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Why Aren’t There Any Baby Boomer Models?

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

The other day I got an email from a Baby Boomer reader:

Hello, I am a woman nearing 55 and seriously looking for tips on what swimsuit to wear at my age, and your models for women over 50 in swimsuits are all less than 50. Why? 



I get emails like this all the time. Yes, my wonderfully discerning readers like to blast me for using photos of young, perkily ta-ta-ed fashion models young enough to be my granddaughters. And, I totally understand... I really do. I don't want to use pictures of 16-year-old models when I'm writing for my Baby Boomer pals. But, I need to use SOME type of photo to show you different styles of swimsuits or dresses or jeans or coats... or whatever I think might look good on you.

But, why do I use pictures that have teenybopper models? Well, there's a good reason. Those photos are free.

I Use Free Photos

Unfortunately, my website doesn't make enough money (yet) for me to hire high-end models or world-class professional photographers, so I can't create my own photos with older models.

Most of my free photos (including my swimsuit photos) come from prshots.com, a great British website, which has lots of good examples of trendy clothing. The rest of my photos come from websites with free photos, like wikipedia.com and the creative commons section of flickr.com.

For each article, I spend hours wandering around the "internet jungle" looking for free Pinterest-worthy pics to help perk up my fabulous, one-woman website. Hey, Boomerinas.com is a labor of love. This site was created to fill a void, but I'm doing it all by myself... with a tiny bit of help.

use older models for older women's clothes

Look at the photo above. The picture on the left is a copyright-free photo from flickr.com. The one on the right is a typical photo used to advertise swimsuits on a clothing website. In this case, the photo shows a cute swimsuit from Marisota.com... and I think it's supposed to be a plus-sized swimsuit.... scary.

But, which photo should I use? Which pic do you want to see? Be honest.

I just felt the need to explain to you why I use photos of young girls even though my website is, indeed, written for women who are so freaking old they can sing all the words to "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" in their sleep… in both harmonies… while doing the twist with a Hula Hoop.

I Would Love to Have Swimsuit Photos With 40 or 50-Year-Old Models

I can’t afford to put together a swimsuit photo shoot in order to get high quality, high-res photos.

Imagine how much it would cost (and how much time it would take) to hire older fashion models, younger fashion photographers, adorable gay hairdressers, and formerly zit-faced makeup girls... just to pull off a Boomerinas.com Lookbook. In addition, I’d have to come up with bathing suits, coverups, footwear, and accessories. HolyCrapoly, I’m just a smart little sassy chick with a keyboard… this is not a New-York-Times-subsidized blog.

Stores Need to Give Us Baby Boomer Model Shots

Over the years, I have seen a few clothing photos with older models at prshots.com. And, I wish more brands would use models over 30 or 40 or 50 for some of their promo photographs. It would be absolutely super to show the same swimsuit (or the same dress or the same jeans) on two different models, one photo with a standard model and the other photo on an older model.

Companies wouldn't have to do this with every item, but it would be wonderful to see two photo options every now and then. And, I DON'T mean photos of "old lady" clothes. I mean photos of older chicks wearing the cute, trendy outfits that Baby Boomer chicks so desperately seek.

baby boomer clothing

I know it is possible for companies to find cool, hip older models.

Just look at the example from Debenham above. That older chick with the gray hair is fabulous. She could walk into a dance club with those two younger women and fit right in. And, I know guys would hit on that grey-haired woman in the photo, because young guys in their 30s sometimes hit on me and I'm not nearly as gorgeous as she is. (By the way, those dresses look somewhat silly on those 15-year-old girls. Those frocks are designed to be worn by women MY age... or women who are at least HALF my age.)

Marketers: Baby Boomers Don't Want to Look Like Margaret Thatcher

PR and marketing people: If you can't find a bathing suit and cover-up that looks good on an older chick, skip the swimsuit. We'll understand.

