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Why I’m Voting for Trump (Maybe): Average Old White Lady Explains Her Views

Read why I'm (probably) voting for Trump out of desperation

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

All the journalists and some of my friends are confused and horrified by my decision to (possibly) vote for Donald Trump, the Anti-Christ. I haven’t decided for sure if I will support a man who obviously can’t keep his mouth shut during a debate, but there is one thing I know for sure, it is highly unlikely I will vote for his rival.

This article is nothing more than a simple attempt to explain the world from the viewpoint of an average American woman who might vote for the Republican candidate out of desperation. I am not trying to persuade you to vote for an old man with a strange penchant for embarrassing himself on Twitter at 3:00 am, but many of you seem bewildered by any American who professes she might do just that.

Dear Journalists and Friends: I don’t want you to hate me for seeing things a little differently than you do, and I dislike Trump about the same as I dislike Hillary, so please keep the hate mail slightly civil.

People think I'm crazy because I might vote for trump

You're Crazy to Vote for Trump

(Edit: Yesterday, I thought I was going to vote for Trump. Today, I'm ambivalent again. However, I'm still miffed that anyone might consider me to be racist, homophobic, etc. I'll do my best to explain why.)

I am Not Trailer Trash

I consider myself a decent person. I was raised by upper-middle class Democrats. I am college educated. I don’t live in a trailer.  I am not a hater. I am not a racist. I am not a sexist. I am not a homophobe. I am not a total Islamophobe, although I will, unlike most, admit to being slightly xenophobic due to conditions created by the ruling class. And, Ms. Clinton, “Only my ex-husbands have earned the right to call me deplorable,” so shut the eff up.

Note: Some of the things in this article are meant to be humorous. Use your brain.

Do You Think I’m a Racist?

Dear journalists and friends:

I grew up in a school that was totally white. Well, in reality my school wasn’t all white, but in my part of the world, Asian kids are considered whites with exceptionally good study habits.

And, I had never heard anyone say anything racist against an Asian until the late 1980s when I was in Vancouver, BC with my young children. While at the Vancouver Aquarium, I was shocked to hear a white woman tell her daughter not to play with that “dirty little Chinese” boy. I think her hatred of Asians had more to do with all the rich Chinese transplants taking over a sleepy little outpost of the crown and turning it into a high-priced suburb of Hong Kong... but maybe she had personal concerns about Chinese hygiene.

As for my experience with “people of color” during my teens and early twenties, my long-term boyfriends were usually white, but I also dated at least one guy of every race on the planet, with the exception of Australian aborigine.

I thought Asians were white

My boyfriend was Asian

My 10th grade boyfriend in Hawaii was half Chinese and half Japanese. One of my boyfriends in 12th grade was half Filipino. (Whites did seem somewhat racist around my Filipino friend, but I’m not sure how much of their anger was aimed at him because he looked like he was Mexican and how much was associated with him being “a long-haired dirty hippie” with no money.)

I even dated my black college professor once… back in the early 70s. He seemed like a nice guy, but one date was all I could take. The white frat boys in the university pub stared at us and looked like they were ready to beat us up. I actually felt scared. So, I understand a little bit of what racism might feel like.

In another situation, I was the only white person at a black funeral. I was about eighteen and I started crying when everyone turned and stared at me after the minister told the entire congregation, “There is one person here who obviously isn’t a member… strange what brings us together.” Being singled out for my white skin made a huge impression on me and reinforced how important it was to be very sympathetic to people of color.

Really... I'm NOT Racist

I guess I just wasn’t raised around racism. Somehow, it didn’t occur to me to judge people based on anything other than how they acted. Naïve… maybe. Unaware of my white privilege… a little bit. Racist… I really don’t think so.

So, why am I becoming slightly pissed off at some African-American groups and other minority sects? Glad you asked…

Why You Might Consider Me Racist

Even though I am not racist, I am pissed off at any black (or Hispanic or Muslim) politician or organization who says or implies that whites or cops need to die. Sure, I know there are some bad cops, and I know this from my own personal experience as a white, anti-Vietnam protester and former underground hippie, however I instinctively take the side of the cops until I see evidence to the contrary. Yeah, I know… I take the cops’ side because I’m white. Frack no! I take the cop's side because I was assaulted in my home when I was 25 and the cops came to help me.

