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Fashion for Women Over 70 – 8 Tips from a Beverly Hills Clothing Expert

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire) and daughter,

what to wear when you're older wrinkled neck saggy kneesI recently had a 73-year-old woman ask me a fashion question and I had to turn to my fashionista daughter for advice. My daughter used to work for a tony shop on Rodeo Drive and she dressed women who could afford to wear whatever they wanted. So, if you’re over 70, 80, 90, or older, here are 8 tips from my very own style expert.

First of all, I want you to know that we are talking about women who live in Beverly Hills. They are skinny. They have good cheekbones and great hair. They look perfect at all times. And, they think it’s cold when the thermometer dips to a chilly 65 degrees. So, you don’t have to follow these chic tips if they don’t fit your lifestyle. On the other hand, it’s fun to know about the flattering, classic looks that the rich and famous like to wear.

If you’re still in your 60’s or 70’s you may not have a problem with your sagging neck or your jiggling upper arms, but these things depend on genetics and other factors. However, as you get older, you may want to use some of the tricks mentioned by my daughter in the following telephone “interview” I had with my daughter.

(Note: My questions are in italics. My daughter's answers follow. I wanted to use her exact quotes, and because of that, her tips come across as very casual and conversational... and real.)

turtlenecks (roll neck) tops and silky scarves for older women

1. Wrinkled Necks:

What’s your best fashion tip for older women?

"Most women have not been putting sunscreen on their necks, so that is where their age starts to show. One of the best solutions is a thin cotton turtleneck, usually white or another light color. If you look on TV (especially on news programs), all the really older women have a thin turtleneck under whatever they’re wearing. The turtleneck should not be tight. I like the light cotton turtleneck from Theory."

2. Good Silk Scarves:

What about covering a crepEy neck with a scarf?

"Yes, women can wear a scarf around the neck to distract from other areas and to hide neck problems. The scarf should be silk if possible, but the most important thing is that their best color is near their face... but, not a solid scarf. Something in a very chic print." (I believe my daughter is referring to Hermes, but she did not specify.)

trousers pants for women over 60 70 80 90

3. Tips for Wrinkled Knees, Saggy Arms & Problem Areas:

A lot of women complain about not finding clothes that cover various problem areas. Any Tips?

"As with all ages, especially in the older realm, less is more… leave it up to the imagination. Most of the time, you want to cover your knees. Older women shouldn’t wear minis unless they have the legs for it. A long maxi or midi skirt with a slit is better. And, for hot summer days, capris and Bermuda shorts are good, but make sure to cover the knees."

  • Legs: "There’s a great Pilates DVD by Denise Austin called "Hit the Spot". It’s 7 or 8 minutes per segment. Start with the legs. You can tell when women have a dancing background by looking at their legs. This workout video only takes a couple of weeks to make your legs look longer and leaner."
  • Arms: "As for covering your upper arms, your best investments are great cotton and wool shrugs. Also, get a Shake Weight (exercise gadget) with a DVD. It will change your triceps in 2 weeks. If you have an event, do the Shake Weight several nights beforehand."
  • Cleavage: "No low-cut dresses, unless the woman has a good cleavage. Older women are better off leaving more to the imagination and making up for it with rhinestones."
(Note: You should check with your doctor before doing the Pilates video or using the Shake Weight. It's not sexy to end up in traction.)

best jewelry for older women of a certain age

4. Best Jewelry for Women Over 70:

What kind of jewelry is worn by wealthy older women?

"You can use jewelry to divert people’s attention. A good watch. Things like that. Wear something eye catching and sparkly on your breastplate or above your breasts… usually a thin chain with a large diamond or something with sparkle. Not a bib or collar. No chokers."

  • Sparkle: "Older women have to wear jewelry to take attention away from their wrinkles. The more sparkle the better. Guys see the sparkle in the jewelry and they see the sparkle in the eye and they forget the wrinkles."
  • Liz: "You don’t have to take my word for it. Look at Liz Taylor or a young Marilyn Monroe to know the look you want… shiny, sparkly but subtle… like a chain with a CZ on it. If you want a truly classic, elegant look, it can’t be too big."
  • Length: 'The necklace should be longer… above the chest because the boobs are getting saggy, but below the face as far as you can go. You can do longer things, too."

5. Sexy Earrings for Older Women:

You know I love jewelry. What types of earrings do beautiful, wealthy women wear?

"Earrings are sexy, but no hoops. Hoops are trashy, unless you’re doing sporty… or unless you’re with Jenny from the Block. But, never to be underestimated is a pair of sparkly, light catching, dangly earrings… not too long… about 2 inches. Those are good for going out to dinner or for an intimate conversation with a date… anything in the evening."

"It’s probably not as good to wear a long earring in the daytime. It’s better to wear an earring about an inch long or less, but with movement. Because the movement catches the eye… it’s baiting a fish. Shiny bait for the right fish. The sparkle instantly draws anyone’s eye to the sparkle and then it draws them back up to the sparkle in your eye. This cannot be accomplished as well with a long dangly earring. This will hypnotize."

