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11 Cute Ways to Wear Pastel Fashion Trend for Fall & Winter: Chic Clothing for Elegant Women

Read how to wear pastel clothing for fall & winter

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

Pastel clothing isn’t just for spring and summer anymore. The newest way for women to wear pastels is in their fall and winter outfits. So, you might want to try mixing pastels with other hot neutrals (like gray and beige) for a trendy, urbane look or try adding a pop of lightness to anything you happen to have in your closet… from casual jean outfits to elegant dinner ensembles. In my opinion, pastel clothes and accessories really DO give a nice counterpoint to this season's edgy gray sweaters, coats, and dresses.

read about pastel trend for fall winter

Ombre Pastel Blouse

Wow… I just reread the first paragraph and I can’t believe I used the words “hot” and “neutrals” in the same sentence. I know it sounds weird to say that gray and beige are hot, trendy colors for fall and winter, but they are. Trust me. You’ll get used to the new look… and soon you’ll be lusting after a cute pair of gray suede ankle boots... like the rest of us.

Clothing Tips for Women Over 40, 50, 60, 70

Most of the following tips are for chic, older women over 40, 50, 60, or 70, but my ideas are also appropriate for younger chicks.

Fall Clothes: Pastels Are Youthful

Pastels feel young and fresh in a way that doesn’t force you to sacrifice your integrity... Ummm, what I mean to say is that a lavender cashmere turtleneck will make you look young and chic and hip and trendy, while a miniskirt that comes up to your booty will make you look old and ridiculous.

It's much better to look younger by wearing great colors... while it's aging to wear something that's too young and revealing. On the other hand, it's also aging to wear something that's too drab and dowdy.

The trick is finding the right fashion trends that fall in between teenwear and grannywear. And, pastel clothing, which lights up your face (and perks up any boring outfit), is a perfect example. As you read this article, please use the photos for reference. If you have a problem following along, you might want to try putting on your bifocals.

Trendy Fashions for Fall & Winter: Older Women Rock!

1. Ombré Dip-Dyed Tops and Dresses:

Ombré dyed clothing, like the beautiful white-and-blue top in the photo, is like a chic, elegant version of tie-dye. Well, ombré is a much more grown-up look. Tie-dye makes me think of Haight Ashbury and little Grateful-Dead bears marching across a hippie bus’ bumper sticker. Well... some tie-dyed items in gracious colors are actually gorgeous, so don't rule out tie-dye automatically.

2. Pastel Winter Coats:

I like straight silhouette, A-line, and softly belted coats. If you can find a warm and cuddly coat in a chic pastel, you’ll be wearing an up-to-date trend that younger women with small children cannot possibly imitate (for obvious reasons) unless they have a full-time nanny. Of course, you probably shouldn’t wear your light pink, sky blue, or bright yellow coat to your granddaughter’s birthday party if chocolate ice cream is on the menu. However, a light-colored coat will give you stature and class. It's true. I once saw a research study where subjects gave a high social ranking to men wearing beige raincoats and a lower social ranking to men wearing black raincoats. (The logic seems to be that a man who wears a darker color is more concerned about getting his coat dirty, while a man who wears a light color is more genteel and has a larger wardrobe... and doesn't care as much about mundane things like dry cleaning.) You can use this concept to your advantage.

3. Winter Dresses With Pastel Patterns:

I love the beige, pink, and rusty peach dress worn with the faux fur scarf (on the right in the main photo). Okay, a beige dress is not a spectacular example of a pastel, but in this case, the dress reads like a pastel. Anyway, I included the photo because the outfit is so cute, and it’s a good visual for the type of floral that looks good on older women as well as younger ones. Copy this look if you can... including the booties.

4. Pastel Lace Dresses:

If you want to look amazing for an event, you should locate something like the petal-pink lace outfit (in the main photo). It is extraordinary, but the ensemble is not cheap. Did you think it would be? See credits for details.

5. Pastel Faux-Fur Scarf:

Okay, the yellow outfit in the main photo is probably a bit too much for those of you who want to be known as the most elegant chick on the block. However, you can be elegant and boho and older all at the same time (think Betsey Johnson or Iris Apfel). So, you should take some of the good ideas from this outfit (like the faux-fur scarf or the yellow top) and adapt them to fit your personal style.  If you're over 40, you can definitely skip the teddy-bear purse and probably the bobby sox, as well.

read about pastel trend for fall

Pastel Clothing for Fall & Winter

6. Pastel Pink or Blue Purses:

It’s easy to add a pastel purse to a casual jean outfit, a sweater-dress outfit, or a sleek party outfit. To me, it’s just a natural fit. You can see what I mean by checking out the photo (directly above) with the pink bow purse. A simple, pastel handbag has added a touch of chic to this common look. And, I’ve always loved burgundy combined with pink. (psssst... Notice the cute gray jeans. Wear a cami under the sheer top.)

