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Best Brands for Apple Shapes – Women Over 40, 50, 60

women over 40 & 50 fashion

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

Apple-shaped women are basically shafted by fashion designers, apparel styles, and clothing brands. I know this to be true because I'm an apple. So, here are some fashion tips for women who still look pregnant 20 years after the baby is born.

What should you wear to disguise an apple body?

Read about best brands for apple shaped women at Boomerinas.com

Plus Sized Clothing for Apple Shaped Women

Well, females with this natural body shape are the orphans of the design world.

So, clothing tips for women like us (with a body type that's similar to an apple on two toothpicks) come from all directions: Wear a sheath, an A-line dress, a fitted jacket, a straight-cut blouse, no complicated patterns, and all the other horrid, blatantly wrong ideas that can be found in various articles. (Granted, these suggestions must work for some.)

Anyway, there are many very bad ideas floating around the internet to try to help marshmallow-tummied girls.

So, I'm here to tell you about the...

Best Clothing Brands for Apple-Shaped Women

Most clothing styles are designed for stick-thin models or pear-shaped women.

However, a few well-loved brands for tops and dresses can be relied upon when nothing else seems to fit. Okay, there are other brands that are good, but these are brands that have been good to me over the years.

Sure, I could go online, find a list of clothing manufacturers, and tell you what the retailers want you to hear, but you can find that info on other websites.

So, if you're having a hard time finding something to wear that looks good on your unique shape, and you live in the US, start with these:

For dresses and events:

  • Donna Morgan: Look for cute dresses with twist-waists that fall a little above your natural waistline (not all of them do).
  • Karen Kane: Look for twisty wrap dresses and tops in stretchy fabrics. Kane also has good cascading waterfal (drapey) designs.
  • Maggy London: Maggy London has been good for me in the past, but some seasons are better than others for clothing that fits an apple shape. Look for ruched dresses and waterfall dresses.

For fun boho clothing:

  • Joe Browns: I like Joe Browns' 60s boho vibe. Look for rocker-chic tunics and dresses that look like they came out of Haight Ashbury back in the day. Joe Browns' is a UK company that makes regular and plus sizes.
  • Johnny Was: If you're a former hippie (or a current hippie), you'll like Johnny Was' worldly, jet-setter styles. Look for long tunic tops with groovy florals and cool crocheting, beautiful silk maxi skirts, and fabulous wrap coats. Wait for sales because these beauties aren't cheap. Sizes run large... even the plus sizes.

For Simple Elegance:

  • Rachel Pally: Look for versatile maxi dresses in simple styles. In my opinion, Pally's printed designs look better in real life than they do online, but I like her plain clothing as much as her prints. (I have both.) Her line uses great modal fabric with wonderful drape. I also like her tie tops. All of her stuff is good for day as well as for dress-up. Pally sells both regular and plus sizes.
  • Eileen Fisher: Look for chic, casual tops and dresses that are so unstructured and stretchy they'll fit anyone. These styles are good for work and weekends, but some designs can be dressed up with accessories. If you're a plus size, look for longer tops.

Those are my go-to picks, but we're all different even though we're all apple shapes. Finding the best brand for your bod is just a matter of trial and error.

So, until you find the best brands for your special body, you should explore the internet. Play around online... and look for jersey tops and dresses that have an apple-friendly design. (I will give you tips about what to look for, below.)

I know you can go cheaper than the brands I've listed, because I find cute inexpensive tops all the time. Sometimes they work. Sometimes I ship them back.

Unfortunately, many cute dresses, slacks, jeans, and tops will seem adorable on you... until you try to breathe. I guess they think breathing is overrated.