6. Best Outfits for Women in Their 70s:

Should older women wear suits or dresses? What do the chic women of Beverly Hills like to wear?

"First of all, the women I’ve worked with are skinny. They are gorgeous. But, wrap dresses, like Diane Von Furstenberg are always good. You don’t have to buy DVF. Try Banana  Republic, Bloomingdale's or something like that if buying online."

  • Real Wrap Dress: "Make sure you’re buying a real wrap dress that opens up all the way. A faux wrap dress that is sewn shut is not as good."
  • Shoes: "A wrap dress should be worn with pumps not boots or ballet flats. You can do this dress with tights when it gets down into the 60’s, but you cannot wear a wrap with boots unless you want to look like a hooker. So, unfortunately, wrap dresses are reserved for summer."

"Tell your readers to wear a cami (one with a straight neckline) underneath a wrap dress. Depending on the size, camis can be bought cheaply. Sometimes it is fun to do a hot pink cami under a navy wrap with nude shoes. I can't talk about suits because it depends on body types."

7. Flattering Boots for Over 70:

Back to Boots. Should older women wear boots?

"The secret to wearing boots when you’re over 70 is to go with suede rather than leather because leather is too sexy. If you happen to have a short bob, you can wear a heel up to 2 to 3 ½ inches. It’s best to wear a straight skirt just past your knee, but if you want to go a little above your knee, you can wear dark tights to cover your knees. An oversized A-line coat never hurts."

"Another fun fall look is to do the equestrian style. Wear tan boots (with a low or flat heel) and jeans that tuck into your boots. Wear a tailored coat or a black, high-neck sweater with a blue scarf knotted around the neck."

8. Fashion Tips for Women Like Me: sexy clothing for older women artsy fun

Any last minute thoughts you want to add?

"Bags should never be crossbody, like the ones you wear when traveling... sorry Mom... if you want to look smaller. Crossbodies add bulk around the waist. Older women should do a carry bag. And handbags should be large because those make women look smaller… like the Olsen twins used to do to look anorexic."

  • "Don’t do Peter Pan collars."
  • "Don’t wear polka dots that are the wrong size. If dots don’t look right, go smaller or bigger."

End of Interview

(This is Tina again.) Unfortunately, although I love both of my elegant, stylish daughters dearly, I’m probably not going to follow all of these fashion rules when I’m older. A. I don’t live in Beverly Hills. B. I don’t have a Beverly Hills budget. C. I’m not a classic Beverly Hills beauty. And, much to my daughter’s horror, I’ll probably wear something more like the outfit with the big flower (to distract from my wrinkled neck and my sagging knees) when I’m over 70... or maybe I'll be wearing some hoop earrings along with a gypsy skirt. Fortunately, my daughters are very loving and understanding when it comes to their artsy mother.

(Note: After reading this article, my daughter said that I made her ideas sound too much like strict rules... and that's just not true. We all have different bodies and different styles. However, I was trying to fit a lot of information into this short article. So, read my comment at the bottom of the page to understand more.)

p.s. I know these models are not 70, but it's impossible to find photos of 70-year-old women wearing the right fashions.

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What do you think of this article? Are you the type of woman who will go with the classics or will you carve out your own niche? Leave a message at the bottom of the page or give us a Google Plus.

Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. kay kerns

    More useful info Tina! I will continue to take a good hard look in the mirror when I get dressed or shop for clothes....make sure everything is covered up that needs to be

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Kay, I hope I didn't make my daughter sound all uptight and b*tchy about fashion rules... however... my daughter thinks that's how she came across. And, she really is not like that at all. Somehow the whole thing just came out a bit different... it's hard to take other people's words... and snippets of phrases and make it right.

      Really, my daughter is very much into helping each woman find clothing that fits their body and their lifestyle. I know... because my daughter used to help me when she was little. I would take her with me into the dressing room when she was about age 6 or 7 and she would say, "Don't get that, Mom. It makes you look fat," and then she would help me find something better. I swear. It's a natural gift.

      Anyway, you don't have to follow all the rules. I hope I didn't make it sound like there's some magic formula and we all have to look the same. My daughter was just trying to explain what many of the very chic, older women of Beverly Hills like to wear. Not all of them wear the same thing, of course... but I have noticed a certain look when I've watched those women go into the stores and the hair salons around Rodeo. Sure, some of the older grand dames are more artsy and boho, but a lot of the super rich have a certain look and it pretty much jives with a lot of what my daughter said.

      Well, anyway. I want you to know that my daughter isn't uptight about following fashion rules. She knows we're all different. And, she knows that that's a good thing.

      • Tina-Boomerina

        Also, quite a few parts of it were meant to be tongue in cheek... a few little "in" jokes.

