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Hippie Hair Accessories for Boho Weddings: Headbands, Flowers, Feathers & More

bridal headpieces for boho brides

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

If you want to look fabulous for your second (or third or whatever) wedding, think about tweaking your ceremony to make it just a little more bohemian than the average wedding ceremony. I’m suggesting that you play around with retro hippie looks because boho clothing and hair accessories (like hippie headbands, flowered clips, vintage circlets, and elegant feathers) look extremely chic when you do them right.  

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Hippie Wedding Hair Accessories

However, you should remember to incorporate your bohemian style in an understated way.  If you are over 40 or 50, one or two hippie-style pieces may be all you need... or three or four or five... the issue is that when a woman gets a bit older, she may need more smoke and mirrors than when she was young... however, too many doodads, gizmos, and glitz... six or seven or eleven... can make a bride look like she's trying too hard.  It's a balancing act.  Think of yourself as a work of art.

Do it Your Wayhippie wedding headband feathers rhinestones

Don’t let some wedding planner (or future family member) tell you what to do. You are a Baby Boomer.  You already have good taste, and you know what you like. Not every woman flocks to boho clothing, but if you are one of those creative chicks who looks fab in unusual, unique styles, I want you to rock this like you own it.

What Makes Me an Expert on Weddings and Bohemians?

I am a veteran of three weddings.  And, one thing I learned is that you shouldn’t let anyone push you around and tell you what to wear or what type of wedding you should have.  Oh yeah... another thing I learned was that everything went smoother if I picked out my dress first and built my ceremony around the “feel” of my outfit.

And, what do I know about boho, vintage style? Well, I was a Haight-Ashbury teenybopper, who later became a painter.

Creative, Indie, Inexpensive Hippie Weddings

flowers for wedding hair hairstylesI never was good at following scripts or rules. And, I wanted to have an indie, hippie wedding for my last ceremony, but my (now) husband insisted on a boring, traditional wedding because he wanted his kids to like me and accept me. Fortunately, our priest was a rockin’ guy, so we were able to keep the service casual and short... and keep everyone's boredom level on low.

In my opinion, unless you are marrying the future King of England, the most important thing about the wedding ceremony is that it is kept short… otherwise, young toddlers and adult males start fidgeting and crying. And, that throws off the gestalt of the whole ritual.

One other thing that I find tedious is the bourgeois ordinariness of most weddings. I want you to stand up and fight the blandness of the status quo laid upon women by the Matrimonial Industrial Complex. Do it for me, because I caved. I swear that you and your guests will have more fun if you throw a little creativity into your wedding ceremony.

read about boho hippie weddings

Boho Hair Wedding Ideas

I Wanted to Wear a Boho Headpiece

Not everyone is ready to wear a hippie headband or an unusual bohemian bridal headpiece, but I wish I had worn something totally unique. Instead, I opted for a tiny, sparkly headband and a short veil. There’s nothing wrong with tiny headbands and veils, but my hair got wet and frazzled (as you can see), and I would have looked better with a larger headpiece, of any kind, which would have covered some of my frizzled hair.  (Hey, the frizz would have been fine if I had been wearing a boho wedding ensemble.  Messy hair just looked too bohemian for my traditional bridal outfit.)

large white flower headband wedding brideActually, I wanted to wear a cool little feather fascinator and I did not want to wear a veil at all, but I wore one to make my husband happy… and no one laughed out loud because I was wearing a veil for my third wedding. Well, no one within my range of hearing laughed out loud. And, at our cheapie reception at a little Italian restaurant, several strangers toasted me and said I looked wonderful. Of course, I didn’t have time to give any of those strangers a reliable breathalyzer test…

Well, I like to think I helped break down the bridal-veil taboos a little bit.