7. Cozy Pastel Scarves:

If you're in a high tax bracket, get a plaid cashmere muffler with pastels. If you're sweating rent this month, look for a knockoff.

8. Plaid Pastel Coats:

Wear a plaid coat with grays and pastels and you'll be part of the uber-stylish set on any continent. If you find one in a plus-sized plaid, all the better.

read about pastel fashion for women over 40 50 60 70

Pastel Clothing for Older Women

9. Pastel Pumps (courts):

Any woman can wear boring black or basic brown shoes... but why would she want to look so conservative every day? Wear something with panache, like these adorable sky-blue pumps (with plaid bows) from Vivienne Westwood. Have a little fun every now and then.

10. Pastel Parkas:

Remember what I said about light-colored coats? Well, a pink or blue or lavender down jacket will do the same thing. Just avoid chocolate ice cream.

11. Casual Pastel Print Tops:

I love the long-sleeved paisley print top in the photo (above). Find something like this to wear over jeans or leggings. And, copy this fabulous look. There's other cool stuff out there. You should continue wearing your favorite summery pastel tops into fall (or look for cute summer tops on sale). Just add a long gray cardigan for a perfect transition.

Reinvent Your Fashion Style:

Any change of season is a good time to reinvent yourself. You can become a chic Ice Princess in icy blue, a trendy urban Mod in winter yellow, an elegant plaid-clad gentlewoman with a country estate, or some other incarnation I haven’t come up with yet.

I don’t know which style suits you best, but you know… in your heart… what looks good on you. And, you also know which colors are flattering to your complexion. So, if you look amazing in pastels, you should see what’s out there. If you don’t look good in pastels, you're not looking at the right pastel-colored clothing.

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read about pastels for winter

Main Photo - Pastel Coats & Dresses for Fall

Photo Credits: prshots.com

  • Main Photo: M&S (2), Topshop, Phase Eight (Yves lace dress and coat), M&S.
  • Ombre Pastel Blouse: Wallis.
  • Pastel Clothing for Fall & Winter: LaRedoute, Johnstons at Asos, Plus Size Coat at Marisota.
  • Pastel Clothing for Older Women: Vivienne Westwood Shoes at Asos, Long Tall Sally.

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. Maxine Chiu

    I don't understand why you show clothing appropriate for baby boomers and above on such young models....I think it defeats your purpose....Of course they all look fabulous at that age!....I wouldn't consider these styles until I saw them displayed on an older person.

    • Tina-Boomerina


      There's a reason why I don't use better photos. I've written an article about it:


      I wish I had better pictures to show you.

      Tina Boomerina

      • Maxine Chiu

        Thanks so much for your reply....I read your article re: swimsuits on old women....The photos you showed of old women wearing swimsuits is actually quite realistic....As unattractive as they are, the sad fact is that the majority of women of this age do indeed look something like this....I would rather look at the truth than be swayed by an unrealistic picture of some rare older beauty, even if you were to find one....Let's face it, there comes a time when old women who still care about their appearance should simply stop wearing swimsuits....Just my opinion....Best....Maxine

        • Tina-Boomerina


          I think what we do is wear swimsuits that look something like the mini dresses we wore in the 60s... and then we throw on a coverup as quickly as we can!


          • Maxine Chiu

            Hi Tina....What makes things worse is that now we must keep out of the sun....Old white bodies in swimsuits are far more objectionable than old tan bodies in swimsuits....It's a no win....So happy that you have a sense of humour!....Best....Maxine

  2. kay kerns

    Hi Tina what a great article! I don't naturally gravitate towards pastels but surely I can find some inspiration here Hope you are well I'm ok

  3. Maxine

    Hi Tina.... I'm not so sure I agree with you regarding pastels on older caucasian women....Since I've stayed out of the sun for so many years my face is mostly colorless....Sure makeup helps a bit but not that much....When I was young, pastels next to my tan skin looked fabulous....But now they seem to just drain me out....As for jeans and pants, light colors are not particularly flattering without a very thin body.... Again, on your young models everything looks perfect!....

    • Tina-Boomerina


      I'm pretty much the same as you. I can wear SOME pastels, but I have to wear them next to a rich color. For example, I can wear light pink if I put it next to burgundy.

      On the other hand, my sister can wear pastels and she's almost the same age as I.

      Of course... I can wear ANY color if I have the right hat. !!! haha.