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Baby Boomer Love After 50

online dating for seniors

Marion Eggleton, a noted researcher, explains why he wrote Baby Boomer Love, a book which contains step-by-step instructions for helping you find love regardless of your age. Eggleton's book gives info about different dating websites, alternatives to online dating, what to look for in that "new best friend", how men and women sabotage relationships after comparing their own mate or date to celebrities and movies, and more.

by Marion A. Eggleton

It had been 3 years after I lost my love of 30 years. Lonely and unaccustomed to living a life alone, I started exploring opportunities to find someone new in my life.

Blind Dates, Bars, Personal Ads

Friends tried to fix me up on blind dates, but I quickly found out that, while good intentioned, those women that they thought would be a good match for me were not the one that I was seeking.

It is interesting that, within a couple of minutes of meeting someone, you will know whether you want to spend more time with them. This thing we call chemistry is a powerful force. There are those that you may not be attracted to, and likewise, there are those that may not be attracted to you.

I was told that local drinking establishments were an excellent place to find someone. However, not being a drinker, I found myself sitting alone on an empty barstool watching others communicating and dancing.

Next, I explored the personal ads in the local newspapers and magazines. I found that a single ad could produce 50-60 women interested in meeting me. For the next several months I started going out almost every night meeting someone new. I met many attractive and interesting women.

More importantly, I had the opportunity to learn about the dating scene after 50.

It’s All About Chemistry

The women I met were divorced, widowed, and some had spent their lives building careers and were never married, even though several had had long-term relationships. Again, chemistry entered the equation. There were a few that I found interesting. Of this group, there were some that were not interested in me.

Also, you fall into the trap that perhaps the next date will be the ideal person you have always dreamed of, rather than spending the time necessary to get to know the nice person you have already met who has most of the qualities you seek. No one is perfect. There are many stories in my book where early rejection eventually evolved into a lifelong relationship given a little persistence.

Everyone Has a List

When you start the search for someone new, you have an idea of whom you would like to spend the rest of your life with. These characteristics may be the attributes of a past “lost love” or the fictional character from a romance novel or romantic movie. (article continues)

Keep reading more about Baby Boomers finding love after 50 on page two.

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  1. Linda S

    Do you think women can contact men on websites like match.com. Some websites and books say that you should let the man make the first move and letting them know your interested is a problem

  2. Marion Eggleton

    Dear Linda:

    Though even I feel it is preferable to have the man contact you first, but if you are attracted to someone by all means contact him and see where it goes. Match.com is an excellent site providing privacy until you learn more about this individual.

    Best of Luck,

    Marion Eggleton

  3. jaynelambert

    You are brilliant:):)

    • Tina-Boomerina


      Thank you so much for your thoughts. Normally, I answer everyone by email but I'm too far behind in my work to do that right now. I love hearing your views.