Well, I realize we all have a different view of the police. And, these differences often follow race, but not always.

I’ve known a black guy who was ticketed for driving 26 in a zone that was marked 25. I’ve also known a black woman who wished the cops would come to her neighborhood more often because she didn’t feel safe. So, I’m not saying everything is hunky dory in the good old U. S. of A., but we have major leaders who are making things worse. Obama was supposed to make things better. Instead, Obama is working through his issues with cops… or worse… possibly advocating for violence against them.

Whether or not Obama is actually against cops, it’s terrible for the police to feel their president is ambivalent about their lives. It’s just wrong for Obama to give that impression… for whatever reason. Obama should make it crystal clear he values the lives of cops as well as the lives of victims.

I am certainly not from the “America Love it or Leave It” camp, but our recent presidents and other political elites seem to be stirring up hatred. As an educated white woman with enough history to recognize a ploy, it seems as though the Black Lives Matter protests only pop up in politically important battleground states. Coincidence? I think not.

Sure, I've heard Trump say idiotic things about Mexicans, but most of the time (not all of the time) the sensationalists in the news have taken his words out of context.

I am not a racist

Any of These Could Be My Kids with a Few Historical Tweaks


Black Lives Matter... They Do

TV is a terrible waste of time, however I watched the Black Lives Matter protests in Charlotte to find out what was going on. I'm sure the protesters were sincere, but it looked as though a fairly large portion of the group consisted of kids out in the street looking for a party. Having been a kid myself, I get the feeling the protesters mostly wanted to be on TV and have a little fun. (Here is an interesting video with a few protestors saying they like Trump because he “tells the truth”... or rather... he "says what he feels".)

The problem with Trump is that he tells the truth too much… when he shouldn’t… and you can tell when he tries to backpedal on something he’s fibbed about. But, honesty can be a refreshing change… even if he’s sometimes wrong.

It feels as though Clinton, like most politicians, is pandering to the black segment to get votes. I suppose Trump is pandering as well, but it's fresh and unexpected pandering.

And... something else has been bothering me... if the media is so interested in protests, why are they ignoring the Native Americans protesting the desecration of burial grounds for the Dakota Access pipeline? Oh, I know… First Americans aren’t a major voting bloc.

Do You Think I am Sexist?

Dear journalists and friends:

I am a 63-year old mother of two daughters and a step-grandmother of several granddaughters and great-granddaughters. Why on effing earth would I be sexist?

I grew up during the rule of Gloria Steinem and Ms. Magazine. Back in the early 70s, I tried to write one of my first college term papers on sexism in TV news. Unfortunately, I found the paper impossible to complete because there wasn’t enough information on female reporters… there weren’t any of note!

why i might vote for trump

I Don't Love Trump - He's a Dick

Why You Might Consider Me Sexist

I won’t vote for Hillary just because she’s a woman. This confirms that I’m not sexist, but most of you won’t get the irony.

Unfortunately, I’ve not heard Ms. Clinton make a case for what she has accomplished during her time in office. All I hear is, “Don’t vote for Trump because he’s crazy.” Well, I’m not so sure he’s crazy. Trump may be a sexist jerk, and he talks an awful lot about fat women for a fat old man, but I’m not basing my vote around whether Trump is or is not sexist. It’s just not at the top of my list.

It's the Economy Stupid: Deja Vu All Over Again

As a person who’s had quite a few classes in micro and macro (economics) during my four years studying accounting, I’m more concerned with international trade, tariffs, and currency manipulation than whatever country in which Trump makes his neckties. Hell, I don’t even care about Trump’s tax returns because his taxes and Clinton’s foundation are a wash (they cancel each other out).

Also, I’m not afraid of Trump defaulting on the debt. Former and current politicians have already put us into de facto default, making this a moot point. Only the Fed and the media are obfuscating the obvious.

Is the debt the fault of Clinton? No. I understand that... but I'm wondering if a non-politician has some new approaches... and might possibly implement them because he won't be constrained by party bosses and debts to donors.

If someone can give me substantive evidence of Ms. Clinton trying to do something about the debt, please send me a link, and I may reconsider. Making a four-point plan is no help. Holding a hearing is no help. Making a proposal is no help.

In my view, the debt and the deficit are quite possibly the most important problems facing our next President. What has Ms. Clinton done while in office that helps solve our debt? And, don’t try to bullshit me. I didn’t study finance for four years, so I have a good grasp of reality.

