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Peace and Love: 1960s Hippie Trends Popular Again

new boho hippie trends that are different like tattoos

by Debbie Nguyen

The 1960s brought an era of change and anti-war significance, and the fashion and style of the hippie generation was embraced by young and old alike.

Hhippie fashion tattoosippie fashion portrayed a new sense of freedom and a new confidence in what people wore and how it adorned their bodies. Peace symbols, tie-dye, maxi dresses and braids signified individuality and self-expression, and today’s fashion trends are heading back to the 1960s.

Peace and Love Was Considered Subversive

Flowers, tie-dye, long hair, bell bottoms and other symbols of the Baby Boomer generation were once considered unacceptable trends by adults and school leaders because these styles were deemed as free thinking and individualistic. Today’s youth have put their own twist on the hippie trends by incorporating other fashion styles into the mix.

Boho Festival Fashion

The hippie generation made a huge impact on the fashion world with its colorful clothing and free-flowing hairstyles. And, the new, modern take on the bohemian look of the 1960s has its own unique "festival" style: flowing skirts, floppy hats, fringe vests, tribal-print shorts and digital floral-print dresses. While the styles aren’t exact replicas of the trends that were worn in the hippie generation, you’ll find bits and pieces of the spirit of free thinkers around the world.

Beads, headbands and peace signs have also made a comeback and stand for simplicity across the United States today. Minimal make up and hemp bracelets also add to the history of the hippie look and a natural fashion sense is effortless for individuals trying to replicate this look.

How Hippie Fashion Has Changed

hippie fashion and lifestyleThere are several differences between hippie style in the 60s and 70s and hippie style now:

  • In the 60s, hippies didn’t pay extra for ripped jeans.
  • In the 60s, hippies didn’t spend a lot of money on clothes. Clothes were cheap and people weren’t quite as obsessed with perfection. Also, women sewed a lot of their own clothes.
  • In the 60s, most women did not have permanent tattoos although they did decorate their bodies with make up, paint, colored pens and henna.

Modern Hippies and Tattoos

During the 60s and 70s, Day-Glo body painting and glitter art were creative forms of expressionism that allowed the individual to showcase their body artistically. Modern hippies include other forms of creative display, such as body piercings and tattoo art. However, it might be more fun for modern bohemians to make their fashion statements by using temporary tattoos rather than permanent tattoos.

This type of temporary artistic adornment can be displayed for special occasions such as weddings, festivals, celebrations or everyday use, and the lack of permanence in temporary ink tattoos allows the individual to spontaneously change the design and placement of the tattoo to suit their mood, a radical change from the permanence of old-fashioned tattoos.

A Return to Hippie Culture

Music and art have also taken on their own meaning and have gotten back to the roots of the boomer generation. Songs signify true purpose and optimism. Concerts in the park and festivals such as Lollapalooza have seen a change in the music trends and a focus on simple things in life again.

Lofts, apartments and other dwellings are seeing a movement to the hippie era with mismatched furnishings and laidback drawings. Nature, the great outdoors and organic, healthy foods are also showcasing a simpler world where food was more sustainable and meals were easy and carefree.

A new youth movement, like the one that created the hippie generation back in the 1960s, is taking the world by storm again. However, today’s young fashionistas and hipsters are putting their own mark on this amazing style. From music and art to jewelry and clothing, the hippie era is making a comeback. The self-confidence and individualistic style that exudes from the runways today is amazing. T-shirts, jeans, long dresses and skirts are dating back to simpler times, but younger artists are putting their own influence on the trends that put the hippie generation on the map.

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Author Bio:

Debbie Nguyen is a designer and blogger from the boomer generation. Recently, her kids have discovered and enjoyed her vinyl music collection, clothes, shoes, and black art posters saved from the 1960s. They're enjoying boho hippie temporary ink tattoos to complete the experience.

Debbie Nguyen is a blogger and designer in the Atlanta area.

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  1. Tina

    Debbie, I actually did know a few girls (only two girls) who had tattoos in the 60s, but their tattoos were always little things that you could hardly notice like a tiny butterfly on an ankle or a rose on a place where no one would see it... like someplace covered by a bra.

    I know that everyone is into tattoos these days, but I would faint if my daughters came home covered in tats. I would fall over dead. It doesn't bother me when other women or girls wear real tattoos, especially if the tats are something like those rockabilly swallows that were designed by - what's his name - the famous tattoo guy. But, if my daughters got permanent tattoos I would freak.

    So, even if you're a chick who already has tattoos, you should use good quality temporary tattoos if you want to add a new look. I'm not totally against permanent tattoos as a general rule, and I don't think your tats look bad now... even though I'm old and 60 and "out of touch"... but what will your tats look like in 30 years?

    Oh, I forgot... you don't think you'll be alive in 30 years, do you? Well... neither did I.

    Also, I like the idea of matching fake tattoos for a bachelorette party in Vegas! Now THAT would be super fun! And, you'd get some awesome FB/Instagram photos... without the long-term commitment of real tattoos. Hey, what if all the bridesmaids got matching (real) tattoos and the bride got divorced after a year? Sad. It would be sad everytime you looked in the mirror. So, faux tats would be PERFECT for a group party or something like a class reunion.

  2. Tina


    I just saw that you have black light posters... you should sell them to finance a short vacation to check out some beaches.