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19 Fake News Sites: BTFO Boomers Determine What’s Real for Facebook & Entire US

read why boomer women should determine what is fake news

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

I’m a bit of a political conspiracy junkie, so lately I’ve been wondering if any news site is reliable or if “it’s all fake news”. How can we know the authenticity of any news event unless we were there to witness it ourselves?

In addition, even when a source is universally trusted, we should all verify every important news story by googling more than one source. The problem is finding a second news source that isn’t owned by the same few interconnected corporations. Monopolies are so very American.

read about fake news and censorship - why boomers should care

Old White Ladies Discuss Internet Takeover with Young Chinese Hacker

Facebook Fake News Solution

Unfortunately, younger Americans do not have the time to do the extensive research required in vetting the accuracy of their news, so baby boomer women have been assigned to become Facebook's volunteer arbiters of fake news. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the social media company, recently stated, "Old ladies are the logical conduit for assessing whether or not any article is safe, reliable, and reasonable. If you can't trust Mom, who can you trust?"

* Yes, this article is meant to be humorous... with a bit of truth thrown in. However, current research at Stanford University actually suggests older women are better at labeling fake news than the kids running Facebook.

Boomer Women's Organization to Determine Fake News

The Stanford study points to three undeniable truths about boomer women:

1. Boomers have been around forever. Older moms are extremely good at spotting cover-ups and illogical arguments due to their experiences raising children.

2. Boomers have plenty of time to devote to research. Many boomer women are retired. The rest of them have no lives.

3. Boomer mothers try to make things fair and balanced. After hearing their children whine endlessly about how life is unfair, older moms go out of their way to keep everything as neutral and balanced as possible.

Boomer Task Force Online – BTFO

As a response to Facebook’s recent effort to censor fake news, Michelle Obama created the Boomer Task Force Online, also known as BTFO. BTFO joins Barbara Bush's sister organization, Seniors Task Force United (STFU), to counteract any potential corporate or partisan hijacking of the news narrative.

Fake Organizations for Fake News

read about fake news and censorship of social media

STFU Seniors in UK Plan FB Hack

BTFO and STFU are fake non-profits that encourage real boomers to monitor and expose any hindrance to the free flow of information on Facebook and other social media sites. These two organizations not only report fake news, but more importantly, post obscure fake news, which may or may not be fake, in an effort to teach others how to discern reality.

Obama stated, "We at BTFO believe it is better to listen to more than one point of view than to let young people determine our view of reality. Our mission is based upon a single premise: The world would never have known the truth about Beaver Cleaver if Eddie Haskell had controlled the narrative.

* Note: CNN has stated incorrectly that BTFU stands for "Butt the F*ck Out". They also mentioned that STFU is teenage-text shorthand for "Shut the F*ck Up". CNN recently apologized to boomer chicks everywhere after the old biddies took to the streets with pussyhats and guns.

We Want More Fake News

Tina Boomerina, acting head of BTFO, stated, "Not only is it imperative for all women over 40 to flag fake news, but it is also important for old broads to browse conspiracy sites and to post alternative articles on Facebook, because every now and then a conspiracy theory is correct."

What is Fake News?

Boomerina called for all readers to read news from Facebook's blacklist, "In reality, there are no websites that get the news right 100% of the time, and there are no websites that get the news wrong 100% of the time. So, Facebook may be using the wrong criteria to determine what we should read. Hey, even the National Enquirer is “the best investigative reporting on the planet” every now and then." (Source: Men in Black, 1997.)

read about fake news and why you should read more of it

Women Protest FB Fake News & ICANN Handoff

The Best Source for Fake News

Where should boomers go for fake news?

Voat.co: Most of the fake news sites on the following list were found through Voat.co. Voat, unlike traditional social media sites, is an uncensored Wild West of alternative news and opinions. Articles are submitted anonymously by anyone. The submissions are voted up or down based on the premise of democracy and freedom of speech. * PLEASE don't read the comments at Voat if you dislike swear words, racial slurs, and political incorrectness.

Voat goats (refugees from internet censorship at Facebook and Reddit) are one part anarchy and two parts shock value. And, while Archie Bunker would feel right at home on Voat, a small minority of the commenters have in-depth background knowledge that "makes me want to go hmmmm?"

Conservatives will like the articles. Progressives will find it a good place to spy on the enemy:

19 Fake News Sites: Examples of Fake News

Many of the fake news sites below should be presumed fake until proven otherwise, however it is not illegal (according to CNN) to read a diversity of opinions, so why not partake of the cornucopia that is the internet. It's better entertainment than our traditional corporate media.

Aliens, Illuminati, Political Conspiracies

read why you should protest FB censorship of fake news

Hugarian Woman Claims She's Globalist Billionaire George Soros

 1. sott.net: Signs of the Times is an aggregator of alternative news and opinion pieces.

2. conspiracyanalyst.org:  If you think the globalists are out to get us or climate change is a hoax, try this site.

3. raptureready.com: This aggregator is good for those who like their conspiracies with a bit of a biblical twist.

Alternative News or Fake News?

Don’t be afraid of alternative news. Everyone gets tired of the endless repetition on CNN and Fox. No matter your political persuasion, you can find a zillion fake news sites to entertain your discerning mind.