      • Ruth

        Should a 70 yr old wear a small ear cuff?

        • Tina-Boomerina


          My first impulse is to say, "No," but I think that's my mother talking in my head. After thinking about it for a sec, I say, "Why not?"

          I guess it depends on the woman. If she's a hip, sassy 70 year old, who has always been into fashion... and the ear cuff looks good... and maybe with some short spikey hair or whatever.

          I know a woman who's on her merry way to 70 and she is tattooed from the neck down. She looks awesome... so I don't think any of your friends will faint if you wear an ear cuff... but I'm on the West Coast. If you live in Kansas, you should try the jewelry and see if people treat you differently (in a good way or a bad way). That's the best method to determine if a new style is good for you... either that or ask your daughter or granddaughter. They never lie (unless they're hoping for a big inheritance someday).


    • susan craig

      hi yes i found some off that quite helpful i am a very young at heart 75 and dreee very modern within reason but people take me for early 60,s so somebody up there likes me

  2. Helen Miller

    Thank you, all I see is fashion for younger people. this really helped.thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Tina-Boomerina


      I'm so happy to help you. Well, it's not my article. It's written by my daughter who used to help the rich and famous (people you've heard of) in Beverly Hills. I'm so glad you found this site. I know that it's so hard to figure out what to wear these days.


      Tina Boomerina

      • patricia

        Was a huge help for me. Specific advice such as this was the easiest to understand.
        Please do more articles.
        I'm 70 and weight 200 lbs., am pear shaped so most folks don't know I'm this heavy.
        An article for women like myself would of great value.
        ps I'm heavy because of meds I've taken for health issues and because of some of the
        health issues so I'm not a fat pig, sitting around the kitchen table.
        Help! and thank you if you do.

        • Tina-Boomerina


          I'm glad this helped. My daughter is working on another article in her spare time, but she doesn't have much spare time. I will tell her about your issues.

          And, honey (don't usually use that word), I totally understand about the meds. I take two kinds of medication that make me gain weight. When I stop those meds, I lose 20-30 pounds almost immediately. When I have to take them again... zoom... the weight comes right back on.

          I wish more people would realize we are not all fat pigs sitting around eating bon bons. I'm sure they'll figure it out when they have to take meds.



    • Peggy S

      No pics of someone over 70, but you describe the way we should dress. Where are the over 70 fashions?
      This site is no help to me. Direct me,please, to 70 is the new 55 sites. Thanx

      • Tina-Boomerina

        I can send you some links to sites I like. Since I am one of the few bloggers who answers questions, I hope you will tell your friends about my site.

      • Sheri

        I will turn 72 this summer and basically I have the same style (and many clothes) that I have worn my entire adult life. I have used the adage of Coco Channel ....dress shabbily they notice the clothes. Dress smartly they notice the woman. A few good white long sleeved shirts paired with a just below the knee pencil skirt, tailored slacks, or pale printed fuller skirts with a color picked from the skirt for a shirt ...all with appropriate high heels. Longer skirts, dark blue, medium gray, etc. all one color with almost any color sweater, shirt or blouse and flats. I have used scarves that are brightly colored, or not, with less jewelry, and chin length hair. I also wear long summer skirts with tees, jeans, t-shirts, sandals, and clam-diggers" (can any one remember them?) I also have all my clothes dry cleaned, even jeans, and hand wash tees. Care of clothes is essential in my book, especially as I have grown older. I have always considered my attire "classic" and has aged very nicely with me. Good clothing really does last a life time!!

        • Tina-Boomerina

          Sheri, you rock! I love your style. My daughter (the Beverly Hills fashion "expert" who wrote this article) would approve. She might even want to swap me for you... to be her newly adopted mother.

          You wear exactly what she tells her clients to wear. You have been wearing the right thing all along... and classics never go out of style.


        • Elaine

          Your look is what I aspire to - sounds like it comes naturally to you.

  3. Mary

    Here's all I want to know. What am I to do with my legs!?
    I haven't worn panty hose in 25 years and I can't stand to see them any longer. They always look "old lady" to me now.
    That being said, when I can't wear black Opaque stockings especially in Summer, what am I to do?
    It's July, I'm going to a wedding and I have a darling dress and shoes, but OMG my legs are wrinkly and sun spotted! (Other than THAT.....my figure is nice and I look pretty good. :)
    Mary (Over 65!)

    • Tina-Boomerina


      I hope it's not too late. I couldn't log in to see people's comments. I've contacted my daughter who wrote the article. I'll let you know if she replies.


      • Tina-Boomerina

        The only thing besides good quality sheer hose that I can think of is leg make up. I'll email you and I'll let you know if my daughter has any other ideas.


        • Tina-Boomerina


          My daughter says that your 2 best options are natural looking pantyhose like Donna Karan (expensive but good) or Sally Hansen leg makeup spray. She also says you will probably be happiest with hosiery, but it depends on what part of the country you're in, the weather, etc.


