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Flower Power: Benefits of a Low-Consumption Retirement Lifestyle for the Woodstock Generation

by Louis Mack

Children of the revolution rejoice! With retirement just around the corner, the age to fully relish the freedoms we once remembered is upon us yet again. No longer tied down by the man, tie-dye dreamers of the Woodstock Generation are throwing aside the traditional concept of what it means to retire.

planning to retireWho says you have to grow old and move to Florida, only to spend your days drinking nourishment shakes and playing bridge? Instead, hippies everywhere are choosing to save money and forego the expenses associated with the clutter around them by swapping out their junk for a low-consumption lifestyle.

Who needs that extra car now that the kids are grown? Why pay storage fees for stuff your great aunt gave you three decades ago?

retirement planningForget Cookie-Cutter Retirements

There was a time when retirement meant all your neighbors in the nursing home belonged to the same cafeteria age group. Now, people all over the world are relishing the change the New Age is bringing to the retirement scene.

As baby boomers begin to retire, they don’t desire the traditional concept of what it means to retreat. Instead, many are following their own paths and throwing their inhibitions to the wind when it comes to retirement-plan options.

How Adventurous Are You?

Choosing what you want to do during your retirement can depend on your sense of adventure. Imagine mimosas on a warm paradise beach while living abroad or surrounded by like-minded residents in a commune-like retirement community, such as Rocinante in Summertown, Tennessee, co-founded by Stephen Gaskin who started the collective “Farm” back in ‘71.

retirement planningRetirement doesn’t mean you have to slow down or grow old. It’s about finally having the time to do what you want and refocusing your energy to a higher vibration! Just imagine selling your home in exchange for a $30,000 cabin on 100 acres surrounded by like-minded free spirits. Picture the potlucks, road trips, wine tastings, and even the occasional drum circles!

Get Rid of Clutter and Problems

Declutter your lifestyle and overcome the barriers, by reducing unnecessary expenses and letting go of things that not only aggravate you, but waste money and precious time to maintain. Unnecessary clutter becomes an unconscious obsession that stands in the way of your inner harmony.

  • Less clutter equals less stress.
  • Living a low-consumption lifestyle provides us with the opportunity of feeling satisfied with what we already have.
  • The less we buy, the less we have to work. [article continues on next page]


Author Bio - Louis Mack is a freelance writer, and independent contractor for New Retirement. As an avid traveler he enjoys exploring new places while rebuilding his vintage 68 SS Camaro in his spare time.

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