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I’m Younger Than That Now: Bonding Through a Dylan Concert

baby boomer nostalgia of rock concerts

Baby Boomer, Diana Millerick, writes about how she finally got to see Bob Dylan... with her daughter!

by Diana Millerick

The year was 1969.  I was bound and determined to be a part of the Woodstock Music Festival.  Without a car of my own, I placed an ad in a local paper looking for a ride.  Two of my former classmates responded, and I was off to Max’s Farm! 

At the time, I did not realize that it would become one of the defining moments of music history.

mom takes her daughter to dylan rock concert

Diana & Marisa Millerick

Suddenly I'm a Kid Again

Fast forward.  The year is 2013.  My beloved daughter, Marisa is off to the Radio 104.5 Birthday Festival, and I am saying, “Have a great time!” and, “Be Safe!”

My niece (the fashion student) asks, “What did you wear to Woodstock?”  Suddenly, I am young again and remembering my bell bottom jeans, ivory Henley and brown leather vest with the long, long fringe. Bonding via Music Festival.

Bob Dylan Was on my Bucket List

Today, Bucket Lists are everywhere.  Earlier this year, I started to think about my own. During my concert years, I was fortunate to have witnessed amazing performances: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones (Happy 70th Mick!), Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Led Zeppelin. The list goes on and on.  Hey, I even attended a Hootenanny with Peter, Paul and Mary! But the one that got away was the legendary Bob Dylan. Until now.

The idea to see his concert had been in the back of my mind.  Last year, I just missed him.  This year, I Googled concert dates and was ecstatic to learn that Dylan was touring again.  He was appearing close to home at the Susquehanna Bank Center with just enough time to secure tickets.

The last time that I bought a concert ticket, it involved going up to a ticket window and paying cash.  Things have changed.  Now there is Live Nation.

Bonding With Marisa

I bought two tickets and decided to continue the music bonding by inviting Marisa to go with me.  The only problem was that, although she knew there was a Bob Dylan, that was about it. Thus began her education.

First off, I left some of his CDs in the car.  I knew it was working when she told me she liked “Maggie’s Farm”. Next, I ordered the Martin Scorsese 2-Disc Set DVD, “No Direction Home” and scheduled a mutual viewing time. Truth be told, she couldn’t make it to the second disc but she did watch a good two hours. (article continues)

Read more about Diana and Marisa and Dylan on page two.

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