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12 Places to Meet Men Over 50 in the Real World

where to meet men

by Christina Gregoire

I’ve seldom met anyone great at most of the places recommended by online dating articles, but I have other ideas that probably will work better for you.  So, consider adding my opinionated opinions and logical alternatives to your list of "where to meet good men."

1. The Grocery Store: If you are gorgeous, you might meet men in the grocery store.  However, if you’re gorgeous, you’ll meet men everywhere you go.  If you don't look like a supermodel, do some of your grocery shopping at a farmer’s market.  Farmer’s markets have a more social atmosphere than a supermarket.  And, don't forget to be friendly with the vendors.  Younger guys may have single fathers or uncles.

2. Public Transportation:  I’ve never met anyone worthwhile on a subway, train or plane, however I did have a homeless guy (who smelled like cheap wine) put his arm around me on a bus. You're more likely to meet a "quality man" on a plane than on a bus.  Fly on an airline with open seating (like Southwest), and do your best to sit next to a guy who looks like he's around your age.

3. Airports Are Great Places: I have met several men in airports.  Go early, find a seat at your gate, and be open to conversation with anyone nearby.  Lots of people get nervous before a flight and like to talk.  It’s easy to start a conversation at an airport terminal.  Try something simple like:

  • Do you know if the plane’s on time?
  • I wonder if this flight will be full.
  • Do you know what the weather will be like in _____?
  • I can’t remember if this flight is non-stop.

4. The Dog Park: I have a friend who has met nice guys at the dog park. Borrow your friend’s pooch and let the pup strike up the conversation with other people’s dogs.  You can make friends with single women, too.  That way you’ll have someone to be your wing-girl when you’re bopping around a jazz club.  Tip: If you don’t have luck in the suburbs, try a dog park in the city... where there are more singles.

5. Singles Cruises Sound Dull: Most men don’t go on cruises.  Maybe cruises remind them of the money they blew on their ex-wives.  Anyway, even though I’ve never been on a singles cruise, I have a feeling you will find mostly single women on your ship.  I think you'd have better luck at a bar with a live band that plays blues or oldiesTip: If you want to take a cruise, check out NCL Epic on this cruises-for-singles forum.

6. Casinos and Horse Races: I’m sure you can meet lots of men in both venues, but you probably won’t meet many “quality” men.  Personally, I would not go to a casino or horse race to meet a guy. The high rollers are looking for younger babes, and the low rollers are often losers looking for a way to make up for all they’ve lost in their divorces. Some men who gamble are high-risk types, so if you're going to a casino, you will want to find out as much as you can about any man you meet before you give your heart away.  Try a Nascar race, instead... well, maybe not.  Try a sporting goods store or a numismatic convention, instead of a casino.

7. Starbucks and Other Coffee Shops: I have met men in coffee shops.  You’ll have to experiment with different times and different locations.  Various Starbucks (and other coffee houses) in the Seattle area attract different customers, for example: young programmers, gay guys, young singles, married suburbanites, etc.  You will always find a mix, but some mixes are better than others.  Don’t be afraid to ask a guy if you can have the newspaper when he’s done.  Just be friendly, but not obnoxious.  Alternative: I think that becoming a barista (in a good location) would be a great way to meet people… as long as you’re not working the drive-through.  And, make sure your smile is brighter than that of the sulky young Goth you work with.

8. Resorts: I used to meet guys in Hawaii all the time, but I was young and had a kickass bikini bod.  These days, I’m not so sure.  I met a gigolo by the pool at the Beverly Hilton a few years back. However, if you need to take a vacation, you might consider trying a few things that guys like to do, but don’t go to sporting events (for example) if you hate sports.  After consulting my husband, we came up with a list of interesting vacation possibilities:

