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Tina Boomerina’s Newsletter: Fashion for Real Women

read about clothing on sale that I like it's an experiment

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

I've decided to make this my signup page for my Boomerinas.com Newsletter. Yes, I've lost my freakin' mind again and I've decided to add something else to my to-do list... a NEWSLETTER !

If you want to keep in touch or you want to get links to some of the cool clothing on my website, leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

*** Right now I'm living in a motel with my husband and dog. I won't be sending out the newsletter until we get into our new home. Be patient.

How to Sign Up?

sign up for boomerina's newsletter

Sign Up for Newsletter

Leave a comment on any of my articles and tell me you want to sign up.

I am having a problem with my newsletter service, so I may need to put a new list together. Hopefully not.

If you've signed up for my newsletter, but you don't see anything in your inbox, check your junk mail folder. I think this will be the best way to tell people where to find the items in my photos.

And, if you have a question about a dress or a top or a swimsuit or a pair of leggings or a necklace in a photo, just leave a comment and I'll try to find it or try to find something similar.

Some of my photos are date back to spring 2012 (when I started Boomerinas), but I'll do my best. And, I'm always interested in finding out what my readers like to wear. So... don't be shy about asking me where a photo is from.

Tina Boomerina's Newsletter:

Have I lost my mind? Why wouldn't I want to add something else to my to-do list?

I have all the time in the world. I have nothing else on my plate. Why wouldn't I want to add a new and wonderful venture to my life? Oh no, this is starting to feel like the day Wanda signed me up to be a Girl Scout leader... without consulting me first.

I think I can. I think I can.

Tell Me What You Want to Read About in This Newsletter?

Just tell me what you want. Your wish is my command. I'm a doormat.

And... I'm Writing an eBook

Someone asked me to write an article about what to wear so that we don't look old and stupid. Well, she worded it a little better than that, but you get the idea. Anyway, that woman's idea blossomed and grew and blew up in my mind until I decided I couldn't fit all my great ideas into one little article... so it's going to have to be an eBook.

Now, in addition to starting a newsletter, I'm trying to write an eBook. Just shoot me.

Yes, I'm biting off more than I can chew. Yes, I've really lost it. Well... if you knew all the stupid things I've done in my life, you wouldn't be surprised that I'm going to try to write an eBook. It may take a year to get it done, but just putting my goal in writing is making me feel more committed to doing it.

I NEVER Wanted to be a Writer

I can't believe I'm a writer.

My father was a writer. I have a theory that my father was the locus, the focus, the role model, the muse, the wacky example that was used to create the writer in The Shining.


My Dad was Much Better Looking

My Dad was Much Better Looking

I told my sister about my theory (that our dad was the idea for the psycho-writer in The Shining) and my sister freaked out and agreed. Well, I'm not sure that my father, Richard Kent Hall, was actually the person Steven King used for his book, but I'm not sure that my father wasn't the person Steven King used for his book.

(Mr. King, you will help me sleep better at night if you would clarify this.)

My dad is dead now, but I do remember my dad spending an awful lot of time sharpening pencils and lining them up in a row on his desk. It's not a huge leap to imagine him writing "All work and no play makes Dick a dull boy" over and over on a thousand pages. My dad could type very fast. It wouldn't be super time consuming for my dad to type a thousand pages of "All work and no play makes Dick a dull boy" just like Jack Nicholson did in the movie.

Well, lining up the words to create Christmas trees and diamond shapes and inverted triangles using margin spacing (before word processors were invented) might have been time consuming, but who knows what my dad did in his office, behind those closed doors, for all those many hours and hours and hours of my childhood?

My Dad Was a Bit Impulsive

I remember my dad burning an 800 page manuscript for a book when I was about nine years old. It was the only copy, of course. And, he had to give back the advance to the publishers. That was as scary as anything I can remember from my childhood.

So you can understand why I wanted to be a painter (and possibly cut off my ear) rather than be a writer (and possibly burn my manuscript).

(I'm exaggerating about my dad being the inspiration for The Shining, but you should have seen my little sister freak out when I mentioned it. And, my dad WAS around a lot of Hollywood types, so it's not beyond the realm of possibility.)


sign up for my newsletter

Tina Boomerina Photoshopped

It's All in the Family

Actually, my dad was good at what he did. He was a writer for television: Gunsmoke, All in the Family, Marcus Welby... and other shows I can't think of right now... because I'm freaking out about all the things I want to do that I don't have time to do.

