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17 Christmas Gifts for Your Baby Boomer Man

presents for dad grandfather father

by Kay Kerns

It's time to buy your Baby Boomer man a holiday gift or two. I have heard many a woman remark that it's harder to shop for men. I find it challenging too, but here are a few suggestions. I ran my Pinterest Board 'Gifts for the Baby Boomer Man" by my 62-year old boyfriend who is a cool nerd.

He liked these items best.

Presents for a Boomer Boyfriend:presents father grandfather

  • Solar charging backpack: This can charge your laptop. From Voltaic. This can be your bug out bag. Charge your phone and flashlights and laptop.   Just fill it up with supplies. Grab and run in any emergency: Walmart. (There's a smaller, cheaper version.
  • Slippers: Ugg slippers or some similar type of warm slippers.
  • Collectable Inspired Stuff: Marvel Outside Print Wallet (with comic book print) or a collectable comic book.
  • Watch: Men's Timex Expedition Watch: Easy enough to read. Cool enough to not look sissy.

  • Emergency Kit: No Electricity Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio, Flashlight, Charger for iPhone: Walmart.
  • Lounge pants: Men's Bamboo Lounge Pants (or something similar like cotton).
  • Seattle Seahawks Knit Hat: Get a sports hat from your man's favorite team.
  • Mens Regular-Fit Flannel Shirt: (My man also likes cotton sweaters.)
  • Stash box for herbs

Other Gifts My Man Likes:

This list has my man's top picks but of course every man has his own personality, interests and hobbies. He also likes brandy, chocolate, beer and popcorn which could be stocking stuffers along with a pack of black hair elastics for his long ponytail and some nice cushy warm work socks. He said that gifts which speak to leisure activities and also technological gadgets are good choices. I hope this has helped inspire you to find something for your Boomer man!

Browsing Online for Christmas Presents:christmas gifts for 50 60 year old men

My boyfriend and I went online and found some other cool things. Here are a few that he loved:

  • Bluetooth Earmuffs: Comfy, padded earmuffs with two 0.25w speakers that play your music with crystal clear sound.  
  • Stormtrooper Night Light: Unbelievably cool Star Wars helmet night light. (sold out)
  • Space Backpack: Perfect for Boomer guys who grew up with Star Trek and Star Wars.
  • Universe T-shirt: With photo of outer space.
  • Water Dancing Speakers: When music plays the speakers blow jets of illuminated water, like your very own Bellagio fountains: Amazon.com.
  • Muvi Atom Micro Camera Bundle: Measuring only 4cm tall the Muvi Atom is one of smallest camcorders in the world.
  • Millenium Falcon Bottle Opener: Star Wars opener.

Top Gifts for Boomer Men:

  • Collectibles
  • Gadgets
  • Games
  • Leisure clothing and accessories
  • Snack food/drinks
  • DVD's of movies, TV shows, concerts or comedians
  • Camping/survival gear
  • Watches
  • Smoking stuff and accessories (wink)

If I made my boyfriend a handcrafted gift, I think a fancy framed picture of his dog or a special stash box would be appreciated more than a funky handknit sweater. It's always fun for a Baby Boomer man to get gifts that he'll really use or things that will remind him of his youth. Why grow up too fast?

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Kay Kerns lives in Bremerton, Washington and admits to having a mild shopping addiction, but that’s why she knows so much about fashion. Her favorite vintage shop is Bella Luna Consignment Boutique in Bremerton.

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