          Brittany and Tina

          • Mary

            Oh you Sweetheart, thanks for your response!
            I might go with the very sheer black hose. (Yikes! that still sounds awful, but whats an old lady to do?!) HA! :)

    • cindy davis

      YES YES......legs in summer with no leggings.....GREAT QUESTION....HELP AND FAST!

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Scroll down for my daughter's answer about what kind of nylons for women over 70.

  4. norma avila

    i am in my 70s but have a good figure. my dress is multi-colored. swirls of colors and i mean may colors all over the dress. should i look silly wearig this dress? thanks

    • Tina-Boomerina


      It's difficult to tell what the dress looks like without seeing it, but I think it sounds lovely.

      If you like the dress it will make you smile.

      If you smile, you will look good.

      If you look good and you smile, everyone around you will be happy.

      If everyone around you is happy, the happiness will spread all around the world.

      Wear the dress.

      Tina Boomerina

  5. Jean Schmidt

    I like any comments you have for fashion for 70 year olds. Do older women wear leather pants? I think I saw them on Barbara Walters.

    • Tina-Boomerina

      I can imagine several of my "over 70" friends in leather pants, but those friends are in fairly good shape. In my opinion, dark brown, gray or burgundy would be preferable to black for daytime. However, it depends on how they look and what the rest of the outfit is like. The fit should be excellent.

      My one concern would be what they look like after sitting down and standing up.

      I would get a pair of good leather trousers, leave the tickets on and wear them in the house for a while, then stand and look at them from behind in the mirror. If they don't look excessively saggy or baggy, then they are good and you should keep them.

      A few years ago, I was unimpressed with leather pants and I would have told you to stay away from them, but I've grown to like them. So, after you find some good trousers, get a second opinion from your daughter or granddaughter... or anyone you trust (who won't whitewash the truth).

      The only way you can know for sure if something is good on you is to wear it out. You will know the answer by paying attention to the way people treat you. It's subtle, but you will know the answer if you pay attention.

      One thing I would not do is wear leather with a leather jacket, but I think that's obvious. In a minute, I'm going to see what Baba Wawa's outfit was like and I may have more thoughts.

      Leather trousers could come across as very hip and fashion forward if done right. It depends on you... and the outfit.


  6. Jeannette

    Love, love, love your article - and thank you to your daughter!!

  7. Deborah

    I enjoyed reading your daughter's tips. I'm always on the hunt for ideas since I got to my early 50's - now in the mids. I have a fight with myself between Boho and classic and wonder -- Who will win? lol..
    Deborah (Nick Laxie)

    • Tina-Boomerina


      Thanks. I'll tell my daughter and try to get her to tell us a few more tips.

      You're still a baby in your mid 50s... so you can wear whatever you want. If you're lucky, you can wear boho or classic or an eclectic mix. Lucky you.

      Sorry about the delay in approving your comment. I've been traveling AND moving into a new house in a new state and I still have half the house in boxes.

      Anyway, I'm glad you said what you said. My dot will be thrilled. She knows so much about fashion but she doesn't have enough time to write it all down. This might coax her.


  8. mary josephine

    Dear Tina and daughter,

    I just loved your article. I am 85 years old Irish woman who has retired to Central Asia and haver never before found fashion advice ANYWHERE for my age group,

    I have always dressed in understated 'classics' and am still very active socially. I appreciate your tips on light but not tight turtlenecks and bright but not solid coloured scarves !

    HERE all clothes shops target teenagers and young women. Many wear 4" heels day and night in all situations and conditions.

    Alas, I am now forced to wear flats or max 2" heels so usually wear trousers during the day.

    Thank you again for your help.

    Best wishes to you both,

    Mary J

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Mary Josephine,

      I love your name. You have Mary & Joseph!

      Oh, I used to wear 4" heels and I now pay the price. I hope you like your new home, wherever you are.

      Trousers are good. I have a feeling it's hot in Central Asia right now, so I hope you can find some kind of breathable (linen, cotton, silk) fabric trousers.

      Wow. I hope you are able to shop online. Or, depending where you are (China? India?) there might be a good tailor who can whip up something like a lightweight saree or a swing dress (unstructured) made of silk or cotton. As for shoes, I'm fairly sure Nordstrom ships all over the world. They have an excellent return policy and it's a local (Seattle) company.

      I don't get paid for selling anything, so I'm just telling you where I would go if I needed a good pair of flat shoes and I lived overseas. No, I am wrong about Nordstrom. I just looked up China... and Nordstrom does not ship there. M&S ships to China, India, Pakistan and more, but you can look that up. I hate the thought of you not having any good shoes. Ouch, two inch heels are sometimes okay, but there's nothing wrong with flats. They are very "in" this year... as always.

