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Baby Boomers Ruined America?

Baby Boomers Ruined America? Boomerinas photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/38071164@N00/150990253/

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

Okay. I’ve had it! All over the internet, I keep seeing blogs entitled something like, "Baby Boomers Suck". Well, I'm a Boomer and I'm here to tell you that Baby Boomers did NOT ruin America.

Baby Boomers are not responsible for everything that's gone wrong in this country. We did not make home prices skyrocket. Sure, the price of any specific house is related to supply and demand, but a large portion of that price is also related to inflation; and Baby Boomers did not cause inflation. In addition, Baby Boomers didn’t cause the deficit; politicians did. Baby Boomers didn’t send jobs overseas; CEOs made those lousy decisions.

baby boomers and inflation http://www.flickr.com/photos/68751915@N05/6355814243/in/photostream

Do You Know What Inflation Is?

What is inflation? You think you know the answer, but you might be wrong. True inflation is not an “increase in prices” at the store or the pump. Inflation is an increase in the money supply.

No, I’m not an economist. If I were, I would give you a long-winded answer with complicated graphs, and I would make you doubt your ability to understand the obvious. In reality, I am just another smart Boomer who studied accounting for four years and learned the basics of macroeconomics. So, I want you to consider the idea that “price inflation” is not the same as true “inflation”.

Inflation Is an Increase in the Money Supply:

Inflation is the “printing of money” (even though an increase in the money supply has more to do with digital decimals and the lending of money - or the buying of the FED - than it does with any printing press). Inflation is an increase in a fiat currency, often exacerbated by no corresponding increase in productivity.

Why The Powers That Be Print Money:

When "The Powers That Be” print more money, they are hoping to trick you into thinking you are richer than you are. The ruling class has always calculated that their “quantitative easing”, or “stimulus money”, or easy credit terms will put a burr in your butt and make you go out and buy more stuff than you normally would. And, if the government can get enough of you to buy more goodies, their hope is that the economy can be slipped out of any slump.

  • Here's a somewhat boring example of a Baby Boomers Suck rant... in case you've never come across one. But, please come back to Boomerinas.com so I can explain why Baby Boomers are not the problem... well... a Baby Boomer who also happens to be a lobbyist might be a problem.

do you think we wanted to pay 5 years salary for a dump?Baby Boomers Didn’t Create the Housing Mess - Supply and Demand 101 for Gen X-ers:

When people feel that they are wealthier than they were the day before, because they have bigger numbers in their checking accounts or some real estate wonks say they have more equity in their homes, those people are more willing to bid higher prices for whatever it is they want. In this case, we’re talking about houses. And, that’s what happened. Over the lifetimes of the Baby Boomers, our ever-increasing money supply has greased the way for some ridiculous increases in the prices of houses.

Factors Other Than Inflation:

To be fair, there are other factors that have affected the prices of houses over the last 40 years. Two of them are:

  • The sheer number of Boomers who all wanted to settle down and have families at, approximately, the same time.
  • The idea of “hurry up and buy” before prices go up.

But, I want all of you Gen X-ers to know that we, Boomers, did not want to pay small fortunes for our crappy, suburban bungalows. The price increases (that we were forced to endure) were part of a rolling dice game, where we were the victims, not the champions of high home prices…and a large part of those increases were artificially created by inflation.

Did Boomers Want High Home Prices?

Most of us Boomers did not really benefit from higher house prices…we just watched our taxes go up. And, I don’t know about you, but no one asked me if I wanted the Fed to print more money…and to spark round after round of inflation over the past decades.

On a related subject, when you say that Baby Boomers caused the housing market to tank, you are wrong, again. Yes, some Baby Boomers, somewhere, decided to push high-risk loans in order to make some tidy profits. And, some Baby Boomer politicians demanded that bankers give out sub-prime loans, to increase the happiness quotient of their constituents. However, most Baby Boomers were (and still are) sitting around scratching their heads, just like you, asking, “What the flunk happened?”