Fashion Tips for Apple-Shaped Women

Here are some tips that I have found to be helpful:

  • Apples Are Top Heavy: Apple-shaped women are top heavy.  A deep V-neck or U-neck style makes broad shoulders and big chests look thinner.  A touch of cleavage is almost always good, as a diversionary tactic, if you are a woman over 40 or 50.
  • Color Block Trend: Color blocking, done right, will draw people's eyes up to your face or down to your shapely legs.
  • Prints Are Fine: Stretch jersey prints are fabulous for your apple body, and the right print will give good camouflage and confuse your critics.
  • Leggings: This seems counterintuitive, but a long, tunic top over stretchy leggings is a good look for many apple chicks.  I like to make sure my top is long enough to cover all the family jewels, and then I balance everything with some cute knee-high boots.  You can go all rock-n-roll with this look, as long as most of the items you're wearing are made out of great fabric.
  • Wrap Dresses: Wrap dresses, in stretch jersey, are wonderful if they have enough fabric so they will not fall open. Make sure your wrap dresses have flared skirts, for balance, or people will only notice your tummy.

Any designer who decides to make a wrap dress with enough fabric to wrap an apple stomach and then flare out, in a cool, trendy DVF-type of print, will make zillions. If the dress comes in both larger-missy and plus sizes, has no collar, and hits below the knee, the designer will be canonized. (Article continues)

Continue to page 2 of clothing for women with apple shapes.

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Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. jennifer

    I found your article after searching "good brands apple shape". Usually blogs have recycled info, but yours was genuinely useful. It was good to hear reminders about short skirts (and tipping over) and thin heels. I have found that when my weight is down I can get away with much more than when I gain as it all goes to the waist. Great tip about the sheer blouse over the sleeveless - I always noticed short sleeves didnt flatter but didnt connect it to my apple shape! I totally agree the person who designs to our shape will be handsomely rewarded!!! I've daydreamed about inventing a jeans label called "Apple" - I can just imagine how those jeans would fit! So far my best jean brands are Guess and Theory, and J Crew are passable....

    • Sharon Bevins

      Have you ever tried jeans from Qvc? They have several different styles, you will be very surprised !!!!

      • Tina-Boomerina


        Someday I'll break down and try those jeans. I love the way denim looks on other women, but I got burned out on jeans after wearing them almost non-stop for 2 decades.

        On the other hand, I might try the roll-up trend and see if that style makes me fall down laughing when I look in the mirror.


  2. Tina


    Thanks for the tips and I HOPE you invent some jeans for apple shapes. I have a terrible time with jeans.


    Tina Boomerina

    • sandra


      For apple shapes looking for a GREAT fit and reasonable price. Soft surroundings stretch waist boot cut in the denium only. Look scary in picture, nothing like in person. My husband and myself were amazed!!!
      TRUST ME!!
      tips for some reason the denium is the only one that fits well. Also one size smaller than usual
      good luck!! please send me good hints as well:)

  3. Hilary

    The article made me laugh with joy someone understands,,,,,, trying to buy a great outfit for an upcoming family wedding in August when I am 59 , hate hot weather and above all my shape, is proving very difficult. So with your advice taken on board I will as they say venture once more unto the breach dear friends and tackle the shops again. Hopefully I will find something that I like will look stylish and suit this young of heart but out of shape grandma.

    • Tina


      I think you will have a great time at the wedding.

      If you're young at heart, you've got it covered. My daughter taught me a trick about group photos. Don't know if you'll be in the official pics, but if you stand slightly behind the others and put your leg forward, maybe put an arm around one of the other people (I think... can't remember the details she told me), then the picture will be super flattering to those of us who used to be skinny but find ourselves buying plus sizes these days.

      My daughter is about a size 4 or 6, but she lives in Beverly Hills... so she's considered obese. haha.

      Have a groovy time,

  4. TerriKW

    I so long for the St. Genius of the Perfect Plus Size Knit Wrap Dress to appear on the fashion scene! To bad Diane Von Furstenberg didn't gain a few pounds over the years so she could appreciate the pain we feel! Keep up the good work!!

    • Tina


      You are so right. Maybe we could drug DVF and force feed her some Twinkies and Ding Dongs for several months. Then we'll all be able to wear her glorious wrap dresses in those gorgeous fabrics.

      Tina Boomerina

      • Tina

        Just kidding... If you're a friend of Diane's don't drug her, just tell her that McDonald's cheeseburgers are the key to longevity. And, give her a second helping of pasta when she's at your beach house.