I’ve watched Obama increase the debt. Ms. Clinton says she wants to continue Obama’s legacy. What am I missing? Sure, I know Obama is not at fault for the entire increase in national debt, but career politicians have made this mess... and I have to wonder if there's any chance a person from the business world can do better?

I Recognize Sexism When I See It

There's no doubt that Trump is sexist. I'm not deaf, blind, and dumb... but I'm sure Jack Kennedy made the same kinds of horrible remarks... and he did a decent job of being President.

What bothers me more is that I feel reporters are being sexist and offensive when they think I am more interested in “Miss Piggy” and "pussy" remarks than I am in what the candidates propose for the economy.

I don't think Donald Trump knows much about economics - but Clinton seems to know too much and manipulates it to her advantage

Mexico Will Pay for the Wall

In reality, I know Mr. Trump doesn’t understand economic policy, but if Ms. Clinton does, she hasn’t been doing much about it. Oh… maybe she’s following the advice of her donors on Wall Street… but that doesn’t help my daughters or the American people keep up with our non-existent inflation.

So it’s time for hope and change. Yes, that was meant as sarcasm. As for the Trump meme, "get shit done", I’m hoping there's a small chance Trump might actually do something to help the debt or the economy. He might not, but maybe he will have the ability to alter whatever course he decides to pursue if he finds his plan isn’t working. With Hillary, I feel it’s more about the narrative than about fixing anything… unless she’s fixing something for the banks and Wall Street. (Yes, that's supposed to be funny. Don't email me your hate.)

If Trump is unable to make positive changes with jobs and the economy I won’t be overly disappointed, however I’ve seen what the professional politicians have done and Trump can’t be much worse.

Do You Think I’m a Homophobe?

read why I might vote for Trump even though I'm not a racist homophobe

Can't We Just Drone This Guy?

Dear journalists and friends:

I am neither a born-again Christian with a God complex nor a control freak, so I don’t care what people do in their own bedrooms as long as everyone is a consenting adult and it doesn’t involve my daughters.

I have been around enough gay guys to know that “homosexuals” are born gay. Really... I don't think any man would subject himself to homo-ridicule on purpose… no matter how “hip” it is to be queer in the 21st Century.

And, I have been around a few lesbians, but not as many. No jokes. I find the whole issue sophomoric. I’ve been a Libertarian for over 30 years. I don’t give a spit what people do as long as they don’t diddle kids or get in my face implying I’m homophobic because I’m straight. I can’t think of anything else to say on this issue.

Oh yes I can…

There are rumors on the internet that Hillary Clinton is gay. I don’t care if she is or she isn't. It shouldn't affect my vote either way... and it doesn't. I would go lesbo too if I were married to Bill.

Do You Think I’m an Islamophobe?

Dear journalists and friends:

I guess I am a little bit Islamophobic. I’ll go out on a limb and admit it. I really don't want to be. I know better... however, Muslims are pretty much the only culture that blows up their young in order to make me afraid. I would be stupid not to be a bit wary every time I picture a bunch of women in burqas or a group of teens dancing and chanting, “Death to America,” while carrying AK-47s.

I don’t want to feel this way. It's a reflex. It’s called self preservation. I would like to survive. I would like to survive long enough to potentially see my own bio-grandchildren, although it may never happen because my kids may never have kids, but the thought of grandchildren is one of the things that keeps me going.

And... I'm an honest person. So, I have to admit I’m phobic about any group that blows up their young in the name of God. It’s just the way I am. It ain’t never gonna change.

On the other hand, one of my doctors is a Persian Muslim. I’ve never asked her specifically, but I know she’s Muslim from what she says. And, guess what? I’m not afraid of my Muslim doctor. She seems OK. I don’t know if she’s ever going to strap a bomb to her kid, but I’m betting she’s not.

Really… I Don’t Think I’m Particularly Islamophobic

I am not as Islamophobic as some of my friends. I don’t freak out every time I get on a plane and see a group of Muslim men talking quietly amongst themselves… but I’m always ready to pee my pants whenever I get on a plane... because I’m afraid of flying … so, I can’t get any more worried than I already am. And, I figure the really scary, scruffy, Jihadi-looking men aren’t going to do anything bad. It’s the short-cropped, handsome Middle-Eastern hunks in designer suits you’ve got to watch out for… haha… I just made that up… I don’t worry any more than I have to when it comes to airplanes and the possibility of crashing into a towering inferno.

