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A Non-Dress for Your Wedding: Alternatives for Indie Brides

by Sharon Sussman

You don’t have to wear a wedding dress. If you want to be different, here are some alternatives to the traditional wedding gown.

Being different or non-conventional is sometimes frowned upon because it is often associated with looking weird or frumpy. Usual break-out wedding attire is classified either as costume (trekkies) or as freakish (goths).

Indie Wedding Outfits

However, non-alternatives to boring wedding dressestraditional wedding wear need not be on the fringes of the extreme. Furthermore, being different does not need to equate to being frumpy. There are numerous ways around wearing a dress, just as there are many ways of being informal yet classy. Here are some options.

A Peasant Blouse and Pants

Peasant blouses come in white and in colorful styles and go well with spring, summer, and anything outdoors. The flowing sleeves are perfect, for any bride who wants to feel like a queen on her wedding day.

A billowy white peasant blouse with beige slacks will make you look light and carefree, with or without flowers in your hair. If it’s a hippie wedding, don’t stop at clothes – wear a crown of flowers in your hair and wear pants that flare!

Boho Tunics and Long Leggings

Kurti tunics (from Northern India/Central Asia) and other tunics have beautiful designs, and they will make you look feminine even as you wear them over pants or leggings.  These long boho tops are wonderfully embellished (often hand embroidered) and they will add to your glow. Kurtis are usually colorful, but they also come in solid colors and in white.

alternative indie wedding dresses

Tunics are also perfect for beach weddings. Have your seamstress make a tunic out of gauze (silk or cotton) or cheesecloth. Pair it with leggings that match your motif and top off with a pretty pair of sandals. Or, pair it with beige slacks and go barefoot! This look goes great with the sea breeze in your hair and the sound of crashing waves. Even your groom could wear a tunic with light (breathable) slacks.

Plain puff-sleeved blouses and flared pants are wonderfully laid back, yet still stylish. Your pants don’t even have to be slacks; they could be corduroys or jeans! Picture a sheer, cream, puff-sleeved blouse (the kind with which you wear something underneath), and colored pants, like maroon, that flare from your knees. Make it a plain or... (please click here for indie wedding "dresses" on page two.)

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Sharon Sussman is a gemologist at Brilliance, LLC, who likes to explore what’s new and what’s different in fashion and in weddings.

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  1. Kari

    Love the idea of the boho tunic and leggings. Keep it breezy and comfortable!

    • Tina


      Thanks for your comment. Glad you like the ideas on our site. We have a lot of great writers here.

      Tina Boomerina

  2. Rachel

    Where can find the outfit in the photo at: http://boomerinas.com/2013/05/02/a-non-dress-for-your-wedding-alternatives-for-indie-brides/?

    I can see myself wearing blouson pants, tunic and scarf as the model with long brown hair on that page.

  3. meg baldwin

    Love the Indie look,wanting something similair but for an hawaiian base theme. I love color and not interested in basic wedding wear. First alternative website which really fits my style, any ideas?
    Thanks for your inspirations...keep them coming ;-)