Instead, try putting the older model in a fuchsia jumper, a royal blue infinity scarf, a black mini skirt, a pair of black tights, and a pair of rockin' royal blue stiletto booties... or something like that. Something sexy, something cool, something "Tina Turner"... but not something crazy. Don't post a promotional photo with an older women in sequined shorts. (On the other hand, I think we'd all rather have a pic of an older woman in sequined shorts than in some Queen-Elizabeth knockoff... if you know what I mean. Not that QE looks bad. It's just that we don't want to dress like her... except for the hats. That gal knows how to rock a hat.)

Dear online stores: I have a feeling Baby Boomers everywhere would look at a photo of an older model in a fab outfit, and jump up yelling, "Holy carpe diem, I could wear that cute outfit! I wonder what else Debenham (or Nordstrom or M&S) has for me."

So, PR-marketing people, why not give it a try? What have you got to lose?

Swimsuit Photos with Older Models

send me a photo of yourself

Well, if we can't get famous clothing websites to give us free PR photos of older models wearing swimsuits, maybe my readers can help out.

Readers: If you have a favorite bathing suit, send me a photo of yourself in your swimsuit. I will post your photo on this site, because I sure as hell ain’t gonna put my own swimsuit pictures online. (The photo above is not me... I look much better in a swimsuit than that, but I'm not tall enough to be a model.)

Remind Stores That Boomers Love to Shop Online

Well, my little chickadees, if you want to see more photos of older women showing us how to wear trendy outfits, email the good people at clothing sites and tell them you love clothing, but you want to see what their wares look like on a female over 12, someone who looks a tiny bit more like their average customer.

We know there are tall, willowy, beautiful women over 40... and I think clothing companies want our money, don't they?

Let's start a revolution. We've got nothing to lose by asking companies to make a few small changes, and it doesn't cost a penny for you to help. If you agree that fashion photos of clothing, styles grown women might buy, should occasionally include models over 30 (every now and then), you should email people other than me. Here are some possible things you could write, but it would be better to come up with your own words.

You can find contact info at the bottom of the page on most websites, but you don't have to contact anyone unless you like to do that sort of thing.

Clothing for Women over 40, 50, 60

Actually, I'm hoping a few marketing and advertising people will stumble across this article and give the subject some thought. I understand that clothing stores want their fashions to look young and hip, not old and dowdy, but "over 40" does not necessarily translate into boring and dowdy.

Baby boomer women (ages 50-70 or so) are a huge market. And, they do a large part of their shopping online.

Readers: If you feel like taking a stand, leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Someday, I will email this page to various clothing sites, like a petition.

UPDATE: Dunnes, a UK clothing store, did use a beautiful older woman as a model last season, which is great. I want to give them credit for their attempt. However, they put her in several outfits which were "appropriate" for an older woman... if you know what I mean. The clothing was standard "suburban lady" style. It wasn't bad for everyday wear, but they should have put the model in something memorable and fun. If they had shown the model wearing younger, hipper styles... which they do carry at Dunnes... I would have used those photos in my blog. And, lots of other bloggers would have used those photos.

Read about baby boomer models

Baby Boomer Models in Their 50s

Baby Boomer Models

In truth, the women in this photo are not models, but they are Baby Boomers. All three of these chicks are British actresses over 50, but many actresses started out as models. Maybe these chicks have younger (or older) sisters who are in need of a little cash and would like to make a name for themselves in modeling.

Maybe, marketing people don't understand Baby Boomers and how negatively we respond to their techniques. I'm not saying all photos need to have older models. I'm saying what they are doing is similar to showing ONLY white models with blonde hair (and using no models of color, such as African-American or Hispanic models). Younger people may not remember that in the 60s we never saw any non-white models (except in specialty magazines).

This age-discrimination issue can be changed and it should be changed. It's not like there are no beautiful women over age 30.

Note: Things are getting a little better. I am seeing a few older models on the sites I use for promotional photos. However, it would be great if you could continue voicing your opinions. You know how to do it. You are the customer and you are, after all, Baby Boomers.

