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17 Wearable Daytime Fashions for Real Women: Fall & Winter Comfort

read about fall clothing for real women 2014 2015

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

There are so many fashion trends for fall and winter that can be worn by real women like you and me. So, let’s just ignore the crazy catwalk styles and concentrate on real outfits that work for daytime in the real world. And, the most important fashion buzzword for fall is comfort.

Here are my favorite everyday looks in no particular order:

Read about wearable outfits for fall 2014 winter 2015

Plaid on Plaid Outfit

1. Plaid on Plaid: Well, if you look at the picture on the right, you’ll see that the outfit actually consists of plaid on plaid on plaid… or as they say in the UK, check on check. The woman is wearing a plaid top with plaid trousers, and she’s covered it all with a plaid cape coat. It sounds bizarre but it looks great.If you have various tartan coats, scarves, and tops in your closet, give this type of fall outfit a try.

I think the reason this combination works so well is that all the pieces have blue and red in the plaid. Also, the plaids are different sizes.

If you want to do something a bit edgy, but you can’t bring yourself to go plaid on plaid, try combining plaid with a leopard print top or dress or shoes.

2. Sweatshirts as daywear: For a comfy, casual look, this is the season to take your sweats out of the gym and onto the streets.

It’s tres chic to wear sweatshirts, sweatpants, and track pants everywhere. Dress up your sweats with cute purses and shoes.

You can even wear track pants as eveningwear if you pair them with high heels and other fancy-dancy goodies. The feeling is comfortable. The look is modern grunge.

3. Sweater dresses: The gorgeous cobalt blue sweater dress in the photo below is tarted up with blue tights, a turquoise leopard print scarf, and black ankle boots.

You can wear this type of dress to work and then out for a fancy dinner on the town. If necessary, swap the scarf for a blingy statement necklace. If you can find something similar, you’ll always have a comfortable fallback outfit for any occasion.

4. Winter Florals: Check out the red, orange, and cream top (below) with the blue printed trousers. This outfit can go to work, to the grocery store, or out on the town. It’s super versatile and totally groovy.

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Casual Fall & Winter Outfits

5. Gray Sweaters, Coats, and Accessories: If you’re only going to buy one or two things to update your fall and winter look, look for something gray. Try a pair of gray boots or a gray purse.

6. Sneakers: You can wear sneakers almost anywhere this fall, but get some that are hip and colorful, so you don’t look like a slob who just threw on some random shoes. If rainbow-colored New Balance tennis shoes aren’t your style, look for printed sneakers or sneaks with platforms or heels. And, if that’s too much for you… at least make sure your sneakers are clean and new, rather than old and ratty.

7. Pastel Coats and Handbags: If you don’t want to wear gray on gray every day, get some pink or blue pastels. They really perk up gray outfits in a tasteful way.

8. Red, Blue, or Burgundy Clothing: Good base colors for fall and winter are gray, black, beige, and caramel. While pastels are totally in style, other good colors that blend with your basics are true red, cobalt blue, and that ever trusty burgundy.

I’m a burgundy and pink girl, myself. Well, I throw in other colors, but burgundy and pink make a great, flattering, cold-weather team. Oh, I almost forgot to mention plum. Beautiful plum is fantastic with all the new fall colors… and all the old fall colors.

9. Coatigans: A coatigan is a cardigan that can be worn as a coat. We used to call these things sweater coats in the 70s. The best thing about coatigans is that they stretch to fit and they’re cozier than regular coats.

10. Lace for Daytime: You don’t need to wear a whole lot of lace to get noticed during daylight hours. Just find a lacy top or a skirt with a touch of lace. Don’t go head to toe unless you’re at a wedding.

11. Quilted Jackets and Purses: You can find almost anything with quilting this season. A handbag or winter jacket is the obvious place to find quilting, but leave the quilted shorts for younger girls with smaller booties.

12. Tiny Animal Prints: You can find cute little animal prints everywhere from Valentino couture to Target sales racks, but I’m not talking about regular leopard prints.

The new trend is more like itty-bitty animals that aren’t obvious until you get up close and personal with the gal who’s wearing them. Sure, there are also medium sized cats and dogs and wolves and bears and things, but the chicest prints have indiscernible critters.

You can still wear leopard and zebra and regular animal prints like that, but teeny-weeny animals are “of the moment”. Note: Leave the sweaters with giant poodles and deer for the teenyboppers.

13. Marbled Prints: Look for chic marbled prints on tops and sweatshirts.

Read about comfortable trends for fall and winter 2014 2015

Comfy Outfits for Fall 2014 Winter 2015

14. Belted Coats: If your coat doesn’t have a belt, use your own. For true hipness, wear a long scarf over your coat and tuck the scarf into the belt.

15. Block Heels: If you want to look taller, but hate wobbling around in stilettos, get pumps or boots with block heels. Chunky heels are cute for day or evening.

16. Flared Pants and Jeans: This season you will look hip in skinnies or flares. You should have both styles because some tops look best with one style and some tops look best with the other. There’s no set rule. Each woman must try both styles to determine which shape makes the best silhouette on her body.

17. Capes and Ponchos: Look for capes that are made of knits, wools, tartans, or anything that might be flattering on your body. Just make sure that your cape doesn’t overwhelm you and make you look like a short, little hobbit.

All of these styles are great, comfortable clothing trends for fall 2014 and winter 2015. You don’t need to come up with totally new outfits. Most of the clothes and accessories on this list will go with the things you have in your closet from last year.

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Main Photo - Comfortable Fall Clothing

Photo Credits: prshots.com.

  • Main Photo: JD Williams plus size at Marisota.
  • Plaid on Plaid Outfit: Debenham. (Plaids are called "checks" in the UK.)
  • Casual Fall & Winter Outfits: JD Williams plus size, East (love the clothes but measure or email for fit), Wallis, floral print sweat top at Marisota, Ganni designer sweats at Asos.
  • Comfy Outfits for Fall and Winter: Topshop (most topshop styles run small but I love their accessories - try nordstrom's in the US, East coatigan, M&S plaid poncho cape.
  • Other Cute Clothing Ideas: There's a hot Eloquii plaid top and a rockin' coat (both plus size) at Nordstrom.com. Nordies also has an exceptional assortment of pastel and jewel-tone scarves this season.

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. Sue

    Finally somebody took care of us mature women, thanks, love it

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  3. Nancy Dahl

    Am I seeing A-line skirts this year? Why yes, it seems I am! These are skirts you can really sit down in.
    Great stuff, Tina. You are helping me shuck off the 70'sand 80' s looks my head is stuck in!

    Can you do an upDate article for this year on what really ruins an outfit and makes it dumpy instead of on trend and fresh? I find I look at the boring stuff and need a bit of encouragement to branch out.
    I am in my late 60's and I want a feminine feel to my looks. Feminine in the new sense. Please help!

    • Tina-Boomerina

      ***** EVERYONE (even young kids under 30),

      If you have an opinion about what makes older women look dowdy, please leave it here.

      It's different for everyone. I look like my grandmother when I wear A-line skirts, while Nancy (above) looks great in them. Soooooooooooooooo... I want to know what YOU think. There are no wrong answers.

      (It's totally anonymous. Leave a fake name if you want. I'll dispose of your email, too.)

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