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The Year of the Tunic – Fashion for Women Over 50

trendy clothing for women over 50 or 60
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Regular and Plus Size Tunics

Let’s leave the incense and peppermints of the 60’s and get back to the future. So, why are tunics so popular all of a sudden?

  • tunic top and leggings booties - boomerinas.com baby boomer women1. Tunics are versatile. The same item (a tunic) can be worn as a dress or as a top over jeans or leggings. Or, if you’re in an artsy mood, you can wear your big, floaty tunic over a swirling gypsy skirt and pretend you are dancing around a campfire at Burning Man… not that I’ve ever been to Burning Man… but it sounds like fun.
  • 2. Tunics look fab on plus-sized women. Hey, you don’t HAVE to be fat or have huge boobs to wear a big, beautiful, boho tunic, but it helps. If you’re a skinny little thing and you ask us nicely, we might let you borrow one of our gorgeous, flowing  Johnny Was tunics... or you could just buy your own top in a smaller size... which might be better. Once you feel the heavenly, featherweight silk against your skin, you might decide to "borrow" that tunic forever. (These tops run large. I usually order a large or an XL rather than a plus, however if I see something on sale, I will buy a plus and let it float around my body like magic.)

Different Types of Tunics

The most covetable tunics are made of silk or cotton (or some other natural fiber) or a semi-synthetic fiber like rayon or modal, but you can also find tunics in gorgeous blends. Personally, I like lightweight silks and soft, almost-sheer fabrics, because I love layering, but it's up to you to decide how you want to wear your tunics.

fall fashion for baby boomer womenYou can spend a small fortune on designer silks or you can get a similar (but not quite as dreamy) look with less expensive fabrics. Hey, we all live in the real world. Most of us will end up with both types of clothes in our closets.

Boho Tunics: As you know, I’m in love with the sensual feel and romantic look of Boho tops, dresses, and skirts. Some boho tops and dresses have handkerchief or asymmetrical hems, but these weird cuts are not limiting at all, and they end up forming beautiful Lagenlook layers when you wear them with sweaters and jackets.

Tailored Tunics: If you are more into classic styles, you can find boatloads of tunics that are plain, preppy, striped, polka dotted, color blocked, or printed with small repeating patterns. And, tailored tunics will still have that great flattering style and the same wonderful comfort as your favorite T-shirt.

Tunic Dresses: There are, of course, lots of long tunic dresses for daytime. However, once you get hooked, you should look for tunic dresses with baroque embellishments and Gatsby-esque beading… because both trends are fun and flattering for evenings.

The right tunic is a versatile investment piece that you’ll wear for years. I love to wear tunics with leggings and boots. I also wear tunics over gypsy skirts. And, of course, tunics are absolute essentials for apple-shaped women. But, we won’t mind if the rest of you get in on the fun.

Websites with Interesting Tunics:

Some of the following sites have good prices, others have high-end goodies. You'll never know what you want if you don't look around from time to time. You don't have to buy... but do come back and read more articles when you're done.

All of these links are set up to take you to the goodies you'll want to browse, so the links may take an extra second or two or three. Just relax. You'll get there.

Unique Tunic Tops:

  • Tolani Tops: These tops are astonishingly beautiful. I think all of their tunic tops are silk, but double check if it's important to you. I have two of their tops. I need more. I'm in between a large and a plus, but my tops are plus and I like that they're large and floaty. You might want to wear a cami under the lighter colors. Sometimes you can hit smaller sizes and sales on Ama zon, but the quality and sizing can be uneven through this vendor for some reason. I don't know what the difference would be. Just keep your receipt until you check the fit.
  • Soft  Surroundings: This is one of my go-to stores. For one thing, I love their colors. When I find something I like here, I wear it forever... forever... forever. And, I really like their sales.

Plus Size Tunic Tops for Women:

  • Simply Be: These London designs are now available on the Simply Be US website. Cute stuff. Good prices. Sizes US 8 - 28 (sometimes up to size 32). I just realized that I'm wearing a tunic top from Simply Be as I type this. It doesn't seem to take any longer to get stuff from European stores than from Nordies. If anything, it might be faster. Seriously. Check out their sale prices, which can be on par with Target.
  • Eileen  Fisher Tunics: Fisher runs big, so you might be able to wear a large or an XL if you're normally a 1x. These clothes are well made but they're not cheap, so look for items on sale. Well, I just bought an Eileen Fisher wool tunic at full price. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

It's hard to say where you'll find the tunic top of your dreams because inventory keeps changing every day. Just look around. It's out there.

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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