So, because I never wanted to be a writer, G-d is punishing me in some strange way... and he's made me a writer. It must be karma for something I did in my past life.

Hey, selling my paintings wasn't going anywhere. Galleries loved my work. Art professors said I would be famous someday. But, art wasn't paying the bills... not that writing does. However, writing pays a bit more AND it doesn't require a constant replenishment of expensive art supplies and equipment.

And... that's why I'm a writer.

Have I rambled enough for you? Are you ready to sign up for my newsletter? Do I need to ramble more?

If you're interested in reading what I have to say about fashion and how current fashion sucks most of the time... or whatever else I feel like writing about... sign up for my newsletter by leaving a comment below at the bottom of the page. And please...


If you use a made up email address, I won't be able to add you to the list. You can always unsubscribe later. I promise my newsletter will be good for a laugh.

Now... if only I could type 150 wpm like my dad.


get baby boomer newsletter fashion

Main Photo - Newsletter

Photo Credits: Prshots.com.

  • Main Photo: New Look UK, 2012.
  • Sign Up for Newsletter: Isme.
  • Other pics... who knows.
  • I had to take most of the clothing links off my site. They were causing problems with my fun little project, my Boomerinas.com website.
  • If you want to know where an item is from, just leave a message at the bottom of the page. I promise not to bite. I'm not a multinational corporation. I'm just me.

Read Some REAL Articles About Groovy Fashion Shit:

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What I Look for When I Shop Online: 9 Tips for Women Over 50

Am I Too Old to Wear Denim Shorts? Tips for Women Over 40

And, if Jack Nicholson isn't giving you nightmares, a swimsuit article is sure to do the trick:

One Piece Swimsuits With or Without Skirts: Pack 3 for Vacations

That's what I need... a vacay. Leave a comment at the bottom of the page if you're just hanging around.


Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. Wendelah

    I hate see-through clothing so I'd have to wear a camisole underneath the star blouse. I must be old-fashioned. I love Eileen Fisher but not her prices. So I shop the sales at the Neiman Marcus Last Chance site and Nordstrom Rack. They already have cashmere sweaters marked down at Last Chance and some beautiful winter coats. The Rack has great sales and you can signup for email notifications. I've gotten deals at Ebay occasionally for that line. Another casual line that I've been eyeing is Tienda Ho, as seen here at this very trendy and spendy shop in Santa Barbara: http://totokaelo.com/tienda-ho. But look! You can buy the same items in many different colors and for a discount price at the hippie-esque Dairi Fashions Sunheart Clothing: http://www.sunheartclothing.com/a_tienda_ho_moroccan_cotton.html
    The trousers might be a little voluminous for some people's taste but the tunics would look great on anyone looking to camouflage a tummy with skinny or straight jeans, paired with boots in winter, sandals in summer. Rachel Pally's White Label is always going on sale, at her site and others. I got a $250 caftan dress marked down to $48 at Amazon a couple of years ago.
    A newer plus size line that you might not know about is Violeta by Mango. http://shop.mango.com/US/violeta
    It starts at size 10 and only goes up to size 20. I ran into it by sheer chance on an Italian Plus Size site. Apparently for Mango anything over size 8 is a plus. I don't see a separate sales section but there are items marked down scattered throughout the site. And the highest priced item is a leather jacket; everything else is what I would call moderately priced. Is $100 for a cotton sweater too much? Nearly everything is neutrals: black, white, cream and taupe. And they have boyfriend jeans without holes!
    I can keep going like this for hours.

    • Tina-Boomerina


      Dang girl, you're good. I'm not a professional fashion person and I'm not a professional shopper. I'm just a lady with a keyboard and a little bit of knowledge about everything under the sun... except sports. I'm pretty lame when it comes to sports.

      I'm just a retired chick who can't retire because it would be boring. And, I'm not a writer. I used to be a painter. It's so funny. My dad was a writer and I said I'd never write. Famous last words.

      If you live in Santa Barbara I might have to hate you. But, I won't really hate you.

      I've been hoping to find a way to weasel my way into Santa Barbara (or Hawaii) for quite a while. I live in Seattle (my hometown) and it's way too cold. I was fine with this weather until I got older. My husband (#3) won't move to Cali or Hawaii because of the taxes, so I may end up in Arizona... not my first choice. I either need a new husband or a new body. (Or both.)

