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Top Trends for Fall: Women Over 40 or 50

cute pantsuits and other trends for fall

Well, if you’re a Boomer Chick over 50 or 60, you should have a fairly good idea of what you can and can’t wear … by now. Unfortunately, you still have to work with the goods that are offered, while trying to stay within budget. So, here’s my take on Elle’s trends for fall.

Elle's Top Trend Report for Fall

Elle.com points out some trendy styles that might work for you, but I hate to be the bearer of (marginally) bad news. Many of the fashions they show are made for … I don’t know who they’re made for … but they are definitely not made for Baby Boomer women.

Here's their list:

1. The Color: Golden Child

Yes, I know most Boomers wore this gold-lamé stuff in the days of Studio 54, but have you seen Bianca Jagger lately? As much as I respect Mick Jagger’s ex for her stand on human rights, if Lady B can’t wear some blast from the past, we probably can’t either. So, instead of trying to return to our days of disco glory, let’s look for smaller gold-toned wearables and accessories.  Examples:

  • A gold purse
  • A gold cuff
  • A golden flower for your hair
  • A pair of golden shoes
  • A pair of gold sunglasses
  • A gold sweater

2. Waxed or Laminated Clothing

This looks like rubber clothing and it might be fine for the uber-trendies amongst us, but I wore something like this (an orange fitted dress made of a similar fabric) in the 90's and I got a lot of grief about it. Of course, I wore whatever I wanted during the 60's, and I remember a few photos taken of me during that time period, but I’m not ready to embrace this look quite yet. For one thing, I don’t know what that shiny stuff would look like on a 60-year-old plus-sized female like me.

The “waxed” look may be cute for accessories like shoes.  And, there are waxed coats that look fine, but they don’t have the high gloss of the trendier waxed items.  Waxed skinny jeans? Maybe.

3. Military Themed Clothing

I suppose this looks good on some Boomerinas, but I would look silly in military-inspired clothing. So, if you look good in very tailored, structured outfits, and you have the buckolas to be able to afford a great tailor, some of these details are extremely cute. Go for it, baby. It’s just not me. I look better in boho-wear.

4. Lattice Prints

I like lattice prints, as long as they're not done head to toe. Lattice could be something good, if done right.  Women who look good in preppy, tailored clothing should flock to this trend.  And, I think older women could wear something like this dress if they wore it as a tunic with leggings.

5. Trendy Pantsuits

Pantsuits are fine with me. Just ask Hillary Clinton. And, the suit in the main photo (above) looks really cute, but not every woman can wear cropped pants. Well, I know one boomer babe who looks fabulous in ankle-length trousers, but she’s tall, willowy, and model-thin.  Actually, my short (former) mother-in-law can wear cropped pants, too.

I say, “If you can wear this, please do,” because you will really stand out from the crowd. However, check with your friends to see what they think. Nevermind… don’t ask friends… ask your daughter. She’ll tell you if the look is right for you.  (Actually, the cropped-pant look is perfect for Venice when it floods, but bring a cute tote for your shoes.)

6. Shakespeare in Love ???

How can anyone ruin this gorgeous idea? Beautiful embroidery, romantic sleeves, marvelous square necklines, silky baroque fabrics, Florentine flourishes, headpieces fit for a queen … how can they screw this up? Oh, I see. They forgot to finish the dresses. Must have run out of time.

If you find anything that looks remotely Renaissance, run to it and buy it. Just don’t forget the other half of the outfit, unless you’re Lady Gaga. She really does look good in this stuff. (And, I’m not making a joke.)

7. Velvet Underground

Who can hate velvet? As long as it fits and has good drape, velvet clothing is the most beautiful thing on earth. I hope we see lots and lots of velvet. And, I hope we get to have Lou Reed blasting in the background for the entire autumn-winter season.

8. Big Maxi Coats

I’m not going to chastise the design community for this one. No, you shouldn’t wear this trend, but, at least, the creative population is trying to come up with something that fat women can fit into.

How to Wear the Trends: Baby Boomer Version

I know that "fashion" is all about theater and drama, but some of this stuff isn’t even worth laughing at. So, here's what you can do to update your look without freaking out your cat:

  • * Wear small amounts of gold, but not enough to highlight your bulges.
  • * Buy a lattice-print scarf in a long, rectangular size. Loop it and twist it as if you were a Parisienne.
  • * Try a pantsuit. Personally, I think a pantsuit with a peplum would be cute, but it all depends on the cut. Cropped pants are fine, as long as you get the proper approval and an extended visa before removing the tags.
  • * Shakespearean clothing is fabulous ... if you follow common sense.
  • * Velvet is groovy as long as it fits properly.

As for the rest of the trends … you’re on your own with those.

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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