All I do is ask Allah to take care of me and let me see my future grandchildren if he so desires. Well, that’s not true. I don’t pray to Allah. I pray to God. Then, I make sure I'm wearing my Pampers before the plane takes off.

OK. That was supposed to be a joke, but writing about this makes me nervous. Let’s get down to the real problem many Americans have with Muslims:

People who don’t live in protected castles (like the compounds owned by the ruling elites) don’t want a bunch of potential terrorists coming into the country. We don’t hate all Muslims but we worry about improperly vetted Muslims.

We Know Not All Muslims are Terrorists

Let’s go back to logic class and subsets. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims (with few exceptions). So, people like myself actually believe we should be careful about letting a bunch of random Syrians into the US. It’s not profiling. It’s logic. And, yes, I've been around enough Mormons and Jews to understand why those groups have a different point of view than I've just expressed.

In addition, I know that many of our domestic terrorists are American born, but most of our home-grown terrorists seem to, surprisingly, have parents who were Muslim immigrants. And, common sense keeps popping into my head saying, "Why add more?" I mean, it’s OK to let some refugees in… we’re not heartless A-holes… but let’s be reasonable. And, Hillary is determined to bring in many more Syrian refugees. I'm not keen on becoming a caliphate. If we could see into the hearts of the immigrants and we knew they wanted to truly integrate and embrace our culture, I would be happy to accept any of them. I just don't want any haters.

On the other hand... does God really have a problem with us if we non-Muslims create a "safe zone" in another country and we help out our Islamic brethren THERE? This fix would be a temporary solution, with the ultimate intent of repatriating the refugees as soon as our current leaders find a way to undo the damage they created when they started messing around in Syria, bombing the hell out of the civilians, and destabilizing the region.

Do I want to be afraid of Muslims? I do not. But, the news media makes me afraid. It's a reflex I try to tamp down, and I'm doing my best, but it's not easy.

Do you think I’m Xenophobic?

Am I a freaking hillbilly?

I Ain't no Xeno-Whatever

Dear journalists and friends:

I may be one of the few (potential) Trump supporters who did not go, “Huh?” and cock my gun when Clinton called us xenophobes. Hey, believe it or not, I actually know what the word means.

Xenophobia is a fear of “the other,” “the outsider,” “the foreigner.” You can get into dense, technical definitions but in the common vernacular it basically means "we don’t want a bunch of Muslims and Mexicans crossing the border, taking our jobs, and going on welfare or blowing us up." I believe that’s probably how Mr. Trump would define the word xenophobia, because that’s how I would explain it to a small child with a limited vocabulary.

Hey, I really want to help all of you politically correct journalists understand this new era of xenophobia in the U.S. And, yes, I believe xenophobia currently exists, but it is due to some very real sociological changes (like unfettered, illegal immigration), rather than any intrinsic hatred.

I come from a family of immigrants. My grandparents had accents that were unintelligible to “normal” Americans of all races. My closest neighbors were from Finland. I had two best friends in grammar school. One was Chinese and the other was something more exotic… Methodist.

So, why would I, a woman from an immigrant family, want to build a wall across our southern border? It’s simple. It's economics.

All of you journalists and DC pundits have jobs. Guess what? We don’t.

But, even in the face of job loss, most Americans are not haters. Most Americans are kind and friendly… at least the people I have known. However, the people I’ve known are mostly middle class and upper-middle class, and we’ve seen a shitstorm of factory and white-collar jobs disappear. Some of this is due to robotics and computers (Microsoft Word means you won’t see many secretaries other than Secretary Clinton), but a lot of our manufacturing, farming, tech, legal, and helpdesk jobs have been shipped overseas or marched down to Mexico, as well.

So, give me ONE good reason why I should champion any politician who has touted NAFTA or the Trans Pacific Bullshit (TPP) Agreement as the “gold standard” of our economic policy.

TPP may very well be the “gold standard” for Wall Street and other hucksters in multinational corporations, but we don’t all work on Wall Street. And, we don’t all live off of the backs of others, as do the thugs and general office workers in Washington, DC. Some of us are regular people who don’t extort commoners for a living… even if we DO have college degrees.

