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What to Get Your Husband for Christmas: Gifts for Older Guys

christmas gifts for dad older men

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

Once again, it’s almost Christmas. And, you are most certainly asking yourself, “What the heckaroonie can I buy my Baby Boomer husband (or my over 50, 60 or 70-year-old boyfriend) this year?”

As we all know, it's fairly easy to find a present for a woman. However, as most women realize, men are impossible to shop for. Just impossible! Hey, many of the ideas (but not all) in this article are expensive, but I think these ideas may help you come up with something similar that's less expensive...  Hey, almost nothing is cheap these days.

christmas presents for older men - beerMr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Beer Kit

My daughter just told me that the Mr. Beer brewing kit is a gift that every guy in the world would love. Well, that is a bit of an exageration because my husband doesn't drink beer, however my hubby might love playing around with the mechanics of the kit, so my daughter is probably right. And, the coolest thing about this beer kit is that it is made in the USA.  $48.00 on Amazon.

Electronic Gadgets – Christmas Gifts for Older Men

Yes, every year, you can go online or go to a big box store and find some “expert” who will tell you what’s "waaay cooool" and what’s going to be hot this Christmas. But, every guy has his own preferences about what smartphone or what tablet or what gadget he wants, so you have to be tricky about finding the right gizmo.

tech gifts for men iphones ipadsAs for TV and stereo equipment… well, I find televisions tacky in general. We have one, of course, but I would rather have our television hidden away in the den than to have it in the middle of our main living area.  (It's not worth getting a divorce over a stupid TV, so I just live with it.) Music gear is not tacky but quality of sound is a personal issue. Ooops. I just realized I dated myself by saying “stereo” equipment. Haha. Did you catch that or are you as old as I am?

Tablets and smartphones CAN be great presents, but you need to be tricky and ask your husband something like, "Honey, I have a friend who got a tablet for her birthday. I can't remember if it was an Ipad or a Kindle or one of those other things, but she said it was the most popular kind of tablet.  Do you know which one is the most popular?"  Then, listen to your husband's answer. He may tell you which tablet (or smartphone or TV or netbook or laptop or whatever) is best in his opinion.

Here are some articles and websites that might help you figure this stuff out:

Another way to find out what kind of tablet to buy is to ask your son or daughter or niece or nephew which one is best. Then, keep the receipt and tell your honey that he can exchange it for something else if your gift isn't the right thing. Or, if your sweetie is older and wants to keep things simple, there are lots of easy-to-use cell phones he might like… you know… the kinds with bigger buttons and fewer gizmos. Some examples are Jitterbug Plus and Just5.

  • One safe Christmas-gift bet is a GPS for your husband’s car. (I like Garmin.)
  • If he's a computer freak, check out the Bounce WiFi Enhancer.  Make sure you're using WiFi in your house. We are and we probably need this.  Speed is everything.

sexy vacation getawaysWell, if you’ve gotten to this point... and your eyes are glazing over, here are other gift ideas.

Sexy Gift Ideas

If you ask any guy, and he’s being honest, he’ll tell you he wants something that I can’t write about here for Christmas (or for any other day of the year). Good gifts that go along with this theme include:

  • A portable hot tub and you
  • A bottle of Viagra and you in lingerie
  • A night at a local casino hotel and you
  • A trip to Las Vegas and you
  • A cruise to Mexico and you

best gifts for menOld Time Rock n Roll Concerts

If your guy loves music and seems to be stuck in high-school mode, you might be able to score some tickets to a nostalgic show that would take him back to his glory days. Here are some random examples of concerts (in no particular order) for January and February 2013:

  • Gregg Allman - Vegas.
  • Santana - House of Blues Vegas.
  • Tower of Power – Agoura Hills, CA.
  • The Who – Touring the US.
  • Jackson Browne – West Coast and Vegas.
  • The Sonics – Seattle.
  • Bobby Vinton – Saint Charles, MO.
  • Buddy Guy – Touring.
  • Grand Funk Railroad – Mississippi.
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd – Touring.
  • Dead Kennedys – New York.
  • Eddie Money – Austin.