        • TerriKW

          Oh, honey, I'm sure DVF did her share of Twinkies & Ding Dongs in her day! Studio 54 was wrap dress heaven...or maybe it was more like Purgatory. I'm just saying....

          Thx for the email comment. Not a blogger, tho. That would require a level of commitment on my part that flew out the window a few years back. My idea of hard work these days is eating bon-bons while watching old Zsa Zsa Gabor movies! C'est la vie!!

  5. Bella

    What you wear underneath is important also. Finding it is ideal to the outside look. If you have panty lines and bra lines, then you look like a bad apple.
    I've been an apple for a long time and would love to find a pair of jeans that fit my waist without my muffin pouring out and fit my ass without it looking like I have a saggy diaper on. Thin in the legs because loose legs make me look like a tree stump (Only 5'3"). Oh and yes boot cut or flair. Am I asking too much????

    • Tina-Boomerina


      The only "jeans" I like are jeggings. Everything else is too saggy in my butt. I with I could help. I'm out of town for a while, but I'll try to help you more if I get a chance. If I don't get back to you, please leave another comment.

      However, at this point, the best solution I have to offer is jeggings... they fit like leggings but look like jeans. I have read that some women wear maternity jeans, but on me they would be saggy in the butt. I prefer to wear boots over my jeans and to wear a tunic or a thigh-length jacket. As for bootcut jeans... I will try to ask around, but I don't know if there is anything. If you need bootcut, you might need a tailor. I'm sorry... I hope some designer is reading this. Maybe they will make something for people like you and me. Oh... have you tried men's jeans. I used to wear men's jeans when I was younger. They fit better.

    • cindi

      Try soft surroundings heans the have boot cut im 5 ft 3 and love the metro leggins in dsrk blue, black and white with tunic type tops. Dont giv you muffin top they are high waisted elastic so no muffin top and no diaper butt for my flat one

  6. Helen Hayes

    Where can the outfit with the animal print, leather jacket and grey pants be purchased.

  7. Helen Hayes

    where can the leopard top, leather jacket, and grey pants be purchased that were on your site?

  8. Tina-Boomerina


    I think you are talking about the items from the same photo with the leopard top. If you scroll over the photos, a caption will pop up. All of those items are from Fashion World. If you're asking about the leggings in the bottom photo, they are from Simply Be.

    Tina Boomerina

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Helen, I have tried twice to email you, but it doesn't go through. I will try again later. Also, I am adding you to my newsletter because this article is from last year and you might want more current info. If you don't like the newsletter, just unsubscribe. Sorry I can't get the email to work.

  9. TIna

    Well I have the added bad luck of being an apple and not having any boobs...so what do you suggest for me?

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Dear Boobless,

      I'm on the road and I've left my thinking cap back at home. My first thought is "cookies".... those little inserts that push your boobs up to give you fake cleavage. My flat friend uses them. I'm not a freaking fashion consultant... but I am an artist, so I'm fairly good at visualizing. A lot of this visualizing stuff depends on how tall you are and how round you are and if you have good hair and.... blah blah blah. Another guess would be to wear a floaty tunic dress (I'm a big fan of Johnny Was when I can find their stuff on sale) and I think you should wear it with a big chunky boho necklace that brings a lot of color around your face and your "cleavage" area. You can try a long, long, long necklace... but in your case, I would look for something around 20 inches or so. Something that sits on your chest.

      I hope you know what I mean. I think that floaty silk (or lightweight rayon, etc, extraordinary fabrics) are worth the extra $ because your clothes move with you and it's hard to pin down exactly where the dress/top stops and the body starts.

      When I get home in a few days, I will try to email you. Right now I'm on a sh*tty little computer and I can hardly type.

      Tina Boomerina

  10. Edith Olah

    HELP!!!! Iam not 60 any more but going on 70 and I still like to dress stylish. Have had a Mastectomy and Lymph nodes removed so have ugly fat arms that need covering. ...I am a size 12. Don't have good legs and therefore I don't think jeggings would work.
    Have a long navy dress with Cleopatra collar and a high waist-it is sleeveless-WHAT do I wear with it -thought I would wear it to n upcoming wedding.
    I desperately need you,
    Edith Olah

    • Tina-Boomerina


      I think the Cleopatra collar will draw attention up to your pretty face and that's the most important thing. I'm not sure how you could cover your arms unless you have a tailor who could add sleeves... maybe made of lace or some kind of sheer fabric. I'll email you and if you're feeling a bit wild, you can send a photo.

