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12 Wearable Trends for Spring & Summer by Jessica of Beverly Hills

see cute new trends for spring

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

My fashionista friend, Jessica, in Beverly Hills sent me a list of trends she thinks are going to be hot in spring and summer. Jessica must continually keep up with the latest fashions or she is out of a job. And, though she dresses many women over 50, the following items and outfits are trends that can be worn by women of all ages.

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Embellished Leather Jacket for Spring

Everything written by Jessica will be in quotes. I've tried to put her ideas into some kind of order, but she just tells me things as she thinks of them, so some ideas are a bit mixed together.

Other than a few grammatical changes, I've tried to use Jessica's own words.

Top 12 Spring Trends for Real Women:

Find new trend ideas for women for spring n summer

Bright Green Trench

1. Embellished Leather Jackets: "I'm seeing black leather jackets embellished with silver sequins, gold sequins and brass studs. Louis Vuitton Is great example of this. Older Women: Wear an embellished black leather jacket over white pants and a white button-down or T-shirt to complete the look."

Tina's POV: As much as I love studded biker jackets like the one above, I think they look best on women under 60. If you're in your 60s, you'll look better in a leather jacket (of any color) with studs in an elegant, controlled design. (Embellishment exceptions are made for women in LA, as always.)

2. Nautical Outfits: "Nauticals are being shown again by Dior for spring. Nauticals are always in and are always going to make a comeback in spring and summer. I like this look best with a pop of color, either a red handbag or a yellow shoe or something of that nature."

3. Trench Coats: "I’m seeing a lot of trench coats in khaki, light pink, anything but black. Black is for winter. Other colors are great for spring."

4. Pinks and Pastels for Spring: "We'll be selling a lot of light pink with light pink matching jewelry and accessories."

More good combinations for spring:

  • "Pink with white shoes or black with white shoes. You can add a white bag, too."
  • "They’re (also) showing very, very bright colored accessories and white shoes with pink, blue, green or white outfits."
  • "Another combo is white shoes, white bag and rainbow prints."

"Bright colors with a hint of pastels are 'in' for spring and summer. Dolce & Gabbana are doing lots of bright prints and florals in yellow, pink, blue, and jewel tones. And then, gold accessories are carrying over. There are lots of emerald greens, reds and purples, and then some pastels. It's unusual to see this much emerald green for spring and summer."

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Mixed Pink Stripes

5. Stripes for Spring: "Stripes are blowing up. I’m seeing pink and stripes head to toe. And, look for light blue stripes with white accessories. Everybody’s doing very head-to-toe dressing or mix-and-match… tried to tell you."

(Jessica sees things well in advance of most of us. She did tell me to add the stripe trend to one of her older articles.)

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Embroidered Denim for Women

6. 70s Denim: "There is a real 70s vibe going on. Patchwork denim is still a thing. Embroidery is everywhere. There's kind of a hippie 70s thing with all of it. Everything is just covered in that type of embroidery. And it's not going away. And, what’s with the fringe purses? You’re going to see fringe, probably for fall."

read about spring colors n trends. Add white or bright accessories to make this outfit amazing. see more ideas

Light Pink Pantsuit for Spring

7. Head-to-Toe Color: "Everybody’s outfits in LA are head-to-toe one color and their earrings are multicolored gemstones. So look for rainbow-colored earrings. I'm seeing multi pieces of different colored glass for earrings or for sunglasses and you pair colored earrings with something like head-to-toe yellow."

"Look at how the royals dress in one color. Do you see the queen in head to toe yellow or I did I already tell you that is what everyone is doing? Most people in LA are doing just head to toe black. That’s all they’re wearing every day, nonstop black, but for spring and summer it will change. And, what the magazines are showing is head-to-toe prints or head-to-toe one similar blue-and-white striped print."

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Add a Pop of Color or Print to Update Wardrobe

8. Add a Pop of Color: "They are also showing black-and-white checkered outfits with pops of red. That’s always a very chic look good for older ladies."

Other color ideas for women over 50:

  • "You could do black pants and a white jacket and a black shirt underneath. And then just a pop of red."
  • "You could do all black with a pop of yellow. Yellow and black is huge if you look at that right Versace runway. Yellow and black is going to be a big thing."
  • "Looks like there’s a small load of red and pink still. Red with pink is a great color combination."
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Gingham for Spring

9. Gingham: "Gingham was huge and blue, but that’s over. It’s coming back this spring in pink, hot pink, light pink, baby pink, light baby pink, and light baby blue together. But everybody’s gonna be doing it in pink. It looks like they’re wearing it on the runways head to toe."

Tina's POV: Most women reading this will continue to wear blue gingham for the next few years. Chicks who live in Kansas or Oregon or New Jersey are not slaves to fashion like those who live in SoCal. We are much too practical to give away last year's fashions to our Salvadoran maids. Hell, we are so pragmatic we clean our own toilets and raise our own children... so take some of this with a grain of salt.

10. Graphic Prints: "We’re going to see a return of graphic print skirts, because Balenciaga did a pretty print that’s dollar bills. It is very unusual for them. Newspaper prints are going to be on everything: newspaper print shirts, newspaper print bags, shoes, you name it. It’s going to be a big thing, almost as big as the pink gingham. You’re going to see lots of hot graphic prints like cartoon characters you’re familiar with, like toy prints or Campbell's soup prints. It’s a trend."

Tina's POV: I would go easy on the 60s "pop art" trend if you're over 60. One printed bag is probably enough.

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Candy Colored Jewelry for Spring

11. Accessories: "Giant oversized earrings especially in all gold are making a comeback. I'm seeing candy colors and jewel tones in sunglasses, jewelry and clothes, especially in jewelry. You should also focus on colorful little jeweled bags and earrings."

12. Sock Boots: "And, fortunately or unfortunately, sock boots and sock shoes are not going away for spring. Sock shoes are more delicate. They look like a nylon sock under a shoe… as for myself... I'm more in favor of placing a sock under the shoe. But, I think sock boots are hideous. I don’t like these as a trend at all. I haven’t liked any of them and I don’t think this style looks cute. I’m not on board."

I hope some of these ideas help you with overhauling your spring wardrobe. Warm weather is just around the bend... we hope!

ideas spring fashion

Main Photo: Striped Skirt

Photo Credits: Prshots.com.

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  • Mixed Pink Stripes: RiverIsland.
  • Embroidered Denim for Women: MandCo.
  • Light Pink Pantsuit for Spring: RiverIsland.
  • Add a Pop of Color or Print to Update Wardrobe: MissSelfridge, TopShop.
  • Gingham for Spring: Marks & Spencer.
  • Candy Colored Jewelry for Spring: TopShop.

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