Leave a comment at the bottom of the page if you want to see change.

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Photo Credits:

  • Main Photo: Heatons, Asos, Heatons. Prshots.com
  • Baby Boomer Models: Wikipedia credits - Georges Biard, Damien Everett, Florida Supercon.

What do you think of this article? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page or give us a google plus.

Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. kay kerns

    I wondered where you were getting your photos...I don't mind if the models are younger or thinner than I am...but then I mostly use fashion photos for inspiration instead of trying to purchase the exact item pictured...I think you're doing a great job your blog topics are very well researched

    • Tina-Boomerina


      Thanks. I spend a lot of time looking for the right photos. I'm not a professional photographer and I don't have any supermodel friends. But, I like to have pictures on my website.
      Tina Boomerina

  2. Kymberly

    I have gotten to the point where I will refuse to buy a product that says it's for my boomer age, then touts only a 20 or 30 year old model. If a company claims it offers a great product for a midlifer yet can't stand behind that with age related images then I consider it misleading or duplicitous. Go Boomerina

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Thank you Kymberly,

      I agree 100 percent. If I had the means to show older models, I would. But, I'm not going to put a photo of myself in a swimsuit and I'm the only free model I have.

      Tina Boomerina

  3. Ketutar Jensen

    Hello, Christina! :-)

    It is wonderful that you have this site, and I do hope you'll get enough money from it to be able to make this site as you'd like it.

    But there are some problems I'm having with this article.

    "I don't want to use pictures of 16-year-old models when I'm writing for my Baby Boomer pals."
    But you do, because you get those pictures for free. The thought "so, you don't have a camera and friends, then?" popped in my head.

    Then I read "I'm not a professional photographer and I don't have any supermodel friends"

    Those girls in your photos are not supermodels either, they are not ""high-end models" either. They are just models. Pretty, thin women, who look "good" in bathing suit and are not inhibited by their bad self-esteem.

    The photographers taking these pictures are not "world-class, professional photographers", just professional photographers. It's not difficult to become a good, amateur photographer with good enough pictures for your blog and Pinterest. There are tons of non-professional photos at Pinterest.

    So perhaps, if you yourself are not interested to put the time you use in searching photos online into learning to take those photos yourself, maybe you know someone who is, or who already has taken the time and already is a photographer "good enough".

    And that is another problem I have with this article. What's wrong with "good enough"?

    "I can’t afford to put together a swimsuit photo shoot in order to get high quality, high-res photos" "to hire older fashion models, younger fashion photographers, adorable gay hairdressers, and formerly zit-faced makeup girls", "the bathing suits, the coverups, the footwear, and the accessories for the shoot" "so I can't create my own photos of older models in swimsuits."

    Why do your photos have to be "high quality, high-resolution"? Isn't "good enough" good enough?
    And why do your models have to be professional fashion models?
    Why do your photographers have to be professional fashion photographers? (And younger?)
    Why do your hairdressers have to be professional, adorable and gay?
    Why do your make-up girls have to be professional and "girls"?

    You do have a nice suggestion, that your readers become your models and send you photos. (I'm pretty sure your readers are not professional models, make-up artists, photographers and hairdressers either...)

    There is an amazing Swedish knitwear designer, who can't afford using professional models either. She asks all her readers to volunteer as models for her garments. Now, she is a professional knitwear designer who makes the garments, but her models don't get paid anything but the garment they model, and the "free advertisement" they get by having a photo of them on her website and the books etc. she writes.
    I was also thinking about "Sisters Elliot", and in that show they used dancers as catwalk models in their first show, because they couldn't afford real catwalk models.

    Now, I live in Sweden and I assume you are a bit too long away from me, but I would volunteer for the good cause.

    Which brings me to my next problem.

    "because I sure as hell ain’t gonna put my own swimsuit pictures online."
    "I'm not going to put a photo of myself in a swimsuit and I'm the only free model I have."

    "[your] mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world."

