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Milestones meet Gemstones: The Mature Woman’s Guide To Rockin’ Jewelry

cute jewelry for older women

by Akilah Richards,

This is one of those posts that is meant to remind us of the value of self expression.  Feeling confident enough to express one’s self is, of course, primarily an inside job.  But, once we've sifted through our emotional baggage and learned to accept and even celebrate ourselves just as we are, the outward expression becomes a mirror of the inner self.

Jewelry as Self ExpressionJewelry for mature women over 50

What follows is the life of a vibrant woman, 56-year-old Valerie, as seen the through the eyes of her daughter. Valerie's sense of self expression has inspired her daughter to celebrate herself and pass that on to her own daughters, too.

The hope is that the women reading this can use Valerie's tips to celebrate and express themselves, and all they've experienced.

Wear Jewelry You Love

It seems to me that a woman has so many restrictions and expectations placed on her regarding how she should and should not be.  When it comes to what she should wear, the same sentiments are echoed — "women over a certain age shouldn't wear short shorts, or tights, or big earrings, or bold nail polish."

As for the woman who defies these "laws," she's either considered eccentric, unstylish, or just plain tacky. So, what's a woman to do when she wants to express herself, particularly during momentous events that bring her joy? Well, here are Valerie's two top recommendations for how to wear and to gift jewelry without ditching your personal style:

1) Think of your jewelry as part of your personality.

"I feel like my jewelry pieces are an extension of who I am and what I represent. This also holds true for the jewelry that I give to family and friends as gifts. When the daughter of one of my dear friends graduated from college, I searched a few stores and scoured the web for a piece that would remind her of her accomplishment, but in a way that also reminded her of me.  I learned about sites, like SuperJeweler.com and a few others, that allow me to search a variety of options in a way that is far less time-consuming than driving around to stores. I love that option, and when I found the necklace that was perfect for her, she told me it reminded her of me, and she absolutely loved it!"

what kind of jewelry for older women baby boomers

2) Don't be afraid of color.

"I keep hearing that when it comes to earrings, women my age should go with 'classic' pieces like pearls and small hoops--I completely reject that notion. I sometimes wear large turquoise hoops with my hair pulled back and big cuff bracelets to match it. Those colors make me feel good, and even the way the hoops dangle from my ears and touch my shoulders is a way of reminding me to loosen up and remember to have fun. Great jewelry can do that.

Every October, I go to my annual high school reunion in New York. Sometimes, I bring along gifts for my close friends, and oftentimes, that gift is jewelry. Some of my friends have battled major illnesses, others have suffered tremendous loss. I use jewelry, especially fun costume pieces with bold color and interesting patterns, as a way of reminding them that they're still alive and well, and that they can adorn themselves with pieces that reflect their willingness to see the positive in their situations. My friends appreciate that, and it warms my heart to be able to offer small gestures of love in that way."

Beautiful Meaningful Jewelryjewelry for women over 40 50 60

In essence, Valerie's philosophy is to let her taste, not the trend, determine her choices. Whether it's a statement piece to complement a classic look or bold dangling earrings, an amethyst and diamond cocktail ring or a mixture of fun, multi-colored bracelets, her motto is to first commit to feeling good, then let that reflect in your health, your attitude, and the way you rock or gift jewelry.

Author Info:

Akilah Richards is Valerie's daughter. Akilah is a freelance writer.

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Akilah Richards is Valerie's daughter, and a Certified Family Life Educator who helps women and families prioritize self expression and emotional wellness. She encourages women of all ages to explore their interests through fun websites like SuperJeweler.com, where a variety of beautiful options are available to complement a woman's sense of style.

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  1. Tina


    I absofreakinglutely agree with your "rules". If I wore small or colorless or boring jewelry, I would look like a half-dead mouse... well, sometimes I look half dead anyway, but I have more fun when I do it in a color-filled, over-the-top way. Small, boring jewelry and "tasteful" clothing are not my thing. I need bold. I need fun. I need to ignore anything that is tailored or classic. Well, I can mix "classic" with "fun" and that works, too.

    So, Valerie and Akilah, thanks for the groovy interview.


    Tina Boomerina

  2. Tina

    ps Valerie,

    I forgot to say that you are beautiful and you have beautiful taste. (Readers, I want to point out that the photo of the gal getting ready is a pic of Valerie, and the Bali-style layered necklaces belong to Valerie.)

  3. Jan

    you recently had a cutout baby blue pump in one of your articles but now I can't find it...trying to find the store where I can buy the shoes. Please help!

    • Tina


      I thought I knew which article had that pump, but when I looked for it, I couldn't find it. If I run across it again, I'll email you.

      Tina Boomerina

  4. sharon silfen

    Great article, I agree with it all. I wish I could get a submission in so caught up at work so frustrating. However, from someone over 50 that sell jewelry on line, this is very well done and is rocking a great attitude

  5. Tina


    Thanks for your comment. I agree. (I took your link out of your comment, but people can find your site by clicking your name.)


    Tina Boomerina

  6. Laura Coluccio

    Hi Akilah, Valerie!

    My mom is in love with the colorful earrings the model is wearing in the picture - where can we buy them! Want to wear them to my sister's wedding in april.