      And, about the sheer top. I was thinking that it would be good as a layering piece... like this: http://www.boomerinas.com/2013/05/24/womens-travel-clothing-sheer-clothing-trend/

      I will definitely check out all your links. You are a rockin' shopper chick. I trust your judgement... don't know why... you sound pretty together. I agree about the Eileen Fisher prices. Crazy... but I end up buying some of her stuff anyway because I'm not really a "shopper"... I kind of hate shopping. And, the really funny part is that's what I talk about. (But, even though I hate shopping, I like having the stuff... and when I find something that looks halfway decent on me and doesn't make me fall down laughing... I'm so grateful... that sometimes I just suck it up and pay the ridiculous price.)

      I don't know Tienda Ho. I need to check into Last Call more often... haven't been keeping up. I'm not an organized type of gal.

      I like Johnny Was even though it's way overpriced as well, so I look on NM and Last Call from time to time. Nordstrom Rack is great. Mango in plus sizes sounds fabulous. (yeah, I think Europeans call anything over a 10 a plus size. Is Mango European?)

      I'm about to fall asleep. I've been watching Netflix for hours and it's the middle of the night. I don't have time to go through all your links right now but I am so glad you told me all this stuff. You will save me a fortune... or cost me a fortune... but it will make me happy. Please send more ideas if you ever get bored or anything pops into your head.

      Tineleh (It doesn't work.) Tina Boomerineleh

      Of course, the really bad thing about writing about clothing is that you end up buying things... things you wouldn't have seen if you weren't online looking around. But, you have to wear SOMETHING unless you want to live in a nudist colony, so you might as wear something you like.

      • Tina-Boomerina

        I'm so tired, half of that monologue is out of order. haha.

      • Wendelah

        Mango just put their entire site on sale, "plus" sizes included. I broke my resolution and bought several things, 90% of which I'll return no doubt. They're a Spanish firm, based in Barcelona but they have stores all over the world including some in California. No, I don't live in Santa Barbara--I just vacation there. We live in the San Fernando Valley.

        • Tina-Boomerina


          My daughter lives in the Valley. I wish my husband would consider moving to California. I don't think I'd want to live in LA (or the Valley or Orange County) but I could live in some small town north of LA.

          Not Bakersfield... hahaha. I was stuck there for 2 years. Long story. I think I've lived in almost every part of the Coast for a short period of time.


  2. Wendelah

    Let's see. Have you ever shopped at Distinctions? Sizes l-4x. Very belly-friendly clothing. http://distinctionsplus.com/
    I also like Citron's clothes: https://citronclothing.com/ xs-3x
    Lord and Taylor: http://www.lordandtaylor.com/ all sizes in many lines
    They don't carry her plus-sizes but Garnet Hill has a sale with Eileen Fisher's items: http://www.garnethill.com/sale-clearance/eileen-fisher/?redirect=y#w=*&af=cat2:clearance_eileenfisher cat1:clearance
    Dillards: http://www.dillards.com/shop/Eileen-Fisher/_/N-1738eZlfu5 all sizes in many clothing lines

    • Tina-Boomerina


      Wow. Belly-friendly clothing is my favorite kind. I've never heard of half of those places... and I do most of my shopping online because it's easier than fighting for a parking space. Also, I can compare prices more easily online.

      We don't have Lord n Taylor here, but I think it's a bit like our former Fredrick & Nelson's (long gone) of Seattle. Or is it like Bendel's?

      Garnet Hill is a site I've been wanting to try for ages. I don't need a plus size with Fisher because her stuff runs large. Dillard's... sounds dullard but I'll check it out. I think we have one of those in our local mall. I don't do malls. If I want to shop in 3-D, I go to downtown Seattle... I'm not into malls unless I'm trying to buy something for my daughters.

      You are making me into an Eileen Fisherman junkie. And, I love you for it. I'll check it out pronto.

      I'm still trying to decide if my full-price Fisher top is worth full price. I hate paying retail. Cheap online deals are a God-given right granted to us by the Founding Fathers.

      I might be better off sending my tunic back and doubling down on two sale sweaters. Decisions decisions decisions. And, I'm just procrastinating right now. I swore I would clean out my closet today. Me bad.

      Thank you so much for your links. You are so helpful. You have no idea how many clothing-starved women you are helping. A mitzvah. (A good deed for the day.)

      Oh, I'm off to clean out at least one drawer. That should be easy. Right?