You journalists are all so out of touch you don’t even notice normal people. Do you even know ONE person who's having trouble finding a job?

In my opinion, those of you who call us xenophobes are clueless and racist yourself. It’s like you just can’t stand "average" white Americans. We’re not part of your narrative. What the hell are we? We’re fracking Americans! And, we all know the American taxpayer is tapped out.

And, people, like me, understand that California and many states are basically bankrupt because of unfunded federal mandates that have forced the states to school, feed, and administer free healthcare to illegal immigrants. (Well... I know California was bankrupt years ago when I lived there. Maybe it’s changed, but I really doubt it. I’ll do a little research and see if the answer is available. Yep, it is still true and California is still bankrupt.)

Call me stupid, but I’m not sure it’s xenophobic to want fiscal responsibility and accountability. In the vernacular of the day, I would like our government spending to be sustainable. Do you hear that, all you politicians? Sustainable!

In all honesty, I really like most immigrants, but our country is broke. We can’t go on feeding and housing the world forever. We can’t give everything to everyone. Does that make me xenophobic? Well, if it does, I guess I’m happy to be xenophobic. I prefer to say I’m sensible. I mean… no one except scam artists and politicians (redundant?) would think it’s OK to keep shopping after they realize they won't be able to pay off their credit cards.

Why are Politicians Trying to Push Immigration Down our Throats?

why i may vote for trump - don't hate me

I am Not Deplorable

It’s simple. Democrats want needy voters. Republicans want needy workers and needy consumers. Wait… that’s wrong. There’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans. What am I saying? They both want illegal (undocumented) alien “citizens”. Democrats want needy voters a little more than Republicans do, but that’s just because Republicans aren’t quite as good at pandering to the underclass.

Yes, I’m the type of woman who would like to help all the little children, but when push comes to shove… and there’s only one loaf of bread… I’m going to give that freaking bread to my children because that’s the way the world works. If you disagree with this premise, please send me money. One of my daughters has hundreds of thousands of dollars in college loans.

OK, Yes… I’m a Little Bit Xenophobic

Everyone is. Bite me. You can let pretty much anyone into our country as long as they can care for themselves and their children. Our country can’t afford to give healthcare and college educations to everyone from San Francisco to Tierra del Fuego.

And, while we’re talking about immigration, I don’t want 65,000 Syrian refugees to come into the country. I just don’t. If we must be do-gooders, I'd rather have 65,000 Mexicans and Guatemalans, because Christians have a zero percent chance of blowing up their children intentionally.

Saying this makes me sad.

I love people. I love to help people. Let’s just be somewhat practical. The best case scenario with letting in mass quantities of Syrians is that the U.S ends up with large pockets of Sharia law… because I have seen little evidence that third-world Muslim refugees are interested in assimilating. But, Sharia law will take a while and I won’t be alive – I hope. I mean there are some good things about Sharia law, like not letting teenage girls wear skirts that show their tuchuses, but stoning women and killing gays are not things I really want. I don’t know about you…

And, this “xenophobia” or “common sense” is one of the main reasons I feel no compulsion to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Let Bill Gates house those 65,000 Syrian refugees at his place. Or, maybe we should resettle refugees in Washington DC… on the White House lawn or in NYC... on the same floor as Hillary Clinton’s granddaughter.

Wow, the longer I get into this the more deplorable I’m becoming. But, I’m still not afraid of Donald Trump. He likes to hear himself talk and I couldn't stand to hear his grating pompousness on his reality show... but I don’t think he’s more likely than anyone else to push the button. We survived Reagan... somehow we'll survive The Donald.

It's terrible that politicians keep forcing refugees on us. Why do rich people think the unwashed masses want more unwashed masses? Oh… I forgot. They don’t care what we want.

Donald Trump - New Poll

Why do people seem to care more about polls than facts. Is the American voting experience just one big game of Family Feud?

Well, I understand we all want to predict the future, but so far Michael Moore has come the closest with his evaluation of why some Americans are turning to Trump. Moore also says, with great insight, that a vote for Trump is a human Molotov Cocktail thrown at the establishment. We love you Michael. We don't think you need to be so threatened by a potential Trump Presidency, but we love that you "get" the situation we're in.