      But I MUST TELL YOU that I am not a fashion person. I am an artist. ... but I wear clothes, so I probably know as much as most fashion writers.

      I'm sure your arms are not as bad as you think... good God, you're only a size 12, kiddo. But, if you can't cover your arms you could go to one of those spray-on tan places and fake a tan. I've never done it, but my daughter has. Or you could use self tanner but try it WAAAAY ahead of time to make sure you don't turn orange.

      I think a shawl might look weird with a Cleopatra collar, but I'm not sure. Some wedding sites sell lacey boleros. But.... still not sure.

      Edith, I'm sure your legs are freaking fine, too. Do they take you where you want to go? If so, don't worry about your legs. No one else will. If the dress is dark, wear dark stockings.... or you could have a little fun and wear lace tights like the chicks in France.

      A high waist sounds great. And, Edith... don't worry so much. Just smile and have fun. I think the dress sounds adorable and you can always do what I do when nothing else works. WEAR a hat. I might even be able to tell you what shape of hat if I saw a pic of you and/or the dress. Trust me, wearing a hat is the best way on earth to make friends... but then again I have really crappy, baby fine hair. You might not need a hat as much as I do.

  11. Edith Olah

    Sorry - I DO know how to spell - just not proofread...lol was in such a hurry to hear from you....lol

  12. Edith Olah

    I LOVE your articles - just need to find where to buy the clothes/shoes that don't break the budget on Social Security....regards, Edith Olah

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Edith, I remember when you could buy a dress for $5... in the 60's. Oy. The best thing is to buy less and to buy what you really like. Also, play around with stuff at the thrift store or the consignment store. What the heck.


  13. Elizabeth Rogers

    Hello there ! Just found your website and have thoroughly enjoyed all of the info and comments. I live in a small town in the Shuswap area of BC and everyone's idea of dressing up is ; cleaner jeans and cute sweatshirts ; fancier sweats. Well, I am originally a City person and am trying to adjust. Hah.Still haven't found a ladies' wear shop to meet the needs of 65+ that does " crisp" Floaty is good in the summer but NOT in polyester...it gets too hot here. So to the point. #1 Cannot say enough good things about Shapeez underpinnings..no lumps, no bumps and doesn't ride up ifn you tuck into your panties/pantyhose. Put it on and you forget you're wearing anything, even in the heat. #2. Sewing. A lot of us Zoomers were taught to sew in school and some of us continued over the years. It seems to be an avenue to proceed with, especially if you like a 'long" line on a short round body AND you get to pick the fabric. Suggestion...choose easy to make patterns and dress 'em up with all the loverly jewellery you've collected over the years. It does you no good in a box or in a safety deposit box. A dear friend of mine finally gave in, got all the 'good' stuff out of the safety deposit box and now keeps it in her husband's gun vault, so no more trips to the bank at the last minute !
    Enough from me...so enjoy the humour in your writing and look forward to your great advice.
    Alpaca...still am giggling about that one.Oh...question..short waisted, long legged, no butt,broad shoulders and big rib cage, 5'4" and big tummy. Any suggestions ?
    Many thanks

  14. Therry Neilsen-Steinhardt

    Tina, you're brilliant but you are sadly unaware of the apples BEST FRIEND. I refer to the LOng tunics and elliptical tops from the wonderful New Hampshire website JJILL.COM. Most of the clothes in my closet are from J. Jill. The company makes heavenly tops, terrific sweaters, lovely dresses and wonderful outerwear. I also love thier shoes and their jewelry. Am I enthusiastic enough? A lot of older women dress there, and their colors are perfectly blissful. I think you can't go wrong, but it's also great to get your tips too. Check them out and let me know how you like them. Their Wearever line looks very professional and all the pants have elastic waists. Need I say more?


