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5 Easy-to-Wear Kimono Styles for Women of All Ages


by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

The kimono jacket trend is one fashion style that all women of all ages will love forever. And, once you find a fun kimono, you’ll wear it so much that you might start singing the 1980’s punk-pop song, “(I Think I’m) Turning Japanese,” even though the current kimono styles are more like 1920’s flapper coats or 1960’s hippie-rocker wraps than anything worn by Geisha or Samurai.

So, you like the look of those things, but what do you do with them?

How to Wear a Kimono Wrap or Jacket

The first thing you must do is to forget all the rules. You can wear a kimono wrap over a T-shirt and jeans, a little black dress, a haute-couture evening gown, or a swimsuit on a cruise ship. Of course, some kimonos are better suited to formal occasions and some kimonos are “intended” to be worn on the beach… but it’s up to you to decide how and when you want to wear your wrap.

Remember…No Rules: It’s your clothing. It’s your body… You get to put it all together however you want, in a way that looks right to you.

Fashion kimonos run the gamut, from high-end silk-burnouts with fancy-dancy embellishments to inexpensive, polyester swimsuit coverups, but all kimonos are fun, and they all work in a variety of situations. Forget how your kimono is labeled and wear it however and whenever you want.

Here are some different types of fashion kimonos:

gatsby wrap coat jackets

1. Flapper Kimono Wraps: Kimonos used to be all the rage in the 1920’s. However, unlike proper Asian kimonos, Jazz-Age women wore their wraps open (untied) and drapey, in a carefree, casual manner.

Flappers wore both short kimono jackets and long, duster-style coats. The very best wraps were made of sheer or velvet silk, and they were beaded or embroidered with intricate Asian motifs. Of course, many kimonos had long, elaborate silk fringe.

You can get a similar look today in trendy stores without having to sell your soul and marry a Vanderbilt… or a Gatsby.

hippie coats jackets vintage

2. Boho Hippie-Style Kimonos: If you were a hippie chick back in the 60’s or 70’s, and you lived on the West Coast or in the UK, you probably augmented your low-cost hippie wardrobe by scrounging around for cool vintage clothing at your local thrift store. And, if you were really lucky, you could score an old party dress from the 40’s (with nice beadwork) or a flapper-style kimono gown.

Sometimes we bought old boudoir kimonos and wore them as outerwear. And, of course, anything with silk fringe was a real treasure.

Soon, hippies (and corporate manufacturers) started making knockoffs of those 1920’s kimonos, and quite a few kimonos were made of macramé, but you could also find rockin’ boho kimonos in a million different styles out of all kinds of fabrics. If you’re lucky, you might find a vintage style on Etsy in your size.

lagenlook kimono jackets

3. Cropped Kimonos: A short Kimono jacket (or sweater) can be worn just like a shrug or a bolero; and the shorter styles are extremely cute when worn Lagenlook-mode over long, tunic-length tops with lace or ruffles. Of course, you can also wear short kimonos over T-shirts or dresses or anything.

swimsuit cover ups

4. Beach or Cruise Coverup: Some cool, ethnic style kimonos are made to be worn over swimsuits. You can, of course, wear these over tops and dresses like shawls or wraps. Keep yourself warm from the cool evening sea breezes… or just cover your old-lady arms so you don’t look like crapola when someone posts your pic on Facebook with no warning.

5. Velvet Evening Kimonos: If you want something to keep you fairly warm, but you also want something that’s easy to pack or to carry in your oversized handbag, look for a longline, oversized velvet kimono. You can wear velvet kimonos in the daytime, too, for a great boho look.

I just love unstructured garments, like kimonos, because they are so comfortable and so easy to fit. Also, just like other wraps, you’ll find a million ways to wear your kimono… and a million ways to make your look unique.

Just look around all over the place or contact me and tell me what you need. I love kimonos.


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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. kay kerns

    I love kimonos and wraps like this...don't have any but I'm always looking for them in the thrift stores

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Kay, I used to have a kimono wrap, but it is long gone... it was probably a size 4 or 6... yeah, right.

      I'm thinking about cutting off an inexpensive floral silk kimono I got in China ages ago and wearing it as a jacket. I'm not sure if the kimono was supposed to be used as a robe or as a jacket, but it's my robe and it's my bod... I get to wear it however I want to. right?

      I just have to find someone who can sew it. I have a friend who does cheap tailoring, so I'll go to her when I have more time & energy. mostly when i have more energy.


  2. Maria Jerez

    Thank you, I just. See all the kids wearing them over short short shorts and I'm not going there lol sobi was looking for s