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Helen Mirren: Celebrity Style for Older Women

read about helen mirren's style

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

At age 67, Helen Mirren is one of the best examples of ageless style on the planet. I’m not sure that any celebrity over the age of 35 (being generous) has not had plastic surgery, but we’ll leave it at that. Ms. Mirren was born beautiful and is still beautiful. And, Baby Boomer women can learn quite a bit from studying Mirren’s dazzling grace and her elegant fashions.

read about helen mirren style

Helen Mirren 2013

Well, what exactly can older women like you and me learn from Helen Mirren?

Discover Your Inner Poise

Helen comes across as though she has always been part of the upper crust, but in reality (according to wikipedia), she was born into a family of butchers and cab drivers. One of her grandfathers had been a Russian diplomat before falling on hard times, and it seems that the echo of good breeding shines through in Helen’s bearing.  However, any woman can learn to copy Helen's graceful movements and to cultivate her elegant attitude.

Wear Your Best Colors

Another thing you can learn from Mirren is that you should always wear your best colors, even if you wear the same few colors over and over.  If you look at Mirren's photos, you will see picture after picture of Helen Mirren wearing the same few hues: pale gold, silver, gray, dark blue, deep red, lavender, off-white, and one or two others.  Here are some examples:

  • Red Wrap DressAlong with the beautiful jewel-tone red of this dress, you should notice the fabulous fit.  (Tip: Even though Mirren is only 5’4”, the fact that the wrap-belt is the same color as the rest of the dress gives her a long unbroken line. The vee neckline elongates her neck, while the beige-colored shoes make her legs look longer.)
  • Deep Jewel-Tone Red GownThis is the same color red even though it may appear different because of the fabric.
  • Red Daytime DressHere is another red dress.  Do you think people are saying, "Oh my God, all she wears is red," or, "Helen Mirren looks smashing in red!"
  • Getting the Right Shade is Imperative:  Here is an example of Helen Mirren in another red dress, but the red is too bright and it washes her out.

How will you know what colors are best on you?  One way is to take several different color swatches (or dresses or towels from your closets) and a mirror.  Then go outside with no makeup and hold the swatches up to your face, as if the fabric were a turtleneck.  If the hue makes you look sallow or pale, or it makes the bags under your eyes worse, don't wear that color.

Wear Your Best Colors Next to Your Face

If you have dresses, suits, or tops in colors that look bad next to your older skin, all is not lost.  Most women cannot afford to throw out their clothing and start anew.  So, you can upgrade any outfit by wearing a scarf (in one of your best colors) next to your face.  And, if you have a black suit for work, but black suddenly seems too harsh for your aging skintone, wear a blouse (in a great color) under the jacket, and the change will be dramatic.

Don’t Fall for Fads

Even though a woman with great bones like Helen Mirren could wear a garbage bag and look amazing, it's easy to see that anyone can fall for the latest trend.  So, let's learn from Mirren's (few) mistakes.

  • Mirren in a Star-Spangled Dress: This dress is not terrible and it probably looks better in person, but it’s just too busy and detracts from Mirren's subtle beauty. (I, on the other hand, might look great in this dress because I have bigger bones, and this outfit would keep people from looking at my wrinkles.  All of us look good in different styles.)
  • Dirndle Skirt: Well... no one looks good in a silver dirndle and support hose.
  • Drapey Ruching: Don't listen to your friends unless your friends are unafraid of being honest with you.
  • Red Shoes: On the other hand, don't be afraid to try something unusual like red shoes with red tights.  This outfit is adorable.

Comfort Is Not Always an Option

Forget comfort when cameras are present.  In some ways, I feel sorry for celebrities; the price they pay for their posh-princess lives is that they cannot choose outfits on the basis of comfort.

  • * Hideous, Frumpy Outfit: Maybe Mirren was trying to make the Queen look trendy.  (Actually, that was a joke.  I think the Queen is trendy.  Just check out her fabulous hats.)
  • * Mirren in a Hoodie:  Nothing will save you from a bad outfit.
helen mirren style article

Helen Mirren 2014

Makeup for Older Skin

Most of the time, minimal makeup is best.  It is very tricky for any woman over the age of 40 or 50 to keep bright colors from bleeding or from accentuating tiny wrinkles on her face.

  • * Helen Mirren's Natural Look:  I must remind you that minimal makeup does not mean "no makeup."  It takes a vast amount of time and energy to look as "natural" as this.
  • * Helen Mirren's True Natural Look: This is what Ms. Mirren really looks like. And, that makes me feel better because, God knows, every celeb in Hollyweird has had a ton of surgery, including her. They all do it. Don't think that some people have Fountain of Youth genes... and you don't.

The Most Important Lesson

The main thing we can learn from Helen Mirren is that no matter how many silly mistakes we've made in our lives, it's never too late to make a dramatic comeback.

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Photo Credits:

  • Main Photo: Sougata Ghosh Flickr Creative Commons.
  • Helen Mirren 2013: Angela George Wikipedia Creative Commons.
  • Helen Mirren 2014: See Li Wikipedia Creative Commons.

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