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Flower Power: Benefits of a Low-Consumption Retirement Lifestyle for the Woodstock Generation

where should you retire?


What Do You Want to Do With You Life?

Calculate your finances and make a plan. We’ve all paid our dues. The kids are grown up. Live it up! Express yourself. Go back to school. Write a novel. Paint. Make peace with all the woulda, coulda, shoulda’s.

Yesterday, the average household had one television, one car and one telephone. Now multiply that by three. Today, the average household maintains a median of three cars, three TVs, three computers, etc. Does any of that “stuff” really add meaning to your life or does it only hold you back from doing what you love?

Clutter isn’t all about the material junk holding us back. Clutter can also be the people we surround ourselves with. Retirement provides us with the opportunity of weeding out the people whose relationships no longer work well for us.

simple retirement on beachFree Your Mind

While retirement can be a huge transition in one’s life, it’s also a good time to let go of all the old feelings associated with the past that hold us back. Make room for healthier emotions by making peace with all the regrets and take charge of what makes you happy. Recharge your inner well-being with the same passionate drive you had during the flower power days. Doing so will renew you physically, mentally, and spiritually, while strengthening the intimacy you have with those you love.

So, don’t sweat the small stuff, stop worrying about the future, and live in the present. Feed your soul with the food that’s in front of you. Retirement is about embracing the present and shaking free of all the negative energy that’s associated with daily life. Remember to dance, and sing! Let your inner hippie back out!

About the Author:

Louis Mack writes for newretirement.com.

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Photo Resource: Main pic Bill Gracey flickr creative commons.

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Author Bio - Louis Mack is a freelance writer, and independent contractor for New Retirement. As an avid traveler he enjoys exploring new places while rebuilding his vintage 68 SS Camaro in his spare time.

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