    What is "kind and gentle" in expecting that the photos in your site are all of "supermodels"?

    "Which photo would you use to show different swimsuits"?

    I would use a photo of a REAL woman, who is of the SAME AGE GROUP as my readers and has the SAME KIND OF BODY as my readers, A REAL BODY, not so skinny and perfect and supermodelesque and photoshopped and YOUNG, not so impossible to achieve for my readers, a photo that makes my readers go "if SHE can put her photo on-line, then I can surely wear a swimming suit in public, and be proud of my "stripes" (stretch marks) because I EARNED THEM and people are not going to laugh at me and point fingers, because they have seen women who look like me - or "worse" (= less according to the impossible society demands) - on-line already.

    When it comes to the "bathing suits, cover-ups, footwear, accessories"...
    We all have to get ourselves all that anyway, don't we? So why not ask a group of older girls to come together and take with them their bathing suits, cover-ups, footwear, accessories and what ever else one might need on the beach, just for the fun of it? No payment, except perhaps you could serve them a lunch.
    You don't even need to put an ad in a paper, just print nice ads and ask your local fashion store if they could be so kind and put that on the wall or door, or as a leaflet on the cash register, so their customers can get the information.

    You don't need the latest fashion garments, when you are going to present lines and shapes that work, but you could always ask the shops around you if they could borrow clothes and accessories for your "photoshoot" if they get their name in your blog as a sponsor? It's not that you are going to keep the clothes, it's that they are taken from the store to the photoshoot location, and returned and the shop can sell them, just as they sell anything that has been tried on in their stores.
    You could even use the store as photo location. Just get a big white sheet as a backdrop, if you can't afford to blow up a nice free photo of an exotic vacation spot somewhere in the world.

    You could also ask what a professional photographer would cost for such a photoshoot and ask your readers to donate money for photograph fond via PayPal.

    I'm sorry, Tina, if I offend you or make you sad with my comment. That is absolutely not my intention. I'm saying that if there is a will, there is a way. You seem to be sincerely willing, but just unable to see the way.
    I'm not saying my suggestions are realistic, but perhaps you can use them to get a realistic, functional solution to this problem and make your site even more supporting, encouraging and empowering.
    We need "old girl power" too, and you are 100% right in saying that women who are older than 40 have qualities that women who are younger don't have.
    We are supposed to be more mature, more sure of ourselves, wiser in what is important - and being slender, having a flawless, smooth skin and perky breasts don't belong to that list.
    I can't wait getting older and getting more wrinkles, because to me a wrinkled woman is about the most beautiful there is. I'm "only" 44, and still fight with the social shallow expectations, think my upper arms are ugly, because they are flappy; my knees are ugly, because they are wrinkled and saggy; think my chin and neck are ugly, because I'm fat and have a short neck... and then I look at my sisters who are all older than me, and I look at my husband, and all the other people I love, and I don't see their chins and upper arms and knees and stretch marks and fat and liver spots and all the other "flaws", I see people I love and who to me are the most beautiful people in the world. THAT is what is important, to see through our hearts and not our critical eyes.
    I don't look at other women through that critical lens either. I don't look at people and judge their body type or color season and think "oh, she shouldn't wear that, because it's wrong color and shape and style and too young for a woman of her age!" I look at people and think "Oh, how lovely, bright eyes she has!"
    "Oh, how polished and finished she looks, it's wonderful to see a woman who cares about what she's wearing. Such a pleasure, such a joy!"
    "Oh, she dares to wear a bikini at her age, I wish I had her self-esteem!"
    (I'm sure you know exactly whom I'm thinking now. Everyone has been laughing at her the last 10 years, when we should actually be praising her for being such a role model.
    Why do we care so much about what others might think of how we look?
    Why are we so quick to judge people and laugh at them instead of accepting and celebrating people who dare to look what ever they look, without being ashamed and scared?)