      Wendy, I'm curious to know if you subscribe to the concept of throwing out clothing you haven't worn in the last year. I vacillate on that. It makes sense that you aren't going to wear something in the future if you haven't been wearing it in the past.

      What say The Great Wendeleh of California? Do you purge stuff from your closet or do you just rearrange things so your closet looks better?


  3. Jess

    Marc Jacobs bags are my favorite.

  4. kay kerns

    Hi Tina Yes! Please send the newsletter and I can't wait to read the e-book!

  5. Amy

    Love to get your Newsletter!

  6. Lynn Pietila

    A few years ago, I wanted to add a few new items to my wardrobe of mostly jeans and pullovers, and find some advice on fashion as a woman over 55. After spending more time looking on the internet than I usually would, what I found was mostly boring and focused on concealing my body. Disappointing!
    Finding Boomerinas has been like opening the door to a wonderful party and diving into a giant hot fudge sundae!
    Thank you, Tina- write on!

  7. Sandra Mancini

    please sign me up for newsletters,thanks

  8. Ellen O'Brien

    I also, am interested in the newsletter. I wonder how to subscribe to the blog. When I click on "subscribe" I get a list of articles in the blog. I can't find a site map, or other way to subscribe.

  9. Jessica

    Please sign me up. Where is the outfit at the top of the page from

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Jessica, the clothing in the photo at the top of the page is from New Look or Next (I can't recall) in the UK, but the photo is from 2012.

      Sorry, I'll try to find other good stuff... and I'll sign you up.


  10. Cionie Sagisi Patricio

    I love your articles .ithey inspire me.

  11. Katy

    I would like to receive your newsletter- thanks and Happy New Year

  12. Luana

    Please sign me up! Thanks!

  13. Joanne

    Sign me up! Can't wait to receive your newsletter.

    • Tina-Boomerina


      I don't know what it will be, but it will be more fun than other newsletters. I will sign you up as soon as I can. I'm having tech difficulties with my service. Hopefully they will be resolved or I'll try a different one.


  14. Jeryl Burr

    Stumbled upon your site looking for a stylish winter (i.e. warm) hat that, because I'm not six, doesn't have a face or ears, or make me look like an escaped mad trapper. Didn't find one, but you made me laugh, sign me up!

    • Tina-Boomerina


      Now I can only imagine you in a hat with a face or ears... or wearing a trapper hat. I can find any hat in the world... if it's online. You tell me what you're looking for an I can find it later if I have time. Tell me your starting price. Good hats can be ridiculously expensive.


      • Jeryl

        As I usually require instant gratification I went out , I looked and Hudson's Bay didn't let me down. Black fur beret, not something I would have expected but surprisingly flattering and warm. No ears, no pom poms, no mad trapper!

  15. Dianna

    Please add me to your mailing list!

  16. Debbie

    love all your tips for us Apple shapes. Please sign me up

  17. Joy

    You almost cured my cold, but left me with a cough, as your articles made me laugh so much. Bright side - I am sure I burned some calories in the process. I have read your articles on jeggings for 50+, ankle booties, cruise clothes and much more - enjoyed all of them. BUT I would have also liked to read some tips for inverted triangles like me, who has a cramped torso an fairly long legs comparatively - all of it packed into a petite size. I would like to hear about sporty casuals, and vacation wear that would suit my shape.
    Thank you
    I would love to receive your news letter.

    • Tina-Boomerina


      You are a joy, but I'm sure you've heard that comment before. Actually, reading your comment was a joy. I never know if a comment will be a happy one or one where the reader is complaining that I've used photos of 12 year olds... you know... models that are too young for this website.

      And, you are a freaking joy to include suggestions for articles. I don't know a lot about inverted triangles, although I suppose I am one. I have large shoulders and somewhat narrow hips compared to other types.

      I'll do some research and see if I can come up with some ideas. I don't wear sporty casuals very often, but I can usually visualize things. Although... I might hate you for having long legs... not really... I don't really hate you... but you are very lucky to have long legs. It means you look proportional without wearing stilts (heels).

      I would love to have long legs... and good hair... and better cheekbones... but I am so happy you have long legs. It makes you look so elegant.


      • Tina-Boomerina

        I hope all of you know that I'm just joking. I don't hate anyone until they do something really evil. And, Joy can't help it that she made all of us look bad by having long legs. It's just the way she was born and she can't help THAT.

        Okay... Half of what I say is a joke. The other half is informational. If you're ESL or too young to be a baby boomer, you might not understand my humour. Even if you are EFL and old enough to be a baby boomer, you STILL might not understand my humour.