      I will contact you through email and try to find someone who ships to you if you want. I've just moved to a new place (in the US) and the climate is very hot, so I assume you're going through the same thing. I moved to a desert from rainy, cloudy Seattle... which is similar in weather to Ireland. I hope things are going well for you.

      Tina and Daughter

  9. diane commers

    Please! Realistically, who cares what the very wealthy, very thin, Beverly Hills women over 70 wear? Most of us are not in that group. Get real. I and many of my friends are 70 to 74 years old, exercise regularly, are within a normal weight range, but are in our 70's, and realize and can live with the fact that we are no longer 30 or 50 for that matter! Why not offer suggestions for ideas which cater to those of us who fit into this group? When it comes to movies, we can accept that different movies are made to appeal to different age groups. Why can't this also be true of fashion? Enough of the tyranny of expectations that we all continue to hide anything that indicates we're getting older? And, by the way, can you imagine a blog like this for men?

    • Tina-Boomerina


      I am neither extremely wealthy nor extremely thin, however I think some women are interested in finding out what the matrons of Beverly Hills wear, because those same styles probably look good on all older women. We did this article about rich ladies because my daughter worked on Rodeo Drive and she's had quite a bit of experience dressing older women, some of whom were way past their 70s.

      I don't think all of the women she dressed were skinny, so these tips should apply to a wide spectrum of females over 50. For example, I'm in my early 60s and a Peter Pan collar would be laughable on me. However, if you look good in a Peter Pan collar, you can ignore my daughter's advice. It's a free country.

      Diane, if you have specific questions, I can ask my daughter and my tailored, classic friend, Jennifer, to help write another article for gals over 70. I already know you're not going to buy an Hermes scarf, but you might be able to find an affordable silk scarf at Nordstrom or Etsy. We're all like that. We all copy the look of the rich gals by using knock-offs that we find on sale or on discount sites.

      Many women have found this article to be helpful. Please tell me what you would like to read about, and we might be able to write another article based on your suggestions. Are you more interested in casual wear, sportswear, tailored clothing...? I write about bohemian wear, such as Lagenlook and hippie tunics, but I have friends who might know what you would like to read about.


      PS A blog for older men.... hahaha. Everyone knows that older men would wear their underwear everywhere if they didn't think they'd be arrested for indecency, so there aren't many fashion blogs for older guys, however I've tried my hand at two posts for older dudes:




      I don't think I could do a whole blog for men. They are too stubborn... and wouldn't listen... and they'll probably forget to zip up their flies no matter what I say. Every now and then, I give it a shot, though.

  10. Paula Gregoire

    I'm 72 years old. I have not had a facelift. Tonight for a casual dinner I am wearing jeans with boots ....tucked in.

    I've check internet postings and pictures and have only seen Jane Fonda wearing boots with tight pants. She looks great. So why can't I?

    I think if you have a thin build you can wear any fashion you want, within reason of course.

    After reading this however, I hope I don't feel self conscience. I've always dressed a little "over the top". I just can't see myself in some of the suggested clothing for women in their 70's.

    I have two daughters in their 40's who will be at the dinner. They both have always been fashion icons. I guess I will find out tonight what they think about what I'm wearing. They really don't mince words when it comes to what I wear.

    If I look tacky, "too much", etc.they will tell me!

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Hi Ms Gregoire,

      I'm not going to dress more conservative as I get older. I think that women who look good in traditional, tailored things will want to wear better traditional, tailored clothes, but I don't know what i'll be wearing in ten years when I'm 72. It will definitely be different.

      Also, I've seen a photo of Iris Apfel in thigh-high boots. I'm sure you can wear skinny jeans tucked into boots!

  11. Lee Quinn

    Interesting article. Finally someone has actually used "70". I laugh when I see articles that lead off with ."how older women dress" and then refer to 50 and 60 year old women. I am in my late 70's, not skinny, but active. I like to look up to date without being ridiculous . It is tough!!! Last year I did go to a dept. store and use their personal shopper. A good experience. Only got one outfit, but even my daughter remarked on it. The difficult part is to have casual clothes that are not dumpy. I also need to wear clogs for everyday shoes and that is limiting. However it does keep a smile on my face when the feet do not hurt. So, I will keep on hunting for good style.

    • Tina-Boomerina


      If you came out of a store with ONE good outfit, you have done extremely well.

      Lee, I think you are very brave to go into a department store. I only do that when I have my husband or my daughter for moral support. However, I've never used a personal shopper. I've always thought they would try to get me to buy things I would never wear.

      There's no good reason for me to avoid stores. The sales people in department stores are usually nice, but it seems that I try on outfit after outfit... eventually breaking out into a cold sweat... only to have nothing fit. And, some of the things that DO fit make me look like an old goat. So, I almost always shop online. It's easier for me... even though I end up sending half my purchases back.

      Well, Lee, you've convinced me to try a personal shopper sometime this year. Trying a personal shopper has now become one of my New Year's Resolutions.


