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A Non-Dress for Your Wedding: Alternatives for Indie Brides

casual hippie wedding dresses


(Boho Tunics Continued)

...solid colored blouse, so you can wear your grandmother’s gemstone pendant with it. Match the gemstone color or colors to the flowers in your bouquet.

kimono instead of regular wedding gownKimono and Colorful Sash

You don’t need an oriental-themed wedding in order to wear a kimono. And though kimonos come with their own sashes, you may need to find one that stands out more. Choose one in a contrasting color, and match it to the accents in your hair. Walk barefoot to your waiting groom, if the floor, sand, or ground is not too hot, not too cold, and not too thorny.

Kimonos come in bold colors and in delicate, neutral colors. There are those made specifically for weddings, too. If you have a knowledgeable tailor who isn’t afraid to experiment, you could have him or her copy a traditional one and fit a train onto it.

Wedding Pant Suit

Since pant suits as wedding attire are pretty standard, you may want to liven it up, by avoiding a cream-colored or white one. Depending on your mood, wear a suit in a livelier color than standard whites, off-whites and earth tones (beige and light gray). If browns and grays are your thing, however, look for bolder shades of these, such as titian, fallow, ochre, silver gray, rose quartz, or slate gray...

wedding pantsuitYou could have your pant suit custom made, in order to give yourself more control over the cut and color. Have a pants-uniform bridal party if it suits you! (Pun intended.)

Wedding Accessories

If your wedding theme is out-of-the-box, and you are looking for a way to weave some traditional into it, you could do it through your accessories. Flowers in your hair certainly denote ‘wedding’ and will certainly complement the smile that lights up your face.  Mom’s wedding or heirloom jewelry will satisfy the ‘something borrowed’ bit, as well as honor Mom’s place in your life, which is more important.

Dad need not be left out of the picture. You could wear his favorite ring on your thumb or on a chain around your neck. This way, you are being both slightly traditional while employing something outstandingly unique – Dad would be proudly honored, too. You are retaining a part of him, while he is giving you away.

Wedding Hair

If you are looking at alternatives to standard wedding dresses, you are probably looking for non-traditional hairstyles, too. Incidentally, non-traditional hairstyles have become very popular. The upside to this is that many hairstylists will know how to get your dream wedding-do done, and may even be able to suggest a few that would complement you best.

So, whether you would love to wear your hair in many, many tiny braids, or in box braids (think Bo Derek in 10 ... or Stevie Wonder in the 80’s), but you aren’t sure how to pull it off, or if you might like to try letting ALL your curls loose but can’t decide what to ornament your hair with, your stylist can most likely help.

Wedding Photos – Alternative Ideas

Aside from having you and your guests photographed against picturesque backgrounds at your wedding venue, you could create your own memorable backdrops, and encourage your guests to take turns at it. This will encourage playfulness and promote a fun ambience at your wedding reception.

The average photo-booth provider usually has props geared towards the theatrical, so before you hire them, ask if they have wedding-themed props. You can also explore vintage or hippie themes, depending on your vision for your wedding. If your chosen photo-booth provider does not have the props you need, you could also make your own.

Be Yourself

Regardless of whether you choose to be different, or traditional, or in-between, remember that your wedding day is a special day – your first day as man and wife. The best way to enjoy it is to allow for as little stress as possible, and to be happy with the choices you make for your celebration.

About the Author:

Sharon Sussman is a gemologist at Brilliance, LLC, who likes to explore what’s new and what’s different in fashion and in weddings.

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Sharon Sussman is a gemologist at Brilliance, LLC, who likes to explore what’s new and what’s different in fashion and in weddings.

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  1. Kari

    Love the idea of the boho tunic and leggings. Keep it breezy and comfortable!

    • Tina


      Thanks for your comment. Glad you like the ideas on our site. We have a lot of great writers here.

      Tina Boomerina

  2. Rachel

    Where can find the outfit in the photo at: http://boomerinas.com/2013/05/02/a-non-dress-for-your-wedding-alternatives-for-indie-brides/?

    I can see myself wearing blouson pants, tunic and scarf as the model with long brown hair on that page.

  3. meg baldwin

    Love the Indie look,wanting something similair but for an hawaiian base theme. I love color and not interested in basic wedding wear. First alternative website which really fits my style, any ideas?
    Thanks for your inspirations...keep them coming ;-)