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Retired or Unemployed Baby Boomers – 6 Income Opportunities

by Arthur Andrews

If you retired years ago or lost your job, no one has to tell you that everything costs more than you planned for and/or interest income on your savings has dropped to just a fraction of a percentage point, dramatically reducing your retirement income.

How to Make Ends Meet

You’re feeling desperate but what can you do to make ends meet, short of moving in with your grown children or holding the old “I’ll Work for Food” sign on a busy corner? I live in a retirement community and I have seen firsthand how some folks supplement their social security income.

Income Opportunities for Seniors and Baby Boomers

Here is what some have done:

  • 1. Those fortunate enough to have a paid-off home are getting reverse mortgages, which will provide an income that they can’t outlive. See guidelines if you are over 62 by clicking the following link for Reverse Mortgage Guides.
  • 2. Others who are physically fit earn income by bagging groceries at the neighborhood food store, working as self-employed house cleaners or doing home-healthcare duties.

  • 3. Unable to do physically strenuous work? How about house sitting, pet sitting, dog walking or providing rides to the airport and back for traveling neighbors? They save the $25-a-day parking fees, get door-to-door transportation and you can earn good money.
  • 4. If you learned sewing skills from your mother you can provide alterations or repairs for those of us who can’t sew.
  • 5. Early risers, how about getting a paper route?
  • 6. Retired teachers try tutoring either on your own or through one of the numerous after-school storefront academies which are popping up all over the place.

Older People Are Dependable

Just remember if you are dependable, on time and do a great job you will soon be making as much or as little as you desire plus getting the added health benefits of keeping active.

If you have any other ideas to help your neighbors make a few dollars please add them to the comment section.

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Arthur Andrews is an online writer and ghost writer for financial sites. Mr. Andrews lives in Arizona.

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