Just plug your city (or general area) into a concert site and see what looks interesting and/or affordable. Try your local casinos, too. In the Seattle area, I see Kool and the Gang, Chubby Checker, Dave Mason, and Boz Scaggs playing casino venues.

Sports Stuff

hunting camping fishing presents giftsIf your man is rabid about some team (college or pro), get tickets to whatever you think he would love. Try for a bowl game if you can afford it. Or, maybe a NASCAR season pass? Well, I guess I'm reconsidering my previous statement about televisions as gifts; you just might want to buy your husband a big screen TV and a set of headphones. If he already has a big screen TV, just get him the headphones. (This is really a present for yourself, especially if your older guy is going deaf.)

For husbands who have not (yet) ruined their backs or knees, there are other possibilities: a trip to Vail, an annual pass to a local ski area, a new cycling jersey, a pair of Air Nike shoes, and stuff like that.

  • If your hubby is outdoorsy, get him a fishing trip to Alaska or a hunting trip from Ted Nugent’s Sunrize Safaris.  Some of the hunts cost more, but that's because many are with rocker Ted Nugent himself.  This would be a trip of a lifetime for many guys.  (An inexpensive gift for a hunter or camper would be the Swedish FireSteel fire starter.)
  • One sports gift that has always appealed to me is the Skip Barber Racing School. I would stay away from golf-lesson gifts. Most guys come back in a foul mood after golf lessons.

Casual Men's Clothes for Christmas

christmas clothes for menMost guys don’t want clothes for Christmas, but that's because we buy them the wrong things. Some men love getting clothing, but you probably already know whether your guy is one of them... unless you’re on your fifth marriage. And, in that case… do you really care? However, if you want to be practical and buy clothing for your husband or boyfriend, pay attention to what he really wears. Is he into T-shirts, plaid shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts or what? Might as well get him something he’ll actually wear.  There's always room for improvement in your guy's wardrobe.

Think of clothes as a gift to the whole world... if you can find cool clothing that your husband will actually wear.  Women around the world will thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Well, in reality, what you can get for your husband for Christmas depends upon your lifestyle (okay, that’s a euphemism for income). If you’re rich, get him a 1963 Corvette. If you’re practical, get him dentures, Rogaine, or a gourmet-food gift basket from Costco. If you’re still reeling from the housing, banking, or stock-market bubbles, get him a T-shirt or a mousepad with the name of his favorite band or his favorite team... Sheesh. No one knows what to get a man for Christmas.

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What do you think of this article? Add to the comments or just see more ideas at the bottom of the page.

Tina Boomerina (AKA Christina Gregoire) is a Baby Boomer born at the end of 1952. Her mission is to make the internet a kinder and gentler place for Baby Boomer women around the world. Tina's specialty is fashion for women over 50.

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  1. Tina

    Friend Barbara Bell recommends:

    Headphones for a smartphone. Accessory kits for tools like drills, Dremel kits, metric socket wrench sets. I'd just go to Home Depot site and do quick searches for these. Amazon and eBay for the headphones.

    • Tina

      I'd also like to mention that my daughter wants to get me headphones - actually that means she wants ME to get MYSELF headphones (maybe a bluetooth type of thing?) for my regular land phone. My daughter hates being on speaker phone but I can't always hold my phone up to my ear for very long without pain. (I have several metal plates in my neck...courtesy of an old ski accident.)

      So, even us older people who don't spend hours and hours on our cell phones - because we actually have land lines - might like headsets.

  2. Candace

    Some guys like fishing and camping gear.

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  4. The Bounce Back Babe

    Hi Tina,

    What a great article! I added your link to my own article about gifts for husbands :-)


    Merry Christmas and happy shopping :-)