Older Hair, Thinner Hair

I was born with fine, thin hair, so I’ll try to include headpieces that will help some of you cover little bald spots and thinning patches of hair. Believe me, if you live long enough, you may end up being a bride who needs to divert people’s attention away from her scalp. And, even if you never remarry, you might need a great headpiece to wear to someone else’s wedding… just make sure you choose a color other than white if you’re not the bride.hippie boho weddings

So here are my ideas about how to put a little boho mojo into your bridal groove.

Hippie Headbands, Circlets, and Wreaths for Indie Brides

These three hip headpieces are all similar in shape.

  • 1. A hippie headband can be made of silk, leather, ribbon, lace, love beads, or almost anything imaginable.  Any bride trying to stay within budget can buy or make her own perfect headband to flatter her face and her outfit.
  • 2. A Medieval-style circlet is a small, round crown (often made of metal) that’s worn across the forehead, encircling (or almost encircling) the head.  As with other circular shapes, this can be worn attached to a veil, under a veil, or on top of a veil.  Or, it can be worn alone.
  • 3. A wreath headpiece is a circlet headband made with fresh or artificial flowers and/or leaves, berries, and other materials found in nature. Wreaths may be worn across the brow or higher up on the head.

Wedding Headbands for Bohemian Brides

There are all kinds of bridal headbands with good vibrations, but if you are over 40 or 50, skip the prom-queen tiaras and get a headband that is subtle and includes some reference to flowers or nature.

  • A wide piece of good lace tied in the back (or on the side like a gypsy) looks great with short hairstyles.  It's also a nice way to cover thinning hair without too much effort.
  • Muted colors for a floral circlet make more sense for older brides.  I like roses, carnations, dogwood, and tropical flowers, but most adult women should save the cutesy daisies for the younger generation of neo-hippies.
Wedding hair ideas

Hippie Bohemian Hair Accessories

Flowers for Your Hair

You can choose real flowers or silk flowers. I will not allow you to wear plastic or anything tacky. You can find extremely inexpensive flowers (real, paper, or cloth) that look great, so don’t try to fool Mother Nature with cheapie junk.

And, get that fracking Scott McKenzie song out of my head.

Feathers for Your Hair

Read about boho hippie hair accessories

Boho Hippie Flower Garland

Remember that you probably should not wear one of everything on this list.  Keep it subtle.  Play with adding and substracting components until you achieve a perfect zen-like balance.

  • Brightly colored feathers might work if you are an older bride and they are the only hippie item you are wearing. If you're a younger bride, you can wear this type of headpiece with anything. (This look gives you "something blue".)
  • Flapper-inspired headpieces can be very expensive, but one good piece will make your whole look.
  • This peacock feather headpiece, which channels Janis Joplin, can be worn with the simplest of dresses and will set the sexiest of moods.  Something like this will keep people from noticing your thin hair and can be worn again on your honeymoon and for your next New Year's Eve party.

You can make your hippie wedding an upscale extravaganza at a ritzy hotel or a backyard barbeque where your friends all bring a casserole or salad.  Just take care to remember that "hippie" does not mean everyone should wear a Halloween costume.  As a matter of fact, I wouldn't even use the word hippie on the invitations or who knows what your friends might wear.

Boho hippie weddings rock. They are so much fun. Not only are hippie wedding dresses as beautiful as can be, but hippie hair accessories will look glorious on you.

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. danielle

    Hi where can I buy the 1920/1930s headband you have in the picture above?? want that exact one, its lovely.



    • Tina-Boomerina

      Danielle, I wish I could help but this article is from last year and I doubt they still carry it. (It's from Accessories Direct in the UK and I want to say they are related to accessorize.com but I might be wrong - I'm in the US, so I'm not sure.)

      I would go to etsy.com, look up "flapper" or "headpiece" and find someone who could make something almost like this. It's so cute. I'm kicking myself because I didn't buy it for myself.

      Actually, the easiest way to find someone good on etsy is to go to Pinterest and look for flapper headpieces you like. Then click through to the etsy store and show them the picture. That's how I find good crafty crafters and great stores on etsy.