Back to the Price of Houses:

When you blame Baby Boomers for an increase in the price of houses, it’s like blaming mankind for the price of houses. Yes, there are a lot of Baby Boomers, and in aggregate, we can start and stop trends…but, I think that inflation had just as much to do with skewing housing prices (over the last 30-40 years) as Boomers did. So, blame the people who control the currency, not the Baby Boomers.

baby boomer demographics

Baby Boomers are NOT the Problem

Did Baby Boomers Cause the Deficit and the Debt?

Boomers did not cause the deficit or the debt. The answer to this question is almost exactly the same as the answer to the query about who caused the prices of houses to jolt around.

I am a typical Baby Boomer.

If the government had come to me and said that they couldn’t pay their bills, I would have told them to stop spending so much money.

I am not a corrupt Keynesian. I would not have told the government to print more money to make their payments. I would not have told the government to borrow more money. But, guess what? Only politicians and their buddies get to decide how much money the government spends. Sure, a lot of those politicians are Baby Boomers, but most Baby Boomers are not politicians.

And, when we are on the subject of those future social-security recipients and their evil, Boomer entitlements, which are expected to suck the country dry, why are you not asking where the social-security trust-fund monies went? Come on. The fact that these “trust funds” are off budget, should be enough to tip you off. Once again, the culprits are not the Baby Boomers who paid into these funds for years. Stop blaming the victims.

Baby Boomers Did Not Destroy the Economy:

Baby Boomers did not send all of our manufacturing base overseas. CEOs of major (and smaller) corporations made those decisions. Baby Boomers didn’t send information jobs to India.

Instead, Baby Boomers were the victims. Boomers were the folks who lost their factory jobs and middle-management jobs. We, Boomers, have taken the brunt of it. We are the people who lost our jobs when we were too old to find new ones.

What’s the Answer?

America used to make everything. America used to make everything better than any other country.

baby boomers retirementUnlike most whiners, Baby Boomers are going to kick ass and take no prisoners.

We know that no major, powerhouse country can survive for long without manufacturing, without making something of value, without pulling exports out of the ground. And, we are going to do whatever we can to continue being producers and to continue finding answers…until we are satisfied that the US is limping back onto the right track.

So, stop complaining, join us, and come up with some solutions that you didn't read off a bumper sticker on the back of some hybrid.

What do you think of this article? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page if you like this website... even if you disagree with my stand on this subject. Thanks.

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. TEarly

    I read what what you wrote, and probably for the most part "most" baby boomers are not to blame, but who is running the country when it turned to poo. The baby boomers..... My classamates and myself sure were not. We are your ages children. Its not just the baby boomers, but their parents that gave too much away. We were only doing so good at the time because after WW2, we where the only place that could make things. Then with the overundulgence of that generation, we have spiralled into this. REPUBLICANS fix things by war, DEMOCRATS try to end war, only 8 years later to have a REPUBLICAN take power after peace and prosperity, to start ANOTHER WAR! Who profits when REPUBLICANS are in office.... The Chaney's of the world... WHO OKAYED A HEART FOR THAT DEMON? HE NEVER HAD ONE TO REPLACE. War is for making money. NEVER PEACE.

  2. Christina Gregoire

    I agree with you on almost every point. Democrats John F Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson got us into the Vietnam War. Nixon, as much as I didn't like him, was a Republican and got us out of the war. I'm an Independent, so I don't love Dems more than Reps or vice versa. Everything else you've said is right on. However, I'm a Baby Boomer. I'm not on entitlements and I doubt there will be much there when I'm old enough for Social Security. I'm a Baby Boomer and I didn't vote for any wars.

    Instead of blaming Baby Boomers, you could try blaming MEN. That would make just as much sense.

  3. Mike

    Hello..i sit right on the age fence of gen x and y. Im afraid i have to disagree with you somewhat. Not about thinking boomers "ruined" america..kinda negative thinking when people say america is ALREADY ruined. I dont think that, and am positive about the future. But there are problems. You can argue that your parents enacted all the entitlements and government spending(Great Society, New Deal etc), yet the boomer generation has heard their whole lives about the insolvency of these programs. Yall will get your checks, but we wont...your "kids". Also, the brazen nature with which the boomer generation experimented with society is truly shocking, from a historical perspective. These changes were inevitable to a degree, but boomers wanted everything then & now. We have no idea how all the societal changes will affect the long run...may be bad, may be good. But as I said, the brazeness & hubris with which your generation went about it, without any respect for the successes of tradition, is what bothers me. It wouldve bothered me to have been party to that, and its frightening how morals have completely plummeted. Who is to blame for that?

