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Trendy Color of the Year: Yellow Green Lemon Lime Custard, Chartreuse Citron Clothing – I’m Digging It

Is chartreuse lime a hot color for 2015?

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

I’m not a fashion expert, but I’m not into all-black or totally gray clothing. I know bright chartreuse was big two years ago, but it didn’t do it for me then. I’m finally ready for it. And, you can call that color whatever you want: lemon lime custard, citron yellow, green apple pie, soft unripe banana, kiwi wee-wee, or chartreuse-spiked lemonade. Because, whatever you call it, I’m digging that color for spring and summer of this year… and probably way beyond that.

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Deep Custard Dress

Am I off my rocker? I know I’m too old to be loving a bright, tropical, greenish yellow hue. But… I’m liking it anyway.

Pantone Custard Fashion for Spring Summer

Now that the winter wind is blowing… wait… it’s not even winter yet! Well, now that it’s dark and cold out, we’re supposed to be longing for Pantone’s soft Custard yellow for spring. Yes, Custard is a pretty color, but it’s not getting my blood flowing.

I’m longing for a sharp, vibrant hue that will add an edgy warmth to my beautiful, dark coats and sweaters. And, I want it now.

Chartreuse - A Fun Pop of Color

Maybe I’m just projecting, but I think all women are going to be getting tired of the all-gray trend after a while. If you have a closet full of black and gray and dark blue… you may be with me on this one.

Even if yellow-green is not your new true love, you might need an accessory or two (a handbag, a scarf, a belt, a pair of gloves) in a cheerful yellow, a lively pink, a tropical green, a sassy orange, a brilliant purple, a trendy turquoise, a playful red, or whatever hue floats your happy little boat.

Or… maybe you’re more subdued than I am… and you’re longing for a paisley scarf in Pantone Custard. I mean, Custard is like a soft lime custard. It’s yellow green. It’s in the same groove. And, it’s a perfect color for my sister, Cherie. It’s just not zingy enough to jolt me out of my Seattle-winter blues. (Lots of designers are using a deeper version of Pantone Custard and I’m happy with that. See dress.)

Chartreuse Yellow Green Clothing

If you grew up in a different time or place, you may have a different name for the color of those yellow-green dresses in the top photo. I call all of those colors chartreuse. (The background hue is from a photo of yellow chartreuse liqueur. You can see that the colors are all in the same family.)

And… you may have a different name for the yellow-green clothing in the photo below labeled “Lime Green”. Those greenish dresses are also different versions of chartreuse. (The background color for the lime photo is taken from a bottle of green chartreuse liqueur.)

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Is Chartreuse Yellow or Green?

Since we can’t agree on what color chartreuse is, shouldn’t we just call these colors “lime”, because lime is easier to spell? Well, to me, lime is a different color, but I understand how difficult it is to spell French words. We can call these colors lime if you want.

And… some people want to know if chartreuse is yellow or green. Well, chartreuse is about halfway between the two. So, when you’re looking for a chartreuse-lime top, half of the time, you’ll find it in a search for yellow and half the time you’ll find it in a search for green.

So, who knows the answer to this ponderous question? You’ll have to climb the mountain and ask the Buddha to explain it to us… but don’t forget the liqueur.

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Lime Accessories for 2015

Lemon Lime Chartreuse Accessories

What if you like the color, but you’re not ready to wear chartreuse from head to toe. Well, if you want to give your gray (or plum or royal or cobalt or cypress) coat a little pop of yellow-green with a bright yellow-green purse or scarf or pair of shoes, you don’t have to wait until spring.

Chartreuse is hot for this fall and winter and beyond.

There are lime accessories all over the place, but you’ll have to look around to find them. Some of these trendy accessories are tricky to apprehend because they are selling out.  Who knew?

Example: The Steve Madden green snakeskin heels (Mysterii) in the accessories photo have sold out, but they’ve been replaced by a similar style (Margo).

Did any of us know that lime would be so chic? You probably own 10 pairs of lime shoes, but I don’t read too many fashion magazines, because I like to keep an open mind. And, I was surprised to see how many designers have embraced chartreuse for fall and winter.

Chartreuse Scarves: A scarf is probably the easiest way to test drive a color. Echo has several plain lime scarves and you might want to look at their Northern Fair Isle infinity scarf. Heck, you should look all over to find something cheap on sale if you aren’t sure about this color.

