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28 Best Movies About Older Women: People Over 50

good comedies for old ladies old people

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

I’m 60 freaking years old and I’m a jaded Baby Boomer… well, I’m not a “senior” yet, but I AM very creaky and opinionated. So, if you think you can stand my honest film reviews, keep on reading to discover the best movies for snarky older women over 50.

Reviews of Movies for Older People

My father wrote for television in the 60s, so a common game at our home was to guess the ending of a movie or TV show before anyone else could. And, that meant I was trained at an early age to watch for “plants” and “running gags.” (A “plant” is a minor point or a small clue inserted early into a script that presages an interesting twist towards the end of the story.)

And, because of our family game, I don’t like predictable and insipid movies. I’m especially bored by any “hooker with a heart of gold” plot (ala Pretty Woman), and I usually pan movies with deliriously happy endings and zero credibility. (You should know that I can be brutal, however I will play nice for this PG audience.)

Don't Watch Netflix Movie Trailers

When I started this article, I intended to include a link to each movie’s trailer, but I decided that the trailers had too many spoilers that would ruin the spontaneity of the films. In general, I feel that the less preconceived ideas you have about a movie, the more you will enjoy the show. Hey, even knowing that something is a comedy will make the ride a little less thrilling than, for example, if you watch some dark film and you find yourself unexpectedly laughing out loud.

Best Movies for Women Over 50 (Snarky Boomer Chicks)

If you have an indie, rebellious sense of humor (from your early days during the 60s or 70s), just trust my judgment and see the movies I recommend. However, if you’ve always lived in the suburbs, if you’ve never camped overnight at a rock festival, or if you’ve always needed a laugh track to tell you when something is funny, you probably should review the trailers before adding any film to your queue.

comedy movies for baby boomer women over 50 60 70

Best Indie Comedies for Older Women

1. Refuge: I’m a sucker for a good indie black comedy… especially when there’s a strong, witty Baby Boomer woman in the lead. The plot of Refuge involves an RV, a dead husband, and a younger man. Just watch it. It’s great. (2010)

2. Over the Hill Band: This flick is about a widow who decides to revive the girl group she used to sing with during the 60s… before her stage career was derailed by marriage and children. And, the fact that this woman is almost 70 is a bit of a hindrance, until her failed-rapper son steers her in the right direction. You’ll like the twists. (2011, Subtitles)

(Article Continues)

Keep reading about films made for older women on page 2.

More on page two.

Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. Ruth Harris

    Love your list. I've seen most (not all) of the movies & agree with you. Just re-watched Two For The Road with Audrey Hepburn & Albert Finney. She was close to 40 at the time & the film, written by Frederic Raphael, doesn't flinch from the up & down sides of 1) character & 2) relationships. The film is adult in the best sense—not x-rated but sophisticated, wry & comedic.

    I'm a million-copy NYT bestseller and am about to publish a novel (a romcom thriller) called THE CHANEL CAPER, narrated by an about-to-turn-60 snarky, no-bullsh*t woman. Meanwhile, for your amusement I just posted "A Boomer's Lament" to my blog.

    BTW, spare me the hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold crapola. I walked out of Pretty Woman.

    (Note from Tina Boomerina: Click on the name Ruth Harris, above, to read her blog. I can't put links in comments.)

    • Tina


      You sound wonderful, and I'm looking forward to your new book. I've always envied people who write novels. I am not a writer, I am a painter with a typewriter... I mean a keyboard.

      I went to your blog and loved your post... especially the part about the gas station. Damn, you have a better memory than I do, girl. Anyway, I'll add your recommended movie to my list below. I certainly trust your judgment... you were smart enough to walk out of Pretty Woman. (I didn't get to make a grand statement. I just turned off the TV.)

      Tina Boomerina

  2. Tina

    More Good Movies About Older Chicks:
    First Wives Club
    Being Julia
    The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
    Bread and Tulips
    Absolutely Fabulous (the original BBC series)
    All About Eve
    Under the Tuscan Sun
    Two For The Road (Audrey Hepburn - This is Ruth's pick)
    Young@Heart (I just saw this. It's WONDERFUL)

    Baby Boomer Films for Women - Honorable Mention:
    Fried Green Tomatoes
    The Notebook

    (I have other movies that I haven't seen - or I haven't seen for ages - on my Netflix queue and I'll add them if they meet my b*tchy-old-lady criteria.)

  3. Tina


    Two more movies worth adding to the list:

    "Lovely, Still" and "Mrs. Henderson Presents"

  4. Tina

    More movies.

    Hope Springs (with Meryl Streep and some Billy Bob guy... no not him... Tommy Lee Jones... some guy with a Southern-ish name). I just saw this and it had some good acting. It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, but it has merit... the husband's transformation was a bit overdone IMO, but some scenes are funny and it's what people like me would call "heartwarming."