    I do hope you find a solution that works for you, so that we get more photos of women our age and body type on-line and on Pinterest :-)

    Wishing you the best,

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Hi Ketutar,

      I am not offended in the least. You have some very good ideas. And, if you want to send a picture of yourself in a swimsuit someday, I will add it to the article.

      Yes, I will have to give it some thought. I do try to find photos of models who are older, but I'm doing this site almost all by myself. I have a terrible time finding the photos of the right clothing sometimes because I do my best to find the latest trends that I think will look good on most women of all shapes and sizes. Most of the time, I feel fortunate to find the right style of clothing that I'm writing about. It is extremely time consuming just to come up with the article... and then it takes forever to find the right (copyright correct) photo.

      However, your suggestions are great. I might be able to ask a swimsuit store to give me some help. And, I don't need perfect photos, but I need high resolution photos with great lighting because I pin almost all of my photos on Pinterest and it's very helpful to have good photos for Pinterest... and that's because I use Pinterest to as social media to help people find my site... to promote my site. Here's my main pinboard and you will see how I use Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/boomerinas/boards/ If you're unfamiliar with the site, when you see a photo you like, you click on it, and then you click again and it takes you to the website where the picture was originally posted.

      So, if I use pictures of "regular" women, I don't know if I would get many people to click through to my articles. On the other hand, it is worth trying... In general, I have found that only some photos get hits. It's kind of random, though. However, I have found that professional photos work better than small, homemade photos. I've tried some.

      If this were a few years back, I wouldn't mind taking photos of myself in a swimsuit, but I've taken horrid medications (prednisone) and it made my stomach swell up and it never went back to normal. However, I can't complain because the medication saved my eyesight. I'm not shy about using my own photos every now and then. Here is an example: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/274790014737963142/ .

      I don't care about stretch marks and I have them from my first pregnancy. I don't really hate my body, but I'm still waiting for my stomach to go down and I don't think it ever will... so unless I give birth to twins, I don't know if I'll ever be a swimsuit model.

      I wore a bikini up until I hit my 50s, and I only stopped because I ended up with huge scars from surgeries. However, I have a friend my age who looks amazing in a bikini and she's 61.

      It might be worth a try to go on Craigslist to see if some professional photographer would take photos for a small fee and a good cause. On the other hand, I just don't have the time and the energy to find the right clothing and models for all of my articles.

      Once my blog has been going a little longer it may be worth the investment to pay someone for the pictures I wish I had. I just don't have the energy that I used to have before my prednesone experience and my surgeries... small health problems... but they add up. However, you have given me quite a few good ideas and I will print out your comment and take it to a store to ask if they are willing to try it for the free publicity. I just don't know when I'll have a chance to do it. When I get to the point that I make enough money to hire an assistant, I will definitely be able to use your suggestions. And, when I get there... soon I think... I will try all the ideas you have come up with.

      I am not offended in the least. I am thrilled with your ideas.

      Tina Boomerina

      • Ketutar

        Hi, Tina,

        Thank you for your response :-)

        I have full understanding of how much time and energy it takes to write a blog. I have a couple myself, which I don't update even close enough. Most of them are dead or dying, even when the issues are important to me.

        I am familiar with Pinterest :-) My pin name is Ketutar.

        I'm not saying that you should do this or that, you know best what you can put your time and energy in, but there are blogs where the photos are not taken by a professional photographer, but still get pinned and repinned. One example is Advanced Style.

        I personally would pin everything a certain lady puts in her blog, even when the photos might not be perfect, because of her style. Now, of course, I cannot find her, but she's in Pinterest too, and I'm not the only one pinning her photos.

        Also, I love acolour-fulcanvas.blogspot

        That's really not the problem here, is it? My biggest problem is that this sounds like excuses. You are doing fine with this blog, and you don't need to explain or excuse anything you choose to do with it. Of course it would be nice to be able to use real people and real examples, and not need to try making a point by using free photos that really aren't making the right point.

