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What is Lagenlook? Cute Boho Travel Wear

boho travel clothing for summer

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

What is the Lagenlook trend? Well, Lagen is German for “layer” or “layering,” so it translates into something like “layered look.” And, this cute, funky, quirky, boho, hippie-chic, Euro style is perfect for travel, especially when you’re going to be traveling from place to place and the summer weather (or temperature) is expected to be changing all the time. Yes, that would include most of the world… even the seven seas.

lagenlook layering fashionLagenlook started as a London street style, so there are no “real” rules to it, however this mode trend usually includes layers of drapey, asymmetrical, unstructured clothing. And, all you have to do is put the puzzle pieces together in a way that makes your body look great.

Why Women Like Lagenlook Clothing?

Layering is a good way to disguise your body’s imperfections and a fun way to make your clothing into a unique “art style.”

You don’t need to buy a new outfit that goes from head to toe, and you don’t always need to layer pieces to get this look. The best way to play with Lagenlook is to create different outfits from:

  • Vintage clothing
  • Designer styles (especially those on sale)
  • Main-street fashions from your local mall or your favorite online sites
  • Clothing and accessories found in your closet that have unusual shapes or interesting colors or textures
  • Anything flowing or Victorian

Best Clothing for Mixing and Matching Lagenlook Outfits

drapey dress with layers for travel summerYou can layer whatever you want, but some things look better when layered than others, so be on the lookout for items like these:

  • Asymmetrical tops and tunics
  • Hitched or drawstring (inside tie) skirts
  • Sheer or lace tops or dresses to wear under or over other clothing
  • Single pieces of clothing that look layered even though the layers are “built in” through patchwork or draping

Why Lagenlook Clothing Is Great Travel Wear

Lots of Lagenlook items come in tissue weight, sheer chiffon or lace, and other lightweight fabrics, so these pieces are great for layering (over a curvy body) and they won’t make it difficult for you to lug your suitcase up the stairs. Also, many Lagenlook items are meant to be crinkly, so you can stuff them into the corners of your bag without worrying about wrinkles.

And… as I always say… Lightweight layering pieces are the KEY to easy travel wear. Layers will change the look of any travel outfit in about 5 seconds.

  • You can wear a gauzy or unstructured vest over a sleeveless tank dress. (A nice way to hide your tum or your hips.)
  • You can pair asymmetrical tops with preppy pants or tailored jackets.
  • You can wear floaty, silky drawstring pants or skirts with anything… even under anything… (Continue to next page)


Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. carol

    what I've seen so far is sad. I'm a boomer,average weight (and size), I care how I look. The bohokin
    look is not for everyone. how about something with class, even for traveling.

  2. Eriorsae

    Lol, This is quite funny because this is a look thats been a part of me for a long time. Never knew there was a name for this but yes yay this is pure awesome and can be done in many ways i.e classy,travel,lounge ect ect.

  3. Diana

    I started wearing layered clothing in 1972 while living ina commune. I have intermittently tried other styles from size 9 to size 18. I love the style and wish our seasons were more clement so I could wear layers all year.

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Diana, you need to move to Seattle. Not only CAN we wear layers year round, but we need to wear layers year round. How did you like living in a commune? I've lived in a house full of crazy musicians and I lived on a hippie commune in Shasta for a short time. I would retire on a commune except for the fact that I'm married to a corporate guy who could never do anything like that... third husband... didn't meet him in time to train him right.

      • Diana

        Tina, it is lovely to hear from you.
        Communes. It was difficult for me as I was an only child and unaccustomed to having people around all the time. However, I learned a tremendous amount in them.
        I still use recipes from the vegetarian restaurant in which I worked though I am no longer a vegetarian. I credit the people in them for my vegetable gardening knowledge in a large part. And yes we had wonderful musician in the groups.
        I wish I lived in Seattle. But family is here on the plains so it is likely that is not in my cards. But I would love to live in a cooler clime.
        Wishing you safe paths,

        • Tina-Boomerina

          I love Seattle, but I probably will be moving somewhere warmer (eventually) due to arthritis. It seems that I am meant to be a gypsy. Maybe you are too.

      • Ali Browning

        I should move there, I live in the UK and hate the muggy, warm, damp climate, I crave cold and dry and can't abide heat of any kind especially humid heat.

        • Tina-Boomerina

          Seattle has the same climate as the UK. I'm now living in the cold and dry mountains of Oregon. It's good for my arthritis - even though it's best when it's warm and dry in summer.

          Tina Boomerina

  4. Pat Rose Thompson

    Tina, Thank you from the bottom of my apple belly! Love your info; love your writing style; love your fashion style. I'm printing off your articles and stashing them in my huge purse for easy reference when I'm shopping. And Cheers to you!

  5. Tina-Boomerina

    Thanks so much. I know exactly what you're saying.

    Thanks, Tina

  6. Queenabbess

    Hi Tina,
    Love your article! I have been a fan of Lagenlook for many years and I agree with you...the BEST way to travel! I can bring six pieces with me, and assemble unique outfits for the duration of my journey. The key really is creativity....and I love to combine clothes to garner a great outfit. Love your tips and hints!

  7. Jane on Whidbey

    Have you ever looked at Bryn Walker clothes? I learned about this store when I was pinning, and they have a store in U-Village in Seattle. One of these days, I'll make it off the island to go look. I think almost all their clothes are linen. I love linen, crunchy, wrinkly, or freshly pressed. It's just so comfy. Cotton, rayon, and silk are my other favorites. Ramie and tencel are good, too. I think they're made from trees. I'll have to look that up again. I forget.

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Jane on Whidbey,

      I don't think I've ever been to Bryn Walker but I think I've seen the sign outside the store. However, I got sick of living in the suburbs (Eastside) and my current husband is from New England and thinks all cities are slums... forcing me to find a suitable compromise. Anyway, I've moved to Bend, Oregon (which I love), so I won't be able to check out Bryn Walker until I make a pilgrimage to my hometown.

      I love everything at U-Village. It's the only mall I really love. The rest of the malls throughout the US all look like LA.

      I'll look up BW and see if they're online. I love clothing made from natural fabrics... though I wear polyester and faux-fabrics too. And, I think Ramie and Tencel and Modal are man-made fabrics made from trees or some kind of plant. How did we ever survive without Wikipedia? I'll have to look it up, too.

      Anyway, I like outfits put together with gauzy or lightweight layers. So far, layers are the best way to cover my scary old body.


  8. Jane on Whidbey

    Yeah, it's a great mall. I don't shop much anymore, because island living makes you need nothing. We have a great shoe store here, for island type shoes. (Merrell, Keen, clogs, etc.) The thrift stores are still great. I've never stopped shopping them, although I just don't need any more clothes. They're just for fun.
    I'm from NE, too. CT, MA, RI. We could chat. I've been to Bend. Kinda isolated out there, although it looked like the big city when we got there from driving up that high desert road from NV. Didn't see another car for 3 hours, and steamed into Bend on gas fumes. Beautiful, but I'm not sure I'd do it with my mother again. No bathrooms. lol

  9. Ali Browning

    Love love love lagen look, it's about the one style my apple body can look good in, I have always loved vintage and hippy styles and found them teeny tiny in size so I am very pleased to see all the "made in Italy" linen and cotton lagen look styles about lately, perfect for an eccentric /hippy/bp ho style like me who also has hot flushes regardless of the season. These clothes are ideal for me

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Ali, I don't have hot flushes, but I do have a lovely tummy. Lagenlook is one of the only styles I can wear. It's wonderful. It's hip.

      I love anything from Italy - food, fashion, cute guys, everything.