        • Joy

          Hi Tina, Great you found the time to reply me already. That was quick! Good to know that you would give some thought to inverted triangles, but the long legs are just in proportion to the short torso - so do not hate me too much. But however any feeling is better than no feelings. Just imagine if you had said that you did not care one way or the other! Thank you for the Newsletter. Keep the good works going and I will pray that your day contains more that 24 hours, and tons of energy, so you can keep us entertained with all your great projects. Thank you.
          OO Joy

  18. Debra

    I too just stumbled onto your site and finally found someone I simply get. Thank you so much for doing this newsletter and look forward to your ebook or anything else you wish to write, rant, or share. I bet your grocery and to do lists would even bring me joy... you've got talent!
    Please sign me up.

  19. Mindy Miller

    Please sign me up!

  20. Amber C. Johnson

    So glad to have come across you while on Pinterest. I turned sensational 60 last September and enjoy meeting other like minded women boomers. Love your writing style and sense of humor. Thanks for being here for us. ♥

  21. Karen

    I'd love to receive your newsletter.

  22. Lynne

    Hi! Just stumbled across your website and found it to be a ray of sunshine. So nice to see articles for us over '60s. Especially like the article on leggins /jeggings. Please sign me up! Thanks!

  23. Shelly

    Woo hoo! Other women just like me who refuse to be frumpy just because we passed the mid-century mark! I would love to start receiving your newsletter! Please please and triple please! I found your site while I was trying to find bathing suit ideas for this summer and fell in love with your writing! I'm going to share your website with my girlfriends this Sunday at our Oscar party. I'm wearing the LBD that I bought years ago and have never had the opportunity to wear! But before I do, I'm going to read your article about rocking that LBD!

  24. Cynthia Stauffer

    I was looking for new clothing that I would be able to fit into because from the pills I take for my chronic daily migraines. I have found through trial and error that I don't fit into my old clothes anymore. Having to change my diet has become another daily change I must learn to accept. I love what I have found on this website being a baby boomer at 50+ yrs.
    I would like to receive your newsletter too.
    Thanks, Cynthia Stauffer

    • Tina-Boomerina


      Oh wow, I'm so sorry to hear about your migraines.... I have a similar issue with my migraine meds. There's only ONE medication that works for me and it makes me gain weight. I hate gaining weight but I hate migraines more, so it's the lesser of two evils.

      There's nothing worse than having migraines. People who don't get them don't understand how debilitating they are. It's like having the flu (nausea) while being in labor (pain)... and your whole life can be turned upside down.

      All you can do is adapt to new sizes of clothing for the new shape of your body. Don't give up. You can do it.

      Cynthia, I am glad you found something that helps your migraines. Those muthers are AWFUL. And, I'm glad you found our website. I'll start a thread on migraines in forum when I have time. If I forget (because I'm in the middle of moving to another state) remind me... or start your own thread.


  25. Dina Carter

    Hello Tina! Enjoying your prose. New to 'lagenlook' style of dressing and researching the elements of creating the look. Have learned a lot from your notes and photos - hope to learn more. I am 58+ still working and pear shaped. Always looking to accentuate the positive because the negative will be around (my hips and tummy) forever. Love, Dina

    • Tina-Boomerina


      Happy to hear you like my unique style of writing. I think Lagenlook is one of the best new trends around. As soon as I get settled in my new house (in a few months... couch surfing at my husband's son's house until then... that's why I didn't okay your comment right away).... I want to buy some Lagenlook pieces. Lagenlook seems to give women a way to "build" their own style... and to find a flattering way to hide the bad and accent the good.

      I don't have big hips... but I have the tummy from hell... so I have a feeling Lagenlook is a good style for covering that part up (and probably hips, too). Hey, I've written about Lagenlook but I only have one or two pieces. It's time to experiment a bit more. My body seems to be morphing again, so why not?


  26. Celeste

    please add me to the newsletter list

  27. ValynWilliams

    love the way you write,am nearly 60 ,you're writings and topics relate to my age group.its what I'm interested in.
    Thanks valyn

    • Tina-Boomerina


      I'm glad you found our site. I started it because I felt there was a need for some honest talk about people in our generation. Your comment made my day. Thanks.


  28. Beth

    Sign me up! Please!

  29. Kimmy Hunt

    Newsletter please, or any other writings. I'm enjoying them so much.