  15. gelean shelby

    I keep looking for the purple and black color blocked top shown on page 1 cannot find the manufacturer. can you help?

  16. Tina-Boomerina


    It's from Fifty Plus UK, but I don't think it's still available. This article is from over a year ago. Sorry.

    I'll look around and double check.


  17. Colleen P.

    Seriously, I need to go into business making Apple Clothes. I saw that you mentioned sewing earlier-unfortunately, simply being able to sew isn't enough, because pattern companies do not make patterns for apple shapes, they make patterns for b-cup ladies with small hourglass shapes-you have to do a LOT of alteration to the pattern before you even GET to the fabric, and ideally you should make a test garment first, sometimes 2 or 3 test garments, before you work all the problems out. Best to go to a tailor, get a sloper made for your body, and have clothes made for you off that. Yes, it's expensive, but so is good fabric, and so is buying clothing year after year that doesn't fit. One pair of black pants that fit right will make you feel like the empress of the universe. Totally worth the cost of getting this done, but it will take a while to find someone to do it. Not many do any longer.

    OH, I must second the motion for J. Jill-love their stuff, but I am a lady approaching 50 in a minute or 3, and have only really ever liked somewhat classic styles anyway, so might not be trendy enough for some. For your basic pieces they're spot on.

  18. Tina-Boomerina


    I don't know anything about sewing. I flunked the gym bag that we sewed in Home Ec. in the 60s. Seriously.

    I really wish you would create patterns. If you would do that, people who sew their fingers together when they're trying to insert those fidgety bobbins (like me) would be able to find people to help us find the fabric and make the clothing out of your patterns.

    You may be too young to even know about the gym bag that everyone had to make in Home Ec. I also flunked the water-boiling class and the setting-the-table class.

    Oh well, I know how to shop... and make reservations. That must count for something.


    • Colleen P.

      LOL-Oh, I made the gym bag too, just in the late 70's/early 80's-I was the only one in home ec who knew how to use a sewing machine, or cook. I went to school in a fairly wealthy area and apparently rich kids never needed to know these things.

      I am seriously considering marketing patterns for our body type though-the asinine amount of alterations required to make a regular pattern work simply staggers the mind, it's no wonder so many people never bother!

  19. Tricia

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Now I have something to work with!!

    • Tina-Boomerina


      I'm so happy to help out in some small way. We don't have the same curves as other women do, so a lot of fashion advice doesn't apply to us. Well, everyone's body is different... you may have different brands that work for you.

      And, as always, if you find any other brands you like, let me know. I'm always on the lookout for brands, and clothing styles, that are flattering on my own body. And, I love letting other women (and fashion designers and manufacturers and stores) know what works for us so they will create what we need.

      My only other advice at the moment is to look for items with a bit of stretch. They are easier to fit. Well, large floaty silky tunics are one of the exceptions because boho tunics don't need to fit close to the body.


  20. Rose Schill

    I rarely buy clothes anymore. I get so depressed when I see the prints that are put on WOMENS clothing. Why would I want to wear that? What about the pretty colors and prints that are put on size 0-12? Why don't the clothing firms use those prints and colors? I have been wearing the same one pair of pants all winter. With an almost 50 inch waist and 20 inch thighs and a flat butt the legs are HUGE ! Between the top of the back of my thigh to the back of my knee, I have enough fabric to make a shirt. I have been losing weight but still, what about all those others in my situation, or is my situation extreme. Oh and I am 5ft 5 and I weigh less then 200 lbs

    • Tina-Boomerina

      Sorry for the delay. I had the flu but I'm almost over it... thank God.

      I weigh a bit less but I have the same body type. The only pants that I can wear are leggings and jeggings (jeans leggings). I've given up on the others.

      If you don't have to wear tailored clothing, try tunics from Johnny Was. They run large... but they aren't cheap. You can find last season's styles on e-Bay sometimes for about half the price. Then wear those pretty things over leggings.

      If that's no good, let me know and I'll forward your question to my friend who wears tailored clothing.