  4. Christina Gregoire


    I have to agree with most of what you said. We Boomers did a lot of stupid things that changed America's morals. Mea Culpa. I was part of some of that and I was wrong wrong wrong wrong. I may write an article about the things that Boomers did wrong. You'll just have to wait until I get a bit of time to write that article, but I agree that living together without committment, having sex without committment, fooling around with stupid drugs, accepting divorce without putting up a fight...all that stuff is horrid. You, my friend Mike, are right about those things and more.

    • Tina

      I'd also like to add this.

      Mike, we all will get our checks (I hope) but the money will be worth a lot less than it should be worth (due to unrecognized inflation) and I put WAY more money into Social Security than I will ever get back ... even if we don't account for the time value of money.


  5. Los Angeleno

    Disagree. It was representatives from the "Baby Boomer" generation that decided to unregulated the stock and the citizens from you generation that just went along with it and didn't do a single thing to stop it.

    It was also the Baby Boomer generation that got all hopped up on the idea of "globalization" and people from that generation that didn't do anything to stop it. Quite the contrary, Baby Boomer CEO's saw $$$ in their eyes and decided to give our jobs away to people in India, etc...

    While it may not have been you personally, it was most certainly people from your generation (as a whole), this is a non-debatable fact. :)

  6. Los Angeleno

    I have to disagree, I do believe it was the Baby Boomers who ruined America. It was representatives from the "Baby Boomer" generation that decided to deregulate the stock market, and it was citizens as well as politicians from the Boomer generation that did nothing to stop Rubin and Summers.

    It was also the Baby Boomer generation that got all hopped-up on the idea of "globalization" and people from the boomer generation that didn't do anything to stop it. Quite the contrary, Baby Boomer CEO's saw $$$ in their eyes and decided to give our jobs away to people in India, etc...

    While it may not have been you personally, it was most certainly people from your generation (as a whole), this is a non-debatable fact. :)

  7. roughseasinthemed

    You're right, I did enjoy reading your post, and unlike some of your readers, I tend to agree with most of it.

    There is a difference between blaming a whole generation - or two - of people for the worlds or at least your country's ills, and blaming the ones who are elected to power, by everyone. One of your most pertinent points was in the comments where you suggested blaming men. Will younger male politicians (eg Obama) make any different decisions to the ones of the 1946-60s generation? Doubt it.

    Politicians act one way. Ordinary people living their lives just try to get on with it, and really have no control. I think someone said on my post that all people want is a scapegoat.

    Oh, I do disagree about manufacturing. At one point in the very distant past, Britain used to make everything better than elsewhere. We specialised in over-engineering which is why we went out of business. C'est la vie.

    PS Those codes can be hard for old baby boomer eyes.....

  8. Braadwijk

    I've noticed it's a common theme with all Baby Boomers that what's happening in America is not their fault, and they'll give myriad excuses as to why it wasn't them. Even here they blame young people, men, corporations run by Boomers, politicians who are Boomers... They forget, however, that their generation has been dominating our politics and culture for the better part of 40 years. Who elected these politicians you'd rather blame? Who underfunded the entitlement programs, got into us into more pointless wars for private gain, spent us into massive deficits, created our gaudy materialistic culture, and took over the media conglomerates that turn out the cultural trash we see daily on America media? Boomers. Again, you can try to shift blame here all you want. You had 40 years to see this coming, and the Boomer generation has for all intents and purposes done nothing. Look at the leaders you've been electing to office now that you control everything. They act like children fighting on the playground. It's the best you guys could do. I've noticed the Boomers, even the ones who didn't splurge and generally lived wholesome lives, have a very hard time conceiving of the world as not being made exclusively as their playground. They talk a lot about how these entitlement programs and other American institutions are there for them and not all citizens, and they don't seem to care much that younger generations will have to suffer in ways they never did to pay for these shortcomings on the record books.

