet is now home to a lovely black and white contemporary take on a rattan design top proudly sporting that gorgeous citrus/lime trim on the cuffs and bottom hem. Just the place for it with my coloring! Perfect. Darling daughter also spotted a floaty top that cunningly disguises my dodgy bits. The beautifully placed diagonal swirls of all the blues and "aquas" in Pantone's palette make me look forward to warm weather. Okay, not really, but I'm lovin' that top!

    A few carefully chosen accessories in these colors will have me ready to go with linen pants in my go-to neutrals.

    I so look forward to each of your newsletters. Thank you so much for your efforts - what a help you are!

    Wishing you a year filled with health, happiness and laughter!

    Phyllis Kennedy

    • Tina-Boomerina


      How did you know? I'm in Seattle, but my daughter's in Arizona. I've never seen a dust storm in AZ but I've seen one in Bakersfield. It blotted out the sun.

      Dodgy bits? Are you a Brit? I agree with you about Marsala, it's not a bad color, but it looks like a fall/winter color. It might be okay... depending on the fabric. I just see it as a perfect color for a suede coat or a pair of boots or something. I have (fair) winter coloring. I love jeweltones not earthtones... although you need a few good neutrals to keep things balanced.

      I'm glad you like the post. I hope to get my newsletter going when the wonks figure out the tech problems. It's not my wonks or it would be solved by now.

      Wishing you a happy, healthy new year.

  2. Sherry

    I love the Pantone lucite green dress. I was wondering where I could buy this dress.

  3. Stephanie

    Where can I get the Pantone Lucite Green dress? Is it still available? I neeeeeed it! <3