And, we love you Bernie Sanders... the real Bernie Sanders... the one I supported for so long. Unfortunately, I didn't think Bernie would be able to pass most of his proposed legislation without destroying our economy, but I loved his verve and enthusiasm and, yes, honesty... and, Bernie was the only one I actually trusted.

Yes, Trump is Not a Debater

Dear journalists:

We all know Trump is not a good debater because he's not a politician, so you can shut up about how badly Trump does in the next two debates.

Trump might be able to answer debate questions if the moderators were to ask him about things he's been focusing on for the last 50 years... like hotel and casino projects. Trump's not senile. I think he could illuminate the public on something he’s bigly familiar with… all night… and probably (possibly) make sense. But, most voters realize that Trump's too old to learn debate techniques at age 70. And, most of us don’t care.

And, we don’t care as much as you think we should when Trump puts his foot in his mouth… repeatedly. It means he’s ad libbing. It means he’s (kind of) telling us the truth. It means he didn’t memorize some bull handed out by a focus group. It means he sounds like our grandpa… a little dated… a little off the wall… a little trustworthy.

Well… not THAT trustworthy… but not as bad as many politicians.

And, no matter who wins, we’ll probably survive... as in… we'll limp along like the broken country we are. I know you journalists are too young to remember America when it "made stuff" and "got shit done" but try to imagine. Hell, we don’t need radical terrorists or illegal immigrants to destroy America. Past and current politicians are doing just fine on their own, thank you.

However, I still have to decide if I can vote for a candidate who needs to shove a sock in his pie-hole every now and then. I guess I'll figure it out on election day.

Edit: I waited a long time to publish this... deliberating whether or not I would break my usual code of avoiding any discussion of politics. The second debate has passed and it showed that Trump is able to learn on the job... but I don't know if it will be enough to make me choose a reality-TV star. Also, you should read this article about voter fraud and put it on Facebook. Time to shake things up. Many people think there's a slight chance an outsider might be able to do just that!

(Author has been a Libertarian since 1979-1980. If you can't stomach voting for Trump or Clinton, she hopes you will vote for the Libertarian candidate. It would be lovely if we could break the two-party stranglehold and have more candidates with a real chance of winning.)

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons, see below for Wikimedia sections.

  • Main Photo: Collage created by Tina Boomerina.
  • Your Crazy to Vote for Trump: Crossed eyes.
  • My Boyfriend Was Asian: Japanese people.
  • Any of These Could Be My Kids with a Few Historical Tweaks: People of Japanese descent, Muslim descent, black African descent, Hispanic descent, Filipino descent, Indian descent. (I hope you understand the caption. If a few things in my life had gone differently, I could have been the mother of any of these people. Yes, I have even gone out with a Muslim when I was younger. I remember because the guy - someone I met in community college - tried to sell me a prayer rug.)
  • I Don't Love Trump - He's a Dick: Created by Tina Boomerina with Wikipedia caricature.
  • Can't We Just Drone This Guy: Created by Tina Boomerina. I don't mean to imply Assange is gay. I had to stick the photo somewhere.
  • I am Not Deplorable: Collage created by Tina Boomerina.

CNN (especially Anderson Cooper) used to be a good news source until a few months ago when all media outlets became overly biased. I urge you to do your own research into substantive issues before voting. Hey... I'm sure I haven't helped anyone decide which candidate is the better of the mainstream choices, but I was so tired of hearing idiotic theories about angry white males and trailer trash Trumpsters as portrayed by the media... I JUST HAD TO write something. Not all people considering Trump are racist, homophobic, and all that other nonsense.

And, I DIDN'T give you these two choices. So don't hate me. Blame the current economy, the reality-TV mindset, the media, the people who shipped jobs overseas, and the political establishment.

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. Tina-Boomerina

    Sorry this is so long. I kept quiet about all this stuff until about a week ago... and now I can't shut up.


  2. Vicki Bucy

    I am SO GLAD you posted this. It seems that those of us who have your opinions are made to feel like we should be quiet and not rock the boat. I am a white person who was raised with white people. I have a lot of respect for most "people of color", but not losers of any color.

    Thank you very much.

    • Tina-Boomerina


      Thank you so much for your comment. I realize that most people considering voting for Trump are not racist hillbillies. Most are genuine people who are concerned about the direction the Federal Government is taking. I wasn't sure if I should post this article or not, but I just wanted to explain the point of view of a typical American woman who is not pleased with what she has seen in the form of legislation and regulation and policy of her government.

