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Pastel & Candy Colored Coats for Fall and Winter

best coats for women over 40 50 60

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

Want to jazz up your tired old black outfits and your boring blue jeans? One of the cutest coat trends for fall is hot candy colors and power pastels.

If you think about it, the one thing that everyone is going to see is your coat or jacket. Sure, you’re going to take it off when you get to work or when you sit down at Starbucks, but your coat is what people will notice when you’re out walking around in the city or in your local suburban mall.

Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow Coats for Fallfall coat trends for women over 40 50 60

You can go a little wild with your investment coats. Don’t worry that people will remember your coat. You don’t need to wear something different every day! An adorable coat in one of your favorite colors will become your signature style. But, make sure you love the coat; make sure you love the color.

You will find baby blues, candy pinks, mint greens, and lemon yellows in everything from fur to wool plaids this fall. And, if you’re lucky, you might find something on sale from last spring. Don’t worry, a candy colored coat from spring will still be in style… as if you really cared. You’re a boomer. You know better than to be fooled by “hot or not” magazine articles.

Don’t Buy a Coat Just Because it’s In

This trend is not about being in style. Just look for something you love that will make your fall and winter duds look snappy. I mean… how much black can you wear without going mad? Even the black-clad babes in Paris like to add some beautiful colors from time to time.

clothing trends for women over 40 50 60Runway Fashions

Candy colors are what the designers are showing for fall and winter 2014, so every now and then they get it right. Yeah, I really think women are looking for one great thing (or more than one great thing) that will make them feel happy when they’re getting dressed for another boring day working for the man… or going to the grocery store for another box of Cheerios or Weetabix.

And, even though candy colored coats sound impractical, they may save your mental health when it starts getting dark and gloomy… oh, that seems so far away.  Maybe we can imitate the Beatles’ song, “I’ll Follow the Sun,” but most of us are stuck where we’re stuck. And, if you live in the Sunbelt, I won’t have to explain power pastels.

Wear Pastel Coats With Neutralsfall coats for older baby boomer women

All I want to add is that you should wear your pastel or bright coat (or cardigan) with something neutral (unless you're a true fashionista and you really know what you're doing). I mean, head to toe baby pink might make you look like you’re floating away like a big poofy balloon. Right?

So, pair your coat or jacket with jeans or leopard or black or gray or navy or Kate Middleton blue or whatever you already have. Otherwise, you might look like you’re trying to match your granddaughter when she’s on her way to a birthday party for five year olds... or even worse... that you're wearing one of your leisure suits from the 1970's...

And, that’s not the look I had in mind for you.

If you don’t like pastels, you might want to look for a coat in Kate Middleton blue, emerald, or red. But, candy colors are what’s hot right now… so check them out… just to see if there’s something you’ll love putting on every morning as you’re heading out the door.

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. Johanna

    Some great tips Tina, I so agree about wearing pastels with neutrals. Love it. I also love candy colours, and lollipop pink and ice-cream blue are my faves of the moment. I have a gorgeous pink summer jacket that I love to bits.

  2. Tina


    I totally need a new jacket. Hey, I'm usually more into fuchsia than baby pink, but light blue or light pink would look amazing with my new "Kate Middleton" blue purse.

    Colorful coats and jackets and macs look fab over all-black... it's the best way to update your same old stuff.

    Tina Boomerina

  3. Jane

    Where can the blue pastel be purchased? Thanks

    • Tina

      Jane, the blue pastel coat is from La Redoute. I have sent you an email with further info.

      For other readers, a photo caption will pop up when you mouseover "put your cursor over" any photo.


      Tina Boomerina

  4. Jade


    Please could you send me a link for the blue pastel coat? It's exactly what I have been looking for, but cannot find it anywhere on the la redoute website?

    Thank you

  5. Jade

    Please could you send me Additional information so that I can purchase the blue pastel coat please?