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Is Khaki Green Still Hot for Women’s Fashions? [Updated 2015]

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

Is khaki green still hot for women's fashions a year and a half after I wrote the original article?

read about khaki for 2015 2016

French Style - Is Khaki Still Hot in 2015?


This post about khaki green was first uploaded during winter 2014, and the khaki "color trend" is still alive and kicking, because muted greens like khaki and olive drab have become true fashion neutrals.

A year and a half ago, designers like Givenchy, Chloé, and Burberry showed khaki green all over the spring/summer runways. And, Galliano had the hots for khaki back in 2012.

Now, designers like Jason Wu, Naeem Khan, Aigner, Elie Saab, Balmain, and a bunch of other people whose names I can't pronounce... are including gorgeous couture evening gowns in all kinds of khakis and olives... while other designers like Ralph Lauren, Etro, Dries Van Noten, Gucci, and Valentino are offering ready-to-wear in beautiful muddy greens for fall 2015 / winter 2016.

Yes, Khaki is Still Fashion Forward:

You can find khaki outfits at all the trendy London and European stores... so that's one clue that we'll be wearing khaki for a while longer.

Of course, fashions in the UK and Europe are ahead of the fashions in most parts of the US. And, khaki just started hitting American teens (and festival teenyboppers) a little over two years ago. So, olive drab and its drab little cousins are poised to become (or remain) staple colors for adult women for years to come.

Do I know this because I'm some kind of haute-couture designer groupie?


Do I know this because I throw hundreds of thousands at Harrod's and Neiman's every year?


Do I know this because I'm some kind of fashion guru?


I know it because I study the fashion boards on Pinterest.

What is so Great About Khaki?

What is so cool about khaki? Some people say we like the color because it's a military look. I disagree. I've never been into military "anything"...

Are we into khaki because the whole world is trending towards the nostalgic earthtone neutrals of the 70s? Maybe... I don't know. All I can say is khaki never seems to go out of style... but it's is more than that.

read about muted greens for fall 2015, winter 2016

Khaki Fashion Color Family for 2015

Khaki is Red and Green:

I think we like khaki because it's (usually) a beautiful blend of two intense, electrified colors we love: red and green. Khaki and its color cousins are livelier neutrals than sleepy grays, dusky blues, and dullard browns.

Khaki is the color of leaves. Khaki is the color of moss. Khaki is the color of life. Khaki is a whole range of shades. And, this brings up an interesting point... what color is khaki?

what color is khaki?

What is Khaki?

What Color is Khaki?

That’s a good question. I consider khaki to be a dark greenish olive made by mixing green with red, similar to either of the two colors on the right. However, Wikipedia calls the colors in this chart (from left to right) light khaki, khaki, dark khaki, and olive drab (a similar color used for military uniforms).

Not that I agree with Wikipedia about color names. I'm a color freak. I'm fairly sure that there's a little gnome who pulls colors out of a hat and calls them whatever he wants. It gives him a sense of Napoleonic Power. And, I know for a fact that the yellow color on the Wikipedia chart is NOT khaki... sheesh... we all know that the color on the left is called baby-urine yellow.

Pantone Fall Fashion Colors Include TWO Neutral Khaki-Like Greens:

You don't have to take my word for it when it comes to the trendiness of khaki. I am just a blogger. I am not a fashion expert. I am not really an expert on much of anything... except life in general... and baby boomers.

However, right now, we're heading into Fall / Winter 2015-16... although it's hot as heck and the air conditioner is blasting. You know how it goes. As soon as it's so hot you're ready to faint, it's time to try on wool coats...

... anyway, there are TWO neutral shades of khaki green from the Pantone fall palette that are filling the design houses and the stores. You can see them in the photo below:

read about khaki

Pantone Dried Herb & Desert Sage

The first one is Dried Herb, a warm and happy olive color used for making the best virgin olive oil on earth. The other one is Desert Sage, a soft, desert-pastel green with a tinge of teal... or turquoise fairy dust... or aquatic kelp from Puget Sound.

I'm sure all of you will agree that Dried Herb, the color on the left, is a form of khaki, but what about Desert Sage, the lighter of the two?

I consider Desert Sage to be a form of khaki because Desert Sage would be produced by lightening teal/blue green and adding a touch of red to darken and neutralize it. And, in my book, any green that's been dirtied down with red (and possibly a few other colors) is usually a form of khaki.

Also, I knew a guy in the 60s who got a green jacket from the Army-Navy Surplus Store and it looked pretty much like Desert Sage. Hey, if some Wikipedia gnome can proclaim that baby-urine yellow is a form of khaki... well... I can say that Desert Sage is the REAL light khaki.

What Colors Go With Dark Khaki Green/Olive Drab/Dried Herb/Desert Sage?

Every version of khaki goes with denim, but here are some of the colors that designers have been showing with khaki: black, cream, terracotta, red, navy, ice blue, and metallics.

khaki camo olive drab green brown red jewel tones

I love all olive versions of khaki with all jewel tones, especially reddish jewel tones, like purples and plums. Actually, olive colors, like Dried Herb go with any “flower” color. See the floral fabrics in the photo below for ideas.

What Colors Go With Light Khaki? Just about every color goes with light khaki, but I love it best with what I call desert colors. Try wearing any light khaki or regular khaki with pale colors like pinks, lavenders, light blues, summery greens, most yellows and oranges, and other neutrals like tans and taupes.

Update: I wrote the above paragraph over a year ago. Guess what? Half of the colors I mentioned are the new "desert colors" for Pantone fall 2015. Bingo!

what colors to wear with light khaki

I love desert pastels, but most of the time, your outfits will need a dark color to keep you from looking like you’re about to float away. So, you might want to add a bit of black, dark brown, dark green, dark red, dark khaki, navy, or dark blue if your ensemble is mostly light yellow khaki or light brown khaki.

Women’s Khaki Clothing from Spring/Summer 2014:

khaki color 2014 green drab camo olive brown tan

This photo shows three examples of how to wear khaki for spring and summer (2014). The clothes are from Izabel, Apricot, and Monsoon in the UK. Lots of celebs have been shown wearing tight (pencil) midis, so if you've got the body, you should be on the lookout for something like this adorable, trendy pencil dress.

I don't think khaki is going out of style anytime soon. It's such a beautiful, full-bodied neutral. You'll be able to wear a khaki parka (or coat or cape) for years... along with all your other khaki goodies. You can find everything from khaki green purses and sandals to khaki evening gowns with shimmering khaki rhinestones. Khaki is an offbeat color that will blend well with almost everything in your closet.

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. kay kerns

    Hi Tina nice article I love all the khakis but especially the darker greener ones-- and they do go with all the 'flower' colors just like green foliage

    • Tina-Boomerina


      I want you to know that you gave me the idea for the article. It was something you said about khaki in one of your emails.

      I can tell that khaki green is your color. It's not my best, but I have several khaki things in my closet: one hat, one new top, a few jersey tops from igigi or a similar company, and I bought a coat in light khaki this year because my old puffer coats are falling apart and the coat was on sale for a phenomenal price at Macy's.

      I didn't realize that it was such a good, trendy color until you mentioned it in the email when you talked about how you like to follow fashion magazines because you're a bit of a shopaholic. Anyway, several people have mentioned in emails that they love this article. And, I wouldn't have written it without your help.


      Tina Boomerina