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Jitterbug Plus – Best Senior Cell Phone Gift for Older Mom or Dad

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Improved Intuitive Interface

One of the most important features of the Jitterbug is its intuitive user interface, and it sounds like the Jitterbugsters have been using a lot of oldsters as guinea pigs, while they've been redesigning the Jitterbug Plus.

Some of these are new features and some have been around for a while:

  • Jitterbug has simple “Yes” or “No” prompts, where you hit the “Yes” button or the “No” button, making it easier to navigate the phone.
  • You can use the big buttons to text the usual way or you can use generic preloaded texts like, “How are you?” and “Call me.”
  • And, here is one of my favorite things: a “Yes” or “No” prompt that helps users turn the speakerphone off or on. (Hey, my 68-year-old husband NEEDS that. He’s always pushing some random button when answering our cell phone and he freaks out because he can never turn off the speaker.)

Dial “O” for Operator

Back in the good old days... like up until the 80's... people used to dial the letter “O” to be connected with the operator. We didn’t have 911 or 411 when I was a kid, so I know that really, really old people will have an easy time dipping into their childhoods to remember how to get help:

  • Listen for the dial tone
  • Dial (push) O for operator

easy to use cell phones with medic alertsThen, the 24-hour operator will assist your mom or granny or grandpa or Auntie Lou with placing his/her call, writing a text, and things like that... it's almost as good as having a grandchild on call. Of course, if granny goes crazy calling the operator, the monthly extras could start to add up. So, whoever will be paying the phone bill should find a way to check the charges online.

5Star Medic Alert and Other Options

For an extra fee, you can get mom or dad or granny on special plans like the 5Star Urgent Response, LiveNurse, Medication Reminders, etc. While these sound like awesome ideas, this stuff can start to really make that monthly payment add up. However, if it keeps someone out of assisted living for another year or two, it’s definitely money well spent.

Special Apps for Jitterbug Plus

Here's what Jitterbug says about their medic-alert system:

  • 5Star Urgent Response transforms your Jitterbug into your own personal safety device. In any situation, you can speak immediately with a 5Star Agent, who will quickly identify your location, evaluate your situation and get you the help you need.
  • Urgent Care app lets you have access to unlimited healthcare advice and a registered nurse who can escalate to a board-certified doctor, and even get a prescription for common medications right from your smartphone, 24/7.

Why is the Samsung Jitterbug Plus a great idea? It resembles the type of phone that oldsters grew up with. Hey, there are live people, not pre-recorded messages, on the other end of the line. And, having an operator available 24-hours a day will help old people from feeling so isolated.

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