  21. Susan

    Hi, I am late to this party but have a big problem. I have been out of work since 2006 but recently started looking for work again in the legal field (I'm a lawyer). Money is a real problem for me so I cannot go hog wild on clothes; in fact, once I finally find a job I expect I will wear my interview suit (see below for discussion of the suit) every day for a month until I get my first paycheck (gross, I know, but what else can I do when I cannot even pay my bills every month?).

    Given my profession i will be expected to dress fairly conservatively; when i worked before (and was skinny) i wore a suit every day. I just got a new interview suit sized for my gut (size 22) but since my waist is the biggest part of my body I am having trouble keeping the pants up! Today was the first day I wore the suit and I was so afraid the pants were going to fall down, humiliating me to no end. I ended up repeatedly pulling them up, not exactly the classiest thing to be doing at all, let alone in an interview or other professional setting. If I were a man I would wear suspenders. A belt is not an option because again, my gut is so big I have no waist, and in any event the pants have no belt loops.

    Of course elastic waist pants are my go to favorite for casual wear, but business suits, even plus sized ones, aren't generally made that way. the suit pants I wore today have small elastic inserts in the waist but that didn't help.

    On this site, or somewhere else, I saw a recommendation for Eileen fisher clothing. I have some Eileen fisher from my previous much skinnier life, when I was making money, but her stuff, while beautiful, is WAY out of my price range.

    Finally, I have had a terrible time finding tops to wear under my suit that would accommodate my stomach. My preference is for loose fitting silk shells. I ended up finding a rayon shell on ulla pollen that I bought at size 20-22, but their color collection is limited to four yucky shades, two of which I've already bought. Any suggestions?

    One more thing - FYI, a good site for plus size professional wear is Macy's. In fact, it's pretty much the only place I could find anything plus size that would be suitable for the position I would be working in. If you search their website using "plus size professional wear" you will find selections galore. Once I start working I will probably go nuts on their site, but i will still need to figure out what to do to keep my pants up.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    • Jennifer

      Hi Susan,
      It sound s like you did the exact right thing buying your suit pants to fit your largest body art.
      NOW, you must take them to a tailor (many dry cleaners have them) and have the seat and legs brought in to fit your dimensions.
      Alterations are key here. If your waist is the largest part of the garment, it can't slip lower to narrow parts that fit you properly.
      ALSO, ask them to add elastic to just the back portion of the waist band. This can be done by encasing it in an extra piece of fabric (least expensive) on the inside of the waistband.

      Skirts may be a better option, but since you own this suit, fix it to work for you.
      And no, it's not gross to wear the same suit for a month. Switch it up with scarves and accessories and have it
      cleaned each weekend.

      Even with elastic waist strech pants, you should have the legs and seat altered in to fit you.
      Feel free to email me at awellstyledlife@gmail.com and we can come up with some more solutions for you.


  22. Tina-Boomerina


    You are not late to this party. We're just about to roll up the carpets, bring out the big speakers, grab the hootch, pop open the bottles of champagne, and dance under the stars until the tequila sunrise.

    Okay, party over.

    I understand your fashion issues... from first-hand experience... however I am not a fashion expert AND I don't wear tailored clothing for all the reasons you brought up. On the other hand, I know one or two experts who may have a few ideas. I'll ask for their input and I'll give them your email address if you don't mind.

    Also, I wonder if suspenders would work. I can barely keep my leggings up, so I am sure regular trousers would be almost impossible. If you don't like the menswear look (I can't wear it without looking like a guy), you could keep your jacket on and no one would ever know. I love the menswear look on other women but not on me.

    You just might be the type of lawyer who could make suspenders your signature look. I've used hats for my signature look and I've had people recognize me in Europe. (I always tell them I'm not me. I don't know why.) Anyway, don't rule out suspenders if you're the type of chick who could rock them.

    Another thought: Would skirts be easier to fit? I have a feeling they might be. Try a pencil skirt (midi or above the knee) instead of pants. Pants are a nightmare for women with tummies.


  23. Tina-Boomerina


    ps Try Covered Perfectly for a top if they are in your budget http://www.boomerinas.com/2013/07/18/micro-modal-tops-covered-perfectly-fits-women-over-50-60/ . Email Pauline or someone at the site if you need help with styles. Modal is a good fabric. (I don't think there's usually much at Ulla's for work, but that was a good place to start. German clothing often fits me.)

