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The 2 Fashion Rules for Grown Women

by Elle Bott

I think honestly there are only two fashion rules for grown women:

  • 1) Don't dress like a teenager
  • 2) Don't dress like a tramp

older women can wear trendy clothingEverything else depends on the individual. For instance, I wear Moto jackets, see-through tops with camisoles, maxi-dresses and tank tops. I do not wear short-shorts, or miniskirts (never have - even in my teens and 20s).

I also don't wear capris, which have become the mid-age/old woman shorts alternative. God, they're so ugly!

A nice sundress, light wrap dress or sheath dress looks much better.

My Body is Not Perfect

read about fashion tips for baby boomers

Clothing for Baby Boomers

My body is not perfect, and I am not bone thin, but I was blessed with a proportional hourglass shape and relatively slender arms and legs.I wear skinny jeans (always plain-pocket dark wash or black), boots tucked into my skinny jeans, and knee high boots.

In short, I strive to look like a well-dressed grown-up lady at all times.

My look is classic/dramatic with just a touch of boho. I let my accessories and jewelry take center stage.

I always look appropriate and of the moment.

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Fashion Rules for Women

Not Quite a Baby Boomer

As for my age, I would consider myself Gen-X.

It seems like everyone forgot about us, the generation after the boomers (that turned 40 in 2004) and grew up with Star Wars and video games.

I just want to emphasize that every woman 40 and older is not the same, and that most women don't look as horrid as they think.

Society is Ageist

Society is pretty ageist and does some terrific brainwashing, and the media doesn't help with its complete focus on really young, picture-perfect women.

Even the older women are only praised because they look "younger than their age."

I'm out and about enough to know that there are NO perfect women - young or old.

Therefore, I am adamant that no one needs to have arms like Mrs. Obama or legs like Naomi Campbell to wear a nice sleeveless dress of the appropriate length that will make them feel feminine and wonderful.

Older Women Should Not Look Frumpy

The way I see it, for older women especially, a woman should never forget that first and foremost she is a sensual, feminine woman.

I feel so sad when I see women just give up, cut all their hair off and get into clothes that are sloppy and unflattering because they feel like society says, “I'm old and finished now and I don't look as good as those 20-year-olds or my daughter, so I should just forget it.”

NO.NO. NO. Wrong thinking.

Say This Every Day

“I'm a sensual, mature woman and I can carry off a level of elegance and sophistication a 20-year-old cannot yet match." That's what every woman over 40 should look in the mirror and tell herself every single day. It's what every woman over 40 should strive for every single day.

Dress for Your Body Typeclothing for apple shapes

Lastly, everyone should know their body type (Apple? Hourglass? Pear?). That's more important than age when it comes to getting dressed, IMHO. I barely think about my age when I dress, aside from staying out of the Junior's department. I think about my lifestyle (will I really wear this?), my color palette, and my body type.

Note from Tina Boomerina:

Thanks Elle. You left a comment for me (in an email) saying that you are very opinionated, but that’s a good thing, especially when your opinions are fabulous. I’m going to tape your quote to my mirror and say that to myself every day.

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Photo Credits: prshots.com

  • Main Photo: LaRedoute. Clothing for Baby Boomers: LaRedoute. Fashion Rules for Women: Monsoon. Mouseover for other captions.

What do you think of Elle's article? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page. It won't show up until I have time to approve it.

Elle Bott is from Gen-X, but we’ve made her an honorary Boomerina because she “gets it”.

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  1. kay kerns

    Great article I was wondering about the Moto jacket question

  2. TKO

    When, exactly, is it that we get to relax and not CARE about what we look like? Are we still supposed to be "sensual older women" in the nursing home, or can we finally drop our guard then? I feel that, while I'm sure you're trying to be supportive, your article just emphasizes society's CONSTANT pressure on women to be attractive--from cradle to grave. How about we get out there and have a happy, satisfying life, and to HELL with what we wear?

    • Tina-Boomerina


      Actually, I am the head Boomerina, but not the author of this article. The answer is that you can wear whateverthehell you want. However, I have found that people treat me better when I'm wearing something that doesn't look like pig slop.

      I don't care if you want to be a sensual older woman, but the article does make the point that women of all ages are always judged by how young they look. That's just BS. Should we wear pigtails and kneesocks in an attempt to look like kids? Right.

      Personally, I have found that my best and most comfortable compromise between being fashionably chic and unfashionably slobbery is to wear silky boho clothing. I wear long skirts and dresses because they are more like wearing a bathrobe than anything I can find. Johnny Was is my current fave, but looking for less expensive (and warmer) alternatives. I also wear a lot of tunic-length tops and coats over stretchy leggings.... which are the closest thing I can find to jammies.

      There are ways to dress acceptably without feeling like you're trying to get a man to jump your bones... and without being uncomfortable. The clothes I like are somewhat expensive for what they are... isn't everything these days... but I wear the same stuff everywhere. I don't care.

      I'm sorry that I can't answer for the author. I'll try to contact her and see if she wants to add something.

      Tina Boomerina

    • elle

      I think that seeing yourself as a sensual and vibrant woman to be a lifelong thing, because it's much more about attitude than wardrobe or makeup or nails, etc. In fact, I believe you can be a completely natural woman and still be gorgeous and vibrant because you're living your truth! I'm not sure why any woman would want to give that up, no matter what her age. In fact my own grandmother, who will be 91 years of age this month, is a vibrant and sensual woman. Is she obsessed with looks, no. Does she always look great, yes. So clearly, looking and feeling great are not dependent upon slavishly observing beauty rituals. It's your attitude and how you are living in the world, too.

  3. Cyndy Watt

    It is hard to take this article seriously when all the models appear to be in their 20's.

  4. Patty Johnston

    Where can I buy the beautiful teal blue sleeveless dress that is featured directly above the caption: "Fashion Rules for Women" on your homepage. I love that dress!!! Perfect with the black stockings/shoes/purse.

    • Tina-Boomerina


      I wish I could help you. I see that the caption was deleted when we updated the site. It's happened on a few photos. Bummer. It may have come from Marisota.com or M&Co, but the article is from a few years ago so I'm not sure if they still have it. They may have something similar (updated color/updated pattern). I'm just making a guess about the store. My pal wrote this article about two years ago... but I'm fairly sure it was one a store that started with M. I don't get paid to endorse any website... but you might try one of those or any of the other M companies in the UK you run across.

      I suppose you could also try Monsoon, M&S, and even East... but East doesn't keep the same styles as long... most of the time. Dang, I'm going to be trying to remember where this photo is from for forever. If you're looking for plus, try Marisota or Simply Be. They MIGHT have something similar.


  5. teajae

    I'm a Gen-Xer too. I love Capri pants. You can dress them bad boys up. Don't get the cheap pair get a nice quality pair. Some beautiful espadrilles, wedges, or dressy high heel sandal it can work and look chic IMO. Taste vaies with everyone aye. I really enjoyed this post😉