    All About Eve - HOW COULD I FORGET THIS ? Oh wait... I put this up above. Well, see it twice. It's THAT good.

  5. Marsha Waggoner

    Terrific list! Thank you for posting it.
    I would also like to recommend The Whales of August (w/ Bette Davis and Lillian Gish), Queen of the Stardust Ballroom (Maureen Stapleton), and An Unremarkable Life (Shelley Winters, Patricia Neal.)
    Can you tell I really like films with good roles for mature women?

    • Tina-Boomerina


      Thanks for adding more movies. I forgot about Whales of August and the other two. That's a big help. I'll add those to my Netflix list.

      Tina Boomerina

  6. Sandra Blume

    I'm late 70's and just getting to the place where I am considering watching old movies. Have kept busy working, volunteering and living up to now. Have lived in southern Mexico for nearly 7 years and hubby is slowing down (I refuse to say failing...) so I am spending more time home sitting and staring at him! Now I have time to read and could watch movies online. We do have an "American" library locally and I need to get involved there! I'll "bookmark" this site for sure!

    • Tina-Boomerina


      I'm so glad you like the list. Make sure to read the comments because readers have added a few movies, as well.

      If you find anything good, leave us a message to let us know what you like. I can't imagine life without Netlix... but libraries are good, too. If you find a movie you love, you might be able to buy a used copy on Amazon or eBay, but I've never tried it.

      You sound like there is an "American" community in your area. I put the word in quotes (like you did) because I realize that Mexico is part of America.


  7. Donna Myers

    So excited to get this list. I entertain several groups of older women with movies so this is perfect. Have shown several you recommend. Especially liked Calendar Girl,Fried Green Tomatoes,Exotic Marigold Hotel. The Notebook was hrd for some to see. Keep the suggestions coming. Thanks

  8. Tina-Boomerina

    Donna, let me know if you find any other films to add to list. Tina

  9. Kathryn

    I'd like to add a few of my favorites to these great suggestions, and thank you for this site:

    "Over the Hill" with Olympia Dukakis
    "Anne of Green Gables" - for Colleen Dewhurt's portrayal of Marilla.
    "I Love You to Death" - Joan Plowright steals the show as the murder plotting mother-in-law
    "True Women" - t.v. miniseries of the true story of the women who saved Sam Huston's Texas Rangers, and ultimately, the Alamo
    "The Education of Little Tree" - Gramma and Grampa are unforgettable
    and last, but not least,
    "Cold Comfort Farm" - an excellent cast of women and one of my fave comedies

    Now I'm off to find something from these great suggestions above.
    Happy New Year, everyone! Here's to more movies by and for real women!

  10. Florence

    Hi, I've forgotten the name of a recent short film about a group of older American Ladies who love dressing up. I think it only had two words in the title, one of which could have been 'Talent .........?' I might be mistaken, but hoping you will know the movie and can refresh my memory please. Many thanks .... Florence

  11. Jack

    A lot of these are on Hallmark's streaming service, Feeln.com , and also they have the full library of Hallmark Hall of Fame Films.

  12. Sandy

    Keeping Mum. I adore Maggie Smith. Great list!

    • Tina-Boomerina


      Keeping Mum is a movie? I'll have to add it to my Netflix Queue. Thank you so much. That may be the movie my friend was trying to remember. And, I love EVERY MOVIE EVER MADE with Maggie Smith. How did I miss that one?


  13. Vicki

    I'm looking forward to checking out your suggestions. I would like to add a few. Please excuse if they were already mentioned. ...... Camilla with jessica Tandy , my old lady with Maggie smith and Kristin Scott Thomas , and so it goes with Diane Keaton Elsa& Fred with Shirley MacLaine. I've been looking for the name of a movie that came out late 2014, possibly 2015. I have only seen the previews, the star was middle aged, red hair, spunky. It may have been an English film. I'm thinking it was about starting a new life, looking for companionship but not positive. I'm sick of movies about, doom sod gloom, mass murder, futuristic, war,etc. I want to feel better when I watch a movie.

    • Tina-Boomerina


      Thanks for the tips. I like positive movies, but I like complex, doom & gloom movies, too. Most of the pics in the list are positive. I hope someone can tell us the name of that film you're trying to remember. It sounds great.

      Dear readers, I love British films (and foreign films), if you have any suggestions, let us know!


  14. Rowena

    I really enjoyed "Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day" with Shelley Duvall, Ciaran Hinds and Amy Adams, I think.

  15. Nancy Dahl

    Did anyone mention the movie " Miss Predergast lives for a Day?"

    BeAuty, laughs, high society, and a surprise ending.

    Send more funny and poignant film names!k

  16. Diane Gurman

    "Since Otar Left" (original French title: Depuis qu'Otar est parti...), a 2003 film by director Julie Bertuccelli, recounting the lives of three generations of Georgian women in modern-day Tbilisi. Little known, but excellent!