    And I've got news for you. It's not going to be Boomers who get us out of the crisis they created. You won't be able to survive this crisis because for the most part, your generation refuses to buck up and pay its own bills. For years all Boomers championed the creation of a world where the cheap goodies kept flowing and flowing, and they never bothered to adapt for being able to function in that world. Most Boomers, for example, can only speak English and suffer from severe computer illiteracy. They are woefully maladapted to the world they made, precisely because they always assumed it would be there for them and the USA would never face any kind of stiff competition. You won't want to hear this, but it's the GenXer's and Millennials who will be rebuilding this country from the ashes when you're finally done with it. Boomers complain we're lazy and we're whiners, but I think this is just projection of their own faults onto people who actually do have the skills to worldview to get things moving. The most damning thing about the Boomers is the potential they had, and how they sold their souls for cheap living. You inherited the most wealth ever generated in human history by the society most free, and you left your children an impoverished police state that has become the laughing stock of the world. That is your legacy, and in the end the Boomers will own it whether or not they want to admit it.

  9. Braadwijk

    I noticed it didn't take long for my comment to disappear. I also notice that Boomers get all bent out of shape in the face of serious criticism, especially when I bring up the "you had 40 years to do something" aspect to it. What's the matter? Truth hurts? Or are you just like most other Boomers, suppressing ideas that make you uncomfortable?

    • Christina Gregoire

      Your fraking comment didn't disappear, Brad. I had to approve it and I was busy working. I actually blame Boomers for a lot of things. But, most of us are just victims like you. I probably vote exactly like you do. I would give up my Social Security check (as long as everyone else did) to save our country from bankruptcy. Is it because I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams...no. Is it because I have children and I don't want them to live in a terrible mess...yes. That and more.

      The US (and the Western world that the US protects) is a dream, an aberration, a utopia never seen in the history of the planet. We don't have a dictator. We don't have an owner who whips us...his lowly slaves. We are allowed to move from one home to another at will. We have running water. I worry about all the sh** that people your age are going to inherit.

      You can hate me all you want, but it isn't going to do any good. The politicians will just use that anger to divide and conquer. And, what was I supposed to do in the last 40 years..."take out" the person who didn't put our Social Security taxes into a fund? Just who the hell was that? I wouldn't even know who to contact...to protest.

      And...I did see this coming for 30-plus years. What should I have done? I have explained what was coming to everyone I've had an in-depth convo with in the last 30 years...I've been a Libertarian since 1979, baby. I don't want the government to take care of me.

      I don't want anything from the government. I just want the government to leave me alone...and that was exactly what I wanted 40 years ago. Yes, as a whole, Boomers voted for stupid things and didn't understand the consequences. But, I don't think I was one of them. Don't worry, though. We'll all die off soon and you can have your turn fixing things. But, unless your last name is Kennedy or Bush, it is unlikely that you can get much of what you want accomplished. I hope I'm wrong. I hope you can.

      I want my children (and you) to inherit a strong currency, not runaway inflation. I understand what you are saying and I agree with you. I worry about what you are going to be stuck with. If I could do anything to save the country, I would. So, please tell me what I should do.

      Yes, Boomers are stupid voters, but the system is rigged. Maybe people from your generation can find a way to fix it...and I'm praying you do.

      For the sake of my children. I hope you can do something. I don't vote out of greed. You are preaching to the choir.

  10. Christina Gregoire

    PS The ending to my article was a plea for Boomers to FIX what is broken. I don't know if things can be fixed, but I am hopeful.

    (And...I only speak one language. I wish I knew Spanish or Mandarin, but it's difficult to learn a new language after you're 5 or 6, unless you are bilingual already. I wanted my kids to learn Spanish when they were little but my husband wouldn't pay for a tutor, even though he had the money. And, back in those days, you could not go on Craig's List and find someone. I would have had to drive around with two little kids to some university or some language school and find someone willing to work with my toddlers.)