      I know I am not a homophobic, racist, etc. etc. etc. I'm also pretty sure I'm not an angry white male...lol. Some of my friends are horrified by my stance and (possible) vote for Trump, but I'm fairly sure the lobbyists are running the country. Real people will not vote for war-hawks who kowtow to the military-industrial complex. I am looking for change.


  3. Sue

    Glad you're back!!

  4. Susan Shannon

    I have big news for you: Anyone who feels the need to explain how they had boyfriends from other races and how they are not a racist has problems with other races sweetheart. You are funny. You are a typical liberal racist. You arent really comfortable with other races. You think that being all blunt and taking an I don't care attitude absolves you from racism.

    I have been married to a black man for 39 years and I still have prejudices and stereotypes. I live in a racist society. I grew up in a racist society. I am a product of that society.

    As far as the police, the criminal justice system has racism woven into it just like the rest of our society. To think that police officers do not have the same prejudices and stereotypes as everyone else is just foolish. Black people are being killed as a result of it. The entire system needs an overhaul. My husband has been stopped too many times to count over the years. That is just a fact. Period.

    You made yourself look like an idiot writing this article. The fact is you are a boring old white woman who thinks she is clever and different and special. The fact of the matter is you are no different than any other old white racist. At least the overt white racists are honest. You are a liar.

    • melanie

      absolutely right, Susan. Any time you start with how you dated people color - your scream if not racist bias. You don't owe me an explanation for why you voted for this sad man who knows nothing about how to run a country. He's rhetoric isn't fresh is uninformed and unintelligent. Said everything you wanted to hear just so he could win. Did none of you see the late night show where he said "if he ever ran for president he'd run as republican because their stupid and will believe anything" Honey you are a big ol' racist. but racist never want to be one. just like rapist think it's just sex. I'll never convince you but you convinced me

  5. Tina-Boomerina


    I am shocked that you think I am a liar when I'm doing my best to explain my point of view. You can call me a jerk or an idiot but I am not a liar.

    If you will reread my post, you will see that I once went out with my black art professor and I felt so exposed to prejudice that I was afraid to go out with him again. I was truly shocked. I thought he was a cool guy. He was a great artist. I liked him a lot. I just didn't expect the hatred I experienced when I went out to a pub/restaurant with him in a liberal part of the city near a university.

    That was in the early 70s. I have no idea what things are like now. It was very strange to me that people would give me shit for going out on a date with anyone.

    In the 70s, I made friends with a black girl in college in Las Vegas. White girls actually came up to me in class to vocalize their opinions. It went something like this... to the best of my recollection:

    "Why do you hang out with Carrie?"
    "Why are you friends with that N....r?"
    "I don't know.... She's nice."
    "You can't do that."
    "OK, do I have to get your approval every time I do something?"

    Well, it was some stupid convo like that... I can't remember exactly what I said because I just didn't expect anything like that to come out of someone's mouth.

    I wasn't shocked. I was dumbfounded. I was speechless. I didn't know what to say and I just avoided those white girls after that. I realized that LV was way more prejudiced than anywhere else I had ever lived, but I was stunned that anyone would ever be so crass as to actually say something like that.

    So, I am not saying there is no racism. There definitely IS. And, I am around racist people more than I would like to be. They are part of my extended family, so I can't get them totally out of my life. And, I always call people out whenever I hear any racist shit.

    I don't tolerate it. I can't stop what those people say when I'm not around, but I won't listen to it.

    And, yes, I understand that cops treat blacks and browns differently than whites. There are certain parts of the country where I would not live if I were black or if I were married to a black man.

    And... I realized at the time of writing that I would sound a bit like an idiot for trying to make a case that I am not prejudiced because I have dated a black guy and other men of races other than my own. However, I couldn't think of any other way to try to "prove" I am not a racist. I mean... how the eff do you "prove" that?

    I guess I could just say, "I am not a racist. I, like Martin Luther King, believe that one should not judge a person based on the color of their skin." However, I thought that would sound lame and impersonal. I was trying to explain my point of view as an average American woman... and I thought I needed something more personal... from my own life.

