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Big Bold Floral Prints for Spring & Summer

floral prints for women over 50 60

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

Every spring there are a couple of predictable fashion trends, like nautical stripes, simple pastels, and sweet floral fabrics. But, this year some of the florals are so large they must have been beamed down from another planet... I’m talking dizzying daisies, gigantic geraniums, badass begonias, oversized orange blossoms, colossal carnations, titanic tulips, ponderous poppies, humungous hibiscus, radical ranunculus, monstrous mums, immense irises, and irradiated roses. We’re talking Alice in Wonderland big.

Well, not all of them, but some of them.

big poppy dress: photo apricot prshots.com

big poppy dress: photo apricot prshots.com

Can You Wear Big Prints if You’re Over 40 or 50 or 60?

These prints are fun to look at, but can you wear them… without looking like you’ve lost your way to the loony bin? I say, “Yes,” but… pardon the wretchedly bad pun… giant florals are not for wallflowers.

If you are over 40 or whatever, but you still consider yourself slightly fashion forward, kind of artsy, basically boho, or a little bit more creative… dare I say “zany”… than the average suburbanoid, then OF COURSE you can wear those big blooms on your body.

Flowers are a creative gift from the Gods of Nature. You should view flowers as more than simply mundane subjects for weekly watercolor classes and boring garden clubs. And, if anyone shoots any remarks your way about your bold body blossoms, just tell them you used too much fertilizer. And, imply that they’re full of it, too.

large floral print top

graphic floral top: photo Izabel prshots.com

Fashion Should Be Fun

What the hellokitty is wrong with having a little fun with fashion? They’ve taken away all the other good stuff: booze, sex, drugs, rock n roll, cigarettes, fast cars with no mufflers, Harleys, our driver’s licenses… Hey, we can’t even complain about how the older generation doesn’t understand us anymore because they’re all dead. (I’m joking about the driver’s license part. I still have MINE… for now. Also, I don’t want my kids going on any motorcycles… I just put that part in because it sounded all badass.)

And, that’s why I say that those big florals are not just for skinny, whiney, junior-department teens with acne.

Big Florals Are Cute

I think big florals are cute, but I’m going to be careful with them in the beginning... so I don’t end up with some rude nickname like Petunia Pig.

On the other hand, I’m already into the trend in my own way. I almost always wear a huge silk flower on my fedora whenever I leave the house. How else would my husband recognize me if we were separated in the mall?

Be Careful With Floral Placement

big floral prints

tulip print dress: photo long tall sally prshots.com

One thing I’ve noticed with big prints in the past is that you need to make sure all the “focal points” are hitting your body in the right places. Placement is everything.

You don’t want to draw people’s attention to the wrong parts of your anatomy… like your fat tummy or your heavy hips or your rabid rear. Conversely, you can use those focal points (like giant roses and humongous daisies) to draw people’s attention AWAY from your least favorite areas.

How do you do that? Well, it’s more art than science.

Unless you are sewing your own clothes, all you can do is to try on different floral tops, dresses, jackets, and leggings… and then take a good look in a three-way mirror. Better yet, have someone take a picture with their cell phone and show it to you.

The photo won’t lie. You may still feel like you’re 16, but the camera knows better. (article continues)

Keep reading about giant floral graphic trend on page two.

(See references at end of article for main photo.)

Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. Tina-Boomerina

    I have a feeling some of you won't agree with me about these floral prints. Just remember that every print is a little different. A lot depends on the contrast between the flower and the background. If the colors or the shapes blend, the item is easier to wear.


    Tina Boomerina

  2. kay kerns

    I like big floral prints but I'm from Hawaii so I'm used to seeing and wearing them. You're right, just try it on and take a picture or a hard look in the mirror.
    Hope you solve your computer problems soon -- Kay

  3. Liz

    I'm loving your website. I have a trip coming up, it's a French River Cruise in May ending with a few days in
    Paris. I just turned 54 and I'm 5'8 150 and curvy or pear shaped....I'm not working right now, so I feel out of touch with my age and style.
    I need a few style ideas for my age group. I still like a sexy look, but I have entered the ..wow that's too short or tight or too young for your age. it makes shopping more difficult.
    If you have some suggestions for me I'd appreciate them. I still want to look hip, but not like I'm trying to be my daughter.
    Thanks for your site,

  4. Linda Giguiere

    I need help. My high school 50 year reunion is coming up in August. The dress code is dressy casual. I am a plus size lady that loves bold prints. I do not wear dresses. Can you suggest a casual dressy top and slacks for me.

    Thank You
    Linda G.\

  5. Victoria Estep

    I love dresses and buy/wear whenever I can find ones that go with my over 60 body. Where can you suggest getting dresses that at least come to my knees? I am a big Macy's shopper but everything is two or three inches above the knee and my legs are not my best asset. Love your website.

    • Tina-Boomerina

      First of all, I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner. long story.

      If you are having a hard time finding longer dresses, look for separates. That is what I do when confronting a season where nothing is designed for me.

      For example, I just googled midi skirts and I found things at Nordstrom's, Asos, Lord & Taylor, Saks, even a few at Macy's. Also, try Zulily and HauteLook (the Nordstrom Rack section). This is also a good time of year to find maxi skirts and dresses if you wear those... I do. Some travel sites have good, easy to wear, longer, stretchy skirts and dresses.

      I don't have time to look around for more ideas right now because I'm slammed for time, but I know what you mean. I wear those mini dresses as tops. Everything seems to be short this year. Oh, try some plus sized sites in the UK. I do half my shopping in the UK. Try Monsoon, M&Co, etc.

      There are hardly any longer dresses this year. Your best bets are separates or travelwear. If you still can't find anything, I'll email you and you can let me know.

      Tina Boomerina