    I understand why you hate Boomers. Your points are valid.

    • Christina Gregoire

      AND, I never say that Gen X or Y or Millenials are lazy. (There is more than one person writing on this blog...and I don't think I've ever said that.) What I have said is, "I'm glad I'm not young. I don't know how younger people are going to find jobs and find a way to survive."

  11. Christina Gregoire

    ps Roughseasinthemed, I agree about Britain. Mad King George let some of their power slip away.

  12. Janise Grubber

    Republicans Ruined America, are you that stupid and don't remember two-terms of Bush ?

    • Tina

      I'm not sure I would say that Republicans ruined America. I would say that politicians, the corporate elite, and the rest of the 1% ruined America. Stop blaming Bush for everything and open your eyes. People with control are not always right... they may be helping themselves and their interests but they are screwing the common people. If Bush is to blame, at least spread the blame around a little. AND I AM NOT A REPUBLICAN. I am just old enough to have seen this blaming sh*t over and over. Sometimes I vote for Ds and sometimes I vote for Rs, but I try to vote for independents because they don't owe their souls to the financiers.

      Stop blaming Bush. I didn't even vote for him one of the times he ran, but stop blaming him.

  13. boomerssuck

    Woe is me! Cries the baby boomer generation... a generation of people that have accumulated more collective wealth than any other group of people in the history of human civilization.

    No more blogs. We are making websites now.

    • Tina


      P*ss off you little bugger. I am well aware of what younger ppl do. I have two children. My first computer language was FORTRAN. I know a little about the internet and I hope you make money from your stupid blog/website (and I know that's why you put this comment on here even though my husband approved the comment... so I didn't respond to it until now... months later... 'cuz I just saw it.)

      Just because a generation is rich in aggregate does NOT mean that everyone in that generation is rich... or did you skip Logic Class when they talked about overlapping and discreet groups.

  14. mike

    Yes, the baby boomers did create all of theses problems. I AM a baby boomer.
    When I was delivering papers in Junior High I wondereded what kind of world these baby boomers would leave us.Now I know. I am 56, the boomers that are about 65 today have answered my question. They have been so self absorbed and became so greedy that
    they have left us with a messed up world. The baby boomers are totally at fault for this world's probs. They talked about peace, love one another right now, then went to grad school and demanded excessive consumtpion. The baby boomers are to blame for all of this inflation, unemplyoment, excess government control. Baby boomers, stop your denial.

    • Tina


      I agree that Baby Boomers did not do what we should have done and we did not fulfill our promise. With so much momentum and with that many people we should have been able to make more changes. I DO think that Boomers did get public sentiment to force the end of the draft and that's a benefit that lives on. Even though the reasoning was selfish, it turned into a benefit for all the young whiners of America.

      As for causing government control...If you are saying that the Baby Boomers voted for handouts and government intervention, then I could agree with that. Believe me... I am a Libertarian, so I did NOT vote for the government to give me anything. I voted to keep the government out of my freaking face. But, I am sure that you could make a case that other Boomers did vote for "stuff" and that lead to more government control.

      I am not sure how Baby Boomers caused unemployment. I'm trying to figure out where you're coming from on that one. In my opinion, most Baby Boomers are victims of factory closures and the "outsourcing" of jobs. I hate the word outsourcing... let's call it what it is. We "sold" our jobs to the lowest bidder.

      Are you saying that we have unemployment because we bought foreign cars? I could buy that explanation, but I still don't really see how we - the Baby Boomers caused unemployment. I don't know anyone who wanted our jobs sent overseas. Did we want lower priced goods. Sure. But, the vast majority of Boomers did not make any kind of decision that actually lead to the jobs crisis.

      And, even if you could convince me of those other points, there is NO WAY that Baby Boomers are responsible for inflation. INFLATION IS THE INCREASE IN THE MONEY SUPPLY. The other definition is bogus. We kinda made the price of housing go up because there were so many of us, but that's not inflation. INFLATION IS THE INCREASE IN THE MONEY SUPPLY WHICH CAUSES the buying power of the dollar to go down. Unless you know Baby Boomers who are printing money, I think the finger points to government and quasi government agencies.

