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What Body Types Do men Prefer?

body type

by Ray Gregoire (Mr. Boomerina)

My wife recently wrote an article on pear-shaped women, which made me ponder, “What body type do men prefer and why?”

Guys generally fall into three categories when it comes to body-type preference. They are breast men, leg men and butt men, I am told, which can be broken out into many subcategories, such as tall, short, petite, heavy, obese, anorexic, big breasted, big butts, small butts and everything in between.

body typesYour Body Type

Let’s face it. Your body type was determined to a great degree the day you were conceived, by the DNA you received. You did not have a choice and the same goes for men. Men’s DNA determines the type of women they are attracted to, which is good news for all of us.

The media pushes the tall, skinny, fashion-model body type today, but in the past, the ideal was the very large woman, which indicated wealth in medieval times.

Stressed-Out Men Prefer Larger Women

A recent survey done in the United Kingdom at the University of Westminster in London indicates that stressed men, contrary to popular belief, prefer heavier women, as opposed to the non-stressed control group.

A brief nonscientific observation of people I know revealed a big difference in body type preference, even among siblings who, one would think, carried similar DNA.

My Own Observations

One sibling, in my own study group, who stands over 6-feet tall, prefers shorter women (in the 5-foot to 5-foot-2 range), who are relatively thin. While his brother prefers taller women (5 foot 7 plus), who tend to be on the heavier side. And, a third brother prefers an average-sized gal, who is average both in height and weight. A fourth subject, a cousin of the three brothers, is a skinny 6-foot-plus guy who married a girl who is 5 foot 6 and weighs well over 200 pounds.

womens body typesOverweight Women

Very little scientific data is available on the male’s body-type preferences, but to quote a passage from Cate Perry in the article, Do Men Prefer Skinny Women? at catholicmatch.com,

“Once I understood the Health at Every Size ethos and accepted my figure exactly as it is, things changed for me. I noticed that strangers were more polite, friends were less critical, and dating was easier. The reality is that once I felt comfortable in my own skin, it allowed others to be more comfortable as well."

There Is Someone for Everyone

My own theory is that nature has arranged the human genes so that there is someone for everyone, and in the long run, character, intelligence and compatibility trump body type.

Remember, the right clothing for your body type can and will make you more attractive .

Your comments and thoughts on this subject would be greatly appreciated to further our knowledge of the body types men prefer.

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Ray Gregoire is a retired executive from Johnson & Johnson.

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  1. Jim Hutchinson

    Are you out of your mind? No man should answer questions like these. It only leads to trouble.

    "oh, I really don't look at other women, dear"

    But if I had to: Curvy

  2. kay kerns

    I enjoyed this article and shared it with my boyfriend.

  3. Ahmed

    I love medium curve body that kind make me feel comfortable when hug

  4. Tina-Boomerina

    Thank you for your input. Normally, I answer everyone by email but I'm too far behind in my work to do that right now. I love hearing your views.