        Or perhaps, "if you are top-heavy, apple-shaped or inverted triangle, don't wear dark bikini bottoms with patterned bikini top, and do see that the bikini bra is properly fitted and right size".
        I have been swimming wearing that in public, and wasn't laughed from the beach, or yelled at. As far as I know, no-one cared.

        I know, I know, I think it's really, really ugly. I think I am really ugly. I'm working on that attitude problem of mine. But in reality, those photos show that a lot of us, especially when we get older, believe to be uglier than we are, because we are trying to wear something we shouldn't... one doesn't put a baroque body in a bikini like that :-D

        By the way, I think you are really cute :-)


        • Tina-Boomerina

          Hi Ketutar,

          I'm sure that it takes me longer to write article posts than anyone else in the world. It may not always show, but I'm persnickety about a lot of silly things... and then I throw all the rules out the window whenever I feel like it.

          Thanks for all your kind words and I'll check out your Pinterest pages in a little bit. I'm always running late... even when I have nothing going on... but I loved your original comment and your ideas, so feel free to give me suggestions whenever you see something that could be done better - or whatever you want.

          Half the fun of blogging is interacting with other people who you'd probably never meet in the real world. And, I love to hear people's opinions. That's one of my favorite things in the world. Don't be shy about speaking up.

      • Tracey Gotham

        HiTina! I have been searching for a swimsuit for a cruise in December. You may find what you need professionally from Craigslist, but modelmayhem.Com is a far better resource. Lots of models and photographers doing free work to complete their portfolios. Good luck! Love what you are doing!

        Tracey Gotham

      • Christine Delvecchio

        Hi Tina! I came across your blog while I was online researching (actually searching like hell) for some Boomer model types. I'll do my best to give you the Readers Digest Version of my story. Today I turned 51. I'm the President/CEO of AATshirts.com Apparel Decoration business. With the help of my college age daughters we are launching an online retail division with some fun retro apparel that will appeal to all ages. Young hipsters on up to some nostalgic Boomers. Guess what else. I am also am actress and a model. In the 90's I had some more impressive Agents in NY and LA however divorce led me back to MI. to take care of what was most important to me.My kiddies of course.I'm not unhappy about that because a fabulous Company was established and my little lambs are something to be quite proud of...but I have an empty nest now and no hubby to nag! LOL A few short months ago I re-signed with a local agent. I'm thankful to have and agent but, I'd be more thankful if they paired me up with legitimate opportunities for someone like myself. If I were casting I'd cast myself as sophisticated,mature,classic beauty. Gawd that sounds like I'm bragging...I'm not. I do clean up nicely though. Anyway, I am just rebuilding my portfolio. If you can use any of my shots OR if you come across a legitimate agency that features 50Plus...let me know! You can Copy Paste this link to see me! http://www.facebook.com/TiniChristine

        • Tina-Boomerina


          I would love to use your shots. You are beautiful.

          Sorry it took so long to approve your comment... tech problems and moving to new state... long story. Thanks for the pics. I will use them somewhere. And, if you want to write about how and why you started your company, I'd like to post the article with a good backlink to AATshirts.com and a small bit of PR on Pinterest. I don't know much about modeling agencies but I think there are some. Legit... don't know.

          I'm still having a few tech problems with a few aspects of this site. One of them is that I can't post articles under a guest poster's name. However, I could do an email "interview" about your experiences with starting a company and how you got where you are and why you did it. (God, don't grade this on grammar. Love your T-shirt about figuratively... might need it.)

          I'll email you.


          • Tina-Boomerina

            ps Dang, I'm so far behind and I don't have time to edit above comment. What I meant was that I could do an interview and post article under my name. You'll still get backlink and that's the main thing.

            I like to do articles about "older" women starting businesses or doing what they've always wanted to do. One article on here is about a gal who became a helicopter pilot.

            Let me know.

  4. Jessica

    Take photos of yourself or your friends.

  5. Karen

    Oh Tina - you POOR Woman!

    You create a great and helpful website then have to run around and edit posts because people don't get your sense of humor or have ridiculous expectations.

