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Daytime Cruise Wear for Women with Style (Updated Photos)

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

Here are some of the best daytime cruise wear pieces for women with style. Try striped nautical clothing like tops, sweaters, jackets and dresses... as well as cute tropical outfits for hanging out at the pool or roaming the decks.

Lots of gals look good in tropical dresses while lounging around on the ship, buffing their booties at the buffet, or watching the show in the ship's theater.

Note: Some of the photos in this article are new (from spring/summer 2017), but I've left the older pics, too, because they illustrate the type of good multifunctional styles that you should be looking for. And, hopefully, some of our friendly clothing designers will sit up and take notice.

what to wear on a cruise in daytime - photo Eucalyptus prshots.com

Nautical Striped Jacket for Women

Cruise Wear for Daytime

Is it possible that cruise gals are divided into two categories? One group likes to wear NORMAL clothes. The other group likes to lounge around the pool in bikinis, show off their belly rings, and wear sequins in all the wrong places.

read what to wear and see examples of perfect cruise outfits for daytime and informal dinners

Plus Size Cruise Outfits Daytime

Well, this article is about Boomer Chicks, the gals in the first group. Actually, this is about Boomer Chicks who want nautical daytime cruise wear that looks chic, can be worn on land (during summer), and is affordable. This is about that group of women who are still in the groove; still know how to party, and still want to be hip; but who know that they will look better in a one-piece bathing suit or a cute outfit that covers their derrieres or their tummies.

read tips for women's cruise wear outfits for day

What is a Breton Stripe?

Nautical clothing is perfect for this type of woman; well, at least for the daytime activities. After-dark cruising usually requires something a little less tomboy.

Nautical Clothing for Women

The basic boaty look consists of blue and white, with cute bright accents to give it some pop. Red, white, and blue is a classic combination. Black, black with white trim (tipping or piping), and black-and-white accents work for gals who don’t love navy blue.

read about the best cruise outfits for women over 50 n 60 and you younger pups too. Boomerinas.com

Plus Size Maxi Dress for Daytime Cruise

Plus Size Maxi Dress for Daytime Cruise

You certainly do not have to wear stripes or pants. And, in hot vacation climates, you may find that a soft, floaty dress is cooler than trousers... and a dress is almost always easier to maneuver in than pants, with the exception of getting on tour buses, where you will have to pull up your skirt so you or your shipmates don't step on your hem.

However, I have found that the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to dresses, and I favor long dresses and long skirts whenever I can get away with them. Try ditching your slacks. You'll be surprised to relearn the comfort of a nice, gauzy summer dress.

Check out Old Navy T-Shirts

Don’t laugh, but Old Navy (appropriately) has good tees and things for cruises - and for travel in general. And, thankfully, most of their stuff is inexpensive enough so that no woman needs to constantly worry about dripping cocktail sauce or spilling a rum and coke on it. Yo ho ho. Just throw the shirt away if it gets too skeezy.

  • Look for el cheapo striped shirts at Old Navy.
  • Look for Breton striped shirts when possible. See example above. Notice that the Breton stripe pattern is something any woman can wear without looking fat. It's almost like an optical illusion.
  • Jersey tank tops and long-sleeved striped tops are practical and cute.
  • Boatneck styles, deep V-necks, and deep U-necks are my favorites. These three styles are good on most gals who are a bit top heavy. Actually, I think they look good on everyone.
read about what looks good at sea. here are a few multifunctional pieces of clothing in plus size

Cruise Outfits in Plus Sizes

Cruise Outfits in Plus Sizes

Check out the cute dresses and the culotte jumpsuit above. They are from 2017 summer collection but I have found this brand (Elvi) at Nordstrom's as well as other websites in the US and UK. The linen-blend mini dress can be worn as a tunic over pants or leggings; it can also be a coverup for your swimsuit for your daily trek to the pool. The shirtdress does double duty as a beach coverup or left open and worn over your main outfit. The striped culotte jumpsuit is not quite as versatile, but it would look good for most evenings and it will certainly be adorable on excursions and just about everywhere you want something trendy but comfy.

cruise outfits clothing

Cute Cruise Dress for Day

Cruise Wear from Nordstrom's

I grew up in Seattle, so I love shopping at Nordstrom's.  It's our local store, but I like to browse online, because I'm much happier when I can try a garment on in the privacy of my own room, with the door locked, so no one will laugh.  And, I have no problem sending everything back if necessary.  That's why companies give you a sticky return label.

what to pack for a cruise in cold weather like Alaska

Nautical Stripes Dress

What to Google for Daytime Cruise Wear

I like to go to different websites and type "nautical" or "sailor" or "cruise"  into their store's search engines. Try searching for these in every website you already love... and then try it at some new ones:

  • Nautical
  • Sailor
  • Cruise
  • Striped
  • Travel

And, the great thing about all these things is that you can wear them anywhere.  I'm sure you'll get maximum use out any dress, pants, or blazer with a chic nautical theme.

Tropical Fashions

Some tropical outfits will look right on cruise ships, however really bright and splashy prints are good for the Caribbean, but they may look silly in the Mediterranean.  Well, it depends on your cruise line.

warm weather cruise wear for daytime women

Tropical Cruise Wear for Women

When looking for something tropical, remember that less is more, and no one over 40 should look like an acid flashback unless it's 60s night.  (Don’t drive the other cruisers to drink. Don’t go overboard. Are there any other cornball cruise jokes that have been missed?)

Look for Versatile Cruise Clothing

I love outfits that work on a cruise, as well as, when you're toodling about in Europe.  Did I mention that many of these garments are stretch jersey and won't wrinkle?

The best way to find cruise clothing is to go to several websites and do an internal search.  However, I want to stress how important it is to shop early.  Everyone who reads this (including myself) will be shopping for the same great styles.

Let me know if there are any other great sites or brands that you like.  I seldom publish comments with links, but I will certainly take a look at your site.

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Photo Credits: prshots.com.

  • Main photo: Fifty Plus, 2011.
  • Nautical Striped Jacket for Women: Eucalyptus, 2011
  • Plus Size Cruise Outfits Daytime: MandCo, Navabi, Mandco, 2017.
  • Maxi Dress for Daytime Cruise: Elvi, 2017. (On sale from summer but they have most sizes.)
  • Cruise Outfits in Plus Sizes: Elvi, 2017.
  • Nautical Stripes Dress: Mint Velvet, 2011.
  • Tropical Cruise Wear for Women: Betty Barclay, 2011.
  • Mouseover or click photos if I don't have all credits listed.

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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