      If you want to talk back and forth, this is one of my favorite subjects. So, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

      Tina (ps I never became materialistic. All I wanted was security for my family. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as "security.")

      • Tina

        ps I should add a bit. The main thing that Baby Boomers could have done... well I guess they did do this... to increase unemployment was to "perfect" the computer. The ubiquitousness of the computer seems to have lead to the loss of zillions of jobs: secretaries (typing and spellchecking), middlemen and salesmen (sales are consolidated into a handful of companies that use the Walmart type of computerized inventory method)... and Baby Boomers didn't have enough children to grow up and pay taxes to keep the Social Security game going... or to become consumers.

        You can argue that Baby Boomers are selfish brats and I would not argue with that. I'm not sure we are the only selfish people. I think all people are self centered... but I accept that Boomers are self centered. However, I'm still not coming up with anything that could possibly lead me to think that the vast majority of Baby Boomers are anything other than good, decent people. What exactly did we do to piss off so many people?

  15. Tina

    I would like to point out that someone has flipped around the terminology, changing it from traditional usage... I just looked it up.

    What used to be called inflation (inflation of the money supply) is now called "monetary inflation." And, the word inflation has been hijacked and redefined to mean "price inflation"... either due to the "idiot newscaster effect" or due to something else. Read about the difference here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monetary_inflation

    So, standard usage of the word inflation doesn't even make sense anymore. Prices don't inflate (prices go up), but money supplies do inflate.

    The main problem for most people is MONETARY INFLATION because MONETARY INFLATION is the factor over which an individual has ABSOLUTELY no control. And, by the way, "price inflation" is not even measured correctly by the government anymore, so "price inflation" as a measurement has no meaning... no matter what you call it.

    Do I blame Bernanke for this mess? No, he inherited the problem. Do I blame the Baby Boomers? No. That would be blaming the victim.

    But, I guess that trying to understand something that doesn't fit into a soundbite is not as much fun as "blaming the Boomers."

  16. Benjamin

    The Boomers are like Walter White. Gen X-Y is like Jessie. Who's more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?

    The depths we will have to sink to get ourselves out of this upcoming financial abyss...we'll have to go full fascist, capitalist/corporate free market after this debt is dealt with (if hyperinflation doesn't reach us first!). We're already at indentured servitude levels, or below it.

    Even slaves had a place in society. The jobless today, searching in vain, when so many prospects across the Western world are vanishing like a ghost town. The masters that the Boomers have FAILED to reign in politically or be vigilant in abstaining from, are to blame. The passive, audience, voter BOOMER who let Reagan 3 Bushes and a Clinton in office are complacent enough to be bought and paid for stooges.

    You're all just stooges for the Corporate Masters. The Ownership Society you were all duped into believing you'd be part of. Now so many of you have learned, it was all an illusion.

    I hope you all live to see the Perfect Middle Class dissolve around you, while doing NOTHING to stop it. Cowards!

    • Tina-Boomerina

      I had to look up Walter White. I love that show, but I didn't get the connection.

      Personally, I think that there was little we could do to stop what is happening. We paid our freaking Social Security taxes like good little slaves. It's not our fault that all the money was paid out to buy votes and to get kickbacks from cronies. What were we supposed to do?

      If someone is part of the ruling class, he/she has no incentive to change anything. If someone is NOT part of the ruling class there is very little that person can do. Voting is the pacifier of the masses... it used to be "the church" BTW.

      Americans believe whatever they see on TV. I much prefer Europeans. They know more about history.... and I come from a European family who left before WWII and was thrilled to be in the US during the Great Depression.

      I just wonder what we can do NOW to stop the dissolving of the middle class. I've been watching it happen since the early 70s and I honestly don't know what can be done. And, I realize that we are all stooges for the Corporate Masters, but I am no coward.

      What do you propose that we do to raise the political intelligence of the American people? Voting only gives us a choice between tweedle dum and tweedle dee. Revolution will lead to something worse than what we have now. What is your solution?