4. zerohedge.com: Zero Hedge is an interesting opinion site. Here’s an article about “America’s Most Hated Companies”. I assume Facebook makes the cut due to its unpopular stand on fake news: Fake News Facebook Lands on List of America's Most Hated Companies

read about facebook censorship of fake news. boomer women continue to combat fake news scandal

FB's Zuckerberg "If boomers so smart why did BTFO member marry alien?"

5. rt.com: RT stands for Russia Today, however RT can be a good place to see what the rest of the world thinks of the US.

6. allnewspipeline.com: All News Pipeline is an interesting site for reading a panoply of views.

7. townhall.com: Town Hall seems to have opinion pieces from reasonably well-respected journalists.

8. infowars.com: I hesitate to put this here because Alex Jones sounds like a freakishly annoying televangelist in his videos.

9. sitsshow.blogspot.com: Stillness in the Storm is a new age site filled with all kinds of alternative ideas.

Read why we should be reading MORE fake news not LESS

STFU Armenian Woman Vows to Fight for Fake News

10. dailysignal.com: As far as I can tell this website isn’t into aliens and crazy stuff. (I’m sure CNN will say aliens are real right after I publish this… Oh no! I just checked. It’s the Mexican government saying aliens are real on Fake Fox News.)

11. beforeitsnews.com: Here’s the website where I just saw the thing about Mexican flying saucers. Mexican Government Admits Aliens Are Real on Fox News

12. awakeandaware.com: Awake and Aware is another new-age website with an encyclopedic array of alternative ideas you may not find in the mainstream media.

13. usuncut.com: U.S. Uncut is a fairly liberal - yet fair - alternative news source. This is an interesting site for those of you who voted against Trump.

14. reason.com: Reason is a mostly Libertarian website. It is a little more cerebral than others.

15. judicialwatch.org: I’m not sure this site should be classified as fake news, but it’s a bit too intellectual to be mainstream.

16. Alternet.org: Not all fake news and indie opinion sites are mentally aligned with Trump.

Read why boomer women over 50 are good at spotting fake news

Russian Woman Claims to be 14-Year-Old Hacker of Podesta Emails

17. MotherJones.com: All of us old hippies will recognize the name Mother Jones.

Manmade Weather Conspiracies:

18. theeventchronicle.com: This site is a puzzle. I can’t quite figure out what event is being chronicled at this website. Is it earth’s destruction by death meteor, the CIA’s ultimate control of deep state, or the final wave of reptilians from planet X?

19. geoengineeringwatch.org: This video seems to have fairly conclusive evidence of some kind of weather manipulation from airplane-sprayed chemicals: Evidence of HAARP

*Extra Fake News Site:

20. theantimedia.org: I just heard that the Mexican border was shut down, so I looked into it, and I found another interesting fake news site called The Anti Media.

Source Documents

If you’ve let the media tell you what’s in leaked documents, you may have a skewed opinion of events. Check out Wikileaks.org

Read why Tina Boomerina likes to read fake news sites

Alien Attacks Fake News Journalist; Claims to be Ex Husband

Boomer Women Have Open Minds

Baby boomers and seniors grew up with a love of knowledge in a time of card catalogs. We are smart enough to spot fake news and illogical opinions due to our demanding, but brilliant, teachers. And, we were taught to recognize the difference between fact and opinion.

Whether you lean left or lean right, all intelligent women should be against censorship… because the politician you hate the most may control the media next year... if not now. I stand in opposition to internet censorship. I vote for more “fake” news, not less!

Leave a Comment: Leave a comment at the bottom of the page. It will take me a while to approve your comment... I'm fighting off a swarm of Perdix mini-drones. I'll approve your comment as soon as the CIA calls them off and focuses on the grassy knoll at Trump's inauguration.

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fake news list websites

Main Photo: BTFO Fake News Task Force is Fake

Photo Credits: Flickr creative commons. All photos are creative commons.

  • Main Photo - BTFO Fake Internet Group: This article is a spoof. These people are not part of any conspiracy. Photographers: Amisom Public Information, Bexar, David Amsler, David Shankbone, Web4CamGuy, RubyBlossom, Trimet, Rochelle Hartmann.
  • Old White Ladies Discuss Internet Takeover with Young Chinese Hackers: This caption is fake. Photo: David Woo.
  • STFU Seniors in UK Plan FB Hack: This is fake. Flickr creative commons: David Horshor, Dru Bloomfield, Stu_Spivak, Eva Rinaldi, Louri Goussev, Patricia Niven, Allan Foster, TheArches Govanill Photoshoot.
  • Women Protest FB Fake News & ICANN Handoff: Photo Fibonacci.
  • Hungarian Woman Claims She's Globalist George Soros: Photo Yuri Barichivich.
  • FB's Zuckerberg "If boomers so smart why did BTFO member marry alien?" Photos Keith Hall, Beckie. (No, Zuckerberg did not say that.)
  • STFU Armenian Woman Vows to Fight for Fake News: Photo United Nations.
  • Russian Woman Claims to be 14-Year-Old Hacker of Podesta Emails: Photo Hrvoje Komljenovic.
  • Alien Attacks Fake News Journalist; Claims to be Ex Husband: Photo of alien Uncoolbob. Photo of fake news author Tina Boomerina.

Fake News Footnotes:


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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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