      • Tina-Boomerina

        ps Lee, don't worry about wearing clogs. I've read they are the latest trend... seriously. T

      • Lee Quinn

        I know what you mean about personal shoppers and trying on lots of outfits. I was actually there over 2 hours. Or it might have been 3. :-) Bought a sweater and one pair of pants. Assesories I noted and bought at Kohls for much less money and the same effect. Nordstroms has great service. Like many service areas and even doctors if the first one you get does not work for you try another one. :-)
        Glad to hear that clogs are in. :-) No choice here.
        When I was a teacher and in my 60's I wore Birkenstocks to school as that was what I needed then. One day I heard students behind me whispering asking each other if that was "really" what I was wearing. It was really funny as it was what the students then thought was the "thing". And, yes, I had grey hair then already. Happy New Year to you. Keep writing and bringing smiles to all of us "mature" girls. :-)

      • Rosie Gentry

        Struggling with my mundane wardrobe, and fast approaching 70, I searched "what should women over 70 wear", and found you! You sound like a wonderful soul. Thank you, I'm glad I found you. The information you offer as well as the comments from others have been most helpful, especially in reminding me that I am not alone in my quest (struggle). I too have the departmentstoreohobia you describe, and choose to torture myself instead with the online ordering-returning routine. After years of being on my feet, and then a recent foot injury, I cannot wear the shoe that "finishes" the outfit. A foot doctor wanted me to try orthotics, but I'm afraid that will make me agoraphobic! I have pretty much just given up on skirts and dresses and stick pants outfit. I think I will use your daughter's suggestions on accessorizing more to distract from those inevitable signs of aging, and also from ugly shoes! After all, comfort comes first, right. I give thanks every day for my many blessings and otherwise good health.

  12. Jeannine gomillion

    Delightful article. I am age 76, still work I wear black skirts a lot or black slacks with sweaters or heavier t shirts. I shop at Chicos and sometimes talbots but sometimes I feel kind of boring. I like the jewelry suggestion for longer necklaces. I will look for your welcome response and reaction to my description of wardrobe. Thank you.

    • Tina-Boomerina


      That sounds like a perfect wardrobe. I'm hoping to coerce my friend into writing more for women over 70. She's a doll, but she's always busy.

      Black skirts and slacks with sweaters and tees sounds like a classic work wardrobe. You can't go wrong with that. I think the best ways to add zing to an outfit is with accessories. I like scarves in my best colors. (Put different colors near your face and you'll know which ones look best.) I also like turquoise necklaces (mine are cheap and not always real... probably reconstituted turquoise)... or any necklaces with color.

      Some women look great with silver or gold necklaces. You may be one of them. I looked washed out with metal. If you're like me, try turquoise or coral beads.


      • Jeannine gomillion

        Dear Tina,

        Thank you for your wonderful response. I have just finished a really busy tax season and I am ready to clean out my closet. I am delighted you responded. Your scarf and jewelry ideas offer good direction. You obviously care about people. Keep up the good work. Jeannine. Ps. Thank your daughter as well.

    • Lorraine Kruuse

      Hi. I live in South Africa and find shopping for my age group extremely difficult, they don't seem to cater for us at all. Do you by any chance know of any websites that ship to our part of the world or ones that have photos of garments for 70 plus so that I could perhaps get a dressmaker to copy the style. Thank you for a really informative article.

  13. Kathleen Cawthon

    I just found this tonight! Your blog is great! I have liked all your comments! The turtleneck is hard to find! I live in Texas! Do you know where I can get a loose light colored one?

    I am 70.11 months old! I am shrinking in height from my back and a neck surgery 6 years ago! I was 5'4" all my life and am now 5'1". I have to shop in the petite area now! I still have a small waist, no stomach and weigh 120 lbs so clothes still look good on me when I try them on! However, as my beloved mom used to say, I don't want to "look too kittenish!".

    My friends and others complement me on what I wear and have always asked me where I shop! However, this being in my 70's is really confusing!!!! I still wear jeans tucked in with boots, or partial leather/ stretch material jeggings tucked in with boots! I also wear leggings with Short flat black or brown Booties in Suede or Leather. Most of my pants are Black that are not jeans! In fact, my tunic type tops or sweaters are also! I can wear sweaters that sit right below the waist with a jean jacket! I do not wear jeans with a Jean jacket ever! Too much jean! Mix jean material with another color! Sometimes I belt my tunics with a "Bling" Belt not too wide!
    I wear jewelry and like to wear v necks as they seem to draw attention away from my neck to my layered gold jewelry with a strand of short pearls. This layering stops about 1-1/2" or 2 " right above where my clevage starts. I wear an "odd" number of necklaces that are not too heavy when layered together! Sometimes instead of pearls, I layer in a turquoise or other colored stone or bling type necklace!!! I put makeup on my neck and chest lightly so my age spots do not show! Este Lauder has a great makeup in a tube that works wonders! I recently discovered some Clarins makeup in a jar that contains SPF 15 that I really like for my face and neck that covers age spots without looking too chalky! Of course, I always use sun screen, moisterizer and Obaji Skin Care that I buy from my Dermatologist! It lasts almost a year! I also, when my money is low, use Avon Anew! It is awesome also!