Chartreuse Shoes: You can find inexpensive lime shoes on sale in offbeat places. You can find high-end, designer, citrine heels at Neiman's. (If you have your heart set on lime-yellow-green footwear for a holiday party, try the UK stores.)

Chartreuse Handbags: If you’re bored with your old, black handbag, and you’re ready to chuck it and update your look, I have discovered that lime miraculously goes with all of my favorite jeweltone colors. (I should have known. Flower hues go with leaf hues.) Once again, you can find lime bags at high-end and low-end stores. If you’re flush with cash or just curious to see if I’m making all of this up, check out these pretty handbags at NM:

  • Bottega Veneta bags in chartreuse. (Tell Santa I’d wear any of them.)
  • Balenciaga bags in jaune poussin. (That’s “yellow chick”, not yellow poison.)
  • Nancy Gonzalez bags in neon green or neon yellow.
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs bags in safety yellow.

Will Chartreuse Continue to be Hot Next Year?

Is lime green just a passing fad that's being snapped up by fashion victims? I think not.

I’ve seen color charts for 2016 on Pinterest (only bigwigs buy the newsletters), and I’ve noticed little squares of yellow green all over the place. It’s hard to tell without the swatches, but the Pantone palette for this spring/summer looks like it has Pale Lime Yellow. And, fall/winter next year looks like it MIGHT include Pantone Lime, Sunny Lime, and another yellow green. The chart for men’s fashion shows Pantone Citron for fall/winter. And, charts for other trend-prediction agencies are showing similar yellow greens for accessories and beachwear.

So, chartreuse fashions should be trendy for a long time. Not that you need someone else’s approval to wear a color you love.

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Bright Chartreuse is Hot for Home Decor

Bright Chartreuse Decor for Your Home 2015 and Beyond

I promise not to sermonize too much more about chartreuse, but it’s going to be one of the big colors for 2015 home interiors. Yep, while I was doing research, the words “Bright Chartreuse” popped up… repeatedly… in interior design articles. But, if you’re as old as I am, I don’t want you to envision that horrific avocado fridge from your childhood. (Oops, too late now.)

This modern yellow-green hue is meant to be mixed with beautiful jewel tones, not muddy shades of brown. I would never ask you to embrace 70s earthtones, because I had to live with an orange shag carpet for years… long story.

Okay, that’s the end of my sermon about the wonders of chartreuse, my new favorite accent color.

Can I Wear a Lime Dress?

I’m not sure if I would look good in a lime dress, but I’m 99% positive that chartreuse accessories will make all my old sweaters and dark coats look new and chic. And… a scarf with yellow-green accents will light up my green eyes. All I need is a dark green hat with a chartreuse-colored ribbon. Then, I’ll be all decked out and semi-hip again for the rest of fall and winter.

I’m very frugal when it comes to purchases, so I usually do a little bit of clothing-trend research before I get out my credit card. Other women research prices. I research trends. But, I DO love new clothes… and this is the time of year when I need to shop for morale-boosting purposes.

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What do you think of this article? It took me over a year to figure out that I liked chartreuse. Now, I'm trying to decide whether to get something cheap or to jump right in and buy a designer purse in CHARTREUSE! My mother would never approve.


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Main Photo - Chartreuse Lime Green Clothing

Photo Credits: Prshots.com. All photos from Asos unless noted.

  • Main Photo: (lime), (chartreuse), Virgos Lounge(chartreuse), River Island (lime). For larger sizes, click Women, then scroll down to Curve & Plus Size.
  • Deep Pantone Custard Dress: (green).
  • Lime Green Party Dresses for Women: (green), (lime), AX, Clover Canyon.
  • Lime Accessories for 2015: (clockwise) New Look shopper bag (lime), Steve Madden heels (green), White Stuff gloves, heels (chartreuse), White Stuff scarf.
  • Bright Chartreuse is Hot for Home Decor: Kelly Swallow chair, Amara throw pillow, Amara blender, M&S pillow, Sainsbury's (candles, etc.), Debenham's (ram & vase), Debenham (bedroom - an old photo from 2011), Mad in England needlepoint kit.
  • More Ideas: Eileen Fisher has several cute tops in green, sometimes called "Coriander" at Nordstrom's. Some are on sale, but the plus top is not on sale at the moment. Brand runs large, I go down a size. Brand is easy to fit. (IMO most sport tops are too neon.)

What do you think of chartreuse? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. kay kerns

    I already liked this color so I'm glad to see there will be more choices out there, especially the accessories! Those gloves were especially cute!