    I have definitely felt implied, second-hand racism by association. I have seen the stares. I was treated much differently by cops, shop owners, and general people in the street when I was with someone of color. Cops were much more menacing and harassing when I was with someone black or brown. Are you kidding? I'm sure it is a little better now that there are mixed-race celebrity couples, but I'm sure it is still bad... especially in the South and Back East.

    I'm sure you look at your husband and you just see him... not the content of his melanin. And, I'm sorry that people are racist towards you and your husband.

    I, personally, have no problem with someone marrying whomever they love. However, I have told my children something I think is pragmatic and honest when they have dated someone from a different race or religion. "I don't care who you marry, but you should realize that other people will have a problem with it, and your future children may not fit into either culture."

    I never wanted to say that to them. I felt I had to.

    And, I don't know your experience, but I have heard first-hand stories from white women whose black in-laws were much more upset about the marriage or relationship than their own families were. I have heard this many times... over many years.

    I am telling you the truth. I see a difference in color, skin tone, and hair when I see someone of African descent. I don't see someone bad, just different. I don't care if my kids marry someone black, as long as my future grandchildren don't get harassed. I do what I can to make sure no one's children or grandchildren have that happen to them.

    It is impossible to "prove" that someone is not racist. Even being married to a black man is not "proof"... right?

    Everyone is somewhat racist... well... I should say everyone notices when someone is different than the people in their own family. It's like noticing that someone speaks Russian instead of English. You HAVE to notice. If you don't, you're weird or stupid.

    However, the people who assume that Person X is stupid or evil or wrong or a criminal because Person X speaks a different language or has some ancestors from a different continent than their ancestors are from... well... that's totally fucked up. It's wrong when blacks do it with whites. It's wrong when Desi Indians look down upon darker, untouchable Indians. It's wrong when whites do it with blacks or Hispanics. It's wrong when light-skinned blacks look down upon darker blacks. It's just stupid.

    Whenever I hear someone say something absurd like, "N.....s are all lazy and stupid," I say, "What about Maria?" or "What about _____?"

    They, of course, have to admit that Maria or _____ is neither stupid nor lazy, because I know the person I use for an example. I can only hope that saying something obvious like this will have some kind of effect on racist idiots.

    And, I was raised Christian, but I fell in love with a Jew. There was prejudice on both sides of the family. My kids were raised Jewish. I have exposed my own children to prejudice. Some Jews say my kids aren't Jewish. Some Christians say my kids are going to hell. I know my experience is nothing like the prejudice you and your family has faced, but I know enough to understand your point of view.

    Tina - I don't f*cking lie. However, I also don't think Ms. Clinton is going to do anything to end racism. She is only going to do things that benefit HER. If I thought Clinton would (or could) do anything about racism, I would vote for her based on that alone... but everything she says is scripted based upon what you want to hear. Could you ever trust that she would say the same thing to a black Baptist congregation as a white one? Seriously...

    • vicki bucy

      wow, i'm not really sure why she is reading your blog, since you are an old white woman. As another "old white woman" i understand where you are coming from and why you felt you had to reply.

  6. Tina-Boomerina

    ps I keep trying to edit my reply to make it more understandable and precise, but something is wonky. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

    T (If I could wave my magic wand and make cops and neighbors and others less racist I would. If you think my "white privilege" keeps me from seeing the truth about being black in America, I'm sure you're right to a certain degree, but I am very good at reading people... so I see racist attitudes and other things even when people are hiding their biases. Move to Hawaii or France... even London seems more tolerant.)

  7. Tina-Boomerina


    Prejudices and stereotypes are kind of normal... I mean seeing a difference in people based on what they look like is kind of built into our DNA... from when we had to decide if someone was friend or foe, part of our caveman clan or an enemy.

    Noticing a difference is OK. Assuming a person is "bad" or "dangerous" based upon appearance (skin color, clothing, type of car, accent) is wrong and childish. I do not tolerate it.

    My favorite thing to say to racists is, "Someday, you're going to cross the street to avoid a black man, and the white guy on the other side is going to stab you."

  8. christy

    Tina, first I'm so glad you are back( I have missed you) second.... thankyou for writing your article and expressing my thoughts (it was weird I totally knew where you were coming from) I too have had simular experiences in my life and I don't think of myself as being racist, assholes come in all colors at least thats what I have noticed......but after casting my vote for Trump, I am hoping that the country gets back on track and the professional political people go back to leaving the western part of this country alone, and I can keep my guns.