    Good luck " Girls of the 60's!!!!". We still have a lot of living to do!!!!!!

    I like your blog and will use a lot of your suggestions!!!!!
    Kathleen Cawthon

  14. Kay

    No hoops at all how crazy. Not all hoops are large and ugly. I have a pretty gold pair my husband of 52 years bought me and I will continue to wear tacky or not. Your words not mine. I often get compliments on them.

  15. Kay

    I used the wrong word it should have been trashy.

  16. Mona

    I am in my seventies and am always very frustrated to find that all the fashion(and not only clothes, make up, hair products, accessories, jewelry) is sold to me by people who are at least fifty years younger than me or worse. I feel like I belong to a life form which does not exist. The only advertising done ,which uses older models, has something to do with illness, dying or life insurance.
    Nowadays I need mostly casual clothes, maybe the occasional outfits for a festive occasion.
    I do not like to go shopping anymore and I do not get inspired by fashion magazines because most of the time the stuff offered is not very chic. To see a tall very skinny teenager in an outfit which seems to be created for runways only is not very inspiring. I would like to see more casual clothing
    About hiding body parts: I live in a hot climate and once the temperatures get over 100 shorts and t shirts are necessary to survive in the hot weather and there is no way in hell that I am going to wear turtle necks or long sleeves to prevent somebody to look at my aging body.
    I also took up cycling in my old age and ride a road bike nearly every day including the spandex outfits.
    There are so many morbidly obese people walking around I have to look at, so I am entitled to walk around in my aging body without having to be pressured into hiding.

    You mentioned in your blog that you could not find pictures of women in their seventies and that tells the whole story. We do not exist!!! In my opinion all these corporations are making a big mistake by catering only to the young, but by the people who run the show today will find out when they are old.

  17. MLD

    How come all of your models are 20+ when you are giving advice for 70+?

  18. Rowena Morehouse

    I'm 70 size 16, 5ft 3/4 tall, I'm a 40-D I wear a very good minimizer bra. I need a dress for my granddaughter's wedding in Germany in August. I do not want Black. This s a happy occasion. I like pastel teal, medium to blues, medium green's. Could I get away with a small to medium print etc.? I have a stomach pooch😁. I'm trying to find a dress that the
    dress goes below the knees, (I have arthritis in my knees so they swell as the day goes by😞).
    Please help becoming very depressed, because I also live over 1-2 hours from any major store through mountains.

    Thank You

    I sure hope I get an email back with suggestions.

  19. Pat Helal

    Dear Tina,

    You have really brightened my day! I am 73 and so grateful we had a daughter after having three boys. They are great, but there is nothing like a daughter to really lay it on the line about everything with her mother. I have been known to text her with my clothing choices for an outfit for a certain occasion. Her feedback is so valuable.

    Thanks to you and your daughter for being so pleasant and helpful. I thought your daughter's comments came through just fine. It is very difficult to put things into words and convey emotional content along with them. You're doing a great job.

    Have a happy 4th!!

  20. Jeannine gomillion

    Your wonderful response to my email has me coming back for more. Thank you for sharing. Sincerely grateful! Jeannine Gomillion

  21. Janet Harrington

    I am 78, 125 & 5'5", size 8 pants, size S most clothes. Really freaked about wearing tights/leggings but feel as though I am small enough to get by. Wearing Costco G Vanderbuilt jeans in 8 but have the waist taken in 2". Enjoy classic clothes and my kids tell me that I can wear scoop necks because my neck never developed crepy - but upper arms are awful - wear only 3/4 or longer sleeves. Lots of scarves (some 60+ years old but still silk). Can't stand most styles as I want something covering my knees that is not sleeveless - where do you suggest a woman of my age to shop that doesn't cost an arm & leg?

    • Tina-Boomerina


      I only look good in bohemian clothing, but I'll tell you some online stores I've shopped at that have more traditional styles. I always look at the sales. Sometimes I go full price. And, I don't really know what price range you want. (I'll just add places as I think of them).

      Draper's & Damon's: I've gotten several travel outfits here - jogging suits - that were appropriate for Europe and China. The outfits lasted for years, but I bought them years ago. Draper's has tops with longer sleeves.

      Ralph Lauren: You are lucky you're a size small. You might be able to find something from Ralph Lauren Collection on sale. Check out his other brands, of course.

      Nordstrom's: I would check out Nordies. For dresses, you might find something in Maggy London or Donna Morgan, but it's hit or miss depending on the season. Nordstrom is great because of their return policy. I also do well at HauteLook (their discount site).