meet men at sports events

  • Spring Training (Baseball): Most games take place around March in Arizona's Cactus League  or Florida's Grapefruit LeagueEven if you don’t meet anyone, it’s fun to hit these two states in springtime, and spring-training games are cheaper than games at your home stadium. If you get bored, you can always leave and go shopping, but don’t forget to chat with people when you’re waiting in line for your hotdog.
  • Scuba-Diving in a Tropical Paradise: Take lessons beforehand.  Here’s a link for divers looking for buddies.  Many of the divers on this list are married but they may have single dads or single friends.
  • Military History Tours:  Here are some examples of historical tours that might be interesting.  Watch movies like “Band of Brothers” or read one of the recommended books (check various tour websites) to decide if something like this is right for you, then try to find out the age range of the tour group you're considering.  Hey, there's nothing wrong with a D-Day visit to Normandy or a trip to Gettysburg, even if everyone is married.  I have a feeling you would meet some wonderful people from outside your usual social circle … and they will lead you to other interesting people.  There are also historical tours of Vietnam, Russia, China, Korea, the Philippines, Istanbul, Israel, and more.  Just google “historical tours” and you’ll find other types of tours (in every city) that might attract men.

9. Home Depot: Guys have offered to help me when I’ve done my dumb-blonde routine (unintentionally) at Home Depot or Lowes.  A man who goes to a home-improvement store on a weekend probably has a job and owns a house, so you might give this a try.

10. The Gym: I hate going to the gym.  When I was single, I used to go to 24-Hour Fitness in a nearby city, and it was filled with 24-year-olds.  So, look around to find the right neighborhood gym.  Women say that the weight-lifting area is the best way to get next to a guy or two. (My friend recommends biking and adventure holidays. See comment section.)

11. Classes, Seminars, Meetups: In general, classes and workshops require a payment, meetups or social clubs are free, and seminars are free because the lecturer is trying to sell you something.  Here are some classes that will be filled with men:

  • * Sports and Active Classes: Golf lessons, tennis lessons, martial arts classes, archery classes, fishing demonstrations, Skip Barber Racing classes, motorcycle training classes (not my cup of tea), gun training at a shooting range (or skeet shooting), kayaking or sailing classes, pool playing classes, or hiking clubs.
  • * Less Strenuous Classes and Social Clubs: Photography classes, astronomy classes, Osher Lifelong Learning classes (like college courses without grades), birdwatching groups, metalworking or woodworking classes, Toastmasters clubs, chess classes, finance classes and seminars, or classes that teach you how to brew beer.

12: Volunteer Opportunities: You can volunteer at a hospital. (Older men always help me find my way around my local hospital.)  I've read about Habitat for Humanity volunteers who have met while building houses and ended up getting married. Or, you could try volunteering for a political campaign. (If you live in the suburbs, you might look for an opportunity in the city.)

I don’t know where you will meet your own good guy.  All I can say is that you should not be looking for a man who resembles Robert Redford, and you will never meet anyone by sitting on your couch watching Pride and Prejudice.

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. Helen

    I actually met my husband at the local pub but I think that was a case of luck as we happened to literally bump into one another. But having done several "adventure" holidays - mountain biking and trekking to be precise - we witnessed many relationships developing post-trip.

    Adventure holidays either attract couples or lots of singles and, as they tend to appeal to older people with more disposable income, they are a perfect way to meet other like-minded people. One couple got together after climbing Kilimanjaro, our first trekking adventure holiday; another couple hit it off after a testing week mountain biking through the High Atlas in Morocco.

    OK you may not be the adventurous type, but not all activity holidays are gruelling, so just pick something you enjoy and see what like-minded people are there. Just avoid yoga holidays, as they tend to be full of women!

    • Christina Gregoire

      Helen, that sounds like a great idea. I'll put your info into the article when I have time. I'll bet it's crazy hot in Cyprus in August. Even Seattle is hot...but I'm going out on my bike when it cools down this evening.

      I don't know if all bike people are like the ones I've run into, but from what I've seen, cyclists are a great group of people. When I was trying out my neighbor's bike and fell over because the bike was too big and clunky, I had two hotties (young enough to date my daughters) stay with me for a few minutes until they were convinced I wasn't hurt. Actually, there were two older guys who I talked to... On second thought, I'm going to write an article about bike people and include your ideas.

  2. Lilly

    I can vouch for the gym, worked for me, lol.