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Kate Middleton Blue is Still Hot for Fall & Winter

cobalt blue


What Colors Go With Bright Blue?

I already know one of the answers. The last time I was in Paris I saw trendy, stylish, fashionable women wearing royal-sapphire-electric-cobalt blue with their all-black outfits. I even saw bright blue stockings worn with black ensembles… brilliant… fabulous.

kate middleton blue for fall 2013 winter 2014Kate blue goes with so many different colors it will surprise you. It plays well with other jewel tones, like ruby red, amethyst violet, and emerald green. It packs a punch next to (those sometimes boring) neutrals like brown, gray, white, and ivory. And, it looks regal next to strong, pure, nautical colors, like true red… so it’s a perfect color for your next cruise, as well.

Surprisingly, Kate blue also goes with other blues, like dark navy, baby blue, and various shades of turquoise. However, pairing Kate blue with Kate blue can be tricky, so you should try to buy some of your items from the same brand. For example, if you want to wear a royal blue jacket with a royal blue skirt you'll have better luck if they both come from the same manufacturer… and even then… if one piece is velvet and the other is jersey, they might read as slightly different hues.

Should Your Colors Match?

In general, your colors should be the same or they should be different enough that they don’t look like a bad match. Well… a blue bag and a blue hat are far enough apart that a slight difference won’t matter, but I think you know what I mean. On the other hand, I don’t want you to become so paranoid about matching that you avoid this color altogether. It’s such a beautiful color. Don’t cheat yourself out of simple happiness.

How to Wear Kate Middleton Bluekate middleton blue 2013 2014

The easiest way to add this color for fall or winter is to introduce it through accessories. A scarf. A bag. A belt. A pair of shoes or boots or booties.

If you want a trendy top or dress, look for something with blue color blocking. Or, buy a cobalt coat and wear it over your usual black outfits… or your everyday jeans.

This gorgeous color is going to be around for awhile, so I think it makes sense to invest in a Kate blue lace dress for Christmas or Hanukah parties… and beyond…. way beyond. I don’t think Kate blue is going out of style anytime soon. It’s been big in Europe for a few seasons, but it’s just catching on in the states.

Who could have predicted this crazy Kate Middleton effect and the iconic status of that royal blue dress? Well, I’m glad it happened because I love my bright blue purse. And, I’m going to need a hat (or maybe a pair of gloves) to match it. Can’t wait for fall.

I think cobalt will be around for a few more years. It's such a beautiful color and it's easy to wear.

Find Cobalt Goodies:

  • Asos US: If they still have this color in the UK, it will definitely be big in the US. Most of the US gets trends after they've been big in Europe and the UK for a while.
  • Bloomie's: Don't be afraid to invest in cobalt. It's still hot.


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