      Chico's: I've never found one dammmm item at Chico's that fits my body type but you are so different from me that you might find something there. (I have bought jewelry I like at Chico's.)

      Covering Your Arms: You might be able to find a cute "wrap" thing (or shirt or shrug) that ties in the front (to wear over sleeveless tops or dresses). Different sites call these items different names. I'm talking about tops with sleeves not poncho-type things. For dressy occasions, you can find these cover-ups at wedding stores.

      UK Sites: I don't know what size you would be in UK sizes, however most women in the UK (and Europe) dress in a more traditional style than their sisters in the US. Jacques Vert, M&S, Debenham's, John Lewis, etc. may be worth a look. I would email for size advice. UK sizes are either one or two sizes smaller (I believe) than our sizes... can't remember for sure. If buying something expensive (like a gown) ask about duty/tariff/fees... because I don't think those are refundable. Everything else is about the same as shopping in the US - but double check the return policies because sometimes they are shorter than in the US. Just go online and google UK fashion. Hobbs may be good. Also, check Jaeger. I don't know prices, but I like what I've seen from them in the past... have no idea what's available at the moment.

      If you don't have any luck with all the regular online stores, I would try googling "modest clothing". It sounds boring but you can tart everything up with cool jewelry and silk scarves.

      I don't fit into "normal" clothes after taking prednisone a few years back. It made me balloon out. Everything body-wise went back to normal after I stopped the prednisone except for my tummy. I've never had a small waist, and I'm even worse now, so I'm probably not the best person to ask about clothing for an hourglass shape. My daughter would know good brands at Neiman Marcus, but most clothes at that Beverly Hills branch are so expensive as to be ridiculous. (On the other hand, I have found good sales items at Neimanmarcus.com and Last Call.)

      You can find dresses that cover your knees and tops with 3/4 sleeves on almost any website. You just have to weed through all the junk. Most things are for "kids", but you might find something perfect at Anthropologie or some other site with clothes for younger women. There is no ONE good store with affordable clothing for older women. We need a store or website with a buyer over 60!

  22. Tina-Boomerina

    Bare Legs or Stockings in Summer?

    Everyone keeps asking about bare legs in summer. My Beverly Hills Baby says nylons are better than bare legs for women over 70. Here are the rules.

    1. Donna Karan Hosiery: In summer, my daughter says to wear nude stockings. One good brand is Donna Karan. She said to get Donna Karan not DKNY. The best stockings have no sheen (or less sheen) and look more natural. No black stockings in summer - even at night.

    If you are doing bare legs, here are her tips.

    2. Fake Tan: My daughter believes in having a spray tan from a good salon for any event. She has heard Sally Hansen spray is good but has never used it. She says there is some leg butter by Benefit that makes highlights down the center of the leg, which makes your legs look great.

    So, there you go. I didn't know this stuff. I mean, we all know there are times when older women are going to go bare legged, but if you're going out or going into the city or going to a wedding, now you know. Older women should wear stockings. Younger women can choose to go bare or not.

    I'm not sure where the cutoff age is. It seems that much of the determination is whether you are on the East Coast (more formal), Midwest (more traditional) or the West Coast (more laid back). The type of function you're attending is also a factor.


  23. Diana Buckler

    I googled "apparel suitable for over 70 woman" and your site came up. Terrific info.

    I'm 83, thin but pear shaped and wear mostly casual clothes. As you've noted most of what's out there is for young women and teenagers so have copied down the stores you've mentioned. Thanks so much to you, your daughter, and your readers for their helpful comments. I need role models!

    Diana B.

  24. Elizabeth

    So, what's up with the comment that leather is too "sexy" for women over 70? We are sexual beings until we die. Sex after 70 just gets better! Typical comment from a young person...lol.

    I don't buy leather, not because I think I'm too "old" it because it does not honor animals.

  25. Liz@73


    Love the site! I do have a couple of comments: I'm 73, in good shape,size 8-10, tight tummy (wore a bikini not too long ago), and have no problems finding fashionable clothes that fit and that I love. It's obvious that us older gals come in all sizes, shapes, etc., so it's great to have a site like this. I think it is so,so important not to compare ourselves to others, but to stick with what works for us. It's also good to have friends who can tell us if we go "over the top" at times 😳Lol!

    Two issues with a couple of things I've read here: The comment that "leather is too sexy for a gal over 70." Really? We are sexual beings until we die. Sex just gets better and better! The only reason I don't go for leather is that I respect animals, not that I'm a "woman of a certain age."

    Young people! Lol!

    The bikini issue: If a lady has tight skin, no stretch marks, looks much younger than her chronological age, go for it! Hey, go for it even if you don't fit into that category! Be YOU!

    I guess my point is, don't let yourself be "pidgeon holed" at any age!

    One of my favorite quotes from AUNTIE MAME is, "Yes! Live! Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!

    Ladies, let's celebrate life! It's way, way too short!