    There is no need for you to approve this comment because who wants to deal with the looney toons who think you should be throwing your friends into outfits, photographing them and uploading them to your site to illustrate the points you make in your posts.

    I really don't get some people. I used to pin a lot and would post pictures of plus size clothing they had on the Neiman's website and people would shriek: she isn't a plus size . . . etc. Like I worked for Neiman Marcus or something and advised them to use photos of skinny minnie models.

    Hell if Neimans has a garment in both missy and plus sizes they (a huge company) don't go through the trouble of taking two sets of photos but YOU a one woman show is supposed to do that.

    Get real people.

    • Tina-Boomerina


      Why on earth would I not want to approve your comment? It's fabulous. You are so right. You are wonderful.

      And, I'm going to hunt you down and tell you to get photos of plus size models on your Pinterest boards... just for fun. I'm glad you understand.

      I had been thinking about getting yellow smiley faces and pasting them onto the model's heads. I thought that would be funny. Have a nice day.

      I should just say "Get real people" more often.

      Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much for your comment. I feel a lot better.


      • Karen

        Well the truth is I used to run a blog so I know how much work goes into it - I don't know if it is possible to know if you never ran one yourself.

        But I mean OF COURSE a designer can use friends to model her designs - she is going to make money selling the designs not get 40 cents every now and then from her site.

        Also people reading this blog you do realize that Tina doesn't buy every item of clothing she features or writes about - she is offering different suggestions of what might work for you based on similar items she has owned or tried on.

        So Tina: stop writing this blog immediately go out and buy a lottery ticket so you can buy every piece of clothing you want to blog about and then find a free plus size model and have her come to your home and I'm sure you won't feel bad about not tipping her or offering her refreshments because free is free, amiright?

        And when you achieve all of that let me know and I will come back and visit your blog again BUT you better have a good camera and be good @ Photoshop because if you blog about a dress and it looks blue on my monitor but it actually turns out to be more of a turquoise I'm going o expect you to pay the return shipping to the store.

        • Tina-Boomerina


          You are my new best friend. When I win the lottery, I'm taking you to Paris.

          Tina ps I am good at Photoshop... and if I win the lottery I will start my own line. And I will be the fit model...haha

  6. Tina-Boomerina

    Sandy Sandy Sandy Sandy Sandy

    Hi Sandy,

    You left a comment on another article, but it's really relevant to this article about copyright. I tried to post your comment here "as Sandy" but some tech glitch kept stopping it from posting... even when I logged out and pretended to be you... which should have worked in theory.

    So... everyone... here is the comment left by Sandy on another discussion about copyright.

    Sandy says the following:

    Amen on respecting copyright. I tried to start a blog once for gray hair women, and it was darn impossible because the only way I could get a good cross section of styles would be to steal them.

    There are some sharp pictures on pinterest, but there is no way I'm going to take one of those photos and put them on a site. (I'm still conservative with pinterest as I've heard so many stories about people getting called out on "pins". So at this point I "follow" a whole board instead of making boards myself)

    I love these social sites but I wish they would be more upfront about image use. ( The TOS seems to have loop holes for the lawyers to play with)

    In any case, just wanted to let you know I can live with your pictures even with young heads and bodies. I just imagine what the outfit would look like with my bumps, curves and dips(ha ha). Your information is so good, I can overlook the images of the younger folks.

    If anyone is interested on the image thing and how it interplays with pinterest, here is an article by an artist that has done some research on it: (hope it's ok to post this here on your blog)

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Sandy, I just read the article. In the beginning, I contacted everyone before pinning. Now, I mostly pin photos from my site and from online stores, because I know the stores are happy to get the free publicity. I repin other people's pins and cross my fingers and hope that most pinners are good people who try to follow the rules. If anything looks spammy, I delete it from my boards.