    If those tops at CP don't work, I'll try to help you... but I'm slammed for time right now because I'm moving to a different state. Another site that might work is Marisota. I wish I could do more but I'll contact my experts and see what they recommend. (I have a feeling this will become a full-blown article once I have a chance to start writing again.)


    • Susan

      Hi, i wrote one reply but screwed up when I tried to post it. I don't know if it actually posted or not, so I'm trying again.

      First, thanks for all your replies! Makes me feel better to know somebody feels my pain.

      I looked at the modal tops. They are beautiful but would not work with my stomach. All that gathering at the biggest part of my body would not be a good look. Some of the ones with looser bottoms might work for casual wear, although I'm not sure a 1x would fit.

      If I could keep my jacket buttoned all the time, which is the way I wore most of my suits when I was smaller, I would definitely try suspenders. Once again, my stomach is just too big to button a jacket over; if I bought one big enough to button it would be so big in the shoulders that even if it could be properly tailored down to my shoulder size, the alterations would just be too expensive. I had the jacket I have now reduced a bit in the upper back and that alone cost $90! and the jacket itself was only $134!

      Really this d--- stomach is so big that it makes wearing clothes very difficult. Its like being eight months pregnant from the level of my boobs on down. After not working for so long, and steadily gaining weight year after year, I have been reduced to a single pair of stretch pants from lands end, along with a couple of tunic tops that are not nearly long enough to hide things that should not be seen. It's really quite depressing. I used to be a size 8 and felt fat. When I look at my size 8 pants now, I can't believe how skinny I was, and I couldn't even see it!

      I will try to get in touch with Jennifer to see if she has any suggestions. Again, thanks for all your support -I really appreciate it.

      • Tina-Boomerina

        Susan, I wasn't sure if the modal tops would work with a suit. I just threw that out there because they are a fairly good price... but I didn't have time to look at the entire site. Ask Jennifer. She's topnotch.

  24. Tina-Boomerina

    pss I just realized that you probably can't afford a skirt right now. Bummer. And, don't feel bad about wearing the same suit for a month. Guys probably do it all the time. Just change your blouse and undies. No one will ever know.

    I have worn the same dress for almost a week on a tour. I just changed my my scarf. No one even noticed... so what's a few more weeks. Europeans wear the same stuff a lot more than Americans. Pretend you're a Parisienne and congrats on the job OR I hope you get the job. (I had to skim quickly, that's why I'm writing a novel here... I'm supposed to be doing other stuff)

  25. Tina-Boomerina

    Susan, there's a chance I won't be able to get into the comment section for a few days. Try asking Jennifer on this site: http://www.awellstyledlife.com/ Somewhere on there, there's a section called something like "Ask a Stylist" and I can't find it right now. Or just contact Jennifer at AWellStyledLife@gmail.com. She's a professional image consultant. She might have some ideas. And, after you are working a while, you might want to hire her. She's supposed to be really good. I have friends who say she's tops.


  26. applemama

    I am a thinnish apple shape, so don’t have the “big belly” I keep reading about, although I do not have a well-difined waist either. Still, I am very busty and have teensy little legs and no hips to speak of, so I am stuck with a closet full of black tops and splashy print pants and leggings (only worn with boots). I find all the advice about V-necks and wrap dresses helpful, but they are hard to find, and how many black V-neck tees does one woman need? Okay, I have a couple dark purple shirts, but it gets old. Dresses are really hard because I’m 5’2’, with a 38 inch bust. Good luck with that! I used to sew everything myself, but the patterns now aren’t that great either.

    I never heard of these designers, except Eileen Fisher (pricey!) but will look them up.

    • Tina-Boomerina


      I hope some of these brands help. I'll also write a new article soon. Right now I'm couch surfing (well, we have a bed) at my step-son's house in Boise. We are selling our place near Seattle and moving to Oregon... fingers crossed.

      If you find any other brands (or stores) or you have any other ideas for apple shapes, please let us know. It is almost impossible to find anything that fits and looks good.



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