      I love Pinterest too much to only pin my own things. The information is so good and it's so much easier to understand fashion (and other subjects) when you have a bunch of related photos together. These are my pinboards https://www.pinterest.com/boomerinas/. If something says Boomerinas (as the source) you can pin away without worry. And, if you click through to check the source, and it looks legit (not tumblr), it should be fine to repin those pins, as well.


  7. Tina-Boomerina


    I totally hear ya. I spend oodles of time looking for older women that I can legally use. It's damn near impossible. Flickr is one good source... if you use advanced search. There are many free sites with copyright free photos (wiki, others) but they are not hi-rez and they have crappy lighting and all that. And, you've seen them all before on highly public blogs. Many of those free photo sites are just a way to get you to buy stock photos... which don't play too well in Peoria. (Well, they may play in Peoria, but they don't play too well in LA or Dallas or New York.)

    I'm not quite as paranoid about Pinterest. I was in the beginning, but I decided that I post very few pins from other people and I try to check to see where a photo is from. When I'm in a hurry I sometimes forget to check. I should be more diligent, but this is the real world and I don't always have time. And, sometimes I need a photo to show something to people.

    And, if you see a Pinterest pin that says Boomerinas.com as the source, you know it's okay to repin it.

    But, I never use photos from Pinterest on my blog, although it's very tempting. I used to be an artist and I refuse to steal photos. If there's any photo on this site that I've used incorrectly, without permission, please tell me and I'll take it down and replace it with another.

    There is no way to know for sure if a photo actually is in the Creative Commons or if it is something a blogger can use if they give the source. We just have to try our best to determine that the photo is kosher.

    I DO KNOW that other bloggers have stolen photos from my website... including my wedding photos that I've used in articles... and it really pisses me off because that's MY photo of ME. I always turn them in when I see them.

    Anyway, it's a tricky subject. I can totally relate to the problems of finding photos of older women, Sandy, but I think there's some way to ask permission for Flickr photos not in Creative Commons. You should check that out. We need more blogs for women over 40. We are flurking invisible.


  8. Eileen Kimbrough

    older women are not represented much in magazines either. Fashions for women over fifty are shown on teenage models. Fitness mags do not include older women. We are still interested in clothing and would like more representation and more honest looking photos of how clothing would look. Even the young do not all have perfect bodies. Many women in their 60s, 70s, 80s are very fit and beautiful. Maybe models don't have to look so perfect.

    That said, I am glad someone is doing a blog for older women. Thank you.

    • Tina-Boomerina


      I wish I had easy access to older models wearing clothing that looks hip rather than dowdy. I only use free photos (and sometimes a few pics of myself which have been rushed by my impatient husband... my photographer).

      I will go to my favorite photo site and beg for a few shots of older women, but I doubt I'll get much. The last time I begged, they offered a few pictures of beautiful, older women wearing very boring, suburban-mall outfits. We already know about that stuff... we want the good stuff!

      Tina (ps I also have a hard time finding good plus-size clothing models. However, I'm not going to wander around town asking for volunteers. Do you know any volunteers?)


  9. Wanda Fought Murphy

    Hi Tina, We were born the same year.I just discovered your Blog,very interesting. I have secret dream of being older model,if I send you my Facebook site could you use a photo from it? wanda

    • Tina-Boomerina


      Wow, you're stunning.

      I would LOVE to use some of your photos (for various articles or possibly for an article about older models... something I've been meaning to write for a while). I will give you a backlink to your Facebook page or post your email address. (I suggest you create a new email account for this.)

      If I can figure out how to word the article(s) right (with the correct Bing and Google keywords), you could be "discovered" by some agency... but no promises... of course. I've heard there are no agencies that specialize in older models, but it's not my area of expertise, so I may be wrong.

      I need to get a photo release in writing, so please email me with permission to use a photo(s) if you want to give this a try.


      • Wanda Murphy

        Hi Tina, I started a reply yesterday,don't think it sent properly. I am agreeing to your use of photos of myself, contingent on my signing model release, and approving the ones you choose